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The Gabby Franco story: Finding the American Dream through struggle (VIDEO)

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 06:00

There are few things that come to mind that are more American than an immigrant coming to this country to fulfill their dreams. After all, we are a nation built on the backs of immigrants. So when I went searching for my first biopic I wanted to tell a story of someone defying the odds. I wanted that classic American tale of someone coming to this country, looking to fulfill their dreams, and achieving them. When I first reached out to Gabby Franco, I knew a little bit about her backstory. What I didn’t know — and was about to find out — was that Franco’s story was one that required incredible mental toughness and discipline to survive here.

Gabby Franco warming up for a match in her new sport, USPSA (Photo: Mikon Haaksman)

Franco was born in Venezuela and grew up shooting air pistol, eventually earning herself a spot on the 2000 Olympic team. I knew air pistols existed before I met her, but I hadn’t known how much intense focus and discipline it takes to compete on an international level. She told me about her coaches, Otar and Guillermo, who taught her how to shoot like an Olympic athlete. Like many great coaches, their advice didn’t end on the playing field. Otar was “no excuses, but in his way of no excuses” she told me. “He would always say ‘OK you don’t want to do it, that’s OK, there is someone who is willing to’ and that really stuck with me.” This is a true statement that can be applied to nearly any sport, discipline, or industry. Put in the work or move out of the way because there will always be someone behind you pushing to take your spot. Franco recognized this and trained tirelessly to make her way to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Gabby Franco, left, with coach Otar (Photo: Mikon Haaksman)

But it was her other coach, Guillermo, who opened her eyes to what was happening in her country all around her. By the time Hugo Chavez took power in 1999, Guillermo had already been saying that “Chavez was just like Castro, and he was going to do the same thing that Castro did in Cuba” and he should’ve known since he was a Cuban national. This played a part in opening Franco’s eyes to the realities of what her country was going through and where it was headed. When it came time to get ready and go to Athens for the 2004 Olympic games, she decided to hang up the air pistol and move to the United States. “I didn’t see a future in a country where little by little the government was stripping away peoples rights,” she said.

Today, in Venezuela, the socialist revolution has reached it’s breaking point. There are riots for food and people don’t trust the government. But what are people to do there? “Ordinary citizens cannot own firearms, only the criminals and the government owns guns now,” Franco said. This is why she’s such a staunch advocate for the 2nd Amendment and what it stands for. She explained how the government started little by little to take away people’s right to own a firearm, starting with ammo restrictions.

“When I got here and saw that you could own a gun for self-defense, I thought ‘this is brilliant’ who wouldn’t want this?” she said. Well, unfortunately there are many people who either don’t see what has happened in countries like Venezuela, or simply refuse that the same thing can happen here. I think they are mistaken, with our gun rights go our ability to make any real fight back against the government.

Gabby Franco fulfilled another dream when she made it to two seasons of Top Shot. (Photo: Mikon Haaksman)

Franco’s story started out as a classic American tale of an immigrant coming to this country to fulfill their dreams. What it turned into for me was another reaffirmation that we must never give up our fight for 2A rights. She proved to me that anything is possible in this country, including losing our freedoms and rights, if we aren’t careful and fighting for what we believe. I applaud her for what she has done for fighting the good fight, she calls herself a 2A guardian, and I couldn’t agree more. I hope that this story will shed light on what it takes to become the best at something while also exposing how dangerously close we can be to having our precious freedoms stripped away.

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Disgraced Parkland school resource officer speaks out (VIDEO)

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 05:30

The disgraced cop who stood with his back against a wall as a gunman slaughtered students and staff inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School broke his silence this week in an interview with the Washington Post.

Former Broward County Sheriffs Deputy Scot Peterson said his inaction during the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida “haunts” him daily, even though he rejects the labels of “coward” and “failure.”

“How can they keep saying I did nothing?” he said. “I’m getting on the radio to call in the shooting. I’m locking down the school. I’m clearing kids out of the courtyard. They have the video and the call logs. The evidence is sitting right there.”

