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Legacy Sports International showcases Pointer Phenoma .410 shotgun

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 09:00

The Pointer comes in two models — a black synthetic stock, pictured above, or a walnut finish. (Photo: Legacy Sports International)

Legacy Sports International announced a new semi-auto shotgun chambered in .410. The Pointer Phenoma features a black synthetic or walnut stock and forearm, depending on model, and is topped with a traditional blued finish or shooter’s choice of Cerakote.

The semi-auto shotgun supports 2 3/4-inch and 3-inch loads with a 28-inch chrome lined barrel and gas-operated system. Termed a “super light” option by Legacy Sports International, the synthetic stock option weighs in at 6.1 pounds while the walnut option weights 5.9 pounds.

The Phenoma is chambered in .41 with a 28-inch barrel. (Photo: Legacy Sports International)

“The Phenoma .410 is a 3-inch chambered 28-inch vent ribbed small game hunters delight, utilizing a gas-operated system with a super smooth feed tube,” Legacy Sports International said in a press release. “The Phenoma is ideal for hunting dove, quail, grouse, rabbit, squirrel or just simply enjoying a challenging day shooting clays. The Phenoma .410 is an ideal fit for adults and youth alike.”

The newest addition to the Pointer series, the Phenoma tops its design off with a rubber batt pad, extended modified choke, raised ventilated rib and fiber optic red front sight. Phenoma prices start at $599.

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New blued steel SP101 .357 unveiled by Ruger (PHOTOS)

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 08:30

Ruger’s new SP01 comes in blued alloy steel. (Photos: Ruger)

Ruger is offering a variant of their classic SP101 small frame double-action revolver for those who eschew the gun’s normal stainless configurations.

The new five-round wheel gun is manufactured from alloy steel, and features a 2.25-inch barrel, fixed rear sight and ramped front sight. Chambered in .357 Magnum and weighing in at 26-ounces, Chris Killoy, Ruger president & CEO said in a statement the company has fielded numerous customer requests for the new model, which is manufactured in their New Hampshire plant.

“As the first blued alloy model in this family of revolvers, this new configuration sets itself apart from other SP101s and makes for a great compact and rugged carry firearm,” said Killoy.

Like other SP101s, the blued steel model features Ruger’s triple-locking cylinder, double-action/single-action triggers, an internal transfer bar safety system and full-length rubber/checkered wood composite grips.

MSRP is $719.

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Remington expands shotshell ammo line with Premier Expander series

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 08:00

The Remington Premier Expander shotshell comes in either 12 or 20-gauge. (Photo: Remington)

Remington broadens its ammunition inventory with the addition of a new series of shotshell ammo known as the Remington Premier Expander. The Remington Premier Expander shotshell uses Barnes all copper-tipped Expander slugs which feature six cutting petals. These petals engage upon impact in order to cause detrimental damage and “pass-through penetration.” The ammunition comes in 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch shell lengths in either 12 or 20-gauge.

The Remington Premier Expander shotshell uses Barnes copper-tipped slugs. (Photo: Remington)

“Delivering 2 3⁄4-inch or 3-inch magnum-caliber terminal performance in 12- and 20-gauge, tack-driving precision and devastating Barnes copper petal expansion, new Remington Expander is hands down, the hardest-hitting, most deadly-accurate slug ever to hit the whitetail woods,” Remington said in a statement. “The Remington Premier Expander shotshell is loaded to the highest industry standards with top quality components to provide hunters the fullest measure of confidence in accuracy and terminal performance.”

The Remington Premier Expander ammunition line is available now with a price tag of $14.69 for the 2 3/4-inch shells and $16.87 for the 3-inch shells.

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Feds charge Kansas City fire captain for selling guns to felons

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 07:30

Kansas City Fire Dept. Capt. James Samuels, overlayed with an AR-style firearm sold in an undercover buy conducted by the ATF. (Photo: Composite from USAO and KCFD)

Federal prosecutors last week announced a number of weapons charges against a career firefighter who sold guns without a license, some of which went on to be used in crimes.

James Samuels, 52, of Kansas City, was arrested on Oct. 4 following a lengthy investigation into his sale of dozens of firearms — primarily cheap Jimenez pistols — through a series of straw buyers to convicted felons. Authorities say that at least six of the guns have been involved in crimes including the murder of Alvino D. Crawford by a 16-year-old two years ago.

