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SentryShield launches bulletproof backpack insert

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 09:00

The SentryShield Bulletproof backpack offers NJ Level IIIA protection. (Photo: SentryShield)

SentryShield releases a new bulletproof backpack insert available in two sizes, able to accommodate backpacks or handbags.

The SentryShield insert is designed to travel easily, concealing within the confines of a backpack, laptop bag or other personal bags. Using 24 layers of ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene that is NJ Level IIIA compliant, the insert is said to be eight times stronger than steel; however, it does not contain any metal and therefore can pass through metal detectors with ease.

“We live in difficult times,” Jason Wakefield, chief marketing officer for SentryShield, said in a news release. “But ignoring the reality of those times won’t make us any safer. We believe that any measure of protection you can provide yourself or loved ones is a worthy investment, especially one that is always with you as opposed to an afterthought.”

The insert comes in two sizes that can fit into a range of bag styles for protection regardless of what the user carries. (Photo: SentryShield)

The backpack insert measures 16.25-inches by 11.75-inches and weighs 1.46-pounds while the handbag insert offers measurements of 14-inches by 10-inches with a weight of 1.74-pounds. The inserts are capable of stopping 9mm, .44 Magnum, .357 Sig and 12-gauge slugs.

“Nothing can offer a guarantee in a tragic situation like one involving an active shooter, but even something as small as SentryShield has the potential to make a very big difference,” commented Wakefield.

The SentryShield Backpack Insert retails for $120.

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US Palm line rebooted by Century Arms

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 08:30

Besides its distinctive waffle mags and grips, the combined effort with Century is billed as helping to launch a number of designs and prototypes that never made it to market. (Photo: US Palm)

After exiting the firearm scene last year, the AK-centric magazine and accessory maker is getting a second lease on life.

US Palm founder, Robert Anderson, waved the white flag last August citing a “downsizing economy, industry instability, and internal factors” but the company’s social media page teased a zombie-like rebirth before making it official that, in association with Century Arms, the Palm is back in business.

“Century’s significant history with the AK platform made them a logical fit for this effort and their energy regarding this project and insistence on sticking with our original vision has been impressive,” said Anderson in a joint statement. “The fact that we are heavily involved in this process and not simply being swallowed up by a massive corporate conglomerate was very important to us.”

Besides its distinctive waffle mags and grips, the combined effort with Century is billed as helping to launch a number of designs and prototypes that never made it to market.

US Palm’s original website is offline as of Tuesday, but they plan to attend the Red Oktober shooting event next month in St. George, Utah and be on hand for SHOT 2019 in Las Vegas.

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Boston police captain’s son sentenced in ISIS-inspired terror plot

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 08:00

Alexander Ciccolo, seen in a 2014 booking photo, was sentenced on Wednesday to 20 years imprisonment and a lifetime of supervised release for plotting a terrorist attack in the United States. (Photo: Northern Berkshire District Court/AP)

The son of a Boston police captain will spend 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to plotting an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack at a New Mexico university.

A judge sentenced 26-year-old Alexander Ciccolo, aka Ali Al Amriki, in Massachusetts federal court Wednesday, more than three years after his father — Robert Ciccolo — turned him into the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Agents arrested Alexander Ciccolo in July 2015 after he received four guns — including two rifles and two handguns — from a cooperating witness for a plot at New Mexico State University. According to court documents, Ciccolo, a recovering addict, discovered Islam three years earlier while pursuing sobriety in upstate New York. He became increasingly radicalized as he watched the Syrian Civil War unfold and posted on social media in support of ISIS often.

Ciccolo’s plot against the university included the detonation of pressure cooker bombs filled with black powder, nails, ball bearings and glass. He admittedly drew inspiration from the Boston Marathon bombing, according to a sentencing memorandum filed last month. He also planned to gun down any “non-believers” in the university’s cafeteria, hoping to inflict “maximum damage.”

“Make no mistake, Alexander Ciccolo was a committed soldier of ISIS who wanted to kill innocent people at a United States university with assault rifles and pressure cooker bombs, not an unwitting dupe who didn’t understand the gravity of what he was doing,” said Harold H. Shaw, an FBI special agent in charge. “He repeatedly expressed his desire to engage in acts of violent jihad against our country, and with this sentencing, he will now pay the price for conspiring with a foreign terrorist organization.”

Ciccolo’s father, a 35-year law enforcement veteran who worked the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, turned his son over to federal investigators after he pledged to fight against the Syrian government overseas. Prosecutors said the “agonizing” and “heartbreaking” decision “likely saved the lives of numerous innocent people.”

