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Florida FFL found guilty for selling guns, ammo to convicted felon

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 09:30

A jury found a federally licensed gun dealer guilty last week of selling guns and ammunition to a convicted felon on Florida’s gulf coast.

Jay Loren Goldberg, 51, faces up to a decade in prison after transferring three firearms — including a pistol and two shotguns — and multiple boxes of ammo to a confidential informant at his St. Petersburg store, Fast and Easy Pawn Shop, between February and April 2017.

Court documents show the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives first learned of Goldberg’s reputation for selling to prohibited individuals in January 2017. A confidential informant entered the pawn shop Feb. 23, 2017 and discussed his prior felony convictions with Goldberg, according to investigators. A week later, the informant returned to the store and picked out a handgun and a holster with a straw purchaser in tow. When the informant attempted to pay, Goldberg insisted the straw purchaser hand over the cash instead.

The informant returned to the pawn shop on March 8, after the three day mandatory waiting period, to retrieve the gun and holster. He bought a box of ammunition, too, court records show. The informant later purchased two shotguns and a second box of ammunition over the next seven weeks, investigators said.

Court records show a federal jury found Goldberg guilty of selling the handgun and second box of ammo to the informant. He was found not guilty for the shotgun transfers.

The Department of Justice said the case falls under the purview of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a federal program to reduce gun-related crime across the nation. In March, Attorney General Jeff Sessions touted the program as one of the county’s approaches to reducing violent crime.

Through Project Safe Neighborhoods, DOJ prosecutions for those charged with violating federal firearm laws reached a decade high in 2017, according to Session. Violent crime prosecutions are likewise at the highest rate in more than 25 years — and the department “is just getting started.”

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Putting some sheet metal between 6.5 CM and .308 Win fans (VIDEOS)

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 08:30

The differences between 6.5mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester in relatively similar-weight bullets are interesting when applied to a simple test.

In the above, Edwin Sarkissian uses Underwood ammo for both — 165 grain on the .308 and 140 on the 6.5mm — against 26 sheets of 24-gauge sheet metal to make an ever-expanding hole.

Want more? How about pitting the same against phone books?

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Washington court blocks 2A groups’ bid to derail gun control ballot measure

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 08:00

The state’s high court said this week that opponents to a proposed ballot initiative can’t challenge the petition process used by the gun control effort’s organizers. (Photo: Alliance for Gun Responsibility)

The Washington Supreme Court quickly swatted away a challenge from gun rights groups over the legality of petitions used to collect signatures for a planned anti-gun voter referendum.

Court Commissioner Michael Johnston on Tuesday denied a motion filed last week by Second Amendment groups seeking to contest the petitions used by organizers of I-1639. Johnson came to the conclusion that the gun rights organizations didn’t have legal standing to challenge the initiative during the petition process, and the court could not force Secretary of State Kim Wyman to invalidate the current signatures gathered.

“[O]pponents to an initiative have no constitutional or statutory basis to impede the proponents’ exercise of their right of petition,” said Johnston. “The opponents’ interests in this matter are protected by their constitutional right to express opposition to the initiative, including urging voters to reject it at the poll.”

In response, opponents to I-1639 are urging gun owners to reach out to Wyman’s office, asking her to follow state law and reject any illegal or faulty petitions. They argue the petitions failed to meet requirements for readability and did not contain a correct copy of the printed measure.

“Everyone must follow the law, even lobbying groups and signature gatherers funded by billionaires and other wealthy elitists,” notes the opponents, referencing $2 million in donations to the I-1639 campaign from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer. “Firearms owners are expected to fully comply with laws, and that principle must apply to initiative sponsors and the laws that guide ballot initiatives and signature gathering.”

The Seattle Times reported, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility plans to turn in some 360,000 signatures this week to meet the 259,622 needed to pass muster by Wyman in order to put the measure on the ballot in November. The initiative seeks new regulations for semi-auto rifles under state law including fees, training requirements, waiting periods and additional background checks going beyond federal guidelines.

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Florida deputy uses AR-15 to save 15-year-old girl from alligator (VIDEO)

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 07:30

A teen trapped by an aggressive gator was rescued by a Sunshine State lawman equipped with a Bushmaster.