A 34-page affidavit filed in a Kansas City federal court by an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cites that Samuels came under suspicion in January after a known straw purchaser reported eight Jimenez pistols stolen, many of which had been purchased at area gun stores by Samuels. Following up with one of the shops, a clerk told agents that he warned Samuels, who often brought in third parties to look at guns before he bought them, that he was acting as a firearms dealer without a license, reportedly telling the fireman that “he was playing with fire and was going to get burned.”

Known to also buy guns online, agents subpoenaed Samuels’s bidding history with to track FFLs where he had firearms shipped over a five-year period. When an area gun store he preferred for transfers went out of business, the firefighter even contacted Jimenez directly to buy guns, having five shipped to another store who refused to accept them. Working with a confidential informant, agents contend that Samuels resold the inexpensive guns, often to those who he believed to be felons incapable of legally possessing them, for as much as $500. He reportedly charged a premium for chrome guns.

Investigators found that of the 77 firearms Samuels bought since 2013, 57 were Jimenez pistols, noting that the type is “not a firearm that is frequently collected.” Of the 57, 43 were transferred to third parties with a half-dozen of those later recovered after their involvement in a crime.

Undercover agents made contact with Samuels through informants and purchased a number of firearms over the summer culminating in the sale on Sept. 5 of an ATI Omni-Hybrid AR-15 pistol and rifle he had picked up from an area gun store the same day. Talking to an informant and agent in the basement of his house, Samuels swatted away boasts made the intended buyer, who he knew to be a felon, that he was ready to “take me out about four motherfuckers,” by saying “Do what you do.”

After the man paid $700 for the gun, he asked Samuels that he was thinking about “torching these motherfuckers’ house too,” and asked for tips on how to commit arson without getting caught. Answering that “There ain’t really no way,” to avoid getting caught, Samuels recommended to make sure the intended arson scene did not have a camera, stressed to wear rubber gloves, and gave rudimentary instructions for building a molotov cocktail, (“A regular beer bottle. Put gas in it. When it hits phew.”) expressing that “I mean I’m not supposed to be telling you that shit.”

Making clear he would be using the fire following a quadruple murder, the informant told Samuels, “After I kill em I’m gonna put this fire on them.”

“Do what you do,” replied Samuels. “I mean I know you got…Look, you sometime you got to take care of business. I tell people, I say listen, sometimes people make you do stuff you don’t want to do man. Do what you got to do.”

Charged with selling a firearm and ammunition to a prohibited person and of transferring a firearm for use in a violent crime, Samuels is currently using a public defender. As reported by the Kansas City Star, Kansas City Fire Department officials said Samuels had worked for the department for over 20 years.

“Those who supply dangerous firearms to violent criminals are as much a threat to the safety of our community as the criminals themselves,” Timothy Garrison, U.S. attorney for Western Missouri, said in a statement. “We will aggressively prosecute not only those who illegally possess firearms but also the suppliers whose criminal conduct enables them to arm themselves with these weapons.”

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Pistol training series: Wilson combat 5×5 drill (VIDEO)

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 07:00

Responsible armed citizens must hold themselves to a high standard of proficiency with firearms. Testing skills and pushing for improvement should be a top priority when training. So an essential part of each practice session should include a drill that pushes abilities to the limit and help identify areas that need improvement.

One such drill is the Wilson Combat 5×5 Skills Test. Designed by Bill Wilson, founder of gun maker Wilson Combat, the drill tests the fundamentals of pistol shooting: trigger control, speed, accuracy, recoil management, strong hand shooting and reloads.

Using an IDPA target and a “service caliber” (9mm or larger) pistol, the drill involves three strings of five rounds each, one string of 10 rounds and is shot at a distance of 10 yards. All hits must be in the “-0” or center of the target and each miss incurs a 0.5 second penalty. The drill is shot as follows:

  • String 1: Draw and engage target with five rounds using two hands
  • String 2: Draw and engage target with five rounds, using only your strong hand
  • String 3: Draw and engage target with five rounds, reload from slide lock and re-engage target with five more rounds using two hands
  • String 4: Draw and engage target with four rounds to the body and one round to the head using two hands

To score, Wilson identified a ranking system for the 5×5 drill to help set a benchmark for performance. The ranks are as follow:

  • Grand master: 0 – 15 seconds
  • Master: 16 – 20 seconds
  • Expert: 21 – 25 seconds
  • Sharpshooter: 26 – 32 seconds
  • Marksman: 33 – 41 seconds
  • Novice: 42 – 50 seconds
  • Over 50 Seconds: Not proficient enough to carry a gun

The Wilson Combat 5×5 Skills test is a great way to gauge where you are as a defensive shooter. It incorporates most of the essential skills you need to hone to be proficient with a handgun and keeps the round count relatively low. It’s easy to set up easy to score and the strict accuracy standards force us to perform at our best. Definitely a worthwhile addition to any shooters training regimen.

