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Sheriff hails woman who shot prison escapee that kicked in her door (VIDEOS)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 10:30

Law enforcement officials in one South Carolina county say a woman who defended herself against an escaped inmate that invaded her home did everything right.

Officials say two inmates escaped from the Pickens County jail and, while one was swiftly captured less than a half-mile from the prison, the second man broke into a woman’s home around 3 a.m. on Tuesday by kicking in her locked door. Once inside the house, the man, reportedly still clad an orange prison jumpsuit, grabbed a knife sharpening tool from the kitchen and made his way to the woman’s bedroom, where she met him with a handgun.

The Pickens County coroner’s office later identified the escapee as Bruce Webb McLaughlin Jr., 30, killed from a gunshot wound to the head. McLaughlin’s lengthy criminal record includes convictions on burglary charges, a weapon charge, assault on a police officer, and drug charges.

“The victim was in fear for her life and used lethal force to protect herself,” said Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark. “This is the shining example of what this lady did– took the time to get her CWP and set herself up to be able to protect herself and not be harmed, killed or raped or whatever. She came out on the good on this end and the other guy– the bad guy— didn’t.”

The unidentified woman did not suffer any injuries. “She stopped the crime,” said Clark. “She solved the crime for us and she came out a winner.”

The county is in the process of building a new jail to replace the current one, which was built in 1967.

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McMillan brings new Mc3 Tradition Stock to hunting stock series

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 10:00

The Mc3 Tradition Stock comes in tan, top, olive and black carbon fiber, bottom. (Photo: McMillan)

McMillan makes its new Mc3 Tradition Stock ready for the holiday season, introducing a polymer design modeled after the company’s Game Scout stock.

Available in short and long action Remington 700 rifles, the Mc3 Tradition opts for a factory hinged floor plate with a molded barrel channel. The hunting stock uses a solid stock construction paired with a proprietary polymer blend known as Zenolite. This design lends itself to a stronger stock for serious hunters.

The Mc3 Tradition Stock tips scales at 2.8 to 3 pounds with a foxed length of pull at 13.5-inches. The stock comes in the shooter’s choice of either Standard DBL or Deluxe DBL. The units ship with a one-inch McMillan recoil pad, two front sling studs, and three finishes in tan, olive or carbon fiber black.

The stocks pair with Remington 700 setups. (Photo: McMillan)

“The Mc3 Tradition (Hunting) Stock is the newest generation of high-performance rifle stocks designed, engineered and manufactured by McMillan to be Exponentially Better,” McMillan said in a news release. “Formulated from a proprietary polymer, this classic hunting stock is modeled after McMillan’s best-selling hunting stock, the Game Scout and is compatible with most Remington 700 models.”

The Mc3 Tradition Stock is available through McMillan with prices ranging between $269 and $319.

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Hand cannon: Setting it off with the Magnum Research .30-30 BFR (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 09:30

The “Biggest Finest Revolver” is offered by Kahr’s Magnum Research subsidiary in 10 calibers, to include .30-30 Winchester.

Using a long-cylinder model with a 10-inch barrel, Scott with Kentucky Ballistics takes a BFR in “thuddy-thuddy” for a spin and reports that it is actually enjoyable to shoot. There is even a splash of rapid-fire, or at least as rapid as a single-action revolver chambered for a lever-gun round is capable of, anyway.

For a second opinion on the matter, Kahr’s Justin Moon and Doug Williams take a BFR in the same caliber to the range out to 100 yards to deliver the hits.

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Gun checks flat in November, estimated sales decline

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 09:00

Gun checks remained flat in November as estimated sales declined more than 10 percent, according to federal data.

Dealers processed nearly 2.4 million applications through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System last month. Estimated gun sales — the sum of transfers in the NICS’s handgun, long gun, multiple and other categories — fell 10.4 percent over 2017 and totaled 1,234,665.