Peterson said the timeline unfolded on that fateful afternoon with a call for possible fireworks in the 1200 Building. When he arrived on the scene a minute later, Peterson said he heard a few gunshots and took cover, ordering the school into lock down mode and calling for back-up. He said radio malfunctions meant no one knew exactly what awaited inside.

“I was trying to figure it out,” Peterson said. “I was scanning for the shooter, looking over the windows, the sidewalk, the rooftop. I thought maybe it was a sniper like in Las Vegas. I just didn’t know.”

“If I heard more shots, I might have known where to find him,” he added. “If I knew where he was, I could have gone in.”

Scot Peterson retired in February from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office after law enforcement officials publicly maligned him for never entering the building where the shooting was taking place. (Photo: Courtesy of Scot Peterson via Washington Post)

The gunman, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, murdered 17 and wounded 17 others during the nearly seven-minute rampage. He shot just under half of the victims as Peterson stood outside, perched against a wall and scanning for signs of a shooter.

The lackluster response, caught on the school’s security footage, led Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to push Peterson into retirement with a six-figure pension — lest he face indefinite suspension without pay. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement soon opened an investigation into BSO’s botched response as state and federal lawmakers called for Israel’s removal.

Peterson, who’d spent more than a decade policing the 45-acre campus of Stoneman Douglas, said he turns over scenarios in his mind everyday of the actions he didn’t take. He told the Washington Post he knew Cruz and had tried — in vain — to discourage the teen from carrying a backpack littered with Nazi insignia and racial slurs. He said school administrators ignored incidents that brought Cruz’s mental stability into question — such as when he drank gasoline — and insisted he didn’t qualify for involuntary psychiatric commitment under Florida’s Baker Act.

“I’ve cut that day up a thousand ways with a million different what-if scenarios, but the bottom line is I was there to protect, and I lost 17,” Peterson said.

Parents of students at the school, however, expressed little sympathy for Peterson in interviews with the Miami Herald this week.

“I’m tired of him trying to paint himself as the victim,”  said Fred Guttenberg, the father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenberg. “He is not a victim. He created victims. He keeps referring to them as his kids. They are not your kids, Scot Peterson! You let them die!”

“He keeps mentioning the third floor. If he had done his job, this killing wouldn’t have made it to the third floor,” he continued. “Those people who lost their lives, including my daughter, are victims of his inability to do his job; victims of his failure.”

Andrew Pollack, who’s 18-year-old daughter Meadow died in the attack, told the newspaper it’s hard to believe Peterson meant to intervene at all. “I think the whole country knows he didn’t do his job and this interview was his way of him trying to live with it,” he said. “He’s just a liar. It’s all on tape.”

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Urban Armor Gear announces MIL-Spec phone cases for tactical warriors

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 12:30

The Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder SE offers tac’d out shooters a means to safely transport their phone. (Photo: Urban Armor Gear, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Urban Armor Gear is outfitting tactical warriors with MIL-Spec phone cases, designed to deliver rugged performance to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ as well as iPhones.

The special edition UAG Pathfinder SE drop-tested case series, was created with tactical folks in mind, says UAG. The lightweight construction permits users to trek with the smartphones without the added weight of a bulky case while scratch resistant skid pads and a screen encapsulate the phone for added protection.

The Pathfinder series offers a camo aesthetic for those that prefer a little patterning for their mobile devices. (Photo: Urban Armor Gear)

The Pathfinder also provides oversized tactical buttons in addition to quick and easy access to the touchscreen and ports. The cases are both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay compatible and also support wireless charging.

“Our new Camo Cases available in Hunter, Arctic, & Midnight colorways, appeal to those who want to stand out…but not too much, while keeping the rugged & lightweight protection UAG is known for,” Michael McVerry, Senior Marketing Manager, said in a news release.

The iPhone model works alongside the iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6 Plus and iPhone 8, 7, 6 and is available in Arctic, Midnight and Hunter color schemes. The Samsung variant is limited to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the Midnight pattern only.

The UAG Pathfinder SE cases retail for $49.

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Lighting up some armor plate courtesy of APIT .50 BMG (VIDEO)

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 12:00

With the help of a Desert Tech HTI .50-cal bullpup and a box of belted armor-piercing incendiary tracer rounds, you get to see some pretty groovy fireworks in this one.

