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New bill bans pistol sales unless they can microstamp their bullets

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 07:00

Gun industry groups argue microstamping is unreliable, serves no safety purpose and is cost prohibitive. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra calls it “smart, effective, and constitutional.” (Photo:

A dozen House Democrats are backing a measure mandating pistols sold by licensed dealers be capable of stamping a code on their ammunition at firing.

Introduced as the Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act last month, the proposal would strip the ability of federal firearms licensees to sell pistols that do not carry the controversial microstamping technology. Backers argue that as much as 40 percent of murders go unsolved due to lack of evidence, which the bill is meant to address.

“We must do everything we can to ensure gun violence can be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said the bill’s author, U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., in a statement. “Microstamping offers law enforcement the chance to track bullet casings to the source of the crime, and is one more step we can take to ensure the safety of the American people.”

Brown’s measure, entered as HR 3458, prohibits FFLs from manufacturing, selling, or transferring semi-auto handguns, unless they are capable of microstamping ammunition. Though California adopted a microstamping requirement as part of their 2007 unsafe handgun modification requirements, implementation was delayed until 2013 when California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the technology had passed hurdles that kept it from being viable.

This resulted in a lawsuit brought in 2014 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, who insisted the legal requirement for semi-auto handguns to mark cartridges with a microscopic array of characters, that identify the make, model and serial number of the pistol upon firing was, “impossible to accomplish.” The groups argued that the technology was unproven in actual field conditions and easy for criminals to defeat.

With the ongoing litigation in the hands of the California Supreme Court, and no semi-auto pistols using microstamping for sale by the state, the number of approved guns on the state’s handgun roster is shrinking. Eight years ago the number of guns on the roster stood at over 1,400. Today it holds 766 models, made up mostly of revolvers which are exempt from microstamping. This has lead gun rights groups to paint the mandate on the technology as an “incremental ban on firearms.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who authored similar legislation while he was in Congress in 2008, is standing behind the restriction.

“Microstamping is a smart, effective, and constitutional technology that can help keep criminals off the streets and reduce gun violence,” Becerra said in a statement released by Brown’s office. “It is time for the rest of the nation to follow suit.”

The MICRO Act has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and has 12 sponsors, all Democrats.

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Up for auction in Ohio: A Thompson Model 1921

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 06:45

If you’re looking to purchase a Tommy gun, the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office in northeastern Ohio will have one up for auction in September.

The Thompson Model 1921 machine gun was purchased on May 13, 1934, by then-Sheriff Abe Laird.

Current Sheriff Orvis Campbell said the gun is “almost the Holy Grail of Thompsons.” He also said it was the weapon of choice for law enforcement of that era.

“You put a 50-round or 100-round drum in this, it’ll empty a 100-round drum in less than 8 seconds,” Campbell said. “It was a game-changer.”

Of course, it’s unknown exactly what prompted Laird to make the purchase (as if you really need a reason to buy a Tommy gun), but Campbell speculates it had something to do with mine riots in Tuscarawas County during the Great Depression.

Regardless, after more than eight decades, the department made the decision to auction the antique, with the profits helping to pay for new equipment and more modern weapons.

While the gun, which has been stored in the department’s armory and cleaned several times a year, has a fixed value of $37,000, Campbell said he’ll be shocked if it doesn’t bring in $50,000.

“To these enthusiasts, the moment they saw it, they’re like, are you kidding me?” Campbell said.

[ The Columbus Dispatch ]

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Meet the new Colt Trooper M4 5.56mm patrol carbine

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 06:30

The Trooper is based on the LE6920, but with more M-LOK. (Photo: Colt)

Bringing back a familiar name with a new product, Colt introduced the new Colt Trooper on Tuesday, a direct gas impingement semi-auto AR loaded with M-LOK.

The new Trooper may have the name of the classic wheel gun marketed to law enforcement from the 1950s to the 80s, but the moniker takes on a new meaning as a patrol carbine in today’s offering.

