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Marc Hampton Talks Prepping for Uncertainty

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 04:00

Marc William Hampton sits on his custom camo lawnmower with some of his tricked out AR-15s. In the background sits his M35a2 deuce-and-a-half truck. (Photo: Marc Hampton)

Former U.S. Army Cavalry Scout and Tanker, Marc William Hampton hasn’t left the military too far behind. Driving a decommissioned M35a2 deuce-and-a-half, he rolls through Radcliff, Kentucky which sits adjacent to Fort Knox. As he drives, some people even mistake him for active-duty military.

Hampton believes in preparation and always keeps at least two months of supply at the ready, including lots of ammo. During times of increased uncertainty, he ups his inventory. spoke to him by phone at his home in Kentucky to get his advice on the best way to prep for the uncertain. Marc, how are you doing?

Hampton: I’m doing great. Are you concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic?

Hampton: I am. It is something that everybody should take seriously. You don’t want to get sick and people that have gotten sick have ended up in hospitals and/or dead. Of course, that depends on your age and health, well being. If you have preexisting health problems, especially respiratory issues, you should definitely be worried about it. Have you noticed people around you being concerned?

Hampton: Absolutely. Despite me still working, and I do work in a factory-style environment, half of our workforce is gone. Most of that is due to childcare issues, but I think a lot of it has to do with people just not wanting to be around other people.

AR-15s hanging out on Hampton’s front porch. (Photo: Marc Hampton) Have you made any gun or ammo purchases lately?

Hampton: Yes I have. I bought a significant amount of ammunition recently just because if the economy does crash because of this — even though the economy is stimulated — I do think ammo and guns would be worth more than gold. I could trade a brick of .22 ammo for a loaf of bread if I had to when a wheelbarrow full of money would mean nothing to somebody other than toilet paper. How much ammo should someone have to be prepared?

Hampton: It depends on where you are and what your situation might be; but I would say for long guns, you wouldn’t want to have any less than 1,000 rounds, handguns probably about 500 rounds, shotguns 500 rounds. Because you can sustain yourself with something like that for quite a long time hunting-wise or defensive-wise.

One of Hampton’s go-to guns: an Armscor VR80 Tactical 12-gauge shotgun. (Photo: Marc Hampton) Have you noticed a shortage of guns or ammo recently?

Hampton: Gun sales have gone through roof, so have ammo sales. I bought my ammo fairly early on before the shortage set in; but yes, definitely, ammo has been flying off the shelves and new gun owners are finding out the problems with trying to become a new gun owner. You get put on waitlists and they’re not happy about it. Do you carry a gun on yourself at all times?

Hampton: Yes I do, unless I’m at work because it is not allowed, but it is in my car. I carry a Canik with a red dot sight. I’m sort of set up John Wick style. I have the whole 3-gun set up pretty much with me at all times.

Hampton’s EDC, a Canik TP9V2 with Leupold Delta Point Pro red dot. (Photo: Marc Hampton) Would you call yourself a prepper?

Hampton: I would, but not in the way you might see on television. I don’t have a basement full of food or ammo. I’m very light on prepping. I have enough food to last me about two months, but I have enough ammo to fight a small war. Are you still driving your M35a2 deuce-and-a-half?

Hampton: Hell yeah I’m driving it. I’ve been getting some weird looks lately. I just put a new driveshaft in it last weekend and took it out to get food for the geese. I keep livestock because, well, you know, prepping.

I’ve got an inverter set up in it and it’s multi-fuel. I picked up another 55-gallon drum of fuel for it recently in case I have to run it to power the house, but I don’t see the power going out or anything like that. But fuel’s at an all-time low, so why not buy?

Hampton keeps geese and other livestock around his house. (Photo: Marc Hampton) Do you have any advice to someone who wants to get into prepping?

Hampton: It’s easy. Start out with some tough boxes. I started out with two tough boxes and I filled them with canned goods. Now, I have enough food to last me for two months. I didn’t break the bank. I did it as I went. A little here, a little there adds up quickly. You go through it every now and then and you see what’s getting old and you eat it and replace it with new stuff.