The above by GY6 Vids really illustrates in high-speed footage why Mr. BMG is not your friend if you are hiding behind anything up to and including AR500 plates.

In the end, they make some very modern art looking industrial sculptures that are sure to impress those who are an expert judge in matters of taste — at least where the ability to penetrate commonly found urban barriers is appreciated.

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MTM adds Tactical Pistol Cases to 2018 accessory lineup

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 11:30

The Tactical Pistol Case provides space for pistol shooters to store handguns when not in use. (Photo: MTM, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

MTM debuted an all new Tactical Pistol Case series, offering an array of handgun storage options to pistol shooters.

The Tactical Pistol Case comes in three sizes, offering shooters the ability to tote store or tote multiple guns within the same case. The cases — featuring storage space for three, four or six handguns depending on model — deliver a dark grey form with lined MIL-spec foam and water-resistant O-ring seal. The design keeps dust and moisture away from pistols, says MTM.

The cases come in a dark grey with a carrying handle for easier toting. (Photo: MTM)

The cases also provide additional storage areas to stow extra magazines and accessories.

“If you have multiple handguns, the new Tactical Pistol Case is just what you need to protect your investments during traveling or while in storage,” MTM said in a press release. “The days of bringing multiple individual handgun cases to the gun range are over!”

The TPC3, TPC4 and TPC6 Tactical Pistol Cases are available through MTM with prices starting at $34 for the smaller can and topping out at $49 for the largest.

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SureFire MasterFire holster used in combat jump with special ops (VIDEO)

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 11:00

Without giving too many specifics, SureFire said, “The MasterFire performed as designed, validating the concept and fulfilling the requirement.” (Photo: SureFire)

Fountain Valley, California-based SureFire says one of their new weapon light-interfacing MasterFire holsters have been used with success by military commandos.

“Recently a US Special Operations team successfully conducted the first night combat jump relying on the MasterFire Holster to retain a handgun suppressed by a SureFire Ryder9 suppressor,” said the company on Twitter. “The MasterFire performed as designed, validating the concept and fulfilling the requirement.”

The MasterFire is a rapid-deploy holster designed specifically to interface with most railed handguns equipped with a SureFire H-Series (XH15, X300UH, X400UH) weapon mounted light and an optional Ryder can without dismounting the latter. The holster’s light activation switch can be set to automatically activate the weapon light and/or mounted laser when the handgun is drawn.

The holster adds 8.75-ounces to the user’s kit and the auto-on switch can be disabled if desired. It is also customizable and adjustable to fit an array of belts or carriers.

More on the MasterFire below.

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Legacy Sports International releases Citadel RS-S1 Semi Auto Shotgun

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:30

Legacy Sports International brings the Citadel RS-S1 stateside. (Photo: Legacy Sports International)

Legacy Sports International adds a new semi-automatic shotgun to its arsenal, announcing the new Citadel RS-S1 in 12 gauge.

Based on the AK platform, the Citadel RS-S1 shotgun boasts a versatile design capable to tackling home defense scenarios as well as recreational and competition shooting. In what the company said is a user-friendly construction, the shotgun was created to withstand the rigors of harsh environments.

The 12 gauge shotgun offers a 20-inch barrel and full length Picatinny rail. (Photo: Legacy Sports International)

The shotgun boasts a gas-operated cycling system with chrome, moly lined 20-inch barrel proofed for steel shot and threaded for Beretta/Benelli Mobile chokes. Available in 12 gauge with 2 3/4-inch to 3-inch chambering, the Citadel features fully adjustable front and rear sights with full-length Picatinny rail located on the dust cover.

“The RS-S1 also features an enhanced safety lever for one finger use, a large easy to use magazine release and easy to use bolt hold open and bolt release levers,” the company added in a press release.

The shotgun ships with two detachable five-round mags. No word yet on pricing.

The shotgun ships with two five-round magazines. (Photo: Legacy Sports International)

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Bill would bring California handgun restrictions to North Carolina

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:30

A measure proposed by state House Democrats last week would severely limit the models of pistols allowed to circulate in the Tar Heel State.