Jordan Broderick, 15, was trapped up a tree for almost an hour last Friday afternoon by a large alligator that she encountered while floating on a raft at Alexander Springs park in the Ocala National Forest. Some 30 minutes into the dilemma, Broderick’s mother made a frantic call to 911 saying, “My daughter’s stuck in a frickin’ tree and there’s gators surrounding her!”

Lake County Deputies responded and Deputy Mitch Blackmon was forced to destroy the big gator. “My presence failed to scare the alligator away, and it began encroaching on my area at which time I fired one single .223 round from my Bushmaster AR15 killing the alligator,” said Blackmon in his incident report.

The Washington Post reports that the animal was later recovered with a bullet wound in its head. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman said the alligator was a nine-foot female, and a nest was discovered nearby.

It’s not just alligators that are a concern in the area, Lake County is expanding its bear-resistant garbage can initiative to help cut down on interactions between increasing populations of black bears and humans.

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Gear Review: Top five quick access pistol safes for all budgets

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 07:00

A quick access safe provides convenient access to pistols while also properly securing it from children or other unauthorized individuals. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Responsible gun ownership entails locking up guns when not in use; but how do responsible gun owners balance safety with access? With a quick access safe of course! Pairing techy features that grant speedy access to pistols with designs that prevent prying hands, quick access safes provide gun owners with the perfect blend of security and efficiency in times of need. With a bevy of options to choose, has narrowed the field and come up with our top five picks for the best quick access pistol, listed from most expensive to least expensive.

1. Gunbox 2.0 — $289

The GunBox 2.0 comes with a biometric and RFID setup to allow gun owners to quickly access a stored firearm. (Photo: Gunbox)

The Gunbox 2.0 is by far the most technologically progressive quick access safe on the list, boasting RFID and biometric capabilities. The basis for the Gunbox 2.0 is that gun owners, in the heat of the moment, might forget combinations or lose the fine motor skills required to manually key in a code. The Gunbox safe takes the guesswork out by allowing users to place their finger on the fingerprint scanner or use RFID equipped keychains/cards to pop the top on the pistol safe. Though the Gunbox 2.0 is a snappy safe that opens quickly, the technological approach does have its downsides. Namely that biometric only works for some people and not with dirty or wet fingers. In addition, the Gunbox uses a charging cable and batteries, so that leaves room for failure if the unit suffers from dead batteries.

The actual build of the Gunbox 2.0 is sturdy. Constructed from diecast aluminum, it’s light enough to move from room to room but also resistant to prying hands. Featuring a hydraulic opening mechanism and interior LED light, the Gunbox also touts an audible motion alarm that alerts users if the safe is moved. The safe is also outfitted with USB charge ports that allow it to charge other devices, such as tablets or phones. Offering pre-drilled mounting holes and a tether cable (sold separately) the Gunbox can be either mounted or tethered for better security. Topping our list on the high end of the price spectrum, the Gunbox 2.0 is perfect for the gun owner who prefers a high end techy means to secure their pistol.

2. GunVault SpeedVault — $279

The SpeedVault by GunVault provides a stealthy means to store guns, mounting against walls and under desks. (Photo: GunVault)

The SpeedVault by GunVault delivers the most unique design on the list. While most pistol safes suffer from a boxy approach, the SpeedVault shakes things up with a rectangular, vertical design and digital combinational entry. The SpeedVault orients a single pistol in a manner that allows gun owners to immediately get a firing grip on the gun once the combination is input and the safe snaps open. Equipped with a light, the safe illuminates the pistol when the vault is opened for nighttime operation. As with any digital design, the SpeedVault is subject to its 9V battery; though the SpeedVault does sport an audible low battery tone to prevent lock-outs due to dead batteries. In addition, the safe offers a backup override key, preventing gun owners from being totally locked out of the unit.

Mounting to the wall, the SpeedVault’s advantage is that its unique shape can easily fit where traditional pistol safes can’t. Its shape paired with its steel construction grant users a pry resistant, sturdy safe that delivers on its promise of quick access. While not the cheapest brand on the market, the SpeedVault by GunVault is a solid option for users looking to circumvent the traditional box safe for something slightly unique.

