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Standard Manufacturing unveils S333 Volleyfire

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 02:00

Standard Manufacturing brings a new revolver design to market with the S333 Volleyfire. (Photo: Standard Manufacturing)

Standard Manufacturing slyly let loose details on its latest handgun, the S333 Volleyfire — a double barreled revolver.

The S333 Volleyfire first began making rounds around social media with its unique design. The S333 Volleyfire features a double barreled design capable of firing two rounds of .22 Win Mag with each pull of the trigger. Standard manufacturing said the little gun can pull off a total of eight rounds in three seconds with just four pulls of the trigger.

A double action revolver style, the S333 Volleyfire features a 1.25-inch barrel with high strength steel cylinder. The revolver offers an articulated safety integral to the trigger. This design requires that users make a deliberate and full pull of the trigger in order to cause the transfer bar to clear the firing pins and hammers.

The revolver can dole out two rounds with each pull of the trigger. (Photo: Standard Manufacturing)

Created to offer gun owners a small, compact gun that is easy to conceal, the S333 Volleyfire weighs in at 18 ounces. “Our patented design of the S333 is the most compact and concealable firearm imaginable of its type. The small size allows it to be carried in your pocket or purse and can be easily retrieved when needed,” Standard Manufacturing said on its site.

The S333 Volleyfire isn’t quite ready for purchase, with no details on when it will begin shipping, but the revolver is priced at $369.

The S333 Volleyfire offers a compact style suited for concealed carry. (Photo: Standard Manufacturing)

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POF-USA Revolution DI in .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor now shipping

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 02:00

The Revolution DI comes in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. (Photo: POF-USA)

POF-USA adds to its Revolution rifle series, announcing that its new direct impingement version, the Revolution DI, is now shipping.

Chambered in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, the Revolution DI brings the same features and technologies as the original Revolution but in a direct impingement setup. The rifle brings AR platform parts such as the charging handle, bolt carrier, buffer, heat-sink barrel nut and handguard to the table while also offering a barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper and lower receivers that are the same size as AR-15s — all the while maintaining a compact build.

“The Revolution Di didn’t shed weight by eliminating features. It’s quite the opposite. There is virtually nothing left to upgrade – no matter your shooting style or sport,” POF-USA said in a news release. “This is a full-featured battle carbine complete with an ambidextrous billet lower receiver, 9-position adjustable gas block, heat-sink barrel nut, Renegade rail, single stage match grade trigger, triple port muzzle brake, and more.”

The Revolution DI boasts a weight at 6.81-pounds for the .308 Win version and 8.6-pounds for the 6.5 Creedmoor. The Creedmoor delivers a 20-inch barrel while the .308 Win comes with a 16.5-inch barrel. The Revolution DI is offered in two colors — Black or Burnt Bronze.

The Revolution DI can be snagged from POF-USA dealers with a MSRP of $2,659.

The Burnt Bronze color offering. (Photo: POF-USA)

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Langdon Tactical brings Trigger Job in a Bag to Beretta shooters

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 01:30

The Trigger Job in a Bag comes with all the components needed for a Langdon style trigger job. (Photo: Lagdon Tactical)

Langdon Tactical brings Beretta shooters a means to achieve a Langdon Tactical trigger job without having to send off a favored gun.

Known as the Trigger Job in a Bag, Langdon Tactical Technology delivers packaged parts to local gun smiths. The “polished and stoned parts” are the same ones the company would install on a Beretta 92 or PX4 sent in for a trigger job, but the Trigger Job in a Bag means Beretta owners spend less time apart from their gun.

“Trigger Job in a Bag provides the same parts selected and finished by Langdon Tactical Technology in a package ready for a local gunsmith to install,” Langdon Tactical Technology said in a press release. “For many this means less time waiting and more time on the range.”

The Beretta PX4, left, and 92 FS, right. (Photo: Beretta)

The Trigger Job in a Bag comes in two flavors — one for the 92 series and the other for the PX4. The 92 Series Trigger Job in a Bag comes with Wilson Combat Ultimate Trigger Bar, Elite II Hammer, Sear, Sear Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Strut, and Wilson Combat Reduced Power Hammer Spring (12, 13, or 14-pound options). This setup does allow gun owners to upgrade to a Wilson Deluxe Hammer if desired. This particular kit is not compatible with Italian-built 92S models.