The bill, HB 1060, was filed last Thursday by Orange County Democrat Verla Insko and would require the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to first develop a safe handgun roster, then ban sale or possession of any pistol not included on the list. Insko and the bill’s seven co-sponsors argue there is a lack of federal design and safety standards on pistols and that California’s controversial roster of Handguns Certified for Sale should be a starting point for North Carolina to work with.

Established by California’s Unsafe Handgun Act, that state’s roster of handguns that meet the state’s expansive safety requirements was established in 2001 and is getting gradually smaller. Under state law, new semi-automatic firearms sold in California must have the capability to permanently stamp shell casings fired through the gun with an identifying mark. The concept, known as microstamping, creates a serialized shell casing that could be traced back to the gun that fired it. However, this technology is not in a current production handgun and as a result, California’s roster is contracting and is increasingly limited to legacy models.

In 2008, the number of guns on the roster stood at over 1,400. Today it is half that amount. For instance, no Generation 4 or 5 Glocks handguns have been approved for sale in California. Handgun giant Ruger has only one semi-auto pistol, a .380, listed that is approved.

Further, while it is legal to buy and sell so-called off-roster pistols to a degree in California, Insko’s proposed legislation ups the ante on gun control as it bans possession of guns not listed on the proposed North Carolina version and has no provision for grandfathering. Those with newly prohibited handguns would have two options as outlined by the proposal: sell or transfer the gun to a licensed dealer or the local sheriff.

Insko’s bill has been referred to the House Rules Committee. California’s microstamping law and its corresponding handgun roster have been the subject of an ongoing legal challenge from gun industry groups since 2014.

I will #WearOrange tomorrow, June 1 in support of gun safety and the bills Democrats have filed in NC and across the nation for common sense gun laws, the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and other schools that have experienced gun violence.

— Verla Insko (@verlainsko) June 1, 2018

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The Franken-Mosin Project: Turning a $25 barreled receiver into a shootable rifle

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:00

Lucking into a bargain at Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, the Never Enough Ammo gun channel went down the rabbit hole on a Mosin-Nagant build out.

Starting with a Chinese Type 53 barreled receiver (itself Norinco’s version of the classic Soviet M44 Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54R) for a song, he adds an aftermarket ATI stock in woodland brown and a table full of surplus parts from Numrich to craft a decent little carbine. In the end, he’s happy with it for a truck gun.

If you are left with questions on the ATI stock with the M44, check out the below vid where he adds the folding bayonet for those pig-sticking or javelin-throwing moments.

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Gun Review: Hunting rifle for women, Weatherby Mark V Camilla (VIDEO)

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:00

The tagline says it all: “Yes, I’m feminine, but I pack a big punch.”  Weatherby is not new to the women’s rifle market, having debuted the Camilla Vanguard two years ago.  But with the new Mark V version, the company goes all-in on a fully-featured rifle built for women hunters by women hunters, without cutting corners or costs.  Is the Mark V Camilla all it claims to be? has the answer.

Meet the Mark V Camilla

Joining the long and storied line of high grade bolt action Mark V rifles, the new Mark V Camilla is available in two variations.  First is the Subalpine, dressed in a hand-laminated composite stock with Gore Optifade Subalpine camo and barrel finished in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote.  Second, and certainly the most recognizable, is the Mark V Camilla Deluxe with its AA Grade Fancy Claro walnut and high-luster blued metalwork.  The models come in with MSRP’s of $3,000 for the Subalpine and $2,700 for the Deluxe.

The same specs define both rifles, for starters there’s the hand-lapped 24” chrome-moly barrels with a field crown.  A cocking indicator comes standard, as does a fairly short 54-degree bolt throw.  There’s an internal recoil lug and aluminum bedding block.  Like its earlier predecessor the Vanguard Camilla, our Mark V Deluxe is defined by it’s similarly shaped, though upgraded stock.  The raised comb Monte Carlo stock was designed by team of women hunters led by Brenda Weatherby.  Their input helped determine what would properly fit the contours of a typical woman’s body, including a grip angle that is ergonomically altered and slimmed, with a gentle trigger finger guide groove.  Likewise, the shorter, trimmer fore-end is easy to wield for smaller hands, while a slight right-handed palm swell is friendly, albeit not for lefties.  The 13-inch length of pull is plenty short, with the gun coming in at 43.5 inches overall.  Camilla rifles are named after the “First Lady of Weatherby,” company founder Roy Weatherby’s wife.