As for weapons and stuff like that, go buy something you like and keep it, and keep a bunch of ammo for it and make it accurate and go have fun with it. You’ll save your ass later. It’s really not hard to prep. Just be smart. Don’t be naive. Don’t live day to day getting what you need. You should always have an emergency supply at your house.

One of Hampton’s tough boxes containing food. (Photo: Marc Hampton) Wise words. Thanks, Marc.

Hampton: You’re welcome.

Get to know Marc a little bit better in the video we made with him a few years ago.

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Beat COVID Cabin Fever with some Classic Gun Coloring Sheets

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 03:37

In an effort to fill the time brought about by the quarantine blues, we went through our Vault of Certified Used Guns for some interesting pieces.

Ranging from an old-school Spanish Astra 600 to a more modern Chiappa Rhino with stops on Colt’s iconic models, some from Beretta, the HK P7, Mauser HSc, and others. For more details than in the sheet, click the link to see images of the actual gun if you like. And for the whole 25-sheet collection in pdf format, click here.

Astra 600

Beretta 21 A

Browning Challenger

Chiappa Rhino 40DS

Colt 1st Model Dragoon

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer

Colt Detective Special

Colt Diamondback

Colt Gold Cup National Match Series 80

E7 39 CZ 38

Glock G19 Gen 4 (Customized)

Heckler and Koch P7 M13

High Standard Model 107 Military Supermatic Citation

Beretta 92

Mauser HSc

Rob. Fluckiger, Buchsenmacher 5.2mm

Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Navy

Smith and Wesson Model 19-4

Smith Wesson 15-3

Smith Wesson 27-3

Thompson Center Contender

Walther PPK

Walther TP

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket

If you like cool old guns like these, be sure to check out our Collector’s Corner, where we always have interesting and curious pieces in stock. 

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Gun Shops Fight Back Against Government Efforts to Close Them

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 06:11

While many states and cities recognize gun stores as an essential part of the right to keep and bear arms, others are ordering them closed. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Across the country, the firearms industry is striving to remain in operation as an essential business despite attempts to trim Second Amendment rights.

State issues

In some areas, actions by anti-gun Democratic governors taking aim at gun shops during declared states of emergency are forcing some to shut their doors. This is a particular problem in jurisdictions where the state government controls the background check process. A dozen states serve as Point of Contact for all firearms transactions, rather than use the FBI’s NICS service.

New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy on Saturday announced Executive Order 107 directing all non-essential retail businesses closed to the public to include the Garden State’s licensed firearms dealers. Further, as the New Jersey State Police runs the state’s NICS Unit, this included turning off online services for NICS transactions, a move that will remain in place “until further order by Governor Murphy.”

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs has responded that they will see Murphy in court over the move, one that blocks not only gun sales but also that of ammo.

“Gun rights exist precisely for emergencies like the one the country is facing right now with the Coronavirus,” said ANJRPC in a statement. “Honest citizens must be able to defend themselves and their families from all manner of threats in this type of emergency – not be blocked from exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

New York

On Friday. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order to restrict all employees of non-essential industries and businesses triggered the closure of Remington’s iconic Ilion, New York factory as reported by local media in the Empire State. The facility will close to all but salaried employees until at least the end of April. Likewise, gun shops are shuttering as well.


Gov. Tom Wolf last week issued an order to close all “non-life-sustaining businesses,” a move which did not make an exception for gun shops despite warnings from firearms attorneys that the Governor could not direct such a closure. With threats of lawsuits materializing over the order, Wolf’s office paused over the weekend on the issue while the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court weighed in. In the end, the court sided with Wolf over the howls of three justices who disagreed with the decision.

“In light of the regulatory framework attending the sale and transfer of firearms, the inability of licensed firearm dealers to conduct any physical operations amounts to a complete prohibition upon the retail sale of firearms—an activity in which the citizens of this Commonwealth recently have been engaging on a large scale, and one guaranteed by both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of this Commonwealth,” said Justice David Wecht.

Rhode Island

On Friday, Gov. Gina Raimondo issued an Executive Order pushing the state’s 7-day background check period on firearm transfers to 30 days. The move came on the urging of police officials who asked Raimondo for the increase, which would last until at least April 19.