3. Ft. Knox Original Pistol Box — $259

The Ft. Knox pistol boxes use a Simplex mechanical lock to safely stow pistols. (Photo: Ft. Knox/Facebook)

The Ft. Knox Original Pistol Box provides a heavy steel box paired with a Simplex locking mechanism. The Simplex system utilizes mechanical buttons providing positive feedback. Users pop in their code then turn the knob next to the buttons clockwise and the safe is open. The biggest advantage to a Simplex style safe is that it doesn’t use batteries, so gun owners don’t have to worry about getting locked out of their safe due to dead batteries. The downside to the Simplex locking system is that combinations are limited with only 1,081 viable codes.

The Ft. Knox safe is built like, well, Ft. Knox. It’s sturdy steel body offers a pry-resistant design that keeps guns or other small valuables secure. Four pre-drilled bolt down holes allow users to mount the safe for added security. Inside, the safe is lined with foam to protect guns and valuables. Though pricey at over $200, the Ft. Knox’s Simplex system and steel style grants gun owners piece of mind when it comes to stowing and accessing pistols.

4. Sentry Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe — $96

The Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe boasts a backlit digital lock for single handed access to pistols. (Photo: Sentry)

The Sentry Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe provides yet another digital design, but this time under $100. The quick access model by Sentry features a steel construction outfitted with a backlit digital lock for single handed access. The addition of a backlit to the actual digital keys is a nice addition for those that need to access their pistol or valuables in darkness. Battery-powered, Sentry’s safe suffers the same design flaw as its digital brethren in that batteries fail. Also, Sentry doesn’t equip its safe with any kind of audible tone to signify low batteries, so users have to remember to swap out batteries regularly on their own.

The Sentry safe is a sturdy option, heavy and perfect as a nightstand pistol safe. Sporting a pry resistant design, the safe is equipped with a compression gas strut that quietly and automatically opens the safe once the combination is keyed in. The lined interior protects firearms while the bolt hardware allows the safe to mount to a surface for better security. A more budget friendly option, the Sentry is perfect for gun owners who like a few high-end features but don’t want to pay a high-end price.

5. Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe — $40

The Stack-On is pry resistant with a user configurable combination lock. (Photo: Amazon)

A true budget friendly option, the Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe stores guns and valuables in a solid steel design. Pry resistant, the PDS-1500 is outfitted with an electronic lock dashboard that beeps with each press of the button – alerting users that a key has been pressed. The safe features a time-out period by which users are unable to input any additional combinations after three incorrect tries, This feature, while nice in theory, is the biggest disadvantage of this safe. If, in the heat of the moment, users incorrectly key in their combination they are locked out of the safe for the designated time, losing valuable minutes.

Battery operated, users are also responsible for remembering to swap out batteries. The Stack-On safe comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting and ships with fastening hardware. The Stack-On PDS-1500 is a decent option for gun owners on a tight budget who want a safe means to stow guns for under $50.

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Ruger kicks off summer with four new products

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 07:00

Ruger introduces new rifle and handgun models, including the 10/22 Target Lite with red and black stock. (Photo: Ruger)

Firearms maker Ruger announced four new products will appear on its rifle and handgun lineup, releasing new models of the SR1911, Security-9, 10/22 Target Lite and Ruger 77/17.

The latest model in the 10/22 Target Lite series offers a red and black laminate stock and BX-Trigger. The BX-Trigger offers a light and crisp trigger pull measuring 2.5-3 pounds. The rifle delivers a cold hammer forged barrel tensioned in an aluminum alloy sleeve nestled in the laminate thumbhole stock. Ruger said the new 10/22 Target Lite model was created to appeal to shooters “looking for performance, reliability and style.” The 10/22 Target Lite is priced at $649.

The Ruger 77/17 is chambered in .17 WSM and offers a greenish colored stock. (Photo: Ruger)

The Ruger 77/17 sees a .17 WSM version of the Ruger 77 bolt action series. The Ruger 77/17 features a stainless steel barrel measuring 18.50-inches mounted in a Green Mountain laminate stock. Ruger says the new 77/17 delivers flat shooting that is accurate in addition to delivering an improved trigger pull over its predecessors. The Ruger 77/17 delivers. a price tag of $1,069.

In the handgun side of the house, Ruger provides an updated model in the Security-9 series. The latest variant adds a factory-installed Viridian E-Series red laser to the Security-9 frame. Incorporating an adjustable laser module, the laser itself weight just over half an ounce and comes with.a long-lasting battery. The E-Series laser boasts ambidextrous push-button activation and is ideal for increasing accuracy in low light, according to Ruger. The Viridian equipped Security-9 features a MSRP of $439.