Equipped with a 16.1-inch 1-in-7-inch twist barrel, the Centurion Arms fore-end has a Picatinny top rail for optics and M-LOK mounting slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock for accessories. Loaded weight is 6.5-pounds and both the upper and lower are black hardcoat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum. A single-stage trigger, A2 style grip, and 30-round black Magpul PMAG complete the rifle, which has an overall length of 32-35.5-inches depending on the M4 style stock.

“The Trooper offers a really great opportunity for fans of the Colt AR-15 platform,” said Justin Baldini, product director for Colt, in a statement. “We set out to create something that is right in line with what today’s Colt M4 customer wants, so we started with our industry-standard LE6920 and worked with Centurion Arms to develop a new M-LOK capable free-floated forend just for the Trooper.”

The Trooper, LE6920-R for Colt nerds, retails for $1,049.

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BB gun-wielding robber shot dead by Domino’s employee (VIDEO)

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 06:15

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

A would-be robber was fatally shot while holding up a Domino’s Pizza in Blytheville, Arkansas, Sunday night.

Thomas “Tony” Price, 53, entered the business around 10:30 p.m. wearing a hoodie pulled tight around his face. Price asked to see the manager, then pulled out what was later determined to be a BB gun, but once Price displayed his weapon, a gun-carrying employee shot him.

When police arrived a short time later, they found Price lying in the doorway of the business. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities say Price is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history.

The investigation is ongoing, but no charges have been filed against the gun-wielding employee at this.

[ WMC Action News 5 ]

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Ruger: Unsure of ‘the new normal’ for gun sales post-Obama

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 06:00

Ruger CEO Chris Killoy at a gun shop talking shop with Ruger fans. Photograph taken May 13, 2017. (Photo: Ruger/Facebook)

Last year’s record-breaking 27.5 million background checks solidified former President Barack Obama’s reputation as the “the greatest gun salesman of all time.”

Now, the industry struggles to define the “new normal” as 2017 shapes up to be the second strongest year for gun sales on record.

“I don’t know where that new normal is going to shake out at,” said Chris Killoy, president, CEO and director of Sturm, Ruger and Company, in a conference call with investors last week. “We see some good long-term trends that we haven’t seen maybe in the past.”

Killoy’s comments referenced an inquiry regarding which year analysts can look to as a baseline for background checks processed through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — assuming 2016 is an outlier in the system’s 19-year history. NICS is recognized as the best known proxy for gun sales, though it’s not a perfect measurement.

“I’ve been in this business for almost 30 years,” Killoy said. “We look back on the last 25 year-over-year changes, and one year versus the prior year. Fifteen of those were year-over-year increases, 10 of those were year-over-year decreases.”

Ruger’s second quarter net sales dropped 22 percent over last year as competitors continue unloading extra inventory at discounted prices — a familiar narrative heard from competitors like Smith & Wesson and Vista Outdoor.

Killoy said the company raked in a net profit of $25 million between April 1 and July 1 — 44 percent less than second quarter 2016.

The dismal results come after a strong first quarter for the company, which reported $167.4 million in sales — a 3 percent decline over first quarter 2016, when consumer fears of impending gun control stoked demand.

Still, Killoy told investors last week despite softening demand, he remains “optimistic” about the future.

“Yes, 2016 was maybe a little supercharged due to some political events going on and the election,” he said. “But by and large, we’re not hearing anything negative from our customer base. We’re just seeing them maybe take a little bit of a breather.”

“And we just have to encourage our customer base to get back out to the range … enjoy the sport and get back into the store and remember how much fun it is to start buying a few more guns for fun,” he added. “Not just because you think they might be banned in the future.”

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Indian police still clocking in with over 58,000 Enfield .303s

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 05:48

In India, it is not uncommon to come across a police officer still shouldering a throwback to the WWII British Army. (Photo: Janta Ka Reporter)

Although classified as “obsolete” over 20 years ago and slated for replacement, local reports in India show that in some parts of the country about half of the police are armed with Enfield SMLE Mk III/III* pattern .303-caliber rifles.

In Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India with over 200 million residents, some 58,853 of the British .303-caliber rifles are still in the police arsenals and are getting a lot of use despite the fact they were supposed to be swapped out for more modern weapons.