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South Carolina authorities say gunman killed cop in unpreventable ambush (VIDEO)

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 06:00

The gunman accused of firing at police outside of his upscale home in Florence, South Carolina last week ambushed the officers in what became an unpreventable tragedy, investigators said.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott told reporters Friday 74-year-old Fred Hopkins faces first degree murder for the shooting death of Florence Police Sgt. Terrence Carraway. Authorities also charged him with six counts of attempted murder for wounding six other officers — including three investigators from the Florence County Sheriff’s Department — during the Oct. 3 attack.

“These officers did absolutely nothing wrong,” Lott said. “This was an ambush you can’t prevent.”

Lott said three Florence Police Department officers arrived at the house Wednesday afternoon for a scheduled interview with Hopkins’s adopted son, 28-year-old Seth Hopkins, regarding sexual assault allegations made against him. He said the elder Hopkins began shooting at the officers before they made it to the front door, killing Carraway.

Florence Police Department Chief Allen Heidler described 52-year-old Carraway as a 30-year veteran of the force and a close personal friend, telling reporters last week his death “is a tragic loss of life for me.”

“He was the epitome of a community police officer,” Heidler said. “He loved this community. He gave it his all.”

The Charlotte Observer identified the six other victims as Florence Officers Brian Hart, Travis Scott and Scot Williamson and Florence County Sheriff’s Investigators Arie Davis, Sarah Miller and Farrah Turner.

The Associated Press described Fred Hopkins as a disabled Vietnam War veteran and disbarred lawyer who lost his license in 1984 for wrongly collecting more than $18,000 in attorneys fees. His Facebook page also described a passion for competitive shooting, the AP reports.

Florence County Sheriff Kenny Boone said last week officers responded to the call unaware of the firepower waiting inside the house. He heralded the department’s military equipment, including an armored vehicle, for helping carry the wounded officers to safety.

Both Hopkins men remain in custody this week. Seth Hopkins faces second degree criminal sexual misconduct with a minor, according to the newspaper. The local code suggests the victim ranged between 11 and 14-years-old and police suspect there could be more.

“We will continue to fill in the blanks of the puzzle until we have this puzzle completely finished,” Lott said.

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Audit of Marshals Service details missing weapons, untracked ammo

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 05:30

A federal watchdog agency found that the Marshals have had 23 guns reported lost or stolen since 2015. (Photo: USMS)

A report issued last month by a federal watchdog agency found that the U.S. Marshal Service could improve the way it controls its government-issued guns and ammunition.

The U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General delivered its 36-page report on how the oldest American federal law-enforcement agency takes care of its hardware. The audit found that, while in general the USMS has “strong physical controls” over its assorted 28,364 firearms, Tasers, and other weapons in its inventory, they found that 110 guns recently purchased had been in the service’s possession for as long as 16 months without being logged into inventory and 23 firearms had been lost or stolen since 2015.

Of the missing guns, OIG related that the majority (15) were handguns and most were stolen from vehicles. Disciplinary action for lost or stolen guns typically amounted to a short suspension of fewer than 10 days. A handgun left in the restroom of a U.S. courthouse and later found by a non-Marshal courthouse employee netted a one-day suspension.

Besides its well-known duties in fugitive operations, witness protection and prisoner transport duties, the Service maintains 5,200 contract court security officers in its role as providing security for federal courts. While inspecting security for the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, OIG officials found a select-fire Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun on hand despite the fact that it is a policy in the Marshals to only issue full-auto capable weapons to the agency’s elite Special Operations Group.