The Security-9 now comes with the option of a Viridian E-Series laser. (Photo: Ruger)

Rounding out the new offerings is the .45 Auto chambered SR1911 Officer-Style pistol. The handgun touts a shorter 3.60-inch barrel paired with a shortened grip frame. The design lends itself to concealment, says Ruger, with its compact design and sturdier style.

“Compared to the SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style, the steel frame on this new model retains additional weight for better balance, lower recoil and greater durability,” Ruger said in a news release. The new SR1911 Officer-Style in .45 ACP retails for $979. The new products are available now from Ruger and dealers nationwide.

The SR1911 Officer-Style is designed with concealment in mind, featuring a more compact style. (Photo: Ruger)

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Pac-Mag Gun Magnet offers low profile gun storage options

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 06:30

The Pac-Mag Gun Magnet allows handguns to mount anywhere in the home. (Photo: Pachmayr)

Pachmayr launches a new mounting solution for guns, known as the Pac-Mag Gun Magnet, designed to provide a low-profile firearm storage option.

The Pac-Mag Gun Magnet incorporates three magnets into a non-marring rubber over-mold resulting in a gun mounting tool that can hold up to 30 pounds. Pachmayr said the Pac-Mg is capable of holding a rifle, shotgun or handgun and storing it in just about any location including under a desk, on a nightstand or shelf or even inside a vehicle.

The Pac-Mag uses three magnets encased in a rubber over-mold to hold firearms. (Photo: Pachmayr)

“Looking for a low-profile gun storage solution? The Pac-Mag has you covered,” Pachmayr said in a news release. “Pachmayr a leader in handgun grips, recoil reduction, gunsmithing tools introduces the versatile Pac-Mag Gun Storage Magnet! Store a rifle, shotgun, or handgun under a desk, in a nightstand, vehicle, or mount the Pac-Mag on a safe door for extra storage.”

Tipping scales at a mere 4 ounces, the Pac-Mag ships with mounting screws, drywall anchors and double-sided adhesive tape. The Pac-Mag Gun Magnet is available now through Pachymayr dealers nationwide and is priced at just under $20.

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Mass governor inks firearm seizure law over howls from gun rights advocates

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 06:00

Baker signed the proposal into law this week before a crowd of lawmakers and representatives from gun control organizations. (Photo: Massachusetts Governor’s office)

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed a so-called “red flag” bill into law on Tuesday to allow the temporary seizure of firearms from those thought to be at risk to themselves or others.

The proposal, H.4539, was popular with state lawmakers in the Democrat-heavy legislature despite calls from some that it was both cruel and dangerous. The new law allows current and former romantic partners, family, roommates, and police to seek an extreme risk protection order, suspending someone’s gun rights and firearm license for up to a year.

“Massachusetts’ gun laws are a model for the nation, and creating an additional pathway to keep guns away from people unfit to possess them will make our laws even stronger,” said Baker. “This law creates a responsible way to help prevent gun deaths and suicides while protecting individuals’ second amendment rights.”

The ERPO law allows family members or law enforcement to ask the courts to remove access to guns, ammunition, firearm ID cards, or licenses to carry a firearm from an individual thought to be at risk. Once issued, the order would be transmitted to federal agencies to bar future gun sales or transfers through licensed dealers. The order would last for up to one year with the option open to discontinue to renew.

Since the Parkland school shooting earlier this year — in which a 19-year-old with a history of behavioral issues killed 17 with a legally purchased rifle despite a number of potential warning signs reported to educators, police and social workers — similar laws have passed in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Backed by a collection of state and national gun control groups, the Brady Campaign, Everytown and Giffords were quick to release almost mechanical statements applauding Baker’s actions. The organizations argued that other jurisdictions that have adopted similar laws have saved lives, helped prevent suicides, and given police an additional tool to combat possible tragedy.

Terming the Republican governor “Anti-Freedom Baker” the Gun Owners’ Action League had long criticized the ERPO bill over a host of due process concerns and the fact that it only legalized stun guns in the state by limiting them to those with carry permits.

Anti Freedom Baker. Reminder, in addition to signing a bill which revokes due process only for licensed gun owners, Governor Baker will also be authorizing regulation of stun guns. These are sold over the counter in a vast majority of country w/no issues.

