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‘American Horror Story’ cuts mass shooting scene in light of Las Vegas tragedy

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:45

A mass shooting scene that was originally part of the Tuesday night episode of American Horror Story: Cult, was cut in response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas this month that left nearly 60 dead and more than 500 injured.

Although the episode was filmed two months ago, the show’s writer, Ryan Murphy, as well as the producers determined that the scene in question “portrays an occurrence of gun violence that has sadly become all too common in our country,” and felt some may find the sequence traumatic.

Murphy said he struggled with the decision of whether or not to air the scene, while questioning how to be sensitive, but in the end felt the decision was the right one.

“My point of view was I believe I have the right to air it, but I also believe in victims’ rights, and I believe that now is probably not the week to have something explosive or incendiary in the culture because someone who was affected might watch that and it could trigger something or make them feel upset,” Murphy explained.

While the edited version was aired on the FX linear channel, the unedited version can still be seen via video-on-demand or FX’s non-linear platforms.

[ Rolling Stone ]

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Fore! Kicking out golf balls via AR blanks (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:15

Matt from Demolition Ranch hits the links and pits a ballistic gel torso against a .223 blank-powered golf ball launcher.

These things have been available for a few years but they never get old, and in typical Demo Ranch style, Matt moves through a number of different loads starting with some used driving range balls and moving on to sponge balls and wiffles.

Then comes the potato.

And somehow, despite the multitude of ricocheting balls, there were no on-camera injuries.

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Robbery victim wrestles gun from suspect (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 09:45


The victim of an early morning robbery near Temple University in Philadelphia on Monday turned the tables on his attacker when he wrestled the suspect’s gun from him.

The victim told police the suspect approached him and asked to borrow his cell phone, but when the victim pulled out his phone, the suspect pulled out a gun.

The two became engaged in a tussle, during which time, the 34-year-old victim was shot in the leg. The injured victim, however, was able to wrestle the suspect’s gun away from him and run away, while the suspect fled from the scene on a bicycle.

The victim then ran to a nearby police station for help, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect remains at large.

[ NBC Philadelphia ]

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Adam Savage goes behind the scenes to check out Blade Runner 2049 blasters (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 09:15

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame visited with Blade Runner 2049 prop master Doug Harlocker to lay hands on more than a dozen blasters from both the classic original film, as well as the new models.

Rick Deckard’s original LAPD 2019 Blaster was based on a Charter Arms Bulldog .44SPL revolver inside a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model S bolt-action rifle receiver with some added extras to make it all work. This enabled the gun to fire blanks for the film, as noted by the Internet Movie Firearms Database.

Well, unfortunately, the new model is not built around two different real firearms but uses a single LED with the muzzle flash added later in post-production via CGI.

Talk about tears in rain…

Anyway, if this has you wanting to know more about the OG Ford piece, check out the below from 2016 with the original from the collection of Dan Lanigan with Mammoth Props.

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Man accused of crashing into cruiser, trying to take cop’s gun

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:45

Michael Williams (Photo: Cleveland Police Department)

A 33-year-old man faces charges after he crashed his truck into a police cruiser Sunday and then tried to take an officer’s service weapon, Cleveland police said.

According to local reports, Michael Williams crashed his pickup truck into a police cruiser that had been parked to block off the scene of an accident. The officer suffered a concussion.

Then, a second officer confronted Williams and instructed him to exit his truck. But then Williams began reaching around the inside of his cab, which forced the officer to respond. There was a brief struggle, but officers eventually got Williams out of the truck. However, before he was handcuffed, he pulled on an officer’s duty belt and service weapon.

Williams is charged with aggravated robbery and assault on a police officer.

[ ]

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Kirsten Joy Weiss now has ‘world’s largest female gun channel on YouTube’ (VIDEO)

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:15

With more than 100,000 subscribers, pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss now has the world’s largest female gun channel on YouTube, and she recently took a few minutes to thank her many fans for helping her achieve such a feat.

While Weiss’ compilation of gun games, reviews, and trick shots certainly are entertaining, she admits the goal of her channel also includes “sharing the positive reality of shooting and the freedom it protects,” despite some bouts with negativity.