“I’m a cop,” Robert Ciccolo told investigators, according to court documents. “You cant tell me you’re going to commit crimes and expect me not to take action to prevent it.”

Upon Alexander Ciccolo’s release, he will remain under supervision for the rest of his life, the Department of Justice said.

“The National Security Division will not tolerate threats to our country and its people,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers. “Not only did Ciccolo admit to supporting ISIS — a well-known terrorist group — but he also collected weapons and explosives in order to further their goal of murdering innocent Americans.  This sentence holds him accountable for breaking our laws and putting American lives at risk.”

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Savage Arms offers discounted pricing to first responders, military, LE

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 07:30

Savage Arms offers a discount program for LE, military and first responders. (Photo: Savage Arms)

First responders, law enforcement and military are set to receive special pricing on Savage Arms firearms courtesy of the Savage Service Program.

The Savage Service Program, running through Dec. 31, allows qualified customers to purchase Savage firearms at 30-percent off MSRP. Savage says customers who fall into one of the following categories qualify for the discounted program: federal, state, county and city law enforcement officers; EMT’s, firefighters, volunteer fire fighters and paramedics; military personnel, active, retired and veterans, including reservists and National Guard; corrections officers, including parole and probation officers; state licensed armed security officers employed by state licensed security companies; commercial pilots and federal flight deck officers; court judges; and LE academy cadets. 

“This isn’t a limited program. All of our firearms qualify for this opportunity—from our newly redesigned centerfire Model 110s with AccuFit stocks to our many award-winning rimfire rifles as well,” said Senior Marketing Manager Shimanski in a news release. “This program also includes the popular Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) which were voted ‘2018 Golden Bullseye Rifle of the Year’ Winner by NRA Shooting Illustrated.”

Individuals must have approved purchaser credentials to place a firearms order. Customers who qualify must fill out a program order form and supply a copy of their ship to FFL as well as military or law enforcement credentials. Customer are eligible for two firearms per calendar year with estimated delivery between 8 and 12 weeks. The discount does not apply towards custom firearms.

For more details, interested consumers can check out the Service Program page on Savage’s website.

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12.5 inches, the perfect length for an AR barrel (VIDEO)

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 07:00

There are a variety of AR-15 barrel lengths and styles out there. Some short. Some long. But what would you say is just right? Considering things like reliability, speed, accuracy and maneuverability to find a length that works for multiple purposes, I would have to say 12.5 inches.

Can we talk about reliability

A 12.5-inch carbine gas length is a very reliable length. And reliability is the highest priority. This barrel configuration will provide ample dwell time – the amount of time the bullet spends in the barrel between the gas block and muzzle – for the round. This determines how much gas goes back into the BCG to make it cycle.

(Source: Small Arms Defense Journal)

When we shorten the barrel from 20 inches, the gas port has to move back as well. Then, when a barrel gets shorter than 10 inches, it will require a pistol length gas systems, which tend to have problems because of excess gas. Rifle, Mid-Length, and Carbine gas lengths are ideal lengths provided that you have enough barrel after the port to create enough dwell time. When the dwell time is minimal (gas port is close to the muzzle), AR rifles become unreliable.

Can we talk about speed

As barrel length decreases, so does a projectile’s speed – measured in feet per second. To be clear, shortening the length of the barrel will definitely have a negative impact on the velocity of a projectile, but when you shorten it from 20 inches to 12, it will still deliver desired results for a self-defense scenario. The standard M855 ball round loses about 400 FPS out of a 12.5-inch barrel, but it still travels at roughly 2,600 FPS, which is above the minimum speed to produce a lethal wound. And, using high quality defensive ammo, the end results only improve.

Can we talk about accuracy

Some argue that shorter barrels are less accurate. That’s simply false. A shorter barrel does not negatively impact accuracy like it does on velocity. If anything you may see improved accuracy on shorter barrels because they are more rigid and thus cut down on barrel whip.

With four fewer inches, it should go without saying, a 12.5-inch barrel has greater maneuverability. It makes your AR-15 all around easier to handle (and to pack). (Photo: Ben Brown/

For longer shots, make sure to acquaint yourself with your “hold overs” and the rate at which the bullet drops. Even with higher velocities out of a 20-inch barrel, you will have bullet drop. It’s unavoidable. With a good government profile 12.5-inch barrel, though, you can achieve acceptable accuracy and again with higher quality ammo you can achieve exceptional results.

Can we talk about maneuverability

If you have ever taken a CQB or Home Defense class, you know or have seen that manipulating a 16-inch barreled rifle through doorways, hallways, and around furniture can be cumbersome. It’s not impossible but it also does not do you any favors. The 12.5-inch takes off 4 inches and depending on the barrel profile a decent amount of weight as well.