“There is zero justification for extending the firearm waiting period to 30 days,” noted the NRA.

Notably, in some Point of Contact states helmed by Democratic governors with anti-gun records, firearms industry shops are on the list of “essential” businesses allowed to remain open. This includes Connecticut and Illinois.

“When an anti-gun Democrat governor declares that essential businesses include firearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers for the purposes of safety and security, that is a really big deal,” said Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb in a statement emailed to “Every governor should copy the Illinois example when issuing ‘shelter-in-place’ and business closure orders in the face of the Coronavirus.”

Cities and Counties Muscling FFLs

In California, local governments are in many cases giving their area gun shops grief. In the San Francisco Bay area– surrounding the city that forced its gun stores out of business five years ago– San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo declared that such shops are non-essential. With that, local police went by to shut down the city’s sole FFL.

“We are having panic buying right now for food,” Liccardo said last week. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

In another Bay Area crackdown on a licensed dealer, the Alameda County Sheriff’s office repeatedly told Solar Tactical in Castro Valley to close its doors. The shop’s owner refused at first but reportedly complied after the district attorney threatened him with prosecution.

“A gun store is an essential business because it’s a Second-Amendment right,” Solar Tactical owner Mike Addis told local media. “A lot of our customers are business owners and they’re concerned about looting or they’re concerned about their personal safety in the house.”

Meanwhile, the City of Fresno last week approved an emergency declaration that allows the city to forbid the sale of guns and ammo.

Industry Response

The trade organization for the American firearms industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation is striving to have gun and ammo retailers and the like labeled as critically important during times of crisis.

“NSSF is in contact with the White House, Capitol Hill and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advocating that our industry – from manufacturers to distributors to retailers to ranges – be declared by DHS as a ‘national critical infrastructure industry,'” says the group. “The DHS list is only guidance to states and local governments and does not carry the force of law. Therefore, NSSF is proactively working at the state and local level to advocate that our industry be exempted from any emergency ordinances or orders as “essential businesses.'”

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NSSF, Partners Emphasize Gun Safety as Sales Rise, Families Stay Home

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 04:17

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and its partners urge gun owners to keep firearm safety a top priority and are making safety resources widely available as gun and ammunition sales increase, especially among first-time firearm purchasers.

“During this stressful time and with children spending more time at home, the firearm industry reminds gun owners that protecting yourself and your family includes making sure your firearms are stored securely when not in use,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and CEO. “The last thing any firearm owner wants is to have their gun fall into the wrong hands, particularly those of a child or someone at risk of harming themselves.”

NSSF is working with firearm retailers nationwide to ensure they discuss safe storage options with their customers, whether they are new to gun ownership or experienced. Although safety is something firearm retailers regularly talk about with their patrons, the reminder by NSSF comes at a time when retailers across the country are extremely busy due to rising interest in firearm ownership.

For anyone considering buying a gun, Project ChildSafe’s “Road To Responsible Firearm Ownership” tool discusses the basic safety steps a gun owner can take to ensure responsible ownership.

Project ChildSafe’s “Many Paths to Firearm Safety” video series can also help gun owners understand how to determine the best safe storage device for their lifestyle, as can this Safe Storage Options infographic.

NSSF encourages gun owners and non-gun owners to use the library of firearm safety resources available on its Project ChildSafe website. These include the McGruff Gun Safety videos for young children and an educational video for parents on how to discuss gun safety with children of all ages.

“More parents are assuming the role of educators in their homes, so it’s a good to time have a talk with your kids about gun safety, even if you don’t own a gun,” Bartozzi said. “If you do own a firearm, be sure your family understands the safety rules regarding firearms in your home, and always store guns responsibly when not in use.”

Although the number of fatal firearm accidents is at historic lows, such accidents are almost always preventable. Proper firearm storage is the #1 way to help prevent accidents, as well as deter thefts. Secure storage can also play a role in helping to prevent access by persons going through a difficult time.

Since 2017, NSSF has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to educate gun owners about mental wellness and suicide prevention. In this recent blog post, AFSP discusses taking care of one’s mental health during times of uncertainty.