The PX4 bag includes a Beretta Competition Trigger Group, Wilson Chrome Silicon Trigger Spring (11 or 12-pound options) and a Beretta Trigger Bar.

The 92 Series option is priced between $165 and $225 depending on options while the PX4 is priced at $165.

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Alpha Foxtrot ready to ship their AF-C Glock-compatible aluminum frames

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 01:00

Designed to be used with genuine OEM and aftermarket Gen 3 G19 parts, the aftermarket aluminum receiver features an extended beavertail and a customizable grip area.

Georgia-based Alpha Foxtrot is ready to deliver their new AF-C aluminum replacement Glock frames. Crafted from forged 7075 T6 aluminum, the frame has an anodized finish and is compatible with Glock G19 Gen 3 slides and parts.

The $299 AF-C comes standard with a railed dust cover, extended beavertail the company bills as being “bite proof,” a smooth grip with no finger grooves, steel rail inserts, and a machined thumb index rest. As such, it is a direct competitor to ZRO Delta’s similar Genesis Z9 frame offering, although without the same level of modularity.

Early production AF-C frames waiting to be coated.

Alpha Foxtrot first advertised their $249 AF409c aluminum Glock-style frame at SHOT Show in 2018 and started teasing the updated AF-C as far back as last May, with the latter being refined from the original design to be more ergonomic.

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So this happened… #gunsdaily #weaponsdaily #instaguns #igmilitia #pewpewlife #pewpew #2a #guns #gunsofinstagram

A post shared by Alpha Foxtrot (@builtalphafoxtrot) on Dec 16, 2018 at 9:09am PST

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The vaunted, and now vintage, Daewoo K1A carbine (VIDEO)

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 00:30

An out-sized replacement for the M3 Grease gun in South Korean military service, the K1 was classic Daewoo hardware. Larry Vickers shows off one in the above video.

Designed in the late 1970s to produce an indigenously-produced answer to the Korean military’s need for a sub gun, the K1/K1A is a 5.56mm buzzsaw, capable of firing at cyclic rates of up to 900-rounds-per-minute. Compact at just 26-inches with its stock retracted, it isn’t quite an SMG, but it gets the job done.

Daewoo tanked in 2002 but their arms division have been made since then by Busan-based S&T Motiv, which currently supplies the K1’s successor, the imaginatively-designated K2, to the South Korean military.

For a trip down the rabbit hole into all things “Woo,” check out the below archived CarniK Con video from the golden age of gun blogging.

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Magnum Research releases .500 Linebaugh BFR big bore revolver

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 00:00

The BFR now comes in .500 Linebaugh. (Photo: Magnum Research)

Magnum Research bolsters its revolver offerings in the new year, adding the Biggest Finest Revolver in .500 Linebaugh to its inventory.

The big bore revolver comes in four models — a standard model with either a 7.5-inch or 5.5-inch barrel and a model offering Bisley grips with barrel sizes in either 7.5-inch or 5.5-inches.

Created in the mid-1980s by John Linebaugh, the .500 Linebaugh is considered the largest production handgun caliber. The .500 Linebaugh features a bullet diameter of .510-inches.

Magnum Research offers two models with options on barrel sizes. (Photo: Magnum Research)

“While a few companies offer the .500 Linebaugh as a full custom piece, Magnum Research is the only one to offer this caliber in a production revolver,” Magnum Research said in a news release. “The .500 Linebaugh has a bullet diameter of .510″ as compared to only .500-inches for other .50 caliber rounds, excluding the .50 BMG.”

The standard model BFR is priced at $1,399 while the Bisley grip equipped models start at $1,482. The BFR can be nabbed through local firearms dealers.

The textured grip BFR. (Photo: Magnum Research)

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Thomas Machine and Design reveals handguard adapters for Ruger PC9

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 10:30

Thomas Machine and Design offered a sneak peek on Instagram. (Photo: Thomas Machine via Instagram)

Thomas Machine and Design threw some hints up on social media this week, revealing a line of hand guard adapters designed to work with Aero Precision Quantum handguards for the Ruger PC9.