With four fewer inches, it should go without saying, a 12.5-inch barrel has greater maneuverability. It makes your AR-15 all around easier to handle (and to pack).

So, if you only plan on building or buying one AR-15 rifle in your lifetime, pick the right barrel. They all have their pros and cons, but what’s the best all around? The 12.5 incher. Whether you are building an SBR or going with “AR pistol,” I think that a 12.5-inch barrel with a carbine gas length is going to be the best bet.

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Exploring the extremely rare Model 1924 Garand Autoloading Rifle

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 07:00 stopped by the Rock Island Auction Company last week to check out their premiere firearms auction of the year. We asked Joel Kolander, the Interactive Production Manager, to go through a handful of his favorite guns that came into the auction this time around. He immdiatly lead us to a Garand as one of his favorite guns. “We do have in this auction M1 Garand serial number 1,000,000 which is getting all the attention,” Kolander said, “but this is on the other end of Garand’s career.”

It’s estimated that only 25 of these commonly referred to “Type 2” Garand models were ever manufactured before the Ordinance Dept. changed the type of powder they were testing, forcing John Garand to scrap the design of the rifle with only limited quantities manufactured. “Where are you going to find another Model 1924? The correct answer is the Springfield Armory Museum,” said Kolander. It’s one of the reasons Kolander called this gun a steal at the estimated value of $50,000 – $75,000.

Perhaps equally, if not more, fascinating than the gun itself is everything else that comes along with it. With this Garand the lucky buyer also got the specialty tool that John Garand developed to adjust the massive front sight on the gun. They get a jar of gun lubricate which was addressed to John Garand at the Springfield Armory. Then there is the very fragile box of 30-06 primer-actuated rounds, who knows if they would ever fire, highly doubtful, but still very cool. Finally, the crown jewel of bonuses, a little black notebook with notes on the 1924 design from John Garand himself. There are notes to numerous military officials in the book as well as yardage markings and test results throughout the book. This is a truely one of a kind package that you won’t find anywhere else.

Although they were only estimating that gun would sell for $50,000 – $75,000, it blew that figure out of the water by bringing in a whooping $172,000 by the time the gavel hit down on this lot. It’s an impressive dollar amount for an impressive piece of history.

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Manchin takes up arms to defend Obamacare as NRA launches ads against him (VIDEOS)

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 06:30

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is fighting for his seat in the Senate while pro-gun groups are backing his Republican opponent.

The former governor who has represented the state on Capitol Hill since 2010 is fighting West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to stay in Congress this November. With Morrisey, a Republican, campaigning strong in favor of gun rights and against the Affordable Care Act, Manchin this week borrowed a tactic he used in the past in his latest ad — a firearm.

In the 30-second spot, entitled Dead Wrong, Manchin uses an over-and-under trap gun to blast a copy of a legal challenge to Obamacare that Morrissey filed, saying the effort would “take away health care from people with pre-existing conditions.”

Manchin previously used a gun prop in a 2010 political ad where he tapped in a bolt-action hunting rifle to take shots at a proposed cap-and-trade bill then in the U.S. House, saying it was bad for West Virginia.

The co-author with Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of a measure to expand background checks to private gun transfers that was defeated in 2013, Manchin has since revisited the concept over the past several years only to lament the support isn’t there on Capitol Hill to push it through. Manchin previously told the New York Times that he spoke with Trump in December 2016, saying the President shared there was a “complete opportunity” for new gun control legislation.

Manchin has been something of a moving target when it comes to gun control. While he often has touted that he is an avowed National Rifle Association member despite the organization’s criticism of him, Manchin opposed West Virginia’s constitutional carry law which was strongly backed by the group. In 2014, he was one of only two Democrats to vote against President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who drew fire from gun rights advocates over statements he had made classifying gun violence as a public health issue.

He has been among the few Dems to cross the aisle and back President Trump’s more polarizing nominations including Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court and is seen as a possibly essential vote on Brett Kavanaugh. On the only piece of pro-gun legislation to be signed by Trump last year, a repeal of an Obama-era Social Security gun ban, Manchin went with the Republican majority. He is not one of the 31 Dems to sign on to the current effort to ban “assault weapons” in the Senate but is one of the 77 bipartisan members to co-sponsor the FixNICS bill.

The NRA, who endorsed Morrissey with an “A+” rating on Monday, has launched a six-figure TV ad campaign arguing that Manchin cannot be trusted to support the rights of West Virginia’s law-abiding gun owners, highlighting his “D” grade given by the group.