OIG inspectors found a select-fire MP5 with security at a Denver federal courthouse, a violation of USMS policies. (Photo: Dept. of Justice)

Another cause of concern for inspectors was the fact that 16 of the 18 Marshals locations that were audited did not fully comply with ammunition tracking requirements, amounting to some 2.45 million untracked rounds found on hand by inspectors. In addition, the service, which counts some 3,500 deputy U.S. Marshals and investigators on its rolls and fields a large tactical team, did not track its potentially dangerous less lethal munitions such as tear gas grenades and pepper spray canisters.

As a result of the audit, the Marshals Service agreed to implement a procedure to ensure newly acquired weapons are logged into inventory in a timely manner, update its ammunition tracking and begin the logging and tracking of less lethal weapons.

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Ruger issues safety bulletin on American Pistol over slide cracks

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 05:00

Sturm, Ruger & company announced that some Ruger American Pistols that have fired more than 10,000 rounds may exhibit premature wear that can result in a slide crack.

The bulletin, issued this week, cautions that the problem could surface on both duty and compact-sized models in 9mm with serial number prefixes “860” and “862” while stressing that other 9mm pistols such as the SR9 and LC9S are not affected. A sign that the gun may fall inside this range is a silver-colored, stainless steel barrel.

The root of the problem, which can be found during what Ruger stresses in routine maintenance, is premature wear of the locking surfaces between the slide and barrel. The company says that if such excessive wear is not observed, no action is necessary, but owners of such pistols can sign up for a free retrofit if they suspect such an issue could be developing.

Should the wear be ignored, it can result in a crack near the ejection port of the slide. “If cracking occurs, it will become visible long before an unsafe condition develops,” Ruger said. “However, if the crack is not addressed and the pistol remains in service, the pistol may eventually fail to function or become unsafe to shoot.”

Those participating in the retrofit will receive a prepaid USPS box to return the slide/barrel assembly to have new components installed as needed free of charge. Ruger said they will make “every effort” to return the assembly within a week of the day they receive it.

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Apex Tactical officially shipping trigger kits for FN pistols

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 10:30

The FN triggers are available for the FN 509, FNS and FNS Longslide as well as the FNS Compact series. (Photo: Apex Tactical Specialties)

Apex Tactical announced its series of Action Enhancement trigger kits created for the FN 509, FNS and FNS Compact pistols are now available and shipping to consumers.

Announced in May, the company began taking pre-orders in September much to the delight of FN fans. The Action Enhancement Kits incorporate Apex’s patent-pending design into FN’s striker-fired pistol series. Mounted on a proprietary Apex trigger bar, the Flat-Faced Trigger partners with an Apex Sear to reduce the trigger pull weight. Apex says approximate pull weight is within the 5.5-pound range.

The trigger kits come in a variety of flavors to include a red Cerakote model, pictured above. (Photo: Apex Tactical Specialties)

Kits for the FN 509 include a black anodized as well as a red Cerakoted version. The Action Enhancement Kits for the FNS and FNS Longslide — 2014 manufacture date and later — include black anodized and FDE anodized models. Rounding out the series is the Action Enhancement Kit for the FNS Compact offering black anodized and FDE anodized versions.

Apex offers step-by-step installation videos on its YouTube channel to make installation painless. Trigger pricing starts at $149.

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Savoy spices up leather holsters for EDC (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 10:00

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh leather products and none better looking than the holsters coming from Savoy Leather.

About Savoy

Based in Weleetka, OK, Savoy Leather is at once big enough to churn out significant volumes of work, but small enough to remain a mom-and-pop-style hand-made leather shop with custom options.  Though you can order either IWB or OWB holsters, the bread-and-butter product is the combo rig.  These come with a roughly 15-degree forward cant and are available in either right- or left-handed models for most any gun.  My holster is the combo model with DTOM 1776 Patriot artwork, which comes at a price of $179.99 fully loaded with the hand-colors, or $119.99 in standard coloring.

Custom Work

Savoy will build a holster for pretty much any handgun you can imagine, and for a few bucks extra, they’ll add a magazine slot as well. If you follow the company on social media, you’ll see they often solicit ideas for artwork or ask for suggestions on new products, which lead to the recent development of their Snuff Can.  Buyers can even request custom artwork.  Savoy is not only holsters, but all things leather, including slings, belts, and all styles of wallets.  Though the lead time on custom work is 8-12 weeks, many popular designs are in stock, and even if they’re not, trust me, they’re worth the wait.  And odds are good if you contact the company or visit a trade show, you’ll be talking to the owner, Jeremiah Savoy.