— GOAL (@GOALupdate) July 3, 2018

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Gun ‘buyback’ trades cash for DIY ‘Hi-er point’ shotgun (VIDEOS)

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 05:30

An event by neighborhood organizers in San Francisco last weekend netted 187 gun and gun-like objects. The gun “buyback,” the seventh annual event organized by United Playaz, offered $100 cash for handguns and $200 for guns considered “assault weapons,” no question’s asked.

The firearms were handled by the San Francisco and are destined to be melted down to make shovels. In the above from ABC7, they show off a (we hope) homemade shotgun that seems to consist of a portion of 2×4 piece of lumber, some zip-ties and a length of capped pipe.

For reference, we believe this gun is completely unrelated to Hi-Point Firearms Also, check out what looks to be a tourist-quality jezail muzzleloader from the Middle East in the van, resting atop an M1 Carbine. (Photos: SFPD)

The homebrew shotgun resembles a 1995 piece of modern art entitled Hecho en Switzerland, which was reportedly crafted by artist Tom Sachs for pocket change then sold to a New York City buyback for $300, an act that became the stuff of gun culture legend.

According to the SFPD, the group bought 187 guns, including 57 pistols, 44 revolvers, 11 assault weapons and three shotguns. “The police department really encourages the public to encourage these types of events because one gun taken off the street could mean the prevention of one loss of life,” said SFPD Capt. Daryl Fong.

How about that rich patina on the left?

This looks like the worst table at the gun show

Note the bright red bullet button…

Remember, “Dirty” Harry called SF home, so you knew there had to be a hand cannon somewhere in the mix. Also, the pistol in the lower left corner looks to be a vintage Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer in .38 Auto, an almost forgotten classic that predated WWI in a caliber that came just before .38 Super. That’s gonna be one sad shovel. “As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…”

Although many question the effectiveness of such campaigns, even if the event got one just gun out of circulation, community organizers felt it was a success.

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Testing out the $199 Black Aces Tactical Po’ Boy 5.56 suppressor (VIDEO)

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 05:00

The can from Black Aces is billed as a full-auto capable AR suppressor that won’t go select-fire on your wallet.

Putting in work on the Po’ Boy is Matt from Demolition Ranch who (starting at about the 4~ minute mark) details the direct-thread 5.56mm suppressor. Featuring a cerakote finish, the end-user serviceable can is 8-inches long, uses a reinforced straight stack baffle system and is constructed of a 4130 Chromoly tube with a 316 stainless interior. Overall weight is 25-ounces. The tool to take the cap off to service? An AR15 stock wrench.

Matt stacks it up against a host of other suppressors and perforates some viewer-submitted homemade body armor.

Also, Blink Triggers needs to happen.

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The oddly fascinating Johann Fanzoj 4 barrel combination gun (VIDEO)

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 11:30

Austrian gunmaker Johann Fanzoj took six-years to craft a custom four-barreled rifle/shotgun for a customer in the U.S. that they refer to as a “masterpiece.”

The Vierling (from the German word Vier, meaning “four”) pairs a side-by-side double rifle in hard-hitting 9.3x74mmR– a classic medium to large game round popular in both Europe and Africa — with an over-and-under 20-gauge 3-inch chambered shotgun on a single frame.

As shown in the above demonstration, the 10.12-pound firearm is set to fire four times in succession when fully loaded and ejects the spent shell casings/hulls all at once when the action is broken open. The gun uses double triggers with a push-forward switch on the comb (front for shotgun, back for rifle) to select which action they control.

The “mechanical wonder” is an exhibition grade-gun that features custom-made of Circassian walnut burl furniture and engravings of various animals mixed with ornamentation applied by the hand of a master engraver.

(Photos: Fanzoj)

Price? Undisclosed.

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Tandemkross upgrades SW22 Victory with drop-in Thunder Hammer

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 11:00

The Thunder Hammer from Tandemkross reduces the trigger pull weight on the SW22 Victory. (Photo: Tandemkross)

The Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory gets an upgrade thanks to Tandemkross’ latest accessory, the lightweight Thunder Hammer.

The Thunder Hammer is a drop-in, replacement trigger designed to reduce the trigger pull weight on the SW22 Victory. Changing the angle of engagement between the sear and hammer, Tandemkross said the Thunder Hammer ultimately reduces trigger weight to below 2 pounds for competition shooters. Constructed from S7 tool steel, the Thunder Hammer reduces lock time in order to achieve more accurate shooting.