“Point-303 bore rifles had been declared obsolete more than 20 years ago in February 1995 but about 48 per cent of the police force in the state are still using it,” says a 2016 government audit recently obtained by Indian media after it was presented to the UP Assembly.

One reason the guns may have been kept in service is a separate report that some ammunition types such as 9mm for MP5s submachine guns and 12-gauge shotgun rounds were not available, while supplies of .303 ammo were.

The force still uses Ishapore 2A/2A1 rifles, Enfield variants made during the 1960s and 70s chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO– which are considered modern– as well as Indian FN FAL variants (the 1A), AK47s, and the domestically produced INSAS 5.56mm rifle. Besides domestic law enforcement, Uttar Pradesh have serious counter-terrorism concerns, suffering from a wave of terror attacks in 2007 blamed on Islamic radicals.

The UP government has set a goal to replace the remaining .303s in the next five years, The Hindu reported.

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Sig Sauer hit with $7M personal injury lawsuit over P320 pistol

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 23:30

The business end of the Sig P320 pistol. (Photo: GunBroker)

Amid increased scrutiny, Sig Sauer was named in a $7 million personal injury lawsuit by a Connecticut police officer who was injured when his holstered P320 pistol discharged when it hit the ground.

Vicent Sheperis, a 34-year-old police officer in Stamford, Connecticut, filed the case against the New Hampshire gun maker in a New Haven federal court last week. The lawsuit alleges his injuries were the result of a defective safety mechanism in the P320 design, which has also been a growing topic among firearm enthusiasts.

According to the complaint, Sheperis, a member of Stamford police Special Response Team, was injured in January when his department-issued P320 pistol fell as he loaded equipment into a vehicle. The pistol discharged when it hit the ground and the bullet struck him in the leg and knee.

“The weapon’s internal and external safeties all failed to prevent it from discharging and shooting Officer Sheperis,” the lawsuit says, adding the trigger was “incapable of being touched or of any movement” because the gun was inside a holster.

“At no time before, during or after the incident did Officer Sheperis place his finger on the P320’s trigger or touch the holstered firearm in any manner,” the lawsuit says and cites a report filed about the incident that reiterates those details. Stamford police then “shelved” all the P320 pistols issued to the SRT operators, the lawsuit says.

As news of the case came to light, issues involving the Sig P320 had been developing. The New Hampshire gun maker has been in the hot seat since last week the Dallas Police Department suspended the P320’s use, citing concerns about the gun’s drop safety in a memo to its officers. Sig responded to the memo, saying there had been “zero reported drop-related P320 incidents in the U.S. commercial market.”

To explore comments by the Dallas police, a gun blogger published test results in an impactful video Monday showing the gun discharging when hitting the ground at a certain angle. Then, on Tuesday, Sig issued a statement, saying it would offer later this month a “voluntary upgrade” for consumers.

The lawsuit was filed after the Dallas police issued the memo, which was referenced in the complaint along with 11 other examples, but before the company issued the voluntary upgrade.

Although Sig re-assured the public that the P320 design meets industry and government standards regarding its drop safety, Sheperis’s attorney, Jeffrey Bagnell, thinks the upgrade is telling. “The suit has been validated already,” he said.

“They issued a voluntary upgrade, but there’s another word for that,” Bagnell said, adding that having Sig recall and fix the alleged defect is one of the demands listed in the complaint.

The lawsuit reaches that $7 million figure by bringing state claims, that include citing Connecticut product liability and trade laws.

In May, Sig was named in a lawsuit by the state of New Jersey, which alleged the company sold its state police malfunctioning pistols. The guns in question, however, were the P229 rather than the P320. Sig has denied those allegations.

Sig won bragging rights in January when the U.S. Army selected the P320 as its new official sidearm and awarded the company a $580 million contract. To win the much coveted prize, the gun maker beat out major competitors like Glock, Smith & Wesson and Beretta, which held the title for more than 25 years.

According to the case docket, Sheperis’s attorney has filed a number of motions to set a schedule for the discovery phase. Sig has 21 days to respond to the initial complaint and until Nov. 4 to file a motion to dismiss.