“We are changing hearts and minds, and it is incredibly exciting,” Weiss said in closing, while expressing gratitude to the subscribers and all who helped make her YouTube channel a success.

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Conservative Armory: Bump stock demand ‘overwhelming’

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:30

Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD bump stock. Some retailers appear to have stopped selling bump stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. (Photo: Slide Fire Solutions/Facebook)

One of the few vendors still selling bump stocks said Tuesday demand has been “overwhelming” since the Las Vegas shooting.

Conservative Armory — an online retailer offering bump stocks for AR-15s and AR-47s for $229 — said customers placed nearly 100 orders for the modification devices Oct. 3 after a lone gunman rained bullets down into a crowded country music festival from a high rise hotel on the Las Vegas strip two days earlier, killing 58 and wounding 489 others.

“Before this shooting we mostly received inquiry emails from enthusiasts about the bump stocks,” Benjamin Roberts, managing director of Conservative Armory, told Tuesday. “Put it this way, we’ve sold more in the past 10 days than we have this year.”

Bump stocks, legal devices that mimic automatic gunfire, made headlines last week after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed 12 of the modifiers were found in 64-year-old Stephen Paddock’s two-room suite on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay and Casino.

Typically retailing for as little $99, major retailers — including Walmart and Cabela’s — pulled the devices from shelves in the days after the shooting. SlideFire Solutions, a Texas-based bump stock manufacturer, temporarily halted new orders. Requests for comment from all three companies went unanswered last week.

The devices face an uncertain future as congressional Republicans express a willingness to re-examine current federal regulations for bump stocks — a sentiment echoed, in part, by the National Rifle Association last week.

“We didn’t talk about banning anything,” Chris Cox, NRA-ILA’s executive director, told Tucker Carlson during an interview last week on Fox News. “We talked about the ATF going back and looking at if these (bump stocks) comply with federal law.”

“Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time, apparently this allows you to take a semi-automatic and turn it into a fully automatic, so clearly that’s something we need to look into,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday.

Meanwhile, online bids for bump stocks skyrocketed to more than $800 over the weekend. Two separate auctions on Gun Broker feature Slide Fire bump stocks for $830 and $755, respectively. Half a dozen users placed bids on the cheaper, left-handed version while the more expensive listing attracted 15 bids as of Sunday. It sold Tuesday for $1,575 after 19 bids.

Roberts told he expects demand for his store’s remaining supply of bump stocks won’t slow anytime soon as Congress mulls a bipartisan-backed ban and a class action lawsuit against bump stock manufacturers, including Slide Fire Solutions, pends in Clark County, Nevada.

“We’ve had a great deal of support over the past week from our customers, but we’ve also received several vitriolic emails from those falsely accusing us as a ‘brand who attempt to market off a tragedy,'” he said. “Our goal isn’t to ‘market off a tragedy,’ as our company is veteran owned. Our goal is to preserve the 2nd Amendment.”

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Garage turns out to be made from surplus Brit .303 ammo boxes (PHOTOS)

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:15

Even after their use as the center of a sheetrock wall, the crates were still “surprisingly stout.”

A contractor in Prescott, Arizona was amazed to find out the garage he was hired to demo was made up primarily of WWII-era British ammo crates.

The house was made in 1926, but as contractor Phil Nugent told the (Prescott) Daily Courier, the wooden ammo boxes were all dated 1943.

While marked as holding 1248-rounds each, Nugent thought he hit the milsurp motherlode or perhaps some other treasure until he cracked open the first one and found it empty– an act that was repeated dozens of times.

Used as the core of the garage’s walls, the sturdy Winchester-marked crates once used to carry the King’s Enfield and Bren gun cartridges were nailed together as the meat in a drywall sandwich.

Note the Winchester logo on some of the boxes. From 1940 onwards, Peters, Remington Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms and Western Cartridge cranked out millions of .303 rounds for the British and Commonwealth military under Lend-Lease.

The Mk VII cartridge, standardized in 1915, used a cordite packet charge and a 174-grain cupro-nickel coated pointed lead bullet. WRA made the nitrocellulose version, the Mk ViiZ, packed 26 48-round boxes per crate.