The best part?  Savoy’s products are American-made and every component in their craft, from the heavy leather to the stitching to the dyes are American products.  You can’t help but a get a deeply patriotic sense shopping with these proud working folks.

All that talk about looks and quality of the holsters, but we’ve forgotten the best part: the holsters are comfortable and practical performers. They’re hand molded to your gun of choice and fit securely. Not only do I like the rig for everyday IWB carry, but I opt to carry OWB when I hunt, keeping my backup gun at the ready in rough country.  Give Savoy a look, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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A look at the Indian-made Ishapore Lee–Enfields (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 10:00

With over a century of experience with the type, Ishapore Enfield rifles have a lineage of long service. As covered in the above video by Canadian gun blogger Rifle Chair — who has owned several of the Indian-made guns with their distinctive mertani wood stocks — the bolt-action Enfield pattern rifles made by Rifle Factory Ishapore since 1904 are on par with those seen elsewhere but have gotten a perhaps ill-deserved bad rap.

As a background, while the Indian police and military long ago switched over from the classic .303-caliber 10-shot model to the Ishapore-unique 2A/2A1 rifles– Enfield variants made during the 1960s and 70s chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO– there are tens of thousands of .303s still in the police arsenals which are only now being phased out by the domestically-produced INSAS rifle, which is also made by Ishapore.

However, if you are curious, the company still makes an 8mm version of the classic British bolt-action rifle with a 5-round magazine for sporting use.

Ishapore’s current SPR 315 Sporting Rifle. Recognize the family tree? (Photo: RFI)

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Giving the FN 5.7mm pistol the gauntlet treatment (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:30

FN’s Five-seven pistol, using the same spicy bottle-necked cartridge as the P90 PDW, is neat but how does it like mud?

Tim Harmsen with the Military Arms Channel runs the polymer-framed Five-seven through his in-house Gauntlet torture test of water, sand, dirt, and muddy media to see just how durable the design is when it comes to added material in the loop.

Not to give anything away, but that gooey cake batter-like mud is a killer. However, a little water seems to be able to put it back in service.

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DOJ: Federal efforts to reduce violent crime working in Memphis

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:00

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew points out mug shots to Paris Police Chief Chuck Elizondo, Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher, Weakley County Sheriff Mike Wilson and U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant. (Photo: Henry County Sheriff’s Office).

Violent crime reports involving guns in Memphis declined nearly 18 percent in the first eight months of 2018, suggesting federal efforts to stifle illegal activity so far prove effective.

The Department of Justice applauded state and local law enforcement in West Tennessee last week for their effective use of federal resources — through Project Safe Neighborhoods — to boost prosecution of dangerous, repeat offenders within their district over the last year.

U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant said Friday the department’s invigoration of extra staff and supplemental funding helped increase the number of federal firearms cases filed by 47 percent and the number of defendants charged with gun offenses by over 61 percent.

“These efforts provide targeted prosecution of the worst-of-the-worst offenders to enhance public safety in Memphis and West Tennessee by removing guns from the hands of dangerous people and removing violent offenders from our communities,” he said.

Project Safe Neighborhoods, first launched in 2001, became the centerpiece of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s strategy for reducing violent crime across the nation — a goal President Donald Trump set for him soon after taking office last year.

“Taking what we have learned since the program began in 2001, we have updated it and enhanced it, emphasizing the role of our U.S. Attorneys, the promise of new technologies, and above all, partnership with local communities,” he said. “With these changes, I believe that this program will be more effective than ever and help us fulfill our mission to make America safer.”

The department awarded $98 million in grants to understaffed local law enforcement agencies and “seed money” to support investigations targeting gangs and traffickers. Some 20 U.S. Attorneys Offices also received 40 additional prosecutors tasked with reducing violent crimes in their respective district.

In Memphis, the targeted efforts resulted in a 15.3 percent in gun crimes during the first six months of 2018. Reductions occurred across all major categories, including a 6.4 percent drop in murder, a 35.1 percent decline in business robberies and a 20.8 percent decrease in aggravated assaults.

“These sustained decreases in reported gun crimes and all major violent gun crime categories are encouraging, and shows that our return to proven enforcement policies under PSN is working,” Dunavant said. “Putting the right people in prison incapacitates the most violent offenders, upholds the rule of law, deters criminal conduct with a strong message of significant consequences, and makes us all safer.”