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2 former Texas deputies admit to stealing dozens of guns from evidence room

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 15:30

Philip Gary Slaughter, left, and Thomas Glen Smith both pleaded guilty to possession of stolen firearms. (Photo: KXAS-TV)

Two former deputies in Texas face up to 10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to stealing several dozen weapons from an evidence room and pawning some of them or selling them on the Internet.

Thomas Glen Smith, 50, and Philip Gary Slaughter, 42, both pleaded guilty to one count of possession or sale of stolen firearms, according to a news release from the U.S. attorney’s office in Texas.

Smith and Slaughter worked in the evidence room at the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office. In Nov. 2015, Slaughter obtained a court order to destroy hundreds of firearms being held in the evidence room. But they didn’t destroy all of them, and instead stole about 40 of the weapons, before trying to sell them at local pawn shops or using Facebook to try to find buyers.

“Smith obtained a $750.00 loan from Pawn Store & More, using the Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1, .45 caliber, semi-automatic rifle, serial number 4417, as collateral for the loan,” court documents say.

In April 2016, law enforcement searched Slaughter’s home in Midlothian, Texas, and found at least 10 firearms that were taken from the evidence room, according to court records.

Smith and Slaughter resigned from their law enforcement positions last year. Both face up to 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

Slaughter will be sentenced on Nov. 9, while Smith is set to be sentenced a week later on Nov. 16.

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Police department defends officer after viral video shows tense traffic stop

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 15:00

A police department outside San Jose, California, is defending the actions of an officer, who can be seen pointing his gun at a passenger for more than nine minutes in a cell phone video of a traffic stop that’s gone viral, evoking criticism from some viewers.

The unnamed motorcycle officer pulled the car over on July 28, the Mercury News reported last week. The video, which has been viewed nearly 2 million times, only shows part of the story, says Campbell Police Capt. Gary Berg.

“We are in a position to provide the context because we have reviewed the officer’s body-worn camera, which recorded the encounter in its entirety,” said Berg, adding that officials are trying to determine whether to release that body camera footage.

Berg says the officer pulled the vehicle over between San Jose and Morgan Hill because the driver was speeding. He said the first few minutes of the stop were “cordial.” The officer asked for license and registration, and the people in the car spent several minutes looking for the documentation.

When the officer went back to his motorcycle to write a ticket, the passenger reached under the seat, according to Berg. “Unfortunately, the passenger’s unexpected movement toward the bottom of the seat caused the officer to perceive a threat and draw his handgun,” he said.

The passenger tells the officer that he was looking for the documents as he holds his hands up. “We’re looking for the fuckin’ paperwork, bro,” he can be heard saying in the video.

“I understand that,” says the officer. “Don’t move.”

“Oh my god,” the passengers say, adding, “why are you still pointing that gun at me, bro?”

The officer tells the passenger to relax, and to keep his hands where he can see them. “I’m not relaxing,” the passenger said. “You’ve got a gun pointed at me, bro.”

The passenger keeps his hands out in front of him, but calls the officer several names while they wait for backup to arrive. After nine minutes and twenty seconds, backup arrives and the video cuts out.

Comments on Facebook were critical of both the passenger and the officer. Several comments pointed to the passenger’s language and lack of respect for the officer.

“A little excessive I think but who keeps their registration under the seat?” wrote one person.

“He needs to be fired,” wrote another person, echoing the sentiment of many commenters who felt the officer acted improperly.

Berg said the officer acted properly. “Our officers receive a tremendous amount of training on a consistent basis and that training is what dictates our response,” he said. “This is intended to protect our officers as well as those they come in contact with.”

Berg said another missing piece of context is what happened after the video ends. When backup arrived, things ended peacefully, and the officer explained his actions to the passenger.

“The passenger indicated he understood why it happened and actually apologized to the officer,” Berg said.

The driver was cited, and they went on their way.

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Woman fatally shot by police in southeast Michigan

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 14:45

A 36-year-old woman was shot and killed Friday after confronting police officers and border patrol agents with a gun in Marine City, Michigan.

