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Ruger unveils new 50th Anniversary limited edition M77 Hawkeye (PHOTOS)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:45

The new offering, limited to a 1,000-rifle run, includes 50th-anniversary engravings. (Photos: Ruger)

In celebrating the half-century anniversary mark of their M77 bolt-action rifle, Ruger has a limited edition model complete with engravings and a high-grade American Walnut stock.

The 50th Anniversary Hawkeye M77 is chambered in the always-popular .243 Winchester and is limited to 1,000 rifles. Engraved on both the bolt handle and floorplate, the 7-pound rifle comes standard with a 22-inch cold hammer-forged barrel and a satin blued finish.

The rifle is standard with integral scope mounts, machined directly on the solid-steel receiver, and ships with matching rings.

Common to the M77 line is a hinged solid-steel floorplate; a one-piece, stainless steel bolt with a non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor and a three-position safety.

The rifle ships with a red drawstring bag for included scope rings and studs for mounting sling swivels.

“M77 50 Years” is engraved on both the bolt handle…

and “M77 Ruger 50 Years 1968 2018” on the hinged floorplate

MSRP is $1,799.

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Visit Eagle Sports Gun Range, a luxury range in Chicagoland (VIDEO)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:30

Public gun ranges may sound out of place in the Chicagoland area given the city’s historic stance on gun control, but they exist. In fact, one of the nicest in the region opened shop in suburban Oak Forest. Eagle Sports Gun Range is a luxury range that could make upscale facilities you’d expect to find in Las Vegas or Scottsdale blush.

Ali Abdallah, an RSO and instructor at Eagle Sports Gun Range, gave us the all access tour to the one-of-a-kind range. Inside we found an incredible set-up that included 22 handgun lanes ranging to 25 yards and six rifle lanes ranging to 50 yards. This busy range was full of great guns to purchase, everything from SIG’s to Draco’s line the walls. Besides being able to purchase there was a ton of guns to rent, including a Barret and full auto selections.

While Abdallah was happy to show off the goods to us, which included a state-of-the-art VIP lounge, he was most proud of the customer service and clientele that the range provides. “Customer service is the number one priority here at Eagle Sports,” he said, “we want to make sure the customer gets what they need.”

He said they also offer a full selection of classes, everything from beginner pistol to advanced tactical classes can be taken at the range. For more information, check out Eagle Sports Range’s website.

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The curious case of an M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon-equipped Toyota Prius (VIDEOS)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:15

Starting off with a salvaged 20mm cannon from an F-16, a lot of work went into getting it working and mounted to one of Toyota’s hybrid electric go-carts.

Black Rifle Coffee’s Matt Best teamed up with FullMag’s Richard Ryan to mount the Vulcan on the Prius, seen blasting off in the above video.

Why do it? Brrrrrt.

The project, which started in June, took hundreds of hours of work and had some complications to work through, such as gutting the Prius and fabricating a mount. Also, an F-16 has a lot more power to offer to run the electrically-fired six-barreled rotary cannon than what the compact car does, a problem which required an out of the box solution. Plus, the fuel-sipping grocery-getter wasn’t designed to withstand the force of 300-pounds of cannon going off above its roof.

Still, they made it happen.

To pull it all off, they tapped in Battlefield Vegas as well as big gun experts Pat Hamilton and our buddy Bob Bigando to make it happen.

The really interesting behind-the-scenes is below. Oh, yeah, and did we mention that the rounds cost $27 a pop?

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BUG: Why two handguns are better than one (VIDEO)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:00

We’ve all heard the old adage that “two is one and one is none,” but does that apply to handguns? I mean, why would you seriously need a back-up gun? Do you think you’ll find yourself in a situation like Doc Holliday? Well, there are definitely some solid arguments for carrying a BUG.

Two is always better than one. Theoretically, carrying two guns would increase your odds in a self-defense situation because you’re providing yourself more options. You could do a New York reload, if need be, or you could hand one off to a partner who doesn’t have a gun (and make friends).

BUGs are usually smaller and hold fewer rounds than primary guns. While most gun owners might assume BUGS are pocket pistols, as in handguns that can be carried inside a pocket, they vary in size. Other types of concealed carry pistols – compact to subcompact – can fit the role just as well.