Nugent theorized the original builder lucked into the crates for free and recycled them as building materials, and they have stood the test of time.

“They were surprisingly stout. Pretty solid. I was amazed,” said Nugent, who said he kept a few but hauled the rest away.

Maybe someone else will find the pile and this whole thing will happen again decades down the line.

Speaking of found again, the British-run Range Days in France recently came across some 1943 Winchester .303 Mk ViiZ rounds– the same type that was in the hidden wall crates– that were dropped in France to Resistance fighters that still look like they came from the factory. Small world.

What was originally in the crates…

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Houston Police Chief calls for more gun control

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 07:00

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. (Photo: Houston Public Media)

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has joined the chorus of people calling for stricter gun regulations after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history went down in Las Vegas last month.

Acevedo took to the Twitter machine Sunday to express his views, saying that lawmakers have “failed thousands of families” by not imposing stricter gun laws.

“When will we stand up and say enough?” he said, linking to a Washington Post article that profiled the Las Vegas victims. “On this Sabbath Sunday I can say I’ve spoken out against gun violence, can you? If not now, then when?”

Acevedo then rolled out another tweet, condemning those who argued it was too soon after the Las Vegas shooting to talk about gun control.

“To those that say it is too soon, I say it’s too late,” he said. “We’ve failed thousands of families, of all ages, races and faith. Stand up and be heard.”

The police chief also re-tweeted several news stories covering the gun control debate, including a letter released by the Everytown Survivor Network in which hundreds of gun violence survivors urged President Donald Trump and members of Congress to pass gun control legislation.

“Together, we ask you to stand up to the leadership of the NRA and vote against legislation gutting our gun safety laws regarding silencers and concealed carry reciprocity,” the survivors said in the letter. “We ask you to reject the NRA’s extremist agenda and pass meaningful legislation, such as comprehensive background checks legislation, to help prevent gun violence in America.”

Acevedo, who became HPD’s police chief in November, has supported stricter gun control laws for years. In September, he called the country’s gun violence problem a “health epidemic” and in 2013 expressed support for universal background checks and closing the so-called gun-show loophole.

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Ten House Republicans join bipartisan bump stock ban

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:30

U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla, has joined with a mix of 20 House members across the political divide to outlaw bump fire stocks (Photo: WLRN)

House GOP members on Tuesday unveiled their own version of a ban on bump fire stocks, joining with a like number of lawmakers from across the aisle to enact prohibitions on the devices.

The measure, H.R.3999, was filed by Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, joined by U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts Democrat, with members from each party in tow. The move aims to prohibit the manufacture, sale, and use of “bump stocks,” which have become a hot-button item after their use in the Route 91 Harvest shooting in Las Vegas where a gunman reportedly had as many as a dozen rifles equipped with the devices.

“This common-sense legislation will ban devices that blatantly circumvent already existing law without restricting Second Amendment rights,” said Curbelo in a statement.

The bill, though only three pages, is sweeping in its language, barring the production or possession of any gun part or parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle without converting it to the legal definition of a machine gun. This would potentially include not only the now-vilified stocks but also various binary or modified triggers and cranks which are currently legal.

The bipartisan move joins S.1916 and HR 3947, a pair of bills introduced last week by Democrats banning both bump and slide-fire style stocks as well as “crank triggers” with exceptions for military and law enforcement use. At least nine of the 11 Dems backing the Curbelo-Moulton act– to include Moulton himself– have signed on to the all-Democrat bill as well, which as of Wednesday had 168 co-sponsors from 37 states but no Republican representation.

This week is not the first time Curbelo and Moulton have worked together on bipartisan gun control efforts. Last summer, in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the lawmakers proposed a no-fly/no buy bill that drew little interest.

The National Rifle Association, along with trade associations representing the gun industry, are urging Congress to wait for federal regulators to complete a review of bump stocks before jumping off the legislative cliff and proceeding with a ban.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wisc., has indicated he might be willing to put a proposal restricting the stocks on the agenda, saying it was “something we need to look in to.”

Meanwhile, lawmakers at the state level are moving forward with their own legislation to slam the door on the devices among other gun control proposals.