The Times Herald reported the woman has been identified as Melissa Wiseman. Officers found the woman sitting in her vehicle Friday night when she got out and confronted them with a firearm. Wiseman was then shot by a Marine City Police officer and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Wiseman, formerly Melissa Latham, was a founder of Blue Water Families against Narcotics, an organization that provides education and support for those addicted to drugs and their families. Wiseman admittedly battled addiction herself before becoming a certified advanced drug and alcohol counselor.

Pastor Howard Colby — who has known Wiseman since she was a child, helped counsel her during her drug addiction, and co-founded the local FAN chapter with her — said he would be performing the funeral on Friday at Colonial Woods Missionary Church in Port Huron after a Thursday FAN meeting held in her honor. He indicated Wiseman had recently relapsed after several years of sobriety.

“From 2007 to just recently, the last couple of months, she helped hundreds of people and touched hundreds of lives. Then something happened. And again, we may never really know completely,” Colby said.

“Sometimes you can help people a lot but you can’t help yourself,” he added.

The Marine City Police Department has requested that the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department handle the investigation into the shooting.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said it was typical for an outside department to investigate these types of shootings. The officer who shot Wiseman was put on administrative leave for the remainder of the investigation.

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Man claims self-defense after pulling gun in road rage incident (VIDEO)

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 14:30

A Texas driver who was caught on video pulling a gun on a fellow motorist turned himself in to authorities Monday afternoon after the video made its rounds on the internet.

The road rage incident happened in Lancaster on Friday, with the man now claiming he acted in self-defense because he thought the woman’s cell phone was a weapon.

Victoria Best said the incident started as she was on her way to work and the man in front of her started breaking repeatedly.

“It was like he was trying to cause a rear-end accident,” Best said. “That was what made me pick up my phone and start recording.”

Best said she passed the man, but it wasn’t until after she got to work and called the police that she realized he had a gun trained on her as she drove by.

“The officer asked me if I could make out a license plate,” Best recalled. “I got to looking through the video and pausing and pausing – I get to a point where I pause and I look and he’s just pointing a gun at me.”

Best said at first she was struck with shock, then she just started to cry, but after that, she took to social media and shared the video in hopes of identifying the man.

It’s unclear what – if any – charges the man will face, but the investigation is ongoing.

[ NAME ]

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3-day manhunt ends in suicide of suspected rapist

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 14:00

Branden Powell eluded authorities for three days after his escape during a prison transport. (Photo: Paulding County Sheriff’s Office)

Following a more than 72 hour manhunt, an Ohio inmate accused of rape who escaped during a prison transport last week was found at his parents’ home in Antwerp on Monday, when he chose to take his own life rather than be taken into custody.

“While this is not the outcome law enforcement had hoped for, law enforcement hopes the community can rest knowing this armed and dangerous individual is no longer a danger to the community,” Paulding County Sheriff Jason Landers said in a statement provided to local media.

Acting on information gathered during the investigation, multiple law enforcement agencies went to the home around 6 p.m. in an attempt to apprehend 32-year-old Branden Powell. Powell was found in the crawl space of his parents’ home and multiple attempts were made to bring him out and place him in custody, but Powell refused to comply.

Around 9:30 p.m., Powell suffered a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Because the investigation is ongoing, authorities did not provide further details surrounding Powell’s death.

Powell, who was arrested last month on rape and sexual battery charges, became the subject of a multi-agency manhunt after he overpowered a deputy and stole his .40-caliber service pistol and 30 rounds of ammunition, along with the deputy’s wallet and cell phone.

Authorities say Powell was able to free himself in the back of a prison transport van well enough to place the deputy in a headlock, causing the van to crash. Powell then got to the deputy’s weapon and freed himself before forcing the deputy to handcuff himself to the steering wheel.

Officials noted that Powell and the deputy were alone during the transport and, unlike most transport vehicles, there was no barrier between the front of the van and the passenger compartment.

The deputy, who was not seriously injured, was transporting Powell back to jail after his release from the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital in Toledo. Powell was apparently taken to the facility for treatment after he sliced his own throat with a razor.