First served up to Instagram last week, Thomas Machine and Design inquired through the social media platform whether consumers would be interested in an handguard adapter to mount Aero Precision Quantum handguards to the Ruger PC9 platform. The company added that the adapter adds roughly 1.5-inches in overall length to the handguards which are milled down the center for barrel clearance.

With an overwhelming response, the company later confirmed in a comment that it intends to make the adapter a reality for consumers.

“There seems to be a bit of interest in them so I’ll try to get started on a batch here pretty soon,” the company said on Instagram.

The Ruger PC9 with the adapter allowing the Quantum handguard to be mounted to the rifle. (Photo: Thomas Machine via Instagram)

The Aero Precision handguards themselves come in several sizes to include 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch lengths. Thomas Machine and Design says the adapters currently coincide with the Ruger PC9, but a Ruger 10/22 version is in the works.

No word yet on when the adapters will come down the pipeline but Thomas Machine told in a message that pricing will likely range between $160 and $180.

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Trailblazer delivers new .22 Mag LifeCard variant (PHOTOS)

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 10:00

The new .22 Magnum LifeCard maintains the same deep-concealment size as the original but ups the ante in caliber. (Photos: Trailblazer)

With the same compact dimensions as their innovative folding .22LR, the new .22 Magnum version of the LifeCard has a little more punch.

Trailblazer announced the latest installment to their flagship handgun line late last month, saying in an email that, “Offering a standalone .22WMR LifeCard has been the top request from customers this past year.” The new gun is much the same as the standard LifeCard, able to fold into a 3.375 x 2.125-inch package — which the company points out is small enough to fit in an Altoids mint tin or the 5th pocket of a pair of jeans and “no bigger than a stack of credit cards.”

Besides the increase in caliber, the new .22 Mag version has had its internal storage compartment in the grip stretched slightly to accommodate three spare cartridges while a lanyard hole has been added to the frame to allow the 7-ounce gun to use a paracord attachment.

The new variant includes a stretched storage compartment to hold three of the longer cartridges while a lanyard hole had been added

Using a frame and handle machined from aluminum, the barrel and trigger are produced from 4140 pre-hardened steel. The gun is ambidextrous by design and has built-in safety features. To meet ATF guidelines on AOWs, the LifeCard cannot fire when in its closed position.

MSRP is $399, the same price as their standard LifeCard of which the company has sold more than 6,000.

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Traffic stop leads to collection of rare full-autos in Kentucky town

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 09:30

The presence of several apparent German belt-fed machine guns left one commenter to note, the driver “was on his way to defend Normandy from the Allies.” (Photos: FCSO)

Law enforcement officers in Western Kentucky stopped a vehicle for an infraction that led to some seriously interesting collectible guns and possible federal weapons charges.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies made a traffic stop in the small Mississippi River town of Hickman last week and found 2.6 grams of “suspected” methamphetamine — with a street value of less than $200 — as well as firearms “suspected to be fully automatic.”

A search of the driver’s home produced more firearms and ammunition including another eight weapons listed by authorities as being fully-auto.

The photos show what appears to be a number of German WWII-pattern machine guns to include an MG34 and a pair of MG42s as well as parts for others. Besides these early roller-locked LMG/GPMGs, there are HK-pattern MP5 parts, several Thompson submachine guns in both M1928 and M1 variants, and an MP40 sub gun that looks to have had its barrel amputated. Of course, the images are not very high resolution and lots of the items look questionable, which could point to anything from airsoft to surplus torched parts kits knitted back together to form display guns common in reenactor circles or non-NFA semi-autos, so there’s that.

Mixed in the set are such innocuous classics as a Remington Speedmaster for when you want to get some tin can plinking in.

The heavy sampling of German belt-fed platforms brought a number of comments on FCSO’s social media to include ” I did Nazi see that coming..,” and “Dude was on his way to defend Normandy from the Allies.”