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National gun control group sues bump stock maker

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:00

Slide Fire, based in Moran, Texas, patented their stocks in 2000 and since then has defended their niche in the marketplace (Photo: Slide Fire)

Seeking punitive damages, the Brady Center joined with survivors of the Route 91 Harvest shooting in filing a class action lawsuit against Slide Fire.

The suit names Slide Fire Solutions, who holds itself as the “sole patent holder of bump fire technology” with numerous patents registered, as the plaintiff along with yet-to-be-named retailers that sold the devices, a dozen of which were believed fitted to rifles used by Stephen Paddock to kill 58 and injure hundreds in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The suit, filed on behalf of three festival attendees in a Nevada District Court, claims Slide Fire negligently sold an unreasonably dangerous product, which created a public nuisance, asking the court to order the company to foot the bill for victims’ counseling and other treatments and pay punitive damages.

“The people who attended the concert have suffered so much already,” said Kristin Brown and Avery Gardiner, co-presidents of the Brady Campaign in a statement. “The physical injuries are staggering, and we know the emotional injuries can be equally severe and long-term.”

In their 30-page complaint, the group argues that, despite Slide Fire’s contention the stocks were designed to help those with limited mobility to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, there is no real use for bump fire stocks. Further, they state that “Paddock could not have injured so many people without a bump stock” and may not have launched his “military-style assault” without access to them.

“Because of this device, 59 people died, hundreds were severely injured, in mere minutes, and thousands more sustained emotional distress, making this the worst mass shooting in American history,” says the filing, penned by Eglet Prince, a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas.

Slide Fire, based in Moran, Texas, patented their stocks in 2000 and since then has defended their niche in the marketplace, forcing competitor Bump Fire Systems out of business last year after a lengthy court battle. Since the news broke of the device’s use in the Las Vegas shooting, demand has run high, with Slide Fire announcing on their website that they were suspending new orders until they caught up. They have also removed the list of retailers from their site– a move noted by the Brady group.

In a legal analysis of the litigation, firearms attorney Adam Kraut noted the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act may shield Slide Fire as they are a Type 07 Federal Firearms License holder, which puts them into the definition of a Manufacturer under the PLCAA.

“The Slide Fire stocks are qualified products (being that they are ‘a component part of a firearm’). So, it would naturally follow that the PLCAA would apply,” says Kraut.

The protection, signed into law in 2005 by President George W. Bush, has been legal kryptonite to the Brady group in the past, with a 2015 lawsuit filed against online retailers over the ammunition sold to James Holmes, used to shoot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, bounced out of federal court– leaving the claimants on the hook for $203,000 in legal fees.

The suit proposes that Slide Fire pay for psychological and medical monitoring for all the attendees of the festival– which are estimated more than 22,000– as well as punitive damages.

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British firm backed NRA while its ad agencies produced gun control ads

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 05:30

President Donald Trump and NRA president Wayne LaPierre shake hands on stage at the NRA leadership forum in April. (Photo: Getty Images)

British advertising and public relations company WPP is taking heat for reportedly lobbying on behalf of the National Rifle Association while its advertisement agencies produced pro gun control ads.

The company’s subsidiaries collected a cool $1.46 million in lobbying fees from the NRA since 2007, The Guardian reported. However, a WPP sustainability report shows one of its ad agencies, Grey New York, created a 2013 pro-bono advertisement for the gun control group States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

In the advertisement, a man armed with a musket walks into an office, points the musket at a coworker, fires one shot and misses. As he takes the time to reload, everyone in the office is able to clear the area.

“Guns have changed,” the ad reads, while the gunman is still reloading. “Shouldn’t our gun laws?”

Other agencies owned by WPP also created ads for various U.S. gun control groups, Adweek reported. This April, the Ogilvy firm worked on a campaign for Americans for Responsible Solutions, founded by former congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly. For the campaign, the agency created bullet proof signs that read: “This poster stops bullets because our gun laws don’t.”

After the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, WPP-owned Y&R produced a series of radio ads for gun control group Moms Demand Action. The campaign had children sing the National Anthem and My Country with rewritten lyrics listing the various types of readily available assault weapons in the U.S.