Dealers processed nearly 583,000 applications for handguns and just over 568,000 applications for long guns last month. The latter represents the slowest November recorded since 2011. Likewise, long gun tallies for October sank to 10-year lows, returning to levels not seen since before the election of former President Barack Obama. September fared even worse, ranking dead last in the 20-year history of NICS.

NICS checks serve as a proxy measure for gun sales, albeit an imperfect one. Applications for concealed carry permits, periodic rechecks for licenses and a slew of smaller categories for pawns, redemptions, rentals and other rare situations undercut the total amount of checks processed in one month. removes these categories from the total figure to more accurately assess actual transfers, though it’s still an estimate.

These types of background checks have consumed larger percentages of the total amount recorded each month since the banner year of 2016, federal data shows. So far in 2018, these administrative-type checks have consistently inflated monthly totals, but haven’t translated into boosted sales.

Historical patterns for the industry suggest checks and sales will hit annual highs as the holiday season nears — typically the busiest time for retailers. Publicly traded gun companies — including Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger and Company — consider fall and winter months the most profitable.

November’s estimated sales appear to confirm this year will prove no different, with tallies spiking 25 percent over October. Although overall Black Friday checks for guns were down 10 percent over 2017, transactions for the week of Thanksgiving hit all-time highs.

The current year remains on track to rank as one of the top three busiest for NICS checks since the FBI first began keeping records in 1998.

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Chopping through a wall with a 7.62x39mm drill (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 08:00

Should you have a cinderblock wall built with suspect quality control and a table full of Kalash variants, it is not hard to forecast what happens next.

Matt with Demolition Ranch has a number of AKs including a Zastava pistol and Romanian RPK which he duly uses, after two minutes of clowning, to disassemble a “prison wall” made with various fillers. Even as the wall is packed interchangeably with concrete, sand, dirt, and rebar, the 7.62x39mm does pretty well when it comes to demo work — provided enough magazine is used.

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Daniel Horner takes top titles at first match repping Team Sig

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 07:30

Team Sig member Daniel Horner shooting around a barrier with his Sig P320 XFive pistol. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Competition shooter and newest Team Sig member Daniel Horner took top honors at his first match representing the team, earning the titles of “High Overall” and “Tactical Optics Champion.”

The 2018 Sig Sauer Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge was held Nov. 15-18 at Krilling Range at Fort Benning. The match required shooters to use at least three firearms — pistol, rifle and shotgun — at targets staged from 2 to 250 yards. Horner ran through 12 stages against over 240 competitors, popping off an impressive total of 547 rounds in 9 minutes.

Horner’s load out included Sig Sauer M400 Competition Rifle equipped with Tango6 Riflescope, .223 Rem Sig Elite Match Competition Ammo and Sig Kilo2400ABS Rangefinder for the long-range shooting portion. Horner used P320 XFive pistol with iron sights and Sig 9mm Match Elite Competition Ammo for the pistol competition.

“It was very exciting to compete for the first time as a member of Team Sig, and to compete alongside my teammate Lena Miculek was a huge help in stage planning and gear preparation,” Horner said in a press release. “In rifle competition the combination of all my SIG equipment really gave me a massive advantage over the competition on any long range or low percentage targets. In pistol competition the handling and accuracy of my P320 XFIVE provided me the edge I needed to win the pistol stage against everyone in the competition including the open pistols that were allowed red dot sights and compensators.”

Horner’s addition to Team Sig was announced in October. Horner, a U.S. Army veteran, previously competed with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit where he quickly became one of the most decorated shooters in team history. Horner also served as coach of the USAMU Action Shooting Team.

“We are thrilled to bring Daniel to Team SIG to join forces with Max (Michel) and Lena (Miculek) as they compete for Sig Sauer. His record as a 3-gun shooter is truly remarkable and is a direct result of his hard work and dedication to the sport,” Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales at Sig Sauer, said in a press release. “Daniel is also a man of exceptional character and will be an outstanding ambassador for the Sig Sauer brand and role model for the next generation of professional shooters.”