“He had a plan to escape. He had a mindset to escape,” Landers said.

A woman who identified herself as Powell’s aunt, but did not want to provide her name, told reporters the family was shocked and confused by Powell’s recent behavior. She said he was a nice guy, who would do anything for anybody, but that he needed help.

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Police: Doctor tried to buy shotgun before leaping to his death at Bronx hospital

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:45

Police at the scene where a doctor jumped to his death Friday (Photo: New York Daily News)

A doctor suffering from depression allegedly tried to buy a shotgun before driving to the Bronx hospital where he used to work and jumping to his death.

After Dr. Gabriel Goodwin jumped off the parking garage at Montefiore Medical Center on Friday, police searched his vehicle and found a large knife, trench coat, and receipt that shows Goodwin tried to purchase a Benelli Nova pump-action shotgun at a Long Island gun store before driving to the hospital, the New York Daily News reported.

A police source said the purchase was not completed and that it was unclear if that was due to Goodwin’s mental health issues or if there was a problem with his credit card. Detectives have not yet determined the 35-year-old doctor’s intent and are still working on the investigation.

“We’re still investigating his recent actions,” a police source told the Daily News. “Right now, we’re treating it as an apparent suicide. There’s no indication that he was planning anything involving other people, that we’re aware of.”

The incident had some eerie similarities to that of the hospital shooting that occurred on July 1 at Bronx-Lebanon hospital, in which Dr. Henry Bellow showed up to his former workplace and shot seven people, killing one doctor, before fatally shooting himself.

While the shotgun is an unusual choice if Goodwin were only planning to commit suicide, Goodwin’s wife, a 42-year-old pediatrician, said she believed her husband only wanted to harm himself.

“I don’t know what happened that day,” said Dr. Shelly Waldman-Goodwin, 42. “But I know for sure that he wanted to harm himself and no one else. He never had a problem with anyone. He would not hurt a fly.”

His wife also believed the attempted gun purchase was likely not completed due to his mental health problems.

“I would like to see the laws changed so that if someone is unable to buy a gun because of their mental illness, the police are alerted and someone responds and evaluates,” she added. “I think this could save many people’s lives.

“If that had happened, I think my husband would still be alive.”

Goodwin, an anesthesiologist, left Montefiore two years ago after his residency and was supposed to return to work there after his mental health issues improved. He lived in Huntington, Long Island, and had three young children.

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Teen busted after bragging on Snapchat about stolen gun

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:30


Teen arrested after Snapchat post (Photo: Bay County Sheriff’s Office)

A 19-year-old Florida man and a minor are in a bit of hot water after – thanks to bragging on social media – authorities were alerted to a theft involving the duo.

Jeffery Parker is facing charges for resisting an officer, armed burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a weapon by a delinquent adult.

Parker admitted to stealing a loaded gun, several watches, and an electronic cigarette from a vehicle parked at the Island Reserve Condos in Panama City Beach Wednesday. Following the theft, Parker took to Snapchat to display his spoils when an acquaintance of the victim apparently recognized the stolen gun. The acquaintance then notified the victim who, in turn, notified the police.

Deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office located Parker, who was still in possession of the stolen gun. Parker admitted to the part he played in the theft, and provided authorities with the name of the minor involved.

[ WJHG ]

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Missouri cop fatally shot during traffic stop; Suspect still at large

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:00

Family members say Gary Michael had a heart to serve and loved his job. (Photo: Missouri State Highway Patrol)

A routine traffic stop in a rural Missouri town Sunday morning ended with the shooting death of a police officer and a multi-agency manhunt for his accused killer.

The shooting occurred around 10:45 a.m. in Clinton, which is located about 75 miles southeast of Kansas City.

According to a press release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Officer Gary Michael initiated a stop on a 2008 Dodge Nitro for a traffic violation, but once the vehicle was stopped, the driver got out and opened fire on the officer. Michael, who was struck, returned fire but it’s unknown if the suspect was hit before he fled in the vehicle.