Also, AFSP and NSSF have developed a Suicide Prevention toolkit to help firearm retailers, shooting range operators and their customers understand risk factors and warning signs related to suicide, know where to find help and encourage secure firearm storage.

Anyone needing help for themselves or others can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or contact the crisis text line by texting TALK to 741741.

For more information on firearm safety, please visit is a proud partner with the NSSF of Project ChildSafe.

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Ammo Makers Strive to Keep up Production, Respond to Demand

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 03:28

Along with a dramatic increase in firearm sales seen coast-to-coast, a run on ammunition has ammo makers cranking up to meet demand.

The climb in ammo sales started slowly this month then spiked in the past week, with Google noting a 1350% jump in internet searches between March 11 and March 17 alone. This came as the mainstream media covered long lines at local gun shops of anxious consumers stocking up on the valuable commodity as part of their coronavirus prepping larder.

With supplies of cartridges running short in most popular calibers both online and in the store, ammo makers have responded to make it clear they are still very much in operation.

Hornaday’s president, Steven Hornady, along with the company’s vice president, Jason Hornady, released a short video on Friday telling consumers they remain committed to production during the COVID-19 crisis.

“What the message is, is that we want you to know we are doing everything we can to ship more, keep people in stock, and keep things moving,” said Jason. “We are dealing with all the challenges that are coming at us– and there’s a new one every hour. Our commitment is to continue shipping and doing our best.”

At the same time, Steven Hornaday released a separate video opining on the panic itself and of the importance of the Second Amendment.

“Our Second Amendment preserves your Freedoms,” he said.

Meanwhile, Federal Premium posted images of employees away from the traditional assembly lines packing cartridge boxes.

Employees at Federal pitching in to help fill boxes with ammunition by hand (Photo: Federal)

“Federal’s President recruited members of his staff to help him hand-pack ammo to fulfill orders,” noted the company on social media. “We are working hard to get you the ammo you need, no matter what.”

It’s not just large ammo makers who are steaming full speed ahead. In Michigan, Fenix Ammunition in Novi is reportedly hiring people recently laid off to help work at the company’s facility to handle the surge in orders.

“Everybody is responsible for their own defense and they’re entitled to do that and so we’re going to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure they have what they need when they need it,” Justin Nazaroff of Fenix Ammunition told Fox 2 Detriot.


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Stalking the Elusive Toilet Paper Roll in the Wild

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 01:53

With the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020 underway, we took to the woods in search of the ever-elusive tissue roll in the wild.

With the vast majority of TP in circulation in North America hailing from domesticated herds, rolls loose on the range are typically eschewed by the average consumer as they have a perhaps unjust reputation of being “gamey.” However, for those in the know, experiencing freshly harvested wild-caught TP rolls can be life-changing.

They are a bit tricky to find sometimes, so here are few tips.

Due to their size, wild TP often stick to tight trails through the trees (All photos: Chris Eger/

Camo is essential when stalking TP, as their eyesight is amazingly sharp and they can spot the inexperienced hunter from miles away

Not ground burrowers by any means, TP can sometimes be found bedded down in depressions…

…and other hides

They can sometimes be caught in the open, passing along log bridges and roots over obstacles.

Keep in mind they can often be found on ridgelines as well

Caught at the watering hole.

While typically ground-bound, under the right circumstances TP can be found taking to the trees


As with most woodland creatures, you can see the young does of the species take to the larger and more Alpha bucks during the rut

Don’t worry, no TP was harmed in the making of this post. We love our tissue here at At this point, this could be my 401K

Want more?

Since you came this far and still apparently can’t get enough of this stuff, here are some more TP-related videos that have recently popped up on the gun tubes.

22Plinkster tests out the rolls against CCI Stangers (not a misprint) and 5.7x28mm.

Edwin Sarkissian taps in a Glock 19 in 9mm

And the Gould Brothers bring out the 12 gauge to cover the bases.

Finally, in an honorable mention, the VSO Channel runs a test for purely educational purposes on how long you can use a TP roll as a suppressor cover before the flame sets in.

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