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Shooting a Steadicam gun in the rain with Nick Chen (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 07:00

I think I’ve watched James Cameron’s Aliens well over 100 times in my life. When I was a kid I couldn’t get enough of the movie and by far one my favorites characters was Vasquez. Not only was she a total badass that was tougher than any of the guys on the ship but she had that gun – that crazy machine gun that she barely had to carry because it had a freaking arm attached to it! Genius!

It wasn’t until I went to film school that I realized that the gun was probably some sort of Steadicam rig, which made me admire it on a different level. When I finally saw what Nick Chen, Staff Writer for The Firearms Blog, had done, I was thrilled. He made the Steadicam gun of sci-fi lore a reality when it was reposted on Instagram millions of times. As with all the content you see on social media these days it was initially hard to know who made it. Eventually I was able to track down Solscud007, Chen’s IG alias.

At first, he told me that he had already written about the gun for TFB in the articles here and here, so interest seemed faint. But I told him I was more interested in learning about the reaction he got on social media, then I was in his process for building it. So, he invited me to a remote range about an hour north of Sacramento to talk and shoot. Chen told me it was a mixed reaction he had gotten from it. Some people saw the innovation and reference to the movie (as I had) and really loved the idea of it while others just thought it was stupid.

“People laugh and say you should put a Minigun on it. Yeah but that weighs 75 pounds (the rig is only rated for 20 pounds) and then the amount of torque is like 300-foot-pounds of energy. There is no way I could reliably hold it and shoot,” Chen said.

With a somewhat sad sigh, I’ll have to wait a little longer to see a true replication of the Aliens gun. However, I admire the man for getting this far in his experiment. In the end, Chen doesn’t see it as much more than “a simple gimmick.” It’s something which can be brought out at the range for a smile or a warm reminiscing of Vasquez capping aliens.

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Gun Review: The Desert Tech SRS-A1 is full of surprises (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 07:00

The Desert Tech SRS-A1 is definitely not the average bolt gun as it’s packed with a host of sleepy surprises. This precision rifle is packed with features and abilities some of which seasoned rifleman would humbly welcome.

Desert Tech’s flagship rifle, the Stealth Recon Scout, has a bolt-action, bullpup design and comes in eight different configurations. The sample SRS-A1 arrived in a OD Green Pelican case that looked like it had been kicked out the back of a C130. But inside, I found a rifle in great shape and much smaller than I had expected. With a 22-inch barrel, the rifle measured in at 33 inches overall. While it felt heavy, all the weight was distributed at the rear of the rifle making it easier to support free hand.

Running the action, the enlarged tactical bolt knob made it easy to slide the bolt home. The trigger scared the crap out of me. I was expecting a long and slightly heavier take up, but instead I felt the exact opposite. Could this be? A bullpup with a precision trigger straight out of the box? The SRS-A1 now had my full attention.

The Desert Tech SRS-A1 is definitely not the average bolt gun as it’s packed with a host of sleepy surprises. This precision rifle is packed with features and abilities some of which seasoned rifleman would humbly welcome. (Photo: Ben Brown/

Out of the box, Desert Tech guarantees a 1/2 MOA with match grade ammo. Manufacturers guaranteeing less than 1 inch MOA is common, so a 1/2-inch shows confidence. Nonetheless, Desert Tech did not disappoint.

Using a Leupold Mk5 HD scope, I zeroed the rifle with Gorilla Ammunition match grade 168gr .308 at 100 yards. I shot a five-shot group at just under an inch. While I had a flyer that opened up the group, which was entirely my fault, the first four shots landed all on top of each other.

Next, I wanted to really run her through her paces, so I brought the rifle out to a local farm on a 30-degree day with a consistent 15 mph crosswind. At 400 and 600 yards, the SRS-A1 connected with steel with regularity. It was easy to get comfortable behind the gun and make consistent trigger presses. I did my part and the rifle did its part.