Despite those ads and another 2015 gun control campaign produced by Grey New York, records show that WPP-owned firm Prime Policy Group lobbied for the NRA as recently as 2016 to try and prevent the same gun regulations those ads were intended to promote. In 2009, OpenSecrets records show the NRA also had Ogilvy Government Relations lobby for them, paying the group $360,000 for their work that year.

WPP did not directly confirm its relationship with the NRA to Adweek, but did admit to representing clients on opposing sides of political issues.

“Our subsidiary companies will not undertake work that is intended or designed to mislead, and they operate within national laws at all times,” said a WPP spokesperson. “In the U.S., our public affairs companies have representatives of both major parties among senior management, and work with clients from across the political spectrum.”

Last week, NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre said there should be a further review of bump stocks, devices that gunman Stephen Paddock had fashioned to rifles he used to kill 58 people and wound almost 500 others at a country music festival in Las Vegas. However, the NRA is still expected to oppose legislation that would impose an outright ban on the devices.

LaPierre also spoke out on Sunday, arguing that U.S. citizens would be safer if gun rights were expanded and local restrictions overturned.

“There are monsters like this monster out there every day,” he said. “Nobody should be forced to face evil with empty hands.”

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Feinstein: No law could have prevented Vegas shooting (VIDEO)

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 13:30

California’s senior U.S. Senator, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, is backing a law that would ban “bump stocks” and other gun accessories but conceded gun control might not have stopped the Las Vegas shooter.

Speaking on Face the Nation on CBS in a 16-minute one-on-one interview on Sunday, Feinstein said her proposed ban, which has 38 Dems co-sponsoring, does not ban semi-auto firearms in general, just the controversial accessories.

“This is written in clean English, you can take a look at it, I’ll send a copy of it. It’s a two-page bill, I’ll send a copy of it to anyone who calls our office, and you can look at it yourself. It does not take anyone’s gun,” she said.

The proposal introduced this week would ban the bump fire or slide fire style stocks as well as “trigger cranks” and any device, attachment, or accessory that accelerates the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle but falls short of the legal definition of a machine gun.

When asked by host John Dickerson: “Could there have been any law passed that would’ve stopped him?” the chief backer of the 1993 Federal Assault Weapon ban was frank.

“No, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions,” she said.

Moving on to the prospect of national concealed carry reciprocity legislation, a favorite of gun rights advocates and House Republicans, Feinstein said that she thought the Second Amendment did not protect concealed carry and that her state isn’t interested in the concept.

“I represent 40 million Californians, and I can say without hesitation Californians do not want concealed carry,” Feinstein said.

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YouTube bans bump stock videos after Las Vegas shooting

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 13:00

YouTube has banned bump stock tutorial videos after gunman Stephen Paddock used rifles equipped with the devices to kill 58 people and injure almost 500 in the Las Vegas mass shooting this month.

The company said the decision to ban videos showing how to use the devices, which allow semi-automatic rifles to simulate full auto fire, was the result of its expanded policy prohibiting “harmful and dangerous content,” The Hill reported.

“We have long had a policy against harmful and dangerous content,” a YouTube spokesman told The Hill. “In the wake of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we have taken a closer look at videos that demonstrate how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly and we’ve expanded our existing policy to prohibit these videos.”

According to YouTube’s community guidelines, the site also bans videos that promote violence, hate, threats, or scamming attempts. Hundreds of thousands of videos are posted to the site daily, so the company relies on its over one billion users to report videos that may violate the guidelines. Those reports are then reviewed by the company and taken down if found in violation.

One such user, who had a bump stock video recently flagged and taken down, decided to post YouTube’s explanation on Instagram.

“YouTube doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death,” the company said in their explanation. “For example, it’s not okay to post videos showing drug abuse, underage drinking and smoking, or bomb making.

“The only depictions of such activities that we may allow need to be educational or documentary in nature and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate them. When uploading a video, make sure to post as much information as possible in the title and description to help us and your viewers understand the primary purpose of the video.”

“It looks like YouTube is on a rip,” the user added in his post. “They’re removing all SlideFire videos and issuing account strikes to all content creators who have them. The snowflakes are melting.”