Many posters urged authorities to preserve the guns should they, in fact, prove to be historic, by placing them with a museum, rather than to destroy them. Others interjected that the weapons were possibly war trophies brought by to the country by returning GIs after WWII or part of a stolen high-value collection. For example, transferrable MG34s can run in excess of $25,000.

The suspect, who is not identified, was charged with improper equipment, drug trafficking, and carrying a concealed weapon. Federal firearms regulators are involved in the case and reportedly have more weapons charges pending.

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Vermont hunters have best deer season in nearly two decades

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 09:00

Hunters in Vermont bagged over 18,000 deer in the latest season, a high not seen since 2000. (Photo: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department)

Conservation officials in the Green Mountain State say the early numbers for the most recent deer season are positive and are among the best so far this century. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department announced last week that 18,845 deer were taken in the state’s 2018 seasons, the highest total since 2000, according to preliminary figures.

“The legal buck harvest of 9,993 was 8 percent more than the previous three-year average of 9,267, and the second highest buck harvest since 2002,” said deer project leader Nick Fortin in a statement. “Harvest numbers increased during the archery, rifle and muzzleloader seasons. The muzzleloader harvest of 6,066 is an all-time record.”

The bumper harvest provided an estimated 3.7 million servings of venison while biological data collected will provide additional age and health information for research into keeping Vermont’s deer herd stable.

Vermont is not the only state reporting good results when it comes to deer harvest numbers. Sportsmen in Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin have also logged record numbers in the last season.

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Alice Tripp’s EDC is ‘way more than just pretty’ (VIDEO)

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 08:30

It may be presumptuous to think that Alice Tripp carries a gun. If you ask, she’ll give you a lesson in etiquette. “There’s two things you don’t ever ask a Southern woman: her age and if she’s carrying,” she’ll say with a smile.

One might make the determination because Tripp is the legislative director and lobbyist for the Texas State Rifle Association, one of the largest gun rights organizations in the Lone Star State.

Left: Tripp showing off her Lady Smith with its painted grip and engraving. Right: Tripp uses and inside purse pocket for her weapon as her preferred choice of carry. (Photo: Don Summers/

Although she wouldn’t say if she was carrying, she would say what she carries. She said she keeps a Smith & Wesson Ladysmith revolver that has an etched rose in the frame. “I carry a very pretty gun but with the +P ammo,” she said. “It’s way more than just pretty, folks.”

In addition to loading it with .38-caliber +P ammunition, she carries her revolver in a very particular way. “I’m not much of a holster person due to my small size so I like to carry in a purse with lots of zippered pockets” Tripp said. “I carry the purse with my firearm pointed straight ahead and with the gun on the inside, next to my body. This way my hand can easily be in the purse pocket with the gun.”

Left: June 2005 Cover of the TSRA Magazine featuring Tripp receiving an NRA award. Right: Tripp says, “Texas women kill their own snakes.” Shown here holding a copperhead.

While keyboard commandos may raise concerns about off-the-body carry, Tripp advises women to “think about it, ask yourself what’s appropriate for you, and to decide for yourself what gun you want to carry and how you want to carry it.”

Tripp has been giving that advice since she started participating in the National Rifle Association’s “Refuse to be a Victim” program that brought concealed carry to Texas in 1995.

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FN expands 509 line with Midsize, black models

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 07:30

A year after their 509 pistol series hit the market, FN this week announced the line has grown to include a new Midsize offering and a black Tactical model.

The 509, essentially an upgraded and enhanced FNS designed for military use as a competitor to the Army’s Modular Handgun System contract, was released last year to an eager market. Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, said the two new variants to the striker-fired pistol line will help better meet the varied needs of discerning handgun shoppers.

“With the FN 509 Midsize and FN 509 Tactical in black, customers will now have four additional FN options in the 9mm striker-fired category to choose from,” said Cole. “We believe that options are always a good thing and we’re proud to provide them to our loyal customer base.”

The new FN Midsize 509 has the same top half as the standard pistol but an abbreviated grip (Photos: FN)

The Midsize, which retails for $649, has the same 4-inch barrel as the standard 509 but features a frame with a shortened grip. While the chopped-down offering uses 15- or 10-round magazines (depending on state restrictions) it is backwardly compatible with the standard FN 509 17- and 24-rounders through the use of a grip sleeve. It comes complete with fixed three-dot luminescent sights.