“The design and feel of the Thunder Hammer takes the SW22 Victory to the next level,” Tandemkross Product Development Director Jake Wyman said in a news release. “You won’t be disappointed!”

Featuring diamond-like coating, the Thunder Hammer delivers both impact and heat resistance while adding an upgrade, dog-bone style strut pin to its design. Though the hammer can be pulled apart into three pieces, the strut pin was created to stay in place under pressure. This construction ensures it does not loosen inside the handgun.

Available through Tandemkross online, the Thunder Hammer for the SW22 Victory is priced at just under $70.

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Lawmakers in 2 states ask iconic sporting goods retailer to curb gun policies

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 10:30

Founded in 1938, Kittery Trading Post is well-known in New England and sells everything from guns to kayaks both locally and online. It’s not the kayaks some are arguing over. (Photo: KTP)

A group of Democrats in Maine and New Hampshire want Kittery Trading Post to stop selling “assault-style” rifles and eliminate gun sales to those under age 21.

Six New Hampshire state lawmakers penned a letter to the historic retailer, whose 90,000 sq. ft. flagship store is in Kittery, Maine, near the shared border between the two New England states. In it, they ask KTP to emulate examples set earlier this year by Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, who adopted similar changes to their own gun sales procedures. The New Hampshire group was joined by three corresponding Democrats in the Maine House who echoed their message in a rally at Kittery’s town hall on Monday.

“When the issues surrounding gun violence in the aftermath of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida erupted, and students were asking for action so they could feel safe, we naturally assumed that a business such as the Kittery Trading Post (KTP) would respond and take meaningful action,” said the letter, asking that the retailer halt sales of some types of semi-auto firearms and raise the minimum age for gun sales. “However, despite the huge outpouring of community support to encourage action on gun violence directed at KTP, the KTP management appears unresponsive.”

The retailer is the subject of a petition started days after the Parkland, Florida shooting that has amassed over 10,000 signatures of those urging the store to “stop the sale of assault-style firearms & high capacity magazines,” over the threat of a boycott.

Established in 1938, the family-owned retailer sells both new and used guns locally and online via Gunbroker, with some 1,500 auctions listed as of Tuesday, many for semi-autos such as AR-15 variants. KTP, long a fixture in southern Maine, was named one of the best men’s stores in the country by Esquire Magazine in 2011, saying it was “one of the few stores that stood the test of time.”

Elsewhere in Maine, outdoor retailer L.L.Bean announced in March they would follow the lead set by Dicks, Walmart, and others in adjusting their gun sales policies by saying that it will no longer allow those under the age of 21 to buy guns or ammunition from their store in Freeport, the only one that carries firearms.

Proud to stand with citizens and state legislators from Maine & New Hampshire this morning @Kitterytownhall to ask our neighbor retailer KITTERY TRADING POST to join other responsible gun merchants and STOP SELLING military-grade assault weapons OTC. #nhpolitics #everytown

— Tam (@RepTamaraLe) July 2, 2018

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Ultradyne debuts Apollo muzzle brake

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 10:00

The Apollo muzzle brake is currently chambered in .223/5.56 with more calibers planned for the future. (Photo: Ultradyne)

Ultradyne announced its new Apollo muzzle brake is officially headed to consumers, offering a design that is approved for 3 Gun Nation, USPSA and IPSC shooting.

The Apollo measures 2.94-inches in length with a diameter of 0.975-inches. Tipping scales at 5.2-ounces, the muzzle brake offers angled muzzle-rise compensation ports at the end of the brake. This design directs gasses away from the shooter. CNC machined in the U.S., Ultradyne said the Apollo is a recoil-reducing device that enables shooters to achieve smoother follow-up shots.

“Apollo stands as a no-compromise, recoil-reducing phenom that enables nearly instantaneous follow-up shots and is an excellent option for competition shooters who want the last word in recoil performance,” Ultradyne said in a press release. “Until now such a high level of recoil reduction was not possible from a device of practical size, but Ultradyne’s science- and engineering-oriented approach brings this game-changing technology to the shooting public.”

The muzzle brake offers recoil reducing performance, according to Ultradyne. (Photo: Ultradyne)

Currently the Apollo is available for .223/5.56 calibers or smaller, though Ultradyne has said other calibers — like .308/7.62 and .264/6.5mm are in the works. The Apollo Muzzle Brake can be nabbed directly through Ultradyne or via Brownell’s and Midway USA. MSRP is $89.