That brings me to my first point. One big advantage of carrying a semi-auto is more ammo. You don’t need to have a .38 revolver and 9mm primary. Instead, you could use 9mm in both. This is particularly nice if you decide to make your BUG a sub-compact model that will also use the same magazines as your primary.

BUGs are the only type of firearms I would carry off body. Carrying a BUG in a backpack or purse (or man purse (a satchel)) makes sense as long as a primary is on your person. (Photo: Ben Brown/

A revolver can make a great BUG because of its simple design and reliability. (Photo: Ben Brown/

Next, the best use of a BUG is when my primary isn’t available. What I mean is when something breaks on my primary, I carry the BUG until I fix my primary.

Lastly, BUGs are the only type of firearms I would carry off body. Carrying a BUG in a backpack or purse (or man purse (a satchel)) makes sense as long as a primary is on your person. It may come in handy in cases where, say, you forget your primary. Don’t try to deny it. We’ve all done it.

Certainly, there are equally valuable counter arguments to carrying a BUG – extra cost for gear and additional liability are two that come to mind – but it’s a nice concept to explore for those who are serious about concealed carry.

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Full Auto Friday Fun: MP5s and Minigun bonus (VIDEOS)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 07:45

There is just something so cheerful about hearing 9mm wear the paint off something at a high cyclic rate.

Scott with Kentucky Ballistics has really been clocking in extra to load HK MP5 magazines in a series of “Full Auto Friday” videos. In what we think is the best of the lot, he drills a Defense Target at something like 700 rounds per minute.

Want more? How about taking a look at what they put inside Stretch Armstrong?

And making a dumpster sing.

And body armor.

Finally, since you came this far, enjoy Edwin Sarkissian stacking up rounds from a Minigun on ballistic glass.

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SWORD International releases MK-17 to civilian market

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 07:30

The MK-17 rifle moves from military use to civilian use as SWORD International brings it to the consumer market. (Photo: SWORD International)

SWORD International brings its MK-17 rifle from the battlefield to consumers, announcing the rifle platform will join its commercial lineup.

Originally designated as a special forces rifle, the marksman MK-17 features a lightweight design SWORD says is reliable and “highly accurate.” Weighing 9-pounds, the MK-17 delivers a 16-inch barrel in a compact system that offers long-range capabilities. The MK-17 features an ambidextrous bolt catch/release pad which is placed near the front of the trigger well. Additionally, the platform boasts a fold-down side charging handle.

The MK-17 comes chambered in 7.62×51 NATO, .260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor. (Photo: SWORD International)

Tackling multiple shooting environments due to its construction, SWORD says the MK-17 platform is ideal for a bevy of shooting applications.

“Whether you are a hunter, a competitive shooter or simply enjoy long-range shooting, the SWORD International MK-17 rifle is the perfect choice,” the company said in a news release.

The MK-17 comes chambered in the shooter’s choice of 7.62×51 NATO, .260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor. Available nationwide, the MK-17 is priced at $3,995.

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Century warns that Romanian accident could affect Draco, WASR supply

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 07:15

Century Arms, which imports WASR rifles and Draco pistols from Romania, said this week an incident at the plant there could lead to supply issues. (Photo: CAI)

A tragic explosion at the state-owned Cugir Arms Factory in Romania could affect the flow of AK rifle and pistol variants to the U.S. commercial market.

The ROMARM-run SC Cugir factory, located in Transylvania, was the site of a blast and resulting fire last week in a tunnel where weapons are tested. Killed was an unidentified 50-year-old woman. The AP reports that the blaze took firefighters two hours to extinguish. The factory, first opened in 1799, employs 1,000 and has long been a leader in the production of Kalashnikov-pattern small arms in Eastern Europe.

Here in the states, Century Arms has cultivated a relationship with Cugir that saw the importer bring in the Romanian company’s semi-auto WASR and PSL rifles as well as Draco pistols since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

“While the company has a small quantity in stock, future delivery status of these products is uncertain,” said Century in a statement issued on Wednesday. Saying they were saddened to learn of the event, CAI stressed that they will “support our Romanian partners in this tragic loss and time of need.”