For those who wanted an FN Tactical 509 in a factory finish other than FDE, how about the always-popular black?

The black version of the 509 Tactical has all the same features as that pistol– an optics-ready mounting system with co-witnessing suppressor-height night sights, 4.5-inch threaded barrel, 24-round mags– but with a matte black finish rather than the standard FDE. Retail is $1,049.

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Sibling Rivalry. The FN 509 and FN 509 Tactical take the striker-fired 9mm game to the next level. #FNFirearms #BattleProven #FN509 #FN509Tactical

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23 guns seized from office of pro-gun control lawmaker, Chicago’s Ed Burke (VIDEOS)

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 06:30

Following federal corruption charges, agents found almost two dozen guns in the offices of the longest-serving alderman in Chicago’s history.

Edward “Ed” Burke, 75 has been alderman of the Windy City’s 14th Ward since 1968 when he replaced his father in that position. He was charged with attempted extortion earlier this month in federal court and subsequently resigned from his powerful position as chair of the City Council’s finance committee.

However, buzz generated after the news that the same career “Chicago Machine” Democrat who championed a number of gun control schemes in recent years also maintained some 23 firearms in his office located in the heart of a gun-free zone.

A former policeman and licensed private investigator, a 2012 CBS Chicago report noted at the time he was the only Chicago alderman to have a firearm owner’s card. Local media reports also explained that an 1872 law designating aldermen as “peace officers” allowed Burke to carry a weapon.

While in office, Burke has pushed to outlaw cell phone cases that were shaped like guns, advocated punishing the parents of youth who have firearms, ban guns from protests, and proposed a measure to require financial institutions working with the city to file a “Safe Guns Policy” affidavit vouching that their other business customers adhere to a list of firearm regulations such as prohibiting the sale of “high-capacity magazines” or barring gun sales to those under 21.

Burke now faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

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Old school hunting: European black powder fan still putting meat on the table with flintlocks (VIDEOS)

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 06:00

A Hungarian front-loader enthusiast takes to the field near Budapest to bag geese, stag and wild boar in some traditional hunting. The Cap and Ball channel first heads out for geese in a snow-covered field by a lake accompanied with a 20-gauge frizzen double barrel flintlock shotgun.

In the below, they take a stab at some red stag with a Pedersoli repro 1874 Sharps .45-70 and open sights.

Finally, looking to put some boar meat in the pot, he grabs a flintlock Jaeger rifle for the trifecta.

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Rock Island promises new VR80 semi-auto shotgun with AR controls (VIDEOS)

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 05:30

Developed by Philippine-based parent company, Armscor, Rock Island Armory’s new VR80 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun is headed to retailers in 2019.

An improvement on their VR60 concept, the new VR80 uses a 5-round detachable box magazine but can accept the VR60’s nine- or 19 shot mags. Weighing in at 9 pounds when loaded, the VR80 runs 40-inches overall with its 20-inch contoured Mobi Choke barrel.

Constructed with 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers– the VR60 used a lot of polymer– the shotgun uses a Bufferbolt system in its action as well as a Buffer THS thumbhole stock to help tame recoil, which is good as the VR80 accepts both 2.75- and 3-inch shells.

The VR80 is imported with a non-telescoping thumbhole buttstock to meet the sporting purposes requirements for import but it can be easily swapped out. (Photos: RIA)

The controls are ambidextrous while the gun is customizable as it accepts most commercial buffer tube stocks and pistol grips.

RIA bills the VR80 as ideal for 3-gun enthusiasts as its AR-15-style surface controls build on already-established muscle memory from that platform. Also, note the fluted barrel shroud and top Pic rail that comes with factory flip-up sights.

Retail is $699 with two five-round box mags and the VR80 will be available at retailers starting March 1.

Legally Armed America goes into a 20-minute review on the new box-fed scattergun, below:

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Zev Technologies unveils new pistol, O.Z-9

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 05:00

Zev develops and releases its very own pistol, the O.Z-9. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

After over a decade in the parts and accessories business, Zev Technologies brings a brand new pistol to its lineup.