“Voters deserve the facts before they head to the polls,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA’s lobbying arm. “Contrary to what Joe Manchin says in West Virginia, he has supported the agenda of Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer by voting in favor of gun control in Washington, D.C.”

While in office, Morrisey has filed supporting briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the Justices to protect popular semi-automatic rifles and magazines from prohibition and to uphold the Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners to carry a weapon without law enforcement concluding an individual at a warrantless stop is “presently dangerous” and subject to a search.

Poll aggregator Real Clear Politics has Manchin with an 8-point lead over Morrisey.

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Smith & Wesson introduces new M&P M2.0 Compact in .45 ACP

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 06:00

The new M&P45 M2.0 Compact pistol ships with 10-round mags. (Photo: S&W)

On Tuesday, the firearms giant formally announced its newest entry to its line of compact polymer pistols, in John Browning’s classic .45 ACP. In short, the new gun blends the 2.0 enhancements to the M&P line rolled out last year with the iconic .45 ACP caliber long-popular with U.S. gun owners.

“The M&P45 pistol has been a popular choice for years with both law enforcement professionals and civilians looking for a .45 Auto pistol,” said Jan Mladek, general manager for Smith & Wesson. “With that in mind, we expanded the next-generation M2.0 platform to now include the M&P45 M2.0 Compact pistol with a shorter, 4-inch barrel and a full-size frame.”

The M&P M2.0 Compact emerged last October in 9mm with a standard 4-inch barrel, comparing favorably the Glock 19. It was quickly followed by a 3.1-inch barreled Shield variant and one featuring a 3.6-inch barrel.

The 2.0 enhancements bring an aggressive grip texture along with a trigger with a lighter trigger pull as well as an audible and tactile reset to the M&P line. The M&P45 2.0 is available both with and without a manual thumb safety and options for white dot sights or tritium night sights.

The gun ships with four interchangeable palmswell grip insert sizes and two 10-round magazines with an MSRP starting at $569. LE packages include three mags.

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ATF warns East Coast gun dealers to prepare ahead of Hurricane Florence

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 05:34

Hurricane Florence this morning as seen from Space Station. (Photo: Ricky Arnold/NASA)

As Hurricane Florence barrels toward the East Coast this week, the federal government wants gun dealers to prepare.

The  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released an advisory Monday warning federally licensed dealers in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas to review safety plans ahead of the storm’s arrival later this week.

“While it is still too early to determine what other impacts Hurricane Florence may have, the National Hurricane Center also advises that those living in hurricane-prone areas, such as Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, ensure they have their hurricane plan in place,” the ATF said.

Florence intensified from a category one to a category four storm overnight into Monday, according to NHC, with a maximum sustained wind speed of 140 mph. Forecasters predict Florence will make landfall on the southeastern Atlantic coast sometime Thursday, bringing with it life-threatening storm surge, rip currents and flooding.

“The bottom line is that there is high confidence that Florence will be a large and extremely dangerous hurricane, regardless of its exact intensity,” NHC officials told CNN on Monday.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster ordered mandatory evacuations in eight counties effective Tuesday at noon, according to CNN.” This is a real hurricane we have coming,” he said. “We don’t want to risk one South Carolina life.”

Likewise, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam implemented mandatory evacuations for parts of the coastline beginning 8 a.m. Tuesday. “Everyone in Virginia needs to prepare,” he said. “This is a serious storm and it’s going to affect the entire state of Virginia.”

Florence could be only the fourth category four hurricane to impact the eastern seaboard north of Georgia, according to the Weather Channel.

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NRA cancels Carry Guard Expo due to Hurricane Florence

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 05:00

The notice, posted Tuesday afternoon, advises those who purchased tickets to the event or its paid workshops will receive refunds for their purchases.

The second annual event centered around the National Rifle Association’s concealed carry insurance program was canceled by the group due to a looming tropical threat.

Set for this weekend at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia, the NRA Carry Guard Expo has been canceled due to Hurricane Florence. The notice, posted Tuesday afternoon, advises those who bought tickets to the event or its paid workshops will receive refunds.

“Despite this major weather event being beyond human control, the NRA regrets any inconvenience caused by this decision,” the NRA said in a statement. The group said the decision was reached after a State of Emergency was declared by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and “required careful deliberation and concern for the safety of attendees, exhibitors and others involved with the event.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center has classified Florence as a dangerous category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, packing winds of 140 mph and is ripe to continue strengthening. On the forecast track, the center of Florence will move over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas Tuesday and Wednesday, and approach the coast of the Carolinas on Thursday, with hurricane-force winds extending outward up to 40 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extending up to 150 miles.