Camilla Mark V or Camilla Vanguard?

The new Mark V version comes in a greater number of–and more interesting—calibers.  Whereas the Camilla Vanguard’s launch was limited to .243, .308, and 7mm-08, with 6.5 Creedmoor added later. The Mark V has come out with chamberings in .240 Weatherby Magnum, .270 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, and 30-06.  While the Camilla Vanguard is a fine and capable rifle, it also looks and feels like any other budget rifle but with the woman’s-style stock. It’s also priced higher than other Vanguards at $849.

The high-lustre blueing of the Mark V Camilla is a sight to behold, while the gold inlay of the Weatherby “W” is the finishing touch on all Mark V models. The drop-away baseplate shown here also serves as a quick means of unloading the rifle. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Then you pick up the Camilla Mark V and say, finally, somebody has made a serious, attractive, fully-featured hunting rifle for the ladies.  It comes at a financial cost, but at long last, it’s here.  The 24-inch barrel wrings greater ballistics from the chamberings, whereas the Vanguard was limited to 20-inch barrels.  The Mark V has the superior six-lug action, fluted bolt body, LXX premium trigger, and a sub-MOA guarantee, all trumping the Vanguard.  The Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad is an upgrade as well, not to mention the overall fit and finish.

Range Time

A gun can look good and have all the features, but it takes performance to be a success, and that’s where the Mark V Camilla proved itself to be the complete package.  Our trigger broke just a hair over 3.5 pounds on a Lyman digital gauge. It was crisp, clean and a breath of fresh air on a rifle marketed to women not including simply average features.  Paired with a Leupold VX 3i 4.5-14×40 in Leupold rings, this is one accurate, durable, and ready hunting companion.  Heck, the company limits its marketing to women, but I can vouch that more than one fella on the range not only found our Camilla Mark V an attractive gun, but an accurate one as well.

We fired a combination of premium ammo, partly because that’s what the company suggests for the sub-MOA guarantee, and mostly because that’s all the factory loads we could procure in short order.  All three ammunition selections: Weatherby Plus, Weatherby Select Plus, and Nosler Custom produced repeatably sub-MOA groups, with the best three shot group from Nosler Custom 100-grain Partitions at 0.55 inches at 100 yards, and all firing well under MOA.

Stock design really drives the Camilla rifles. Our Deluxe Mark V stock shows not only high-grade wood, but more importantly, dimensions geared toward a woman’s body including the exaggerated raised comb, shorter 13-inch LOP, thinner grip, lesser pistol grip to trigger reach, and slight right palm swell. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The 54-degree bolt throw of the Camilla is smooth and easy, while the six-lug bolt can handle heavy calibers with ease, and is a major upgrade over the Camilla Vanguard. The right-sided thumb safety, shown here, is easy to actuate in the field. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The .240 Weatherby Mag Deluxe model weighs in at six-and-a-half pounds empty, while the Subalpine models shave even more weight at 5.75 pounds.  With a scope, mounts, and sling we were just shy of 8 pounds, which was still plenty manageable.  Our .240 Weatherby Mag chambered Camilla holds four rounds and loads quickly, though we did experience a few hiccups while unloading through the trap door as the polymer follower had a tendency to hang up on occasion.  With some repositioning and practice, we were able to get it to clear with reliability.

From a woman who owns and shoots plenty of “male” rifles, the build on the Camilla takes some getting used to with the slimmer and shorter stock, but I know many women who fell in love and instantly felt comfortable putting this gun to their shoulder. The shorter grip-to-trigger reach is a big plus for smaller hands, and the rifle is easy to carry and fire in the field.