Dubbed the O.Z-9, the pistol blends the control and balance of a 1911 with striker-fire reliability in a package that is modular, according to Zev. The pistol comes chambered in 9mm and features the company’s patent pending steel receiver. Boasting extended rails, the steel receiver offers a solid steel frame that encompasses the entire length of the handgun. Zev says this design allows the locking block to be fully integrated.

The O.Z-9 brings a single take-down pin to the build, located at the front of the trigger guard which locks the removable grip to the steel receiver. This allows for interchangeable grips and future grip upgrades without the need to completely dismantle the O.Z-9.

The O.Z-9 is a striker fired design with a modular build. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

Zev says all other parts are fully compatible with Glock and Zev components.

“Zev is committed to leadership in innovation and performance, so we invest heavily in design and engineering. With O.Z-9 we’re confident that we are resetting the bar for high performance pistols,” Matt Ridenour, CEO of Zev Technologies, said in a press release.

CTO and Founder, Alec Wolf added, “Today I am so excited to show the world the O.Z-9. After dreaming about this for 12 years it’s great to finally see this project come to fruition.”

The O.Z-9 will join the 9mm handgun market with a price point of $1,679.

The O.Z-9 is chambered in 9mm. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

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The evolution of gun owners: How young, moderate gun enthusiasts are shaping the industry

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 04:30

A Pink Pistols member shoots a revolver at a Liberal Gun Club meetup. (Photo: Liberal Gun Club via Facebook)

A new era of gun owners is coming to the table. Younger and politically more moderate than in the past, this new wave of gun enthusiast is far from the typical stereotype of gun owners.

Sarah Cade embodies the youthful vibrance and passionate authority of a new generation. Cade, team leader of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and self-described liberal gun owner, spoke to at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in 2018, about the challenges this new, younger and often liberal or moderate subset of gun owners face within the community.

“I think right now there are two factions in the political community. There’s the old guard and there’s the new guard and there’s some conflict between the two,” Cade told “The number one thing I would say is alienation…I think that what we’re doing is it’s kind of like gatekeeping. We’re keeping away a lot of people that we need for our cause.”

Though this younger generation of gun owners might share more moderate to left-leaning ideals, she emphasizes that this evolving group of gun owners still adhere to the basic tenants of the Second Amendment. Ultimately, Cade said, liberal gun owners are fighting for the same rights and looking for the same things as the older generation — a way to preserve gun rights. The best way to help the cause is to encourage gun ownership. The way to do that, Cade emphasizes, is through personal connections.

“Make individual connections. Actually talk to them one on one,” Cade said. “Just really break it down to the individual level and facilitate ways for people to connect as individuals.”

In an effort to help new and seasoned left-leaning gun owners find their groove in the gun community, groups like the Liberal Gun Club have sprang up to meet the need. Founded in 2008, the Liberal Gun Club is an organization that provides a voice to firearm owners who might not prescribe to a conservative narrative. The group hosts shooting events, conducts training programs and provides a forum for gun owners to chat about firearms.

As the number of moderate gun owners grows, national spokeswoman for the Liberal Gun Club Lara Smith said it’s imperative that the larger 2A community learn the best means to embrace the change. Like Cade, Smith said the best way to bring more gun loving folks into the fold is to openly welcome any person who wants to head to the range. “Bringing people in on a positive note is how we grow our world,” Smith said in a speech.

For some the issue isn’t just inviting newcomers into the gun owning world, it’s about regaining gun rights and influencing public policy using culture as a starting point. The subtle shift in gun owners is one way to do just that, according to Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and instructor Rob Pincus. Pincus said to win the war on gun rights, the gun community must first conquer the cultural battle. The first step, according to Pincus, is to embrace the “other side” of the community by eliminating the concept of “they.”

“How many people do we lose? How many opportunities to influence the culture and improve the image of gun owners and gun ownership and celebrate the expansion of gun ownership, the new numbers of gun owners, the positive experiences….all of these positive things get lost in the fear-mongering, rhetoric, talking points, sometimes nonsensical ‘they,’” Pincus said in a speech. “Let’s go talk to ‘they.” Let’s go have the dialogue.”