Additional officers responded to Michael’s call of “shots fired, officer hit,” and, within minutes, Michael was airlifted to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The Dodge Nitro was recovered about two blocks from the scene of the shooting, but the suspect, who was later identified as 39-year-old Ian McCarthy, of Clinton, was nowhere to be found. Donald Richter, who lives nearby, witnessed part of the incident.

“I heard gunshots,” Richter told Fox 4. “I come outside on the porch just in time to see him (McCarthy) trying to round this corner. But he was going way too fast. Smashed into the rock wall. Come to a stop over at the neighbors, jumped out and took off running.”

Accused cop killer Ian McCarthy remains at large. (Photo: Missouri State Highway Patrol)

According to reports from the Kansas City Star, a .223-caliber shell casing was recovered from the front seat of the suspect’s vehicle. Witnesses reported hearing five gunshots, although it’s unclear at this point how many shots were fired by McCarthy and how many were fired by Michael.

As of early Tuesday morning, McCarthy remains at large, but is believed to still be in the Clinton area. If seen, the Highway Patrol advised against making contact with McCarthy, who has an extensive criminal history and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on McCarthy is asked to contact local law enforcement or call 911.

Michael is the 75th officer to be killed in the line of duty so far this year, the 28th to die by gunfire. At the time of his death, the 37-year-old officer had been with the department for less than a year. He leaves behind a wife and step sons.

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4-year-old boy fatally shot after finding gun at babysitter’s house

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:30

Eric Cole 

A 4-year-old boy was killed after he shot himself Saturday afternoon with a gun he found at his babysitter’s house in Crown Point, Indiana.

Authorities say the child’s death appears to be an accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Police were called to the home just before 11 a.m. and the child, who was identified as Eric Cole, of Wheatfield, Indiana, was pronounced dead at a local hospital a little more than an hour later.

The initial investigation suggests the boy located a case containing a gun underneath the bed in an upstairs bedroom. After opening the case, the child fired a single shot, striking himself.

Authorities said additional details will be released as they become available.

No charges have been filed at this time.

[ Northwest Indiana Times ]

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Sig issues voluntary upgrade for P320 pistols

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:30

The business end of a Sig P320 handgun. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Responding to increased scrutiny of its P320 handgun design, gun maker Sig Sauer said Tuesday it will offer an upgrade to owners concerned about the design’s drop safety.

Details about the voluntary upgrade to improve the overall safety of the weapon will be available on Aug. 14, according the New Hampshire company’s statement, adding the changes are the result of input from law enforcement, government and military customers.

Sig reassured customers that while it will offer the upgrade, the P320 design and its drop safety does meet industry and government safety standards, and the handgun has passed rigorous testing. Both descriptions were verified by an independent review published Monday, which also found that the design will discharge if dropped at a specific angle not included in the testing.

It’s unclear what the company’s upgrade will include, as the company did not specify in the statement nor did it identify the root cause of the drop safety issue.

According to the independent test, by Omaha Outdoors, the physical weight of the trigger (as opposed to trigger pull weight) may be causing the handgun design to discharge when dropped. However, the discharge only occurs “with the bore in an upward direction and the frame and the slide contact the ground at the same time, the trigger continues to move to the rear and the pistol will fire.”

Sig last week aimed to dispel rumors that the P320 had a safety issue after a memo by the Dallas Police Department came to light. Dallas officials suspended use of the design by its officers, saying Sig had identified a defect in the handgun that could cause the gun to discharge if dropped.

The P320 was selected earlier this year as the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System, beating out competitors Glock, Smith & Wesson and Beretta for the contract. Glock challenged the $580 million contract award, but the government dismissed the company’s claims.

Sig is currently embroiled in a lawsuit regarding another pistol design, the P229, which New Jersey State Police say the handguns sent under contract have been continuously malfunctioning.

Article updated Aug. 8, 2017 at 2:33 pm EST

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Brawl breaks out at funeral for teen fatally shot by police (VIDEO)

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:15

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

The funeral for a 16-year-old boy who shot and killed by police outside of a youth services center in Marion, Arkansas, last month was cut short when a gathering of angered family members turned into an all-out brawl.

