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Anti-gun billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to headline fundraiser for Phil Bredesen US Senate bid

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 10:26
Anti-gun billionaire and ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will headline a fundraiser for Democratic former Gov. Phil Bredesen's Tennessee U.S. Senate bid. An invitation says the New York event for Bredesen next Tuesday costs $5,000, $2,700 or $1,000 per person. Bredesen faces Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. The Bloomberg fundraiser is drawing outcry from Republicans because the billionaire is a leading gun control advocate.
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Vermont State Police get 2 bump stocks ahead of Oct. 1 ban

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 11:26
The Vermont State Police has received two bump stocks ahead of the Oct. 1 date when possession of the rapid fire devices became illegal in the state.
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California lawmakers wrote 1,016 new laws this year. Here's some of what did and didn't make it

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 11:25
California’s Legislature revved into high gear when it came to writing laws in 2018, sending the most bills to the governor’s desk in more than a decade.
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NRA Endorses Scott Wagner for Governor of Pennsylvania

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 12:52
On behalf of our nearly six million members across the country, the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) today endorsed Scott Wagner for governor of Pennsylvania.
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WA Law Enforcement Groups Oppose I-1639, Says NRA

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 12:18
Only days after the FBI’s annual crime report appeared showing that rifles of any kind are used in a fraction of homicides in Washington State—thereby weakening arguments in support of a far-reaching gun control initiative—three major law enforcement groups are taking positions against the measure, according to an announcement by the National Rifle Association.
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California: Orinda City Council Adds Mandatory Firearm Storage to TONIGHT’s Meeting Agenda

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 10:46
The Orinda City Council has announced that they will consider a mandatory lock storage ordinance for the City. NRA and CRPA reached out to the City Council to advise them of the legal pitfalls in implementing this type of ordinance.
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West Virginia: Morrisey goes after Manchin on gun rights

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 09:42
With a little more than a month until the midterm elections, Morrisey, the state’s Republican attorney general, is working to paint Manchin, the Democratic senator up for re-election, as an agent of gun control.
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Federal Court upholds N.J. magazine ban

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 09:41
A federal court has dealt a blow to gun rights groups by ruling Gov. Phil Murphy's ban on 15-round magazines doesn't violate the Constitution.
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Parkland victim's dad: No Alyssa Milano, the NRA did not kill my daughter

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 09:40
The father of a Parkland shooting victim schooled actress Alyssa Milano for blaming the National Rifle Association for the death of his daughter.
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Illinois superintendent becomes police officer so she can carry a gun in her school

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 09:39
A school superintendent in Illinois carried a concealed weapon to school for the first time last week, after completing police academy training to her protect her students against a school shooter.
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Washington Law Enforcement Opposes Initiative 1639

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 16:17
Washington's premier law enforcement associations are opposing I-1639 including the Washington State Sheriffs Association (WSSA), the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (WSLEFIA), and the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS).
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California governor signs raft of gun control bills into law

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 13:20
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Friday signed several gun control bills into law, including legislation that raises the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21.
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California: Gun Storage Ordinance Comes Before Orinda City Council Tuesday

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 13:20
Leaders in this East Bay city will on Tuesday night consider approving an ordinance that would require firearms and certain other weapons to be stored in a locked, secure container when not being handled or carried on one's person.
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Connecticut: State assistant AG talks gun laws at Greenwich meeting

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 13:19
The recent shooting death of a Stamford teenager was on the minds of many of those who gathered in Greenwich to hear Connecticut’s assistant attorney general speak about legal challenges to gun safety legislation.
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