Last year’s inaugural Carry Expo, held at the Wisconsin Center across a three-day weekend, saw 14,127 visitors according to a statement from the group. Though the NRA’s Annual Meetings draw much larger crowds–  topping 80,000 — the Carry Guard event was tightly focused on personal protection and concealed carry products, education, and vendors. Compared to the more than 800 exhibitors and vendors at their annual meetings, the 100,000 sq. ft. floor at the Wisconsin Center boasted a more conservative 160. An important facet of the event was a mix of 124 seminars featuring speakers ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert Royce Gracie to Wisconsin and Utah CCW courses.

The most talked about segment of the expo was the Concealed Carry Fashion Show which gave a stage to a number of products from attending vendors. The NRA said that more than “15 global media members, including fashion blogs and international news outlets,” attended the event.

The NRA is set to hold the 2019 Carry Guard Expo, Sept. 6-8, 2019, in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Firefield launches new aggressive Fringe M-LOK rails for AR-15

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 08:00

FireField is set to release a new series of M-LOK styled handguards known as Fringe Rails. (Photo: FireField)

Firefield introduces a news series of M-LOK AR-15 style rails, announcing the Fringe M-LOK Rails lineup.

The Fringe M-LOK Rails offer a skeletonized approach paired with a carbon fiber body that is slim and also lightweight, according to Firefield. The rails also deliver M-LOK compatibility allowing users to throw on their favorite aftermarket accessories such as bipods and lights, among others.

Additionally, the company says the Fringe M-LOK Rails provide Picatinny, NATO and Weaver-sized mounts. The Fringe M-LOK Rails feature a QD sling socket to allow for quick attachment of a sling on the right or left side of the rifle.

The rails feature compatibility with M-LOK accessories. (Photo: FireField)

The Fringe M-LOK Rails come in three different sizes — 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch — accommodating a range of AR-15 platform rifles.

“The rails come complete with numbered slots to help re-zero attachments and sights when remounting,” Firefield said in a recent news release.

No word yet regarding availability or pricing of the new rails.

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NSSF: Sportsmen pump $93.5 billion in U.S. economy

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 07:30

A skeet shooter slamming some skeeters. (Photo: NSSF)

The gun industry’s trade association released a new report showing sportsmen pump more than $93.5 billion into the U.S. economy in 2016, the biggest year on record for gun sales.

That figure is the result of some 53 million Americans buying their guns, fishing rods, outdoor gear and licenses along with travel expenses to pursue hunting, target shooting and sport fishing activities, according to a statement by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

That $93.5 billion breaks down $72 billion in salaries and wages covering some 1.6 million jobs. It also generated nearly $20 billion in local, state and federal taxes, which, the NSSF adds, contributes to conservation efforts and outdoor education programs. And, when factoring in multiplier effects, economic activity bumps up to $220 billion.

“With plenty of great land and waters to hunt and fish on, and thousands of shooting ranges to visit, people in every state are enjoying these pastimes. Their spending has profound, positive effects on many segments of the American economy,” said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF’s director of research and market development.

Activity by the numbers, the NSSF said hunters and shooters spent nearly 600 million days at the range; 35.8 million people 16 years old and older went fishing; 16.5 percent of the U.S. population sport fishes, hunts or target shoots.

“While time spent outside may come across as something to do after the real work day is done, in reality, hunting, fishing and target shooting is a critical industry, generating jobs and income for thousands of communities across the country,” said Rob Southwick, of research group Southwick Associates.

Southwick added that if sportsmen activities were a corporation, “it would rank #25 on the Fortune 500, ahead of Microsoft.”

The year 2016 was recorded as the biggest on record for gun sales, generating some 15.6 million transaction. Other researchers estimate that gun and ammo sales generated $17 billion in revenue and supported more than 50,700 jobs.

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How to place a trail cam: Tips, tricks and tactics (VIDEO)

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 07:00

Trail cameras have become a must-have in the hunter’s arsenal, patterning deer and allowing hunters to plan for that big buck or trophy game. Many hunters, however, unknowingly spook more quarry with their cams than they ever photograph, so use these five trail cam tactics to set yourself up for your most successful hunt yet.

Keep Stealth on your Side

You don’t tromp out to your hunting stand location like Big Foot banging on pots and pans, so why do that when you’re setting trail cams? A successful setup starts before you even get there. Start with scent control. One of my favored products is Scent Kapture’s line of field spray, laundry detergent, and body wash. As soon as I step out of the truck, I spray down not only clothing but gear as well, including the trail camera’s soft straps. While you don’t necessarily need to wear camouflage or hunting clothing, do be aware of the odors on your attire.