Precision rifles are typically heavy, long and cumbersome, but the way the SRS-A1 handled was refreshing. Utilizing an interchangeable barrel system, made for an enjoyable feature as it allowed me to shoot both .308 and 5.6 Creedmor.(Photo: Ben Brown/

Precision rifles are typically heavy, long and cumbersome, but the way the SRS-A1 handled was refreshing. Utilizing an interchangeable barrel system, made for an enjoyable feature as it allowed me to shoot both .308 and 5.6 Creedmor.

Depending on the configuration, the Desert Tech SRS-A1 rifle costs between $5,000 and $7,000, so it’s definitely not for the leisurely “weekend shooters.”

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The affordable yet interesting Yugo M48 Mauser (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 06:30

Among the last iterations of the Mauser-style bolt action military rifles, Yugoslavia produced more than a million M48s in the years after World War II ended.

With a short visit on the M48 is Tim Harmsen with the Military Arms Channel in the above video. One benefit of these Yugos is that he brings up is that they are often cheaper and more readily available than other Mausers.

Featuring a cupped stainless steel butt plate, the rifle went into production at Zastava in 1948 and was based on but not identical to the late-model German Kar.98K. A bolt gun in a world where auto-loading AG-42s, FN-49s, and M1s were standard, these rifles were often put into arsenal storage almost as soon as they were built while the Yugoslav military moved to produce their own SKS (M59) and Kalashnikov (M64) variants. This translates into a large quantity of these 8mm Mausers on the market that are not as crazy collectible as some of their older half-brothers and cousins.

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EAA Corp’s Smart ABDO now available

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 06:00

The Smart ABDO offers a firearm storage solution with a high-tech design. (Photo: EAA Corp.)

EAA Corp officially releases its Smart ABDO concealed carry unit and firearm storage solution. Able to accommodate most .32 and .380 ACP pistols, the Smart ABDO is a means to store firearms when not in use.

The Smart ABDO is decked out with high-tech features catering an audience of gun owners who prefers their equipment with a side of smart technology. The Smart ABDO features integrated GSM/Wifi to allow for remote operation of the device. Additionally, the Smart ABDO uses GPS for assistance in locating lost or stolen units. The Smart ABDO is equipped with a “self-aware” tamper alarm set to alarm loudly and send an SMS notification during unauthorized access.

The Smart ABDO can be mounted on the belt to carry smaller pistols. (Photo: EAA Corp.)

The Smart ABDO offers a Fast Access Mode granting users a faster means to access the gun. EAA Corp says consumers simply select the Fast Access Mode on the Smart ABDO and then clip the ABDO to the belt or to a purse. With Fast Access Mode equipped, the device is unlocked granting users quick access to the firearm.

“EAA Corp previously announced the creation of a device that would change the face of concealed carry and firearm storage and the Smart ABDO has done just that. No other device on the market offers the level of connectivity and functionality found in this incredible device,” EAA Corp said in a press release.

Due to its smart technology, the device does require data connectivity which runs $10 per month on top of the Smart ABDO’s price tag of $450; though EAA Corp is running a holiday special, knocking the price down to $349.

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LMT to provide 16,000 rifles to military of Estonia (VIDEO)

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 05:30

LMT has pulled down a big contract to supply the army of a key NATO ally. (Photo: LMT)

Milan, Illinois‎-based Lewis Machine & Tool Company has reportedly won a large contract to supply the Estonian Defence Forces with rifles.

LMT was selected as the winner of a $25 million tender to provide Estonia, a NATO member that shares a border with Russia, with 16,000 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons, beating out competitive designs submitted by Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, and Patriot Ordnance Factory. Col. Rauno Sirk, with the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, said the competition was decided after shooting tests, weighing the results alongside total life-cycle costs and the estimated lifespan of the firearms.