First imported from Romania in 2010, the 21.5-inch overall Draco pistol, 17.75-inch Mini Draco, 15.5-inch Micro Draco, and Draco NAK9 have grown in popularity in the past decade, carving out an outsized hold in gun culture. So much so that Century began producing their own “100 percent American-made” versions in their Vermont factory last year to keep up with “overwhelming demand.”

While the stocks of WASR rifles and PSLs headed to the states had dried up in recent years due to Cugir seeing an influx in government and military contracts, Century had earlier this summer announced that shipments had resumed for both on a limited basis.

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Battle Arms Development rolls out Rack, ambi charging handle

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 07:00

The BAD Rack is an ambidextrous design featuring no roll pins. (Photo: Battle Arms Development)

Battle Arms Development is serving up a new ambidextrous charging handle in the form of the Battle Arms Rack.

Designed without roll pins, the Battle Arms Rack Ambi Charging Handle features a smooth sliding latch that slides parallel with the notch on the receiver. This design facilitates a quick release in addition to reducing wear and tear. The Rack offers left or right side charging in addition to delivering a durable, sturdy build for rifle systems.

The charging handle is constructed from aluminum. (Photo: Battle Arms Development)

“Machined from one single piece of aluminum, the Rack handle was designed with strength in mind,” Battle Arms Development said in a news release. “It is also key to the sliding latch and the positive and balanced pull of the charging handle.”

Made in the U.S., the Rack Charging Handle is topped with a hard anodized black finish. The ambi charging device will be available in mid-December with pre-sales going on now through Battle Arms Development. Early adopters will get a $26 coupon towards future purchases. The Rack is priced at $125.

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Remington launches new 700 CP pistol line in 3 calibers (PHOTOS)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 06:45

The new Remington 700 CP is offered in .223, .300 AAC and .308 Win (Photos: Remington)

Billed as the next in a long line of bolt-action handguns reaching back to the classic XP100, Big Green’s new Model 700 Chassis Pistol is now here.

Using a short-action Remington 700 system, the Chassis Pistol is advertised by the New York-based company as an accurate and compact handgun for use on the range or in a hunting environment. Offered (initially) in .300 Blackout, .223 Remington and .308 Winchester, the CP in its longest version is just 21.75-inches overall. Featuring 10.5-inch barrels in its .300 AAC and .223 formats, the pistol runs a 12.5-inch barrel in the .308 version.

Exit fireball, here. Also, note the tread protector

Regardless of caliber, the CPs all come standard with an M-LOK handguard, threaded muzzle, and a full top Pic rail for optics and/or BUIS as it comes sans sights. The guns use a Magpul MIAD pistol grip, Remington’s X-Mark adjustable (3.5 to 5.5-pound) trigger system, and the magwell is set up to accept 10-round Accuracy International AICS-spec magazine system detachables. There is a rear single-point quick-detach sling point, which should prove useful as the weight on the series ranges from 5.95 to 6.15-pounds with the .308 pushing the heavier end of that scale. Finish is hard coat anodized and black Cerakote.


Retail is $1,020, as suggested by Remington, which should be less at your local dealer.

The company largely pioneered the bolt-action hunting handgun market with the XP100, a compact 40X short action which debuted in the 1960s complete with an advertising campaign that touted it as “the world’s hottest handgun,” especially when coupled with the very hot .221 Remington Fireball.

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Springfield Armory launches Saint Edge Pistol (VIDEO)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 06:30

Springfield Armory expands its Saint platform, shrinking the rifle series down to an AR handgun platform dubbed the Saint Edge Pistol.

The Saint Edge Pistol brings a 5.56 chambered design to consumers looking for a lightweight build. With a billet-machined lower receiver, the Saint Edge Pistol offers a full-length free float M-LOK compatible handguard paired with a 10.3-inch, 1:8 twist CMV barrel.

A Maxim Defense CQB adjustable pistol brace brings the Saint Edge Pistol’s measurements down to 24.6-inches with the brace collapsed. Weighing a little over 5-pounds, the Saint Edge Pistol boasts a multi/mode adjustable gas blocks to grant shooters the ability to tune the carbine for specific ammunition or suppressors.