In addition to scent control, keeping stealth on your side means moving quietly and deliberately through the terrain so as not to unnecessarily spook game. Double down by using your trail cam setup time to observe the area, plan the hunt, and observe animal movements.

Bet on the High or Low

Just like gambling, bet your trail camera placement on the over/under. That means mounting the trail camera either above or below the animal’s normal line of sight. No matter what wild technology of black/infrared/James Bond flash your chosen cam uses, you’ve likely gotten plenty of photos of the deer looking right into the lens, in large part because the camera is placed directly at a deer’s eye level.  Mount the camera low at the base of the tree and angling up for interesting photos.

An alternate option is to get that camera up higher to keep your scent, flash, and the camera, out of the way. An added benefit to getting that device higher up in a tree means keeping them out of the reach of stick fingers as well. Plus, you’ll find more interesting photos from these alternate camera placements.

Pattern the Big Bucks

Just because you’ve put a camera near your main — or only — hunting location does not mean you’re getting the whole story on deer movement. Though it’s common to place trail cams only over bait, a salt lick, or a single hunting stand, trophy bucks often avoid these unnatural areas. Even with a limited budget, trail cameras have come down enough in price that hunters can pick up one or two additional cameras to rotate around the property. Try to catch that trophy animal that may be avoiding your stand or bait by thinking like a deer. Focus on lesser-traveled trails, catch him moving to and from a bedding area, and keep an eye on both water and alternative food sources. This will give you a better idea of how, when, and where to hunt.

Use Trail Cams Sparingly in Hot Areas

It’s human nature to want to know what’s going on at the hot spots, but beware sticking a trail cam on your best scrapes, rubs, and big-buck hangouts. The last thing you want is the camera flash, your scent, or constant checking of the camera to change that bruin’s routine. Trail cameras are great tools for finding your target animals and areas, but realize there’s a time to leave well enough alone and ditch the camera for better hunt preparations.

If you are targeting your favorite spot, check the cameras only once every few weeks. Better yet, consider using the improved generation of WiFi cams that text or email photos, with great new wireless products coming from Bushnell and Primos. In addition, network cameras like the Cuddeback CuddeLink allow users to view images from up to 16 cameras from one main location instead of checking each separate cam.

Protect the Hunt

Odds are good if you’ve hunted long enough, you’ve had trail cameras either stolen or damaged either by trespassers or ornery critters.  If nosey bears are busting up your equipment, consider using a product like Cuddeback’s CuddeSafe, a steel lock-box for the trail cam.  They are offered by most companies and can be mounted to the tree with screws or a cable lock, making them a worthwhile investment to protect more expensive cams.

If your troublemakers are of the bi-ped variety, consider keeping one or two trail cameras circulating around easy routes into and out of hunting lands to catch nosey neighbors who venture in to swipe tree stands and trail cams. If your cameras keep coming up missing, consider placing a cheap or broken unit in an obvious location while hiding a second, unreachable camera to catch the vandal in the act. While it’s a sad reality we even have to discuss such a thing when all hunters really want to do is hunt, let the trail cameras do this job for you, so your focus can be on that trophy buck.

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AAC grows accessory inventory with new Brakeout 2.0 SG12

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 06:00

Advanced Armament Corporation’s Brakeout 2.0 SG12 looks to mitigate recoil and muzzle flash on defensive shotguns. (Photo: Advanced Armament Corporation)

Advanced Armament Corporation expands its inventory with a new muzzle device series known as the Brakeout 2.0 SG12.

The Brakeout 2.0 SG12 is designed to alleviate the muzzle effects of defensive shotguns which can often feature aggressive recoil as well as flash. The Brakeout 2.0 SG12, however, reduces both felt recoil and muzzle flash for 12-gauge shotguns using RemChoke style barrels, according to AAC.

The flash comparison between a bare muzzled shotgun and a Brakeout equipped model. (Photo: Advanced Armament Corporation)

“By incorporating RemChoke architecture into the Brakeout 2.0 SG12 users will be assured of accuracy with rifled slugs and consistent shot patterns with both lead and steel shot,” AAC said in a press release. “The breaching points defined by the tines of the patented Blackout-style 3-prong flash hider reset the bar for versatility and combined performance for today’s tactical breaching choke tubes.”

The Brakeout 2.0 SG12 is constructed from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and is topped with a black oxide finish. The Brakeout is available through AAC and features a retail price of $69.95.