“The committee appraised in the first place the reliability and dependability of the weapons as well as the economic feasibility, ie the total cost of the project,” Sirk said. “It is our goal to buy an automatic firearm that is precise, handy and dependable in different weather and environmental conditions.”

The Estonian Army numbers some 6,000 active and 35,000 reservists, fielding two infantry brigades, an elite special operations task group, and a number of smaller units. The force is armed with a range of small arms to include 7.62mm Swedish-made AK4 rifles (licensed copies of the HK G3A3) and 5.56mm Israeli Galils alongside German HK G36s. The country also fields a large and organized unpaid militia independent from the government.

Estonia currently uses a mix of small arms to include Israeli Galils, Swedish Ak4s, and German HK36s, some of them provided to the country as decades-old military surplus. The new LMT rifles are slated to replace them by 2021. (Photos: Estonian Defense Forces)

LMT makes a wide range of Monolithic Rail Platform M4s as well as M203 grenade launchers and AR-10 style Monolithic Weapon Systems, the latter chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and up. LMT has also been working on a Confined Space Weapon and was one of the companies tapped by the U.S. Army for their recent Sub Compact Weapon contract.

The contract with Estonia, set to run through 2021, includes an option for the purchase of additional weapons through 2026.

The Estonian award is not the first large overseas small arms contract for LMT, as the company is fresh off supplying the New Zealand military with over 9,000 of that country’s new MARS-L rifles. The MARS, described as a “4th generation M16,” is based on LMT’s Monolithic Rail Platform guns.

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Montana man pleads guilty to having guns he bragged were ‘taken from bunker’

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 05:00

A man who told a government informant he stolen weapons from a bunker years ago pleaded guilty this week to illegal possession of a machine gun, short barreled rifle, silencer, and grenade. Bruce Boone Wann, 61, of Kila, Montana, entered his plea on Monday in a Missoula federal court to a range of weapon charges.

According to court documents, in June, Wann kept or buried guns and explosives on several properties in Flathead County while he moved out of his home, including some left at a storage facility and the house of what turned out to be a confidential informant. At some point, Wann broke into the informant’s home and not only repossessed his items but guns that did not belong to him, leading to a confrontation between the two that later evolved into a federal investigation complete with undercover recordings.

Ultimately seized from Wann was an improvised hand grenade along with an assortment of fuses, grenade bodies, and other explosives components. Also impounded by agents was an Argentine 1909 Mauser .308 rifle and a Ruger .22 pistol — both with suppressed barrels devoid of markings or serial numbers — as well as a Ruger 10/22 rifle with a barrel that had been shortened less than 16-inches, three stolen firearms, and an RPB Industries M10 MAC-style .45ACP pistol that was capable of full-auto fire. Wann told the CI that he had obtained some of the items from a “government bunker in California” many years before.

A Montana grand jury in October handed down an eight-count indictment on Wann ranging from distribution of explosive materials to illegal possession of a machinegun, unregistered silencers, firearms with obliterated serial numbers, possession of a stolen firearm, and having an unregistered short-barreled rifle and destructive device. He ultimately entered a guilty plea on four of the weapons charges this week while the other four were dismissed.

Facing a maximum 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years supervised release, Wann is set for sentencing next April.

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Gear Review: IR Tools Universal Zeroing Target (VIDEO)

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 11:00

The IR Tools Universal Zeroing Target design allows shooters to zero all advanced sight systems – day lasers, night lasers, night vision – mounted to a single firearm. Each target has three different film pieces that reflect the technology that makes the sight systems work.

The target comes with reflective 1-by-1-inch squares that have an adhesive back and can be placed on the center aiming point, or anywhere the shooter desires. On the back of the target, IR Tools publishes zeroing data for common combinations of weapons, optics, and laser aiming devices. This adjustment data greatly speeds up the zeroing process.