Hits and Misses

With an extraordinary fit, finish and appeal, with accuracy and performance to match, what more could we wish for?  In this case, we were overjoyed to see Weatherby finally include one of their own Magnum chamberings in the Camilla with the .240, but that joy turned to sorrow to find the beloved .257 Wby Mag was not on the list.  The .240 is a light-recoiling performer, but ammo is tremendously more expensive and difficult to source; while the .257 in my humble opinion, is one of the best all-around calibers for American hunters.  From a caliber standpoint, it is difficult not to want a Weatherby Magnum chambering in a Mark V rifle, and for that reason, I chose the .240.  There’s much more bark than bite in recoil, with the only downfall being availability and cost of factory ammunition, but the accuracy was exceptional.

We topped our Camilla Mark V with a Leupold VX-3i optic in Leupold mounts for ultimate accuracy testing. Note the Made in the USA and Paso Robles, CA rollmarks. With the company’s ongoing move to Wyoming, that’s sure to change. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Only time will tell how the overly slim stock, especially the thin wrist, will hold up to the more stout recoil of the Mark V’s calibers. The only other strike on this otherwise fantastic rifle is cost.  Good gear costs money, and there’s no doubt this is yet another lifetime rifle from Weatherby, though we do hope to see real-world costs come down, as this is a rifle I’d like to see in the hands of more women hunters.  The Mark V Camilla is a gun to get excited about.

The wood on our test Camilla Mark V is exceptional, with a nice gloss.  It stacks up well quality-wise when compared to other Mark V’s I have owned and loved.  The 24-inch barrel is a great improvement over the short-barreled Vanguard Camilla.  Just because many women are smaller of frame does not mean they deserve a lesser gun shorter on features.  The quality trigger, accuracy, and fit-and-finish on the Camilla Mark V is high class for discerning huntresses.


The author found the Camilla Mark V a joy to fire not only from the bench or sticks, but also from practical hunting positions. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The Mark V Camilla is a tall drink of water at $2,700 retail on the Deluxe and even more for the Subalpine. However, buyers who pony up the money receive a lifetime rifle with trademark Weatherby quality, accuracy, and attention to detail.  If all the features and the highest quality are not paramount, the Vanguard Camilla offers a similar build for women in a perfectly capable rifle as well.  Purchasing either the Camilla Vanguard or Camilla Mark V, means joining the sisterhood Women of Weatherby, a group of lady-hunters who are passionate about the outdoors, hunting, and conservation.  Whether you believe in a women-specific hunting rifle or not, major props to Weatherby for putting forth the first fully-featured, serious factory hunting rifle for the modern huntress.

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Birchwood Casey rolls out The Spoiler Alert Target for rimfire shooters

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:00

The Spoiler Alert Target makes a loud noise when shooters place hits on target. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Birchwood Casey introduced a new steel target to its lineup, releasing The Spoiler Alert Target for rimfire target shooters.

The Spoiler Alert Target, constructed from 1/4-inch steel, allow rimfire fans the opportunity to visually and aurally receive instant feedback on shot placement. Hits on the target are loud, alerting shooters of accurate shot placement.

Standing 14.5-inches tall, with two integrated legs with swiveling supports, the target offers a 6-inch diameter. The Spoiler Alert Target is a stable system, says Birchwood Casey, featuring a portable design that can be used alongside .22 chambered firearms.

“The new World of Targets Spoiler Alert Target from Birchwood Casey provides shooters loud and instant feedback,” Birchwood Casey said in a press release. “The Spoiler Alert Target is designed for rimfire shooters and is constructed of 1/4-inch AR400 steel, which will provide users of trouble free service.”

Made in the USA, The Spoiler Alert Target is available from Birchwood Casey with a price tag of $70.

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DEA wants 100 Glock 26 Gen 5s for special agents

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 08:30

The Gen 5 Glock 26 was introduced this January and the DEA is in for 100 at this point– with AmeriGlo night sights. (Photo: Chris Eger/

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration last week issued a solicitation for the latest version of Glock’s G29 9mm subcompact for use by their special agents. The notice, posted Friday, is specific in that it seeks 100 5th Generation Glock Model 26 pistols with a 5.5-pound trigger pull and AmeriGlo night sights long with six magazines each.