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The ‘best of’ 22Plinkster for the past 3 years (VIDEO)

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 05:30

To celebrate half a million subscribers, 22Plinkster compiled a montage of his best trick shots from the past three years. Over years, his targets get more and more difficult. Shooting aspirin off of light bulbs, backwards card splitting, lighting a match, evaporating a droplet of water, shooting through an arrow, and splitting a card wedged between to Coke bottles (~ 4 min 44 sec).

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How the AA-12 semi-auto shotgun came to be

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 05:00

The AA-12 ships with one 20-round drum magazine. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)

The AA-12 has graced the screens of video games, movie and television appearing on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto as well The Expendables, G.I. Joe and even the AMC breakout Breaking Bad. Though its recognizable design has been a staple in military and warfare entertainment, the design has a history steeped in difficulties.

The creators of the AA-12 shotgun have fought an uphill battle for decades trying to bring the gun to the consumer market. Finally, after 30 years, the AA-12 is finally ready to wage war on consumers. The design first began its transition into the marketplace in 1987 after Jerry Baber bought the rights to the gun from Max Atchisson. Baber handed the idea over to Bill Stiles and Boje Cornils to bring it to fruition. Stiles and Baber were well acquainted and Stiles boasted a background in materials, a skillset Baber thought would make him useful to the project.

Stiles enlisted the help of German-born engineering and machining expert Cornils who brought mechanical know-how to the project.

“Boje Cornils is actually the true architect of what we know as the AA-12 today and co-owner of the weapon; taking nothing away from the contributions of Max Atchisson and others. Mr. Cornils is the only person who really knows how the parts interact with each other,” wrote Benjamin Worthen, who penned a history of the AA-12 on Sol Invictus’ site.

The AA-12 shotgun made its first consumer debut at Triggercon in 2018. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)

Stiles and Cornils set out to create the AA-12, but the project soon stagnated due to disagreements on materials. Ultimately, the shotgun project would be at a standstill for eight years, before Cornils finally got the AA-12 back on track. Putting in tireless hours with well over 100 revisions during its 18 year development, Cornils finally perfected the full-auto design. The full-auto, open bolt AA-12 relied on a redesigned gas block design, one that was created and patented by Cornils to ensure reliable performance of the shotgun.

“The whole process involved overcoming design flaws which proved to be insurmountable without Boje, but, finally, the AA-12 was ready for prime time,” Worthen said.

Once completed, Baber took the lead on marketing efforts shopping the shotgun to the military exclusively. In what was described as “an ever-evolving grand vision for the AA-12” Baber mishandled the marketing ventures, according to Worthen, angering military officials and effectively ending any chance the gun had at serving alongside military members.

When the decision to pursue a civilian variant of the AA-12 shotgun was made by Cornils, Baber decided to exit the project completely thus turning it back over to Cornils. At the age of 84 and with the help of his wife Dotti, Cornils began reaching out to companies for help on the AA-12 consumer revival. Florida based Tactical Superiority and its subsidiary Sol Invictus Arms leapt at the chance to bring the AA-12 to life, taking over the project and tweaking it for civilian use.

Michael Rivera of Sol Invictus Arms shows off the AA-12 at Triggercon 2018. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)

Aside from its transition from full-auto to a semi-auto design, Sol Invictus Arms intends to launch two separate models — the original with tall sights and a second version with rails for optics/accessories mounting. Both models will be accompanied by a single 20-round drum magazine.

“We’re proud to be a part of the legacy of the infamous AA-12 Shotgun and happy to be able to bring a civilian version to market,” Michael Conn, President and CEO of Tactical Superiority, Inc. said in a press release.

The AA-12 has seen its fair share of stumbling blocks on the road to civilian release, but it appears as if its unique and innovative design will finally make its way into consumers’ hands.

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Feds investigate few NICS denials, prosecute even less

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 00:30

States in dark blue were the ones examined for the study. (Graphic: GAO)

Internal watch dogs found that the ATF investigated only a small percentage of individuals denied a firearm through the federal background check system and just a mere fraction of a percentage point of those individuals were prosecuted.

For the report published last week, the Government Accountability Office reviewed 13 states that use local or state agencies to process checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Out of 8.6 million firearm-related checks in Fiscal Year 2017, they denied 112,090, the report showed. Then, only 12,710 of those cases were investigated and 12 actually prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

While the figures themselves are staggering, both the ATF and U.S. Attorney’s Office say investigating denials may not be the best use of their time.