If for some reason your gear isn’t listed, IR Tools also has an open source smartphone app that allows anyone to contribute data.

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Bravo Concealment adds Cinturion Belt to CC accessories (VIDEO)

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 10:30

Bravo Concealment expands its concealed carry accessories, launching a new belt called the Cinturion designed to tie concealed carriers components together.

The Cinturion Gun Belt is a nylon design featuring a high alloy steel belt buckle with a stainless steel belt release. This style, according to Bravo Concealment, ensures that the belt and the buckle stay rigidly locked into position. The buckle comes in the wearer’s choice of brushed nickel or black. Measuring 1.50-inches in width, the Cinturion Gun Belt is .180-inches thick.

The nylon webbing itself comes in black with four total sizes: 28-32 inches, 32-36 inches, 36-40 inches, 40-44 inches and 44-48 inches.

The Cinturion belt buckles come in two styles — black, bottom, or nickel, top. (Photo: Bravo Concealment)

“Whether you’re a person who carries concealed on a daily basis or someone who casually goes out to the range on the weekends, the Cinturon Gun Belt will deliver,” Bravo Concealment said in a statement on its site. “Made of a high quality scuba webbing Nylon the Cinturon Gun Belt is a solid belt that is ‘rigid’ enough to carry your EDC (Every Day Carry) but comfortable enough to wear it all day long with no issues.”

The Cinturion Gun Belt is available through Bravo Concealment with a MSRP of $54.99. The company is running an introductory special, however, pulling the price of the belt down to $49.49.

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Barrett gets U.S. military contract for MRAD rifles in .300 PRC

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 10:00

Barrett just secured a contract to supply the military with an undisclosed number of MRAD rifles in .300 PRC (Photos: Barrett)

Tennessee-based Barrett Firearms keeps raking in the government contracts, this week reporting a Pentagon award for rifles in a hot new caliber.

Few details are available on the Department of Defense contract with Barrett for an undisclosed number of MRAD rifle systems chambered in .300 PRC, but the company said “MRAD’s robust design, user modularity and unfailing accuracy combined with the new cartridge designed by Hornady, offer an unbeatable system for long-range effectiveness.”

Barrett currently lists the bolt-action MRAD precision rifle in six calibers from .260 Remington to .338 Lapua Magnum, only recently adding the option for barrel conversion kits for the new Hornady round.

The 300 PRC, along with Hornady’s 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge, earlier this year earned the approval of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute. Described as the “6.5 Creedmoor’s big brother,” the 6.5 PRC gives precision rifle shooters a flat-shooting, heavy bullet that still brings 2,000 foot-pounds of energy at 500-yards, while still having a manageable recoil.

In addition to the MRAD contract, Barrett last month also picked up an $8 million award from the U.S. Army to supply the service branch with more M107 rifles in .50-caliber BMG. A further $3.3 million maintenance contract, expected to run for five years, was announced shortly afterward. The military has utilized the M107 rifle system for more than 15 years.

Meanwhile, the MRAD has been spotted in the hands of several international sniper units to include the Israeli Defense Forces and Norwegian Army.

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Army begins testing new, improved ghillie suits for snipers (PHOTOS)

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 09:30

Key to a military sniper’s success is remaining concealed, which the Army’s new ghillie suit hopes to be better at. (Photos: U.S. Army)

The Army’s proposed next generation of sniper camouflage began its first round of testing in Florida last month.

Termed the Improved Ghillie System, or IGS, contenders for the new lightweight system designed to break up the outline of a sniper’s figure while in a shooting position or stalk was put through several days of visual tests at Eglin Air Force Base in Western Florida by snipers drawn from across the Army. The system is intended to be the service’s first new ghillie suit in a decade, replacing the legacy Flame Resistant Ghillie System first fielded in 2008.