In a justification posted at the same time, the agency explained that they issue and maintain Glocks for their special agents “in extremely hazardous and unstable conditions,” and that use of the specific model would save money by preventing retraining. “[A]nd most importantly provides vitally important realtime lifesaving advantages during responses by our fighting force battling a war on drugs,” said the agency.

First of the “Baby Glocks,” the G26 has been on the subcompact carry market for over two decades and it is the smallest Gen 5 model produced by the company. Notably, the 10-shot abbreviated semi-auto does not share the same flared mag well that is standard on other guns in the generation but does have a host of other features such as an improved barrel, trigger and grip ergonomics.

Introduced in January and highlighted at industry events, the pistol retails for $799 with AmeriGlo Bold sights installed, $749 with Glock night sights, or $699 with standard sights. The handguns are requested to be delivered to the DEA’s training academy at Quantico, Virginia.

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This cute cowboy gun was a SBR before there was such a thing (PHOTOS)

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 08:00

If you are thinking that barrel is a little short, you are right, but it is just how it left the factory 104 years ago. (Photos: RIA)

Rock Island has a Winchester 1892 with a curiously short barrel up for grabs at auction this month. The particular M92 is chambered in .44-40 WCF and has seen some hard use over the past century or so — but surely has some stories to tell. The saddle ring carbine, SN#746457, was made in 1914, according to Winchester, and is specifically listed by the ATF by serial number as a curio and relic, which makes its 15-inch Trapper barrel a very interesting exception to National Firearms Act regulations on short-barreled rifles adopted some 20 years after it was made.

Just a small number of Winchester lever guns with 14-, 15- and 16-inch barrels were produced at the factory. Intended for use as handy brush guns for outdoorsmen such as sustenance hunters in heavy scrub or trappers checking lines, such models picked up the Trapper moniker. Most were exported overseas as they were especially popular in South America, making those still in the states even more collectible. Like five-figure collectible if in great shape with a good provenance. RIA is valuing this one, in OF-fair condition, at between $3,000 and $4,500.

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Pro-gun Texas students write governor to protect Second Amendment rights

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 07:00

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, seen here visiting a Texas middle school in February, has been getting a lot of letters from student groups concerning gun politics in recent weeks. (Photo: Governor’s Office)

A group of 150 students across the Lone Star State wrote Gov. Greg Abbott to urge the Republican to keep gun rights in mind when considering action in the wake of a school shooting in the state.

Organized by March 4 Our Rights, an avowedly pro-gun student organization, the June 1 letter comes as a response to an open letter to Abbott signed by 41 Texas students and published as a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle by gun control group Everytown.

“While we might lack the ability to finance a similar response, we do have a voice,” said the letter in part after slamming the Everytown-backed effort. “We are students of Texas and we want our parents, our teachers, and our law enforcement officers to have a voice in making our schools safer, not the gun control lobby.”

The March 4 Our Rights advocates urged Abbott to reject the calls from “organizations exploiting tragedies” and focus on “actual school safety solutions.”

Unlike the Everytown letter, which listed first names and last initials to represent its supporters drawn primarily from March 4 Our Lives supporters organized after the Parkland school shooting earlier this year, the pro-gun group published the full names of their signatories to include at least one from Texas’ Sante Fe High School, site of a shooting that left 10 dead last month.

“Like so many politicians cozy with the NRA, you have steadfastly opposed any reasonable measures that might protect us from gun violence,” said the Everytown letter, attacking Abbott for his approval of open carry legislation and a bill to allow for legal concealed carry on public colleges and universities in the state.

Abbott last week released his multifaceted 44-page school security plan in response to the Sante Fe shooting which was heavy on hardening schools, free trigger locks, and mental health treatment but light on gun control. The plan came after a series of roundtable discussions with a wide range of participants aimed to address mass shootings in schools and elsewhere. The Governor’s plan was slammed by gun control advocates who said the proposals did not “go far enough to fight the gun violence that plagues Texas.”

Hey we’re a 100% student-led movement. Most of our staff is in high school. We weren’t given millions from PACs and celebrities. We represent students nationwide, including some from Parkland and Santa Fe and we disagree with what you stand for. You do not speak for us.