Nationwide, federal data suggests 2018 could be the DOJ’s busiest year ever in more than a decade for weapons prosecutions. Should authorities keep up at the current pace, total annual prosecutions will exceed more than 10,000 this year — a 22.5 percent increase over 2017 and up by nearly half over the last five years, according to the Transactional Records Clearing House.

Through Sessions’s own crime-fighting task force, prosecutions for drug crimes, gang violence and gun violations hit historic highs, increasing 8 percent over 2016. Prosecutions for unlawful possession of a firearm — mostly by convicted felons — spiked 23 percent in the second quarter of 2017 alone.

“That sends a clear message to criminals all over this country that if you carry a gun illegally, you will be held accountable,” Sessions said last year. “I am grateful to the many federal prosecutors and agents who are working hard every day to make America safe again.”

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Up-close with the Laugo Arms Alien pistol (VIDEOS)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 08:30

Prague-based Laugo Arms has been generating lots of buzz with the prospect that their Alien 9mm pistol will be headed to market.

The unique-looking handgun, which bears a strong resemblance to the Xenomorph endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species in Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise, has been hinted at by Laugo all summer across their social media but little solid information is out there on it other than they hope to get it to the U.S. market in 2019. To prove it does exist and to show a little bit about what is under the hood, European-based Polenar Tactical shows off the gun in the above video.

“This handgun has the lowest bore axis on the market and the advantage of low recoil and almost no muzzle flip is very noticeable,” Polenar said. For those who would like to see more, below is Václav Vinduska, a Czech competitive shooter, putting one of the prototypes through its paces.

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Tennessee Senate race leans heavy on gun politics (VIDEOS)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 08:00

With Republican control of the U.S. Senate at stake, the National Rifle Association is spending big in the race between former Gov. Phil Bredesen and U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

Bredesen, a Democrat who headed Tennessee as governor from 2003 to 2011, aims to head to Washington to fill the Senate seat currently held by Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker.

First elected in 2006, Corker announced last year that he would not seek re-election leaving Blackburn, the GOP Deputy Whip in the House with 15 years in Congress representing Tennessee’s 7th district, as the Republican contender to the seat.

Socking Bredesen with an anti-gun “D” grade, the NRA last week announced a seven-figure campaign in support of Blackburn, calling her the choice for concerned gun owners in Tennessee. The ad says plainly that, “If Phil Bredesen wins, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein will destroy our right to self-defense.”

“The stakes for this election are clear. Our basic right to keep a firearm in the home for self-defense hangs in the balance,” said Chris Cox, head of the NRA’s lobbying arm.

Blackburn, who in the House is a co-sponsor of the Hearing Protection Act to partially deregulate suppressors as well as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to safeguard carry rights nationwide, vows to confirm “President Trump’s strict constitutionalist nominees” to the Supreme Court if sent to the Senate. Notably, Corker voted for both Judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. In her race, she has the endorsement of Trump as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In her debate with Bredesen, she said that embracing gun control would not make communities safer.

Bredesen has the support of Pennsylvania-born pop star Taylor Swift and Democratic super PAC Majority Forward, the latter of which has chipped in $5 million to help get him elected. Billionaire gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg is holding a fundraiser for Bredesen in New York this week.

Although not on the list of candidates supported by Everytown or Giffords, while on the campaign trail the Democrat has backed universal background checks as well as bans on bump stocks. As governor in 2009, he vetoed a gun rights expansion to permit the possession of firearms in Tennessee restaurants and bars after prefacing his veto message with support for the Second Amendment.

In a controversial ad last month, the former governor said he is a gun owner and while in office had an “A” rating from the NRA. While the latter is true, the gun group stressed the grade was in decades past and called on Bredesen to pull the ad, saying “It’s not 2002, you’re not governor and you’re not A-rated by the NRA. It’s 2018, you have earned a D rating for turning your back on self-defense and supporting the Hillary/Schumer/Bloomberg gun control agenda.”

Poll aggregators have the race as a toss-up, with a slight lead by Blackburn.

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Ruger donates firearms to Kids & Clays Foundation

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 07:30

The Kids & Clays Foundation supports the Ronald McDonald organization via shooting events. (Photo: Kids & Clays Foundation via Facebook)

Ruger announced its support of the Kids & Clays Foundation, offering the organization a custom engraved firearm for each of the Kids & Clays/ Ronald McDonald House sporting clay fundraising events scheduled for 2018.