As the number of cases referred to the ATF grows — an increase of 59 percent over six years — field offices have resorted to sending “warning notices” to denied persons in lieu of prosecution rather than using their limited time and resources, ATF officials told the GAO.

On top of that, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said prosecuting denial cases can require significant effort and may offer little value to public safety compared to other cases involving gun violence, the report said.

Also, state prosecutors echoed that sentiment, saying gathering evidence to prove individuals knew they were prohibited buyers is a challenge. Some states, however, make an exception in cases where the individual has a record of violence or other serious offenses.

Officials from 10 of the 13 states said they did not investigate or prosecute the denials because of either a lack of resources or legal authority, the report said. However, the remaining three investigated a high proportion of the denials. One of them reported about 1,900 referrals for prosecution and about 470 convictions.

As a result of the report, the GAO along with the Justice Department recommend that ATF field offices issue warning letters to those denied a firearm as an enforcement tool, at least until there’s a policy change.

Audits in years past revealed similar results. While pro-gun organizations have argued the Justice Department should prioritize prosecuting those who lie on the background check form, the feds maintain that there are limited resources to pursue such endeavors. However, earlier this year, the Justice Department launched an effort to enforce existing federal laws. Weapons prosecutions are already up some 22.5 percent from last year.

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Hickok45 explores one-handed pistol manipulation (VIDEO)

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 00:00

As he’s temporarily limited to shooting with one hand, Hickok45 thought it was the right time to cover the basics of one-handed pistol manipulation.

“I just wanted to show you a few things, some tips I’ve picked up, and some things that are pretty much universally known, I think, because it could be you tomorrow — you could be stupid enough to fall on the basement stairs like I did,” Hickok45 said.

As a righty with a broken fifth metacarpal on his left hand, it goes without saying that he’s unable to use his passive hand for things like inserting a magazine or racking the slide.

For loading, he suggest either keeping the pistol holstered and inserting a magazine or wedging the gun between your knees and then inserting the mag.

For racking the slide, you may have a couple of options. First, you could use the slide release (if it’s locked back, that is). Or, you could rack the slide by catching the rear sight against your belt or shoe.

Other tips include wearing fanny pack or a shooting vest. So, for the next five to six weeks expect more shooting one handed videos until Hickok45 gets his cast off.

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Chasing away the riff raff via rock salt (VIDEO)

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:00

Long a rumored load favored by farmers and protective fathers, the old rock salt shotgun shell gets some serious ballistic testing.

In the above video, Paul Harrell does the research on the fabled “less lethal” load of yesteryear, which nobody is seriously recommending these days. In response to viewer requests, he stuffs a Navy Arms muzzleloading SXS with a handful of rock salt over 100-grains of FFF black powder to give it a go.

He tests it on a composite target made from assorted items culled from the closet, produce section and meat market for the purpose. As a control, he leads in with a test using #4 birdshot at 10 yards for comparison.

For more spelunking down this salt mine but with cut rounds, The Box of Truth did that test a while back.

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Cobalt Kinetics’ Edge and Team Handguards now shipping

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:00

The Edge, pictured above, is one two new handguards introduced by Cobalt Kinetics. (Photo: Cobalt Kinetics)

Cobalt Kinetics announced its latest handguard offerings, the Edge and Team, are now shipping to AR-15 consumers. The universal accessories deliver more options to AR-15 platform users.

The Edge features aggressive points on the muzzle end while the Team is designed for practical competition. Machined from a 11-pound block of 7075, the handguards offer a perfectly straight finished part, which the company says helps to keep iron sights centered over the barrel.

Two Picatinny rail sections are available at the muzzle for additional accessories. The handguards also boast M-LOK compatibility on the entire length at three-, six- and nine-o’clock positions. The Edge and Team use a two-piece barrel nut and sleeve to work with a multitude of rifles. Cobalt says redesigning the handguards to work with other AR-15s was no easy task.

The Team handguard is designed for competition shooters. (Photo: Cobalt Kinetics)

“The handguard has by far been the most requested item since our Edge rifle hit the market in 2015.  It took some clever engineering from our team to develop the barrel nut assembly that will work well with all of the different brands of upper receivers without leaving timing or gap issues,” Skylar Stewart, VP at Cobalt Kinetics said in a press release. “A gap between the upper receiver and the handguard is not acceptable to us. The original 16-inch handguards are in stock and ready to ship. We’ve also got some shorter versions in the works. Look for those to be available toward the end of this year.”

The Edge and Team handguards are available from Cobalt Kinetics and feature a retail price of $285.

The handguards use a two-piece barrel nut and sleeve to allow the handguards to work with a variety of ARs. (Photo: LaRue Tactical)

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