Few details have been released about the moments leading up to the shooting death of Aries Clark, but some family members, including Clark’s mother, Vicky Byrd, took to the streets in a peaceful protest and call for justice as they marched to the teen’s funeral.

But when Byrd and other family members arrived at the funeral, tensions escalated to violent proportions, leaving pews broken and attendees pushed out of the facility. No serious injuries were reported.

One family member told reporters she was angered that Byrd showed up half an hour late in an “extremely disrespectful” manner, but Byrd was apparently angered to discover the funeral had started without her.

[ WMC News 5 ]

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Louisiana detective jumps into canal to save fleeing suspect

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:00

Kyle Anderson (Photo: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office)

A Louisiana detective with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office leaped into a canal Thursday to save a suspected drug dealer who was trying to flee.

According to the sheriff’s office news release, after being rescued 31-year-old Kyle Anderson was then arrested on several drug, firearms and other charges and was locked up in the St. Tammany Parish jail.

The incident started Thursday night when detectives with the STPSO Narcotics Task Force, conducting an undercover operation, attempted to arrest Anderson in a restaurant parking lot in the Slidell area. Anderson then fled in his vehicle, and a high-speed chase ensued that ended in Anderson slamming head-on into another sheriff’s vehicle.

After crashing, Anderson fled the vehicle, ran away and jumped into a nearby canal. Flailing in the water, he immediately started yelling for help, saying that he didn’t know how to swim. One of the detectives then jumped into the canal, swam out to the suspect and brought him back to shore.

Officers found crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia, over $1,000 in cash and two semi-automatic pistols in Anderson’s vehicle.

A female passenger in the car was injured and was taken to a local hospital. No charges have been filed against her, but the investigation is still active.

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Dispatches from gun country: ‘We have a Bill of Rights, not a bill of needs’

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 11:30

Jeff Zimba, gun expert at The Bigshooterist, photographed near Fairfield, Maine sporting his POF-USA P416 with an LMT 40mm Grenade Launcher. He stands in front of his heavily modified Suzuki Samurai. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

Jeff Zimba is an author and gun aficionado. He’s especially fond of firearms that finds themselves on the NFA list. He was instrumental in starting the magazine Small Arms Review, and currently reviews guns for his own Youtube channel The Bigshooterist.

The whole issue of guns is pretty simple to me. We have a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. The opposition doesn’t understand guns, so they develop a fear of these inanimate objects and hope they’ll just go away. Well, neither guns, nor gun owners are going anywhere, and it’s not really up for debate or discussion.

Uneducated opinions don’t matter in the big picture. Simple stuff.

Every law-abiding citizen has the most basic right to self-preservation and a firearm is the great equalizer. Most people who carry a firearm are painted as crazed lunatics ‘looking for a gun fight’, when the opposite is actually the truth. A well-trained person with a firearm is prepared to defend his life and that of his family in a situation he hopes will never arise.

It is no different than having a fire extinguisher in the home or automobile. No one is ‘asking for a fire’ but they are prepared in the unlikely event that they might need it. It is the same as having a spare tire and a jack in your vehicle. No one is asking for a flat tire, but they should be prepared in the unlikely event. Sure, you can walk the earth defenseless and unprepared for anything and leave your safety in the hands of others, but gun owners are generally a little more forward thinking than that.

It’s simple stuff. Others can be useless and unprepared for the unexpected and call a policeman, fireman or mechanic, but their life would certainly improve if they were to be prepared for the unexpected instead of waiting around for their ‘knight in shining armor’ to come to their rescue – when they get around to it.

To my peers, not being prepared is selfish and irrational. Bad things will happen at in-opportune times and tasking your safety to strangers by refusing to help yourself is not an option in my mind. Being afraid of inanimate objects and pretending that nothing bad will happen to you, so you don’t have to deal with the burden of unpleasant real life situations that certainly do happen to ‘others’ is a dangerous way to stay in a false comfort zone that doesn’t really exist.

Read more perspectives on America’s gun culture in Ben Philippi’s book “We The People.”

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