The special edition firearms will be auctioned off at each event, with all proceeds going towards Ronald McDonald House Charities.

“We are incredibly proud to continue our support of the Kids & Clays Foundation,” Chris Killoy, Ruger President and CEO said in a press release. “It is an honor to contribute to their mission of helping children and their families in their time of need.”

Kids & Clays Foundation lends its support to Ronald McDonald House Charities via shooting sports. The foundation partners with sponsors and shooters to offer a nationwide series of shooting events aimed at raising funds for critically-ill children and their families.

“Ruger has again shown its unwavering commitment to helping those in need around the country,” David Baron, Owner of Baron Technology Inc. and President of the Kids & Clays Foundation said in a news release. “Thousands of families are benefitting from Ruger’s generosity and we are deeply grateful. We are certainly proud to have Ruger as a Kids & Clays sponsor, supporter and friend.”

The full schedule of Kids & Clay Foundation events are available online through the group’s website.

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Don’t compromise on your precision build (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 07:00

Long range or precision rifle shooting is a firearms discipline that I absolutely love. It requires very different equipment (and some skills) compared to some of the other genres of shooting. The quality and characteristics of equipment can be a limitation when trying to make “precision shots.” When putting together my rifle, I focused on a few key components to give me the best chance for success. These components are your barreled action, stock/chassis, and optic.

Barrel and Action

The heart and soul of the rifle is the barreled action. I chose a Remington 700 SPS short action in .308. The Remington 700 barrel and action are adequate. Right out of the box this gun is capable of shooting a group just under an inch at 100 yards.

Comfort and stability make precision shots much easier to achieve. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/

Remington unfortunately over the last decade has seen a decrease in the quality of their firearms, but the 700 series is still one of the most popular barrels and actions off which to base a precision rifle. I knew there would be plenty of aftermarket upgrades for this rifle to increase performance. There is no shortage of aftermarket barrels to choose from if your budget permits an upgrade such as this.


I got rid of the rubberized Hogue Stock and upgraded to the Ridgback Stock from Grayboe. The Ridgeback is a composite stock that vastly improved the ergonomics of the rifle. If you are uncomfortable when shooting a rifle, it will have a negative impact on your shots. The Ridgeback’s adjustability in length of pull and comb height allows you to fit the rifle to your body and optic height. This adjustability minimizes straining and discomfort when mounting the rifle.

Magpul 10 round magazine inserted in the Grayboe Ridgeback stock. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/

The Ridgeback is one of the only composite stocks that I have seen with metal MLOK inserts. This makes it easy to attach bipods, lights, rangefinders, etc. The under belly of the stock is a flat surface which makes the rifle more stable when shooting off of structure. The Ridgeback is loaded with user friendly features and comes in a modest MSRP of $600.


You can only hit what you can see and even if you can see it there maybe some calculations involved before you pull that trigger. Glass is one area where people try to cut corners. It does not need to be the most expensive, but optics are typically a “you get what you pay for” type of component. The glass needs to be clear, hold zero, and have repeatability when dialing elevations and windage.

The Leupold Mk5 HD has a 35mm tube but is one of the lightest optics in its class. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/

I chose the Leupold MK5 HD 3.6-18x. The 35mm tube takes in great light and provides a wide field of view. The Horus H59 reticle makes hold overs and follow up shots a breeze. The turrets are tactile and have repeatability when dialing. It is an all around exceptional piece of glass with a price tag that reflects its quality.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Starting the journey into precision rifle shooting can be overwhelming. Making shots at 500 yards and beyond involves skill and knowledge. It is a huge confidence booster knowing that your gear will help you accomplish the task as long as you do your part. Fighting with faulty and uncomfortable equipment will not do you any favors. Keep these key components in mind when building your precision rifle. You may not choose these exact components, but they should share similar traits of quality, usability, and reliability.

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Sig Sauer P320 wins over Virginia Division of Capitol Police

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 06:30

The Sig Sauer P320 continues to creep its way into law enforcement agencies across the U.S. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer has won the hearts and minds of yet another law enforcement agency, announcing that the Virginia Division of Capitol Police has selected the Sig P320 as its official duty firearm.

