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Another Busy Week for Gun Owners at the Texas Capitol

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 16:58
On Monday, April 24, the Senate State Affairs Committee will hear Senate Bill 349 by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe). 
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Illinois: Committee to Hear House Version of Gun Dealer Licensing Legislation

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 12:39
On Monday, April 24, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider House Bill 2541, the House companion bill to Senate Bill 1657.
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California: Open Carry Ban Passes in the Assembly

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 22:08
Yesterday, the state Assembly passed Assembly Bill 7 by a vote of 44 to 29.   AB 424 was not considered during yesterday’s floor session, however it remains eligible for a vote at any time.  
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“F” Stands for Fail: School Jeopardizes Student’s Future for Possession of Squirt Gun

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 21:13
Public education’s long-running “zero tolerance” war against anything that suggests the idea of a firearm (including, for example, clothing, gestures, toys, food, computer images, and favorable opinions of self-defense) has claimed another victim. This time it was 16-year-old Sarah Allena Nichols, formerly a student at Prattville High School in Autauga County, Alabama, and now serving a year’s expulsion from Autauga County schools, school property, and any school-sponsored function.
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The Prosecutors and the Pagans: Two Sides of the Empire State’s Gun Laws

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 21:10
Early this month, members of the gun-control group Prosecutors Against Gun Violence met at a “Manhattan Summit” and took the time to express their dismay and alarm over federal bills proposing national concealed carry reciprocity. At the group’s news conference, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., explained that if the “dangerous” reciprocity legislation passes, someone from neighboring Vermont, “where there are no permit requirements, could come into New York City with a loaded gun, come to Times Square, go to the subways and be amongst us in our communities.” This would be very bad, apparently, despite the fact that Vermont consistently ranks as one of the safest states in the country, with a violent crime rate less than a third of that of New York State and where an estimated 70 to 75 percent of adult Vermonters own guns. 
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For 2017, A Historic NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 21:05
For the past decade, NRA-ILA has sponsored leadership forums that have allowed our members to hear directly from national leaders.  Next Friday, that tradition continues and the line up of speakers is top notch.
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Washington: Legislative Session Adjourns Sunday

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 20:43
On Sunday, the Washington Legislature will adjourn its 2017 Legislative Session.
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Indiana Legislature Passes Victim Defense Bill on Final Day of Session

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 20:40
Today, House Bill 1071 was passed out of the Indiana House by a 74-26 vote, and the Senate by a 38-12 vote.
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Maine: Updates on Anti-Gun Legislation

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 20:34
The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted “ought not to pass” Legislative Document 1154. 
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Connecticut: Ivory Ban Legislation Referred to House Committee

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 20:32
No summary available
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Chicago: Mayor Emanuel Demands Tougher Laws for Gun Dealers as Straw Purchaser Gets Probation

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 18:53
On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with representatives of the UCAN organization to make the case for further gun controls to combat the city’s violent crime. Chicago’s WLS reported that Emanuel used the opportunity to demand enactment of "strong and sensible" legislation targeting firearms dealers while lambasting federal gun laws as weak. However, a sentence handed down in a recent straw purchasing case bolsters the argument that the city’s violent crime problem is a result of weak and inconsistent enforcement of existing law rather than a need for more gun control.
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Texas: House Committee Advances Bill to Significantly Reduce License To Carry Fees!

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 17:25
Late Thursday, the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety reported out Senate Bill 16, NRA-backed legislation sponsored by Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) and Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), on a 6-0 vote. 
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Guns banned at KU’s Allen Fieldhouse, Memorial Stadium, other Kansas college arenas

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:53
While it will be legal to carry concealed weapons on Kansas college campuses come July, athletic stadiums and arenas in Lawrence, Manhattan and Wichita will remain off limits.
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Does your church need licensed security guards? Dallas lawmakers want to loosen rules

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:52
Church officials who testified at a recent House committee hearing say the high fees and strict regulations make it difficult to form volunteer teams. They could not point to a person who has been prosecuted for providing security services at a church.One of their main gripes is the prohibition on volunteers carrying guns even after they’ve been trained.
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Ohio: Wyoming OKs concealed carry in some public buildings

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:51
Visitors to Wyoming’s municipal building who hold a concealed carry permit can now bring a licensed, concealed firearm onto the premises.City Council approved a resolution April 17 that allows legally concealed handguns in certain areas of certain public buildings within the city after an Ohio firearms law went into effect on March 21. The law allows municipalities to make the decision, though several exceptions remain.
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Chris W. Cox: Reciprocity

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:00
Chris W. Cox says states that deny one constitutional freedom criminalize the entire Bill of Rights. He promises to battle on behalf of America's 100 million gun owners until the full measure of our Second Amendment freedom is restored to every citizen in every corner of the land. The National Rifle Association fights for the protection of these liberties. The NRA is Freedom's Safest Place.
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Indiana: Victim Defense Bill to be Heard by Full Legislature Tomorrow

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 20:47
Today, House Bill 1071 was passed out of conference committee and will now head to both the House and the Senate for final consideration tomorrow.
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Join Your NRA-ILA on May 4th at the Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 20:27
Join NRA-ILA and your NRA State Association, Wisconsin Firearm Owners, on Thursday, May 4th, at Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., for an important legislative briefing, including updates on the newly-introduced Right-to-Carry bill, and how you can help advance the Second Amendment in Wisconsin! This is a FREE event—materials will be provided and light refreshments will be served.
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Join Your NRA-ILA on May 3rd at the Sun Prairie Cabela's

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 20:16
Join NRA-ILA and your NRA State Association, Wisconsin Firearm Owners, at Cabela’s, on Wednesday, May 3rd, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., for an important legislative briefing, including updates on the newly-introduced Right-to-Carry bill, and how you can help advance the Second Amendment in Wisconsin! This is a FREE event—materials will be provided and light refreshments will be served.
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Maine: Anti-Gun Legislation to be Heard in Committee Tomorrow

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 19:47
Tomorrow, April 21, Legislative Document 1154, sponsored by state Representative Owen Casas (I-Rockport), is scheduled for a public hearing in the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.  LD 1154 would enable a Maine resident’s state identification card (driver’s license or nondriver identification) to indicate whether the individual can legally possess a firearm.  If the Secretary of State determines that the individual is disqualified from possessing a firearm, the Secretary shall notify the applicant of this determination.  Your NRA-ILA has concerns with this bill as it could essentially create a permit-to-purchase system.  Make no mistake, this bill is the first step to creating a state-issued license to possess a firearm. 
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