Meanwhile, lawmakers in the U.S. Congress are considering legislation that would ban bump stocks. Democrats have unanimously backed the proposals, and the bills have even gained some Republican support over the past week. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was open to taking a look at the proposed legislation in a Thursday interview but that he would not consider the “Australian” option.

The National Rifle Association also weighed in on the issue, saying last week that they would support a review on the devices to see if more regulations were needed.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute then issued joint statements on Monday, calling on Congress to let the ATF try and determine whether bump stocks comply with federal gun regulations before taking legislative action.

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NSSF, SAAMI urge Congress to wait on bump stock ban

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 09:30

Trade associations representing the gun industry issued a statement on bump stocks Monday urging Congress to wait for federal regulators to complete a review of the device before taking legislative action.

In a joint statement, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute have asked the ATF to review and evaluate the bump stock device to determine if they comply with federal laws governing machine guns.

“We urge Congress to allow ATF to complete its review before considering any legislation so that any policy decisions can be informed by the facts and ATF’s analysis,” the statement says.

The organizations — the NSSF, representing gun makers and retailers, and SAAMI, which sets manufacturing standards and best practices for gun makers — echo the sentiment shared by the National Rifle Association, which released a statement suggesting the devices should be regulated.

Pro-gun advocacy groups have largely taken a harder stance, saying they would oppose any measure that bans bump stocks. However, the Second Amendment Foundation, a litigious organization that often challenges gun laws in state and federal court and even the U.S. Supreme Court, said it would support a “productive dialogue” concerning bump stocks.

The device became the subject of debate after a gunman used the device to spray gunfire into an audience of 22,000 at a concert on the Las Vegas strip on Oct. 1, killing 58 people and injuring almost 500 others. Attaching a bump stock to a semi-auto rifle allows it to mimic full-auto fire.

The incident spurred lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to express support for banning the item by updating federal law to allow for regulation of the device. Democrats filed a proposal but a bipartisan measure has not been filed yet.

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College student in custody for fatal shooting of campus police officer

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 09:00

Hollis Daniels is accused of killing a Texas police officer Monday night. (Photo: Texas Tech University)

A 19-year-old college student accused of killing a police officer is in custody following a manhunt in Lubbock, Texas.

Hollis Daniels, a freshman from Seguin, was apprehended around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, the Texas Tech University Police Department said in a statements.

At that time, the “all clear” was issued for the campus, which had been on lockdown since the shooting about two hours prior.

The incident unfolded after officers were asked to conduct a welfare check on a student at the university, who was later identified as Daniels. When officers entered his room, they discovered evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Officers then took Daniels to the police station for further questioning.

However, during the interview, Daniels pulled a gun and shot a police officer in the head, then took off on foot, leading authorities on a nearly two-hour manhunt. Texas Tech Police Chief Kyle Bonath confirmed in a statement that Daniels was apprehended near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum by officers with the Texas Tech Police Department.

The officer, who has not yet been publicly identified, died as a result of the injuries he sustained. At this time, authorities have not released any details about the weapon carried by Daniels, or what may have prompted him to kill the officer.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a website dedicated to tracking deaths of law enforcement officers, the officer was the 101st to be killed in the line of duty so far this year, the 37th killed by gunfire.

“The family of the officer is in the thoughts and prayers of the Texas Tech community,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said. “I want to express my deep appreciation to the Texas Tech Police Department, Lubbock Police Department, Lubbock Sherriff’s Office, and other state and federal law enforcement officials for their response.”

Likewise, in a statement issued late Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott expressed condolences to the family of the slain officer and confirmed the Texas Department of Public Safety would assist in any way needed.

Classes at the university are scheduled to resume as usual on Tuesday, although counseling and other assistance will be available to students and staff alike, if needed.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announces renewed gun control push

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 08:30

Gov. Kate Brown (D) in May 2015 signed a controversial law expanding background checks in Oregon. (Photo: Republican Governors Association)

Citing the Las Vegas shooting and the two-year anniversary of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College, Oregon’s governor on Friday announced plans to close a pair of what she describes as “loopholes” in state law.