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Double trap shooting via AR-15 (VIDEO)

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 09:30

Shooting clays is fun, a good test of hand-eye coordination, and relaxing. So just imagine what happens when you swap out the scattergun for a .223.

Using a Alex Pro Firearms AR-platform, the Gould brothers tap in the DMR to attempt to smoke a pair of clays back-to-back at 45+ yards. Mounting a Vortex Viper 4-16x44mm optic, the first one looks easy, at least for an exhibition shooter, while nailing the second clay is the challenge.

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Kansas State University: Few issues in first year of campus carry

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 09:00

Kansas State University officials, as well as those from other schools in the state, said the first year of campus carry went off largely without an issue, and in some cases coincided with a drop in crime. (Photo: K-State)

With the first full year under the state’s new campus carry law over, universities in Kansas have little trouble to report.

Campus police with Kansas State University, the oldest public university in the state and home to more than 22,000 enrolled undergraduates, reported filing no criminal cases regarding handguns on campus in the past year, according to The K-State Collegian, the school’s paper. Two violations of the school’s weapon policy were logged but officials said one was handled by school administration and in the other, the reported individual could not be located.

“K-State’s policy has done a thorough job of being inclusive to both gun owners and those who don’t carry,” student body president Jordan Kiehl said. “There are also programs in the community certified to teach students how to use handguns safely.”

Campus carry came to the state last July after a provision in a 2013 concealed carry law governing public buildings kicked in allowing those with permits to have their handguns on school property. While some protested the move — which saw at least one public resignation by a professor and another show up for class clad in body armor — reactions overall were mixed.

At the University of Kansas, officials in March said crime on the Lawrence campus declined 13 percent from 2016 to 2017, citing increased law enforcement presence due to new officers hired in the wake of the campus carry law. At the same time, the school reported no weapons violations. The news was touted by the National Rifle Association.

It is not just Kansas that saw little grief from legal campus carry. With a full semester of the state’s new campus carry law in the rear view, colleges and universities in Arkansas have few incidents to report. Similarly, Texas in 2017 reported few problems after campus carry came to the Lone Star State while costs of implementing the new standard proved less than schools had forecasted.

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Rex Zero 1 to ship in Tactical Combat model soon

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 08:30

The Tactical Compact model in the Rex Zero 1 series packs in all the attributes of the full size Tactical model, but in a more compact manner. (Photo: FIME Group)

FIME Group, distributor of the Rex Zero pistols, announced a Tactical Compact model will soon join the Rex Zero 1 series of pistols.

According to FIME, the Tactical Compact model packs in the same features as the full size Tactical model but does so in a smaller package. The Tactical Compact will feature the Rex Optics Ready platform with four plates for optics mounting. Using a hard anodized frame and nitrocarbonized steel slide constructed from solid bar stock the handgun boasts forward cocking serrations, a one-piece cold hammer forged barrel with 1/2×28 threads and Picatinny rail for accessory mounting.

The pistol ships with two 17-round magazines. (Photo: FIME Group)

Additionally, the Tactical Compact model offers an ambidextrous safety and magazine release as well as suppressor height sights.The latest pistol ships with two 17 round magazines inside a hard polymer case with cable padlocks and an operating manual.

“Adding on to the proven quality and craftsmanship of the basic features, the Tactical Compact model will offer the same enhancements to increase shooter experience and customization as the full size Tactical,” FIME said in a press release.

No word yet on availability or price.

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Creedmoor Sports announces .30 Carbine Rifle Ammunition

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 08:00

Creedmoor Sports adds a .30 Carbine Rifle offering to its ammunition series. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Creedmoor Sports unveiled its latest caliber offering, releasing the Creedmoor .30 Carbine 100-grain Rifle Ammunition.

Made in the U.S., the new rifle ammo combines Starline Brass with Hornady 110-grain FMJ bullets. The .30 Carbine cartridge was used in the M1 Carbine originally launched in the 1940s. Chambered in rifles used by the U.S. military during World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam, the .30 Carbine saw some popularity in the civilian hunting realm. The round’s popularity has continued in the worlds of collecting and reenactments, necessitating ammunition to accommodate these segments of the gun industry.