Change is often slow and the gun industry, like any, befalls that trope; but change is happening. Slowly but surely a younger audience is coming to the range, more moderate in their thinking but still thirsty for knowledge, training and the Second Amendment life.

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Galco Gunleather launches holster fits for new Glock pistols

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 08:30

The Glock 43X, left, and 48, right, are getting the Galco treatment with new holster fits announced. (Photo: Galco Gunleather)

Galco Gunleather is prepped to offer new holster fits for the latest pistols to come from Glock’s factory, the 43X and 48.

Galco has revealed several holsters in its lineup that will now accommodate the Glocks. For ankle carry fans, Galco introduces the Ankle Glove and Ankle Guard. For belt holsters the company has added the Combat Master, Quick Slide, Stinger and TacSlide.

The new Glocks will join Galco’s listing of other Glock models to offer more options on styles like the King Tuk. (Photo: Galco Gunleather)

IWB carriers will have the choice of KingTuk series holsters as well as the Stow-N-Go, Summer Comfort, Triton 2.0 and Tuck-N-Go 2.0. Galco also offers the Miami Classic II shoulder holster as well as the Wraith 2 belt/paddle holster.

“With holsters in every price range and multiple carry methods, Galco can help outfit owners of the new Glock 43X and 48 owners with the highest-quality American-made holsters and accessories,” Galco said in a news release.

Unveiled to the world Wednesday, the Glock 43X and 48 pistols bring a slimline look to the Glock series. Featuring a longer grip, the guns sport a stainless steel slide paired with a black frame. The pistols are set to make their official debut at SHOT Show in Las Vegas later this month.

The Galco Glock holsters are available through Galco Gunleather with prices varying depending on style.

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Full Auto Friday: Bren gun edition (VIDEOS)

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 08:00

Bren gun girl, Veronica Foster, found similar recognition in Canada as “Rosie, the Riveter” during WWII, dubbed “Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl.”

Used famously by the British and Commonwealth military for generations, the Bren light machine gun is a classic top-fed LMG with Czech origins. Based on the Brno-designed ZB vz. 26, the handy weapon was designed by Czech firearms engineer Václav Holek.

Modified and put into production in the UK in 1937, its name came as a combination of the “Br” from its original place of birth and “En” for Enfield, where the Brits made their own version in .303.

Fed from a 30-round detachable box mag, the Bren weighed between 20 and 25 pounds depending on the variant and could fire at about 500 rounds-per-minute as long as the bullets held up. There was also a 100-round drum.

Besides use by the British and their allies, Canadian manufacturer Inglis cranked out over 40,000 Brens for the KMT army of Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, which ensured the gun would continue to pop up in Asia for decades.

Gas operated with a tilting bolt, the Bren proved so popular in WWII that in the 1950s the British redesigned the gun to fire the same 7.62x51mm NATO round as their version of the FN FAL, the L1A1, and modified to use the same 20-round “inch pattern” magazine as the Belgian battle rifle. This kept the gun in regular service in the West as late as the 1990s.

And of course, a Bren gun provided a cameo in 1998’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

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Brownells brings retro vibe with BRN-605 carbine (VIDEO)

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 07:30

Brownells expands its throwback, retro series with the new BRN-605 carbine. The BRN-605 is chambered in 5.56 NATO and built on a XBRN161E lower paired with carry-handle upper. The BRN-605 features a 15.5-inch A1-profile, skinny barrel with 1-in-12-inch twist. The barrel is topped with a three-prong duckbill flash hider pinned and welded onto the barrel.

The carbine offers a windage-adjustable A1-type rear sight drum nestled inside the carry handle. The build sports black furniture made with reinforced polymer that replicates the look of Colt’s Model 605 — the carbine the BRN-605 pays homage to.

“Before there was the M4 or the CAR-15 or the XM177, there was the Model 605 – Colt’s very first effort at producing a carbine variant of the M16 rifle,” Brownells said in a statement on its site. “And now, with the Brownells BRN-605, for the first time ever, you can own an affordable, nice-shooting reproduction of that first AR carbine.”

The BRN-605 is available for pre-order with a MSRP of $,1299.

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