Specifically, Brown said she would be working with Oregon lawmakers to develop legislation to close the so-called Charleston and Boyfriend Loopholes.

“We, as lawmakers, must put politics aside and work together to keep our communities safe,” Brown said. “I look forward to working with the Legislature to finish what we started last session and close the Charleston and Boyfriend Loopholes for good. These policies will keep guns out of the wrong hands and help keep our promise to families across the state to keep our communities safe.”

The Charleston loophole is a reference to the way in which a white supremacist, despite having a prohibiting mark on his record, obtained the handgun he would later use to murder nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Under Brown’s proposals, the Oregon State Police would delay a firearm transfer until they determine the person receiving it is eligible to possess the gun. Current federal law allows licensed dealers to proceed with delays after three days without a determination.

The Boyfriend loophole is a reference to Oregon’s current definition of a domestic abuser. Brown’s measure would update the definition to include those not married and add persons convicted of misdemeanor stalking to those barred from possessing firearms.

Brown has broached the concept of closing both loopholes as part of her legislative agenda in recent years.

Brown, who was backed by an anti-gun billionaire philanthropist in her election bid, has a track record of signing gun restrictions into law. Last month, she signed a controversial bill to establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders in the state, forcing subjects deemed at risk by a judge to surrender their firearms. In 2015, she signed legislation to expand background checks in the state to include most gun transfers.

The Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action applauded Brown’s latest announcement and thanked her on social media for “being a gun violence prevention champion.”

Portland-area conservative radio host Lars Larson, on the other hand, slammed the governor’s push.

“The governor is being incredibly politically opportunistic as she heads up to re-election,” Larson told KATU. “They say this is a terrible loophole. It causes all kinds of problems. Well, tell me where they are other than Charleston because in most cases the gun stores I do business with are not gonna sell you a gun without an approval. … Laws don’t stop lawbreaking people from doing things.

Oregon’s Democrat-controlled legislature convenes next February for a short 35-day session.

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Vista Outdoor names new CEO

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 08:00

Vista Outdoor tapped former Arctic Cat CEO Christopher Metz to lead the company three months after Mark DeYoung’s departure. (Photo: Vista Outdoor)

Vista Outdoor announced last week its board of directors tapped a new CEO to lead the company after a three month search.

Christopher T. Metz, former president of Arctic Cat — a Minnesota-based snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle manufacturer — will step into former CEO Mark DeYoung’s role as of Monday.

“Chris is highly strategic, operationally savvy, and has experience improving the performance of leading organizations,” said Michael Callahan, Vista’s interim CEO. “He is a motivational leader with broad experience in sales, marketing and operations. His capabilities will benefit Vista Outdoor as we continue our focus on building our brands, expanding our e-commerce presence, reducing inventory, and driving continuous improvement.”

“I am thrilled to join the Vista Outdoor team,” Metz said. “The company is a leader in outdoor sports and recreation products, with a unique and well-positioned portfolio of brands. I look forward to working with the talented employees as we leverage Vista Outdoor’s capabilities to deliver innovative products, build upon strategic partnerships, improve performance, and drive shareholder value.”

DeYoung stepped down from his leading role in July, seeking an early retirement and a chance “to move on to the next phase of his life.”

“Vista Outdoor is the culmination of a vision focused on creating a world-leading outdoor recreation company,” he said in July of his departure. “It has been a rewarding experience to have led this great company and seen the organization evolve and succeed. I am proud of Vista Outdoor’s people, brands, portfolio and products, and I am confident in Vista Outdoor’s future. I wish the Company’s valued employees and customers all the best.”

Vista recorded $14 million in profit for the quarter, nosediving 54 percent over last year. The company’s $279 million in shooting sports sales comes in 19 percent behind last year — a result of “lower demand across all product lines,” said Chief Financial Officer Stephen Nolan in August.

Vista owns more than three dozen firearms, ammunition and shooting accessory companies, including Savage Arms, Stevens, Federal Premium, Speer and American Eagle.