— March 4 Our Rights (@M4OROfficial) May 28, 2018

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Memphis homeowner kills two burglars with AK-47

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 06:30

Memphis Police Department on the scene of a double shooting in the city’s Colonial Acres neighborhood Friday. (Photo: WMC Action News 5)

A man credited an AK-47 for saving his life last week when he stumbled upon two burglars inside his Memphis home.

The anonymous homeowner said he shot and killed the men — 17-year-old Demond Barnes and 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon — after retrieving the gun from a hall closet during the incident Friday.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I know I’m going to defend my life to the best of my ability,” he told WMC Action News 5. “These boys need their father and need some type of discipline. They’re out here without any fear.”

The Memphis Police Department confirmed the deaths of the two men on its social media pages last week. Security camera footage supported the homeowner’s claim of self defense, according to police.

The individual who was detained has been released without charge. All evidence was presented to the DAG's Office and it was determined that no criminal charges will be filed at this point.

— Memphis Police Dept (@MEM_PoliceDept) June 2, 2018

The homeowner said his home was shot at once before last year. He told local media he’s concerned about retaliation for Friday’s shooting, but knows “it was either them or me.”

” You never know how someone else’s family may perceive the situation, but I mean, I just have to take it one day at a time,” he said.

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Ammunition Depot launches new ammo packs for preppers

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 06:00

The Prepper offers a tub ‘o ammo for preppers needing to stock their stash. (Photo: Ammunition Depot)

Ammunition Depot has preppers covered with its new The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Pack, bringing ammo together in neat, organized packages.

The Prepper takes a “spam can” approach, filling a heavy duty, stackable container with 1,000 rounds of ammunition. The tub’s lid is air tight and waterproof, featuring a tear strip for easy and quick access.

The Prepper Battle Pack delivers 250 rounds of ammo in a sleeve like container. (Photo: Ammunition Depot)

The Prepper Battle Pack, on the other hand, delivers a variety of ammunition in a MIL-Spec, 16 mil plastic sleeve with clear front. The packaging allows users to easily identify the ammo inside. The sleeve touts 250 rounds and is also air tight and waterproof for long term storage purposes. The packs are both oxygen purged and nitrogen filled to increase storage lifetime.

“The Prepper cases and The Prepper Battle Packs are ideal for ammunition storage. All packaging is clearly identifiable, easy to access when needed or prepared properly for long-term storage needs,” Scott Blick, managing partner of Ammunition Depot, said in a press release. “Whether you are a prepper or not, The Prepper and The Prepper Battle Packs are really a very economical way to purchase and organize quantities of ammo.”

Ammunition Depot offers a variety of ammo brands and calibers for both The Prepper and Prepper Battle Packs at varying price points.

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Gun background checks on the rise in May, but not because of sales

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 05:30

Federal background checks hit a new high in May, but gun sales weren’t to credit.

The FBI processed just under 2 million applications through the National Instant Criminal Background System last month, the busiest May ever recorded over the last two decades.  Estimated gun sales — the sum total of transfers in the NICS’s handgun, long gun, multiple and other categories — declined 9 percent, totaling just 841,583 and marking the slowest month recorded since June 2015.

A main culprit behind the boosted data is the NICS’s permit re-check category — a section dedicated to periodic rechecks for maintaining gun licenses required in some states. Applications have more than doubled in that category alone, continuing a six-month trend that first appeared in January.

NICS checks serve as a proxy measure for gun sales, albeit an imperfect one. Applications for concealed carry permits, the periodic rechecks and a slew of smaller categories for pawns, redemptions, rentals and other rare situations undercut the total amount of checks processed in one month. removes these categories from the total figure to more accurately assess actual transfers, though it’s still an estimate.

Dealers processed more than 488,000 applications for handguns and just under 300,000 applications for long guns in May. The numbers reflect a return to historic seasonal norms as gun sales slow in the spring and summer before picking up with the fall hunting season.

Share prices for major gun makers — including Smith & Wesson, Vista Outdoor and Sturm, Ruger and Company — declined less than 2 percent Monday. Monthly NICS data typically provokes a response on Wall Street, however, its unclear if the latest numbers impacted stock prices any.

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