Tracing its heritage back to 1618, the Virginia Division of Capitol Police is responsible for law enforcement for the State of Virginia Capitol Complex in addition to protecting Governor and Virginia’s First Family, the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, the Justices of Virginia’s Supreme Court and members of the Virginia legislature. The move towards the Sig P320 was due to positive reviews from the department’s officers, said Virginia Capitol Police Chief Col. Anthoy S. Pike.

“The amount of positive feedback we have received from our officers about the Sig Sauer P320 pistol has been remarkable. Overwhelmingly, my officers have noted the overall comfort of their new P320 and we are seeing it in higher range scores,” Pike commented in a news release. “Overall, we could not be more pleased with our transition to the P320 as our official duty firearm as we carry out our mission to protect and serve the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Sig’s P320 has slowly began taking over law enforcement agencies nationwide, offering a modular, striker-fired design in full-size, carry, compact and sub-compact sizes. Available in 9mm, .357 SIG, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP, the Sig P320 comes with the shooter’s choice of contrast or SIGLITE Night Sights. The pistol also benefits from a 3-point takedown that does not require a trigger pull prior to disassembly.

“It’s an honor to welcome a department with such historical significance into the fold of the Sig Sauer Law Enforcement family, and we are pleased to earn the confidence of the men and women of the Virginia Division of Capitol Police with their acquisition of the P320 pistol as their official duty firearm,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales for Sig Sauer.

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Century Arms announces new ‘heavy duty’ VSKA AK rifle

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 06:00

VSKA= Vermont Stamped Kalashnikov (Photos: Century)

Incorporating machined S7 tool steel for key components, Century’s new Vermont-stamped Kalashnikov stems from a Pentagon program that sparked efforts to refine production of American-made AK variants.

Debuted at last week’s Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championships in Hurricane, Utah, Century’s new VSKA is billed as a “heavy duty AK rifle” by the company. Although a semi-auto pitched to the U.S. commercial market, Jason Karvois, Century’s director of sales, says they have been developing the gun for years and it was based on Century’s response to an initiative by the U.S. Special Operations Command to identify domestic sources of “non-standard weapons” like the iconic AK-47.

“We have been working on this project for some time now and the conclusive feedback we received from the U.S. government was clear evidence that our efforts had paid off,” said Karvois. “Now it’s time for civilian consumers to reap the benefits of this project.”

The 7.62x39mm VSKA uses a new bolt carrier, front trunnion, and feed ramp machined from S7 tool steel and features both a nitro-carburized 4140 steel bolt and a chrome-moly 4150 barrel. Surfaces have a magnesium-phosphate finish while the furniture is of American Maple in a nod to Century’s New England roots. The rifle uses the company’s RAK-1 enhanced trigger group.

In the past several months, Century has moved to make several of their AK variants wholly in the U.S., including the Draco AK pistol, which was formerly constructed by Cugir in Romania.

Price on the VSKA, which ships with one 30-round polymer magazine, is $735.95, suggested.

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Taurus G2C in .40 S&W now shipping

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 05:30

The G2C chambered in .40 S&W is now shipping in matte black, pictured above, or with a stainless steel slide. (Photo: Taurus USA)

Taurus announced its latest self-defense styled .40 caliber pistol, the G2C, is now officially headed to consumers. The G2C features a polymer design that incorporates aggressive stipling.

The stipling, according to Taurus, offers more positive control over the pistol when firing. Boasting a compact frame, the G2C measures 1.25 by 6.25-inches long and 5-inches tall. The striker-fired pistol offers a manual, external safety in addition to a reversible magazine release for one handed manipulation. The G2C also delivers a Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail for lights and laser mounting.

Delivering a 10-round capacity, the G2C comes in the choice of either matte black carbon steel slide or matte stainless-steel slide. The slide itself offers a contoured style that blends to the frame while also providing a snag free design. The handgun is topped off with a fixed white dot front and a dual white dot rear sight with both elevation and windage adjustments.

The G2C offers aggressive stipling on its frame. (Photo: Taurus USA)

“Developing a handgun with the ideal mix of solid, reliable performance, an ergonomic design suited for a wide range of shooters, and a compact, lightweight profile that wears comfortable and ‘prints light’ for everyday carry is no simple matter,” Taurus said in a news release. “The new Taurus G2C series checks off all these ‘must-have’ boxes in single pistol platform…and raises the benchmark in the CCW arena.”

The Taurus G2C is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W with a MSRP of $316 for the black on black model and $332 for the black on stainless.

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