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Defendant in Mass. Army Reserve gun theft reaches plea deal

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 08:00

James Morales, a former Army reservist, entered a plea agreement to the theft of six M4 Carbines and 10 M11 handguns (Photo: Mass Live)

A man who swiped more than a dozen weapons from a U.S. Army Reserve Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, accepted a guilty plea to all charges against him, according to recently filed court documents.

James Walker Morales, 35, signed a plea agreement for the theft of 16 weapons — six M-4 Carbines and 10 M-11 semi-automatic handguns — from the Lincoln W. Stoddard U.S. Army Reserve Center armory in 2015. Prosecutors recommended that the court sentence Morales, a former Army reservist, to 14 years in prison followed by three years supervised release.

Investigators tied Morales to the theft using a combination of DNA evidence recovered at the scene, surveillance footage of the suspect and his car, and the fact that Morales was wearing a court-ordered monitoring bracelet that, placed him directly inside the facility during the burglary, according to court documents. At the time, he faced child-rape charges.

Morales had visited the Stoddard center two days before the theft during business hours to obtain copies of his discharge papers.  He had enlisted in the reserve in September 2008 and served until June 2013, when he was administratively discharged from the Army.

Court documents show Morales served a one-year suspended sentence for aggravated assault and battery in 2013. Then in May 2015, a local court released him on charges of child rape and indecent assault on a child under 14 on the condition he wear a monitoring bracelet. That bracelet placed Morales at the scene of the Army Reserve center break-in, arriving at 6:40 p.m. on Nov. 14 and leaving at 12:08 a.m. the next day.

Since his arrest on the gun charges, Morales escaped from a detention center in Rhode Island by climbing on top of a basketball hoop in an exercise area and then crawling through a razor wire fence, but he was recaptured five days later. He faces bank robbery charges incurred while he was at large.

New York couple Ashlee Bigsbee and Tyrone James helped Morales sell some of the guns — some of which were recovered by a homeless man near Yankee Stadium — in exchange for a share of the profit. Since charged for their role in the crime, both have pleaded guilty. James was sentenced to nearly five years in prison in March while Bigsbee was given 21 months.

Morales will appear in court on Nov. 13 for a plea hearing.

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Green Beret to accept Medal of Honor for all who served in Laos

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Gary “Mike” Rose, the Army medic who will receive the Medal of Honor, Oct. 23, for his heroic actions in Laos back in Sept. 1970. (Photo U.S. Army)

An Army Special Forces medic who shrugged off his own wounds to save those around him during Operation Tailwind in 1970 will accept the Medal of Honor from President Trump later this month.

Gary Michael Rose, 69, is scheduled to receive the nation’s highest military honor for conspicuous gallantry during the Vietnam War on Oct. 23 in a ceremony at the White House. Rose will receive the decoration for his actions over a four-day period in September 1970 when his Special Forces team encountered enemy forces deep behind the lines in Laos.

According to the Army, Rose was part of a small force composed of Americans, South Vietnamese allies and Montagnards inserted 70 kilometers into enemy territory, where they came in contact with a company-sized unit of North Vietnamese Army. The enemy force later ballooned to over 500.

Amazingly, despite numerous wounds of his own, Rose attended 60-70 wounded comrades, at one point crawling back to his downed helicopter– what had been the final evacuation flight out of the area– to pull wounded and unconscious teammates from the wreckage even though it was smoking and leaking fuel.

Rose says he is honored to be selected for the MOH but holds it belongs to the whole Military Assistance Command Studies and Observations Group, the highly-classified force made up largely of special operations members who fought in the shadows of the conflict in Southeast Asia. As such, he will accept it on their behalf.

“There were only about 2,000 people who were ever in MACSOG from 1965 to 1972,” Rose said. “I can tell you that our raids and our reconnaissance into Laos tied up some 40,000 to 50,000 NVA troops originally sent going south to fight American units.”

Rose, a native of Watertown, New York, served 20 years in the Army, and retired in 1987, as a captain. He says he wound up in the elite unit while in basic training and soon found himself scheduled for parachute school, Special Forces and combat medic training.

“Some guy in a green beret came by,” Rose said. “I didn’t know what Special Forces was then. You’d get called out of formation and go into this room and talk to this recruiter. It sounded interesting, so I said why not?”

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