“The current kit is thick and heavy and comes with a lot of pieces that aren’t used,” said Maj. WaiWah Ellison, with the Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier, tasked with the update. “Soldiers are creating ghillie suits with their own materials to match their personal preference. We want to make the IGS simpler and modular so the snipers will use what is issued to them instead of relying on outside resources.”

The current Flame Resistant Ghillie System, shown above, was first fielded in 2008…

…but the Army says many snipers don’t use much of the current kit that is supplied with the suit, electing to make their own camo instead. The new IGS is planned to be more accommodating.

The requirements for the IGS, announced earlier this year in a request for information to prospective contractors, detailed that the suit must not weigh more than 5 pounds, be capable of stowing in the top flap of a MOLLE pack, and able to be donned and doffed in less than 2 minutes. The suit must also be quiet while the wearer is moving, a benchmark determined by creating “no audible signature” at greater than 50 meters.

While the IGS doesn’t address flammability in its title, its material should have a slower burn rate than burlap and self-extinguish when an ignition source is removed.

The Florida tests last month saw snipers from Special Forces, Ranger regiments and other units wearing the proposed IGS models while concealing themselves in Eglin’s mixed woodland and scrub environments while other snipers tried to locate them at distances ranging from 10 to 200 meters.

An Army sniper scans for a fellow sniper wearing a proposed new Improved Ghillie System in visual testing at Eglin AFB in November

The Army intends to field 3,500 of the new suits, which will be enough to equip snipers across active, guard and reserve units as well as those in the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Further trials include planned acoustic testing by the Army Research Laboratory to find out how much noise the IGS proposals create under field conditions followed by limited user evaluations slated for early 2019 that will see the suit fielded in small numbers.

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Double Star adds .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie to upper lineup

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 09:00

Doublestar introduces new .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie upper receivers. (Photo: Double Star)

DoubleStar extends its upper receiver choices, adding .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie to its lineup of receivers.

The .22 Nosler variant comes in a 1-in-8-inch twist and the .224 Valkyrie ships with a 1-in-7-inch twist. The uppers are offered in either an 18-inch heavy barrel or bull barrel configuration or 24-inch bull barrel configuration.

The 18-inch barreled uppers feature a mid-length gas system with low profile steel gas block. The barrel is made from 4140 Chrome Moly and topped with an A2 flash hider. The standard Milspec flattop upper comes with a DoubleStar 15.5-inch Cloak Handguard. The 24-inch models offer a rifle length gas system with Picatinny rail aluminum gas block. The barrel, made out of 416 stainless steel, does not feature a muzzle device. The flattop upper provides a DoubleStar Diamond Patterned National Match Free Float Handguard.

The .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie offerings are available from DoubleStar with MSRPs as follows:

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GSL announces tiny Pill Box .22LR suppressor (VIDEOS)

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 08:30

Billed as a last-ditch defense option rather than a range plinker, the Pill Box is a throwback of sorts, but an interesting one.

Announced Monday, the tiny Pill Box uses a special wipe which GSL Technology says “should last at least 50 rounds minimum before needing replacement,” providing a sound reduction of some 24 dB. The wipe, a standard of suppressors dating back to WWII, has largely been phased out in recent years in favor of larger but more durable internal baffle systems.

The small black suppressor is made of 7075 aluminum and features standard 1/2x28TPI threads (Photos: GSL)

It delivers 24 dB of sound reduction on a .22LR

It is also able to carry on your keychain where it is available should a need arise.

At a length of 1.44-inches and a diameter of under an inch, Pill Box weighs in at less than an ounce. The company says that it is the smallest can available on the market at the moment. As such, it stands to take the place of the old Gemtech Pill Bottle and gives newer cans such as the Armtac Covert some serious competition in size.

To replace the wipe once it is worn out, GSL says a Type 7 FFL can do the work or they can replace it for $25 in-house. Sorry guys, they can’t ship spare wipes as they are considered to be regulated “suppressor parts” by the ATF.

MSRP is $285.

Check it out in action, below.

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