“Introduced in the 1940s for the U.S. Military, the .30 Carbine Rifle Ammunition remains a good choice for hunting and self-defense,” Creedmoor Sports said in a news release.

Creedmoor Sports reports its .30 Carbine offering delivers a muzzle velocity of 1,601 feet-per-second at 100 yards with 626 foot-pounds of energy.

Available in 50 round boxes for $37.50, the .30 Carbine 110-grain Rifle Ammunition is available through Creedmoor Sports.

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Groups file suit over gun control voter initiative in Washington

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 07:00

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been collecting signatures over the past several weeks across the state but now a legal challenge has been filed over the petitions used in the process. (Photo: AGR)

As supporters of I-1639 have nearly completed their signature drive to put a list of gun restrictions in front of voters in the Fall, Second Amendment groups have filed legal challenges.

The 30-page ballot referendum, backed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, would mandate new guidelines for semi-auto rifles under state law including fees, training requirements, waiting periods and additional background checks going beyond federal guidelines. However, the group now faces a lawsuit filed in the Washington State Supreme Court over the very petitions used to gather some 260,000 signatures to get the initiative certified by state officials.

“We publicly warned the initiative sponsors about these problems and they ignored us,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, one of the gun rights groups behind the challenge. “We are now taking the issue to the state high court to seek a declaratory judgment and injunction.”

According to court documents asking the Washington Secretary of State to invalidate I-1639, the petitions circulated by paid canvassing groups working for AGR failed to meet state requirements for readability and did not contain a correct copy of the printed measure — which Gottlieb characterized as using “microscopic” text. Two weeks prior to filing the legal action, SAF contacted the referendum’s backers over the language without result.

“During the signature gathering process, we were contacted by several people who were alarmed at the unreadability of the text, and also because they could not really tell what changes they were being asked to make to existing law,” said Gottlieb.

The initiative covers a lot of ground when it comes to changing the state’s gun statutes. I-1639 as proposed would set a definition under Washington law of an “assault rifle” simply as any that “utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge,” which would effectively regulate all semi-auto longarms other than shotguns. The new requirements proposed alongside the definition would bar sales to those under 21 altogether.

To be eligible for an assault rifle under the plan, candidates would have to pass an enhanced background check, show proof of completing a safety training course within the last five years, pay up to a $25 fee, and wait at least 10 days before picking up the gun from a dealer. There would be no exception to those who already have a concealed carry permit or have legally purchased a rifle before.

In addition, gun shops would be required to both submit the information on the sale to the state and inform potential buyers of the increased risk of “injury, death by suicide, domestic violence and homicide,” due to having a firearm. Meanwhile, the Washington Department of Licensing would be tasked with keeping a running tab on registered assault rifle owners to make sure they remain eligible to possess the firearm. Finally, gun owners would be required to secure their firearms or risk “community endangerment” charges.

While I-1639 backers have enjoyed big donations from high-profile billionaires– Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer both chipped in $1 million each– it has also attracted attention from Second Amendment groups who have previously filed suit over the proposed ballot title in May and set up a “No on I-1639” campaign.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is the past was able to get I-594, an expanded background check initiative, approved by voters in 2014, followed by I-1491, a measure to make it easier to temporarily seize guns from individuals seen as being at risk, in 2016.

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New season of Gunny Time to premier, sans Gunny (VIDEO)

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 06:30

Helmed by guest hosts and dedicated to the memory of the late R. Lee Ermey, the Outdoor Channel has scheduled a new installment of his show to air Wednesday.

The fourth season of the show centered around various historic firearms is set to launch this week and the network says, “While nobody will ever be able to fill his shoes, we will carry on and follow his explicit orders, and continue to deliver new episodes of GunnyTime.”

The teaser for the first episode includes actors Adam Baldwin, Clifton Collins Jr., Randy Couture and Robert Patrick working alongside weapons experts Gary Archer, Kirsten Joy Weiss, and Shane Coley, among others.

Firepower, as exhibited in the two-minute clip, consists of a Czech ZB37 medium machine gun, a Glock 19X, a dune buggy-mounted M2 Browning, and the Johnson semi-automatic rifle for starters. Ritual slaughter of wayward watermelon, a Godzilla-like reptilian menace, and a red Dodge Neon ensue.

Ermey, best known for his Marine service and subsequent portrayals on-screen in such films as Full Metal Jacket, died in April at age 74.

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