The Saint Edge Pistol offers a pared down version of the Saint rifle line. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

The Saint Edge Pistol sports front and rear spring loaded flip-up sights with a 1/2 MOA windage adjustable dual aperture rear sight and 1/2 MOA elevation-adjustable front sight. The front sight can co-witness with optics or fold down when not in use.

“The compact Saint Edge Pistol is the perfect companion for personal defense,” Springfield Armory said in a news release. “The newest Saint pistol from Springfield Armory delivers a lot of power in a small package.”

The Saint Edge Pistol is available from Springfield Armory with an MSRP of $1,559.

The Saint Edge Pistol comes chambered in 5.56 NATO. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

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Sig Sauer adds P938 and P238 Micro-Compact to Legion Series (VIDEOS)

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 06:00

The Legion Series gets two new additions with the P938 and P238 micro-compact pistols. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer expands its Legion Series adding two new models, the P938 and P238 micro-compact pistols.

Designed for what Sig says are “elite shooting professionals,” the Legion Series features hammer fired pistols chambered in 9mm and sporting X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights. Equipped with an all-metal design, the P938 and P238 offer a Legion-gray coated slide and frame.

The pistols are decked out with custom high-checkered black G10 grips accented with a Legion medallion. The P938 and P238 utilize a contoured elite beavertail, allowing for a higher grip, as well an aluminum trigger.

The Legion series delivers premium features to Sig Sauer fans. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

“The introduction of these two micro-compact pistols to the Legion Series was driven by our Legion members whom have been asking us to expand this product line,” Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, Sig Sauer, said in a press release. “With the addition of the Legion series P938 and P238 pistols, not only have we have expanded our Legion series of pistols, we have also introduced an entirely new category of pistols to Legion with the micro-compact.”

The P938 measures 5.9-inches in length with a 3-inch barrel. Tipping scales at 17-ounces, the P938 retails for $904. The P238 features a 5.5-inch length with a 2.7-inch barrel. Weighing 15.2-ounces, the P238 is priced at $850.

The pistols are both hammer-fired designs with G10 grips and Legion medallion. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

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HAVA offers new Long Range Shooting Program for injured shooters

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:30

The Long Range Shooting Program’s inaugural class took place in October. (Photo: HAVA)

Honored American Veterans Afield introduces a new program under its Learn to Shoot Again devision, launching the Long Range Shooting Program.

Aided by injured training instructors, the Long Range Shooting Program is designed to help injured students return to the outdoor sports they enjoyed pre-injury. Students with hand amputations, broken backs, shoulder reconstructions, traumatic brain injuries and other injuries are able to learn new skills to help them tackle long range targets.

The inaugural class was held in October over the course of three-days. The course allowed 11 injured veterans to shoot out to 900 yards. Companies like Sig Sauer, Daniel Defense, Vortex, Leupold, Savage, DPMS and Kestrel all donated products to the LTSA division to allow students to practice with the best equipment available, according to HAVA.

HAVA aims to reconnect injured gun owners with the shooting sports through instruction tailored to overcoming challenges as a result of injury. (Photo: HAVA via Facebook)

“Long range shooting skills are just one of the lessons that our LTSA instructors bring to these students who deserve everything that we can do to inspire and assist in their recovery,” HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor, said in a news release. “The fact that our instructors have each personally gone through the re-habilitation process after the loss of a limb or other severe injury is a real-life example for the student that recovery from tragedy is possible, and that the best part of life may still be in their future. We believe that our efforts can make the ultimate difference with a disabled veteran who might otherwise not be able to fulfill their long-term potential for happiness.”

Additional information can be found at HAVA’s website.

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Convenience store chain to hire ‘hybrid’ clerks that carry guns on the job

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:00

QuikTrip wants to expand their armed clerk program (Photo: QuikTrip)

A Tulsa-based chain of convenience stores is looking for employees with a particular set of skills.

The QuikTrip Corporation, with some 750 locations in a dozen states, is advertising for full-time store clerks in the Tulsa area who double as armed security. In short, besides an ability to “provide quality customer service,” among the primary role of the $35 per hour job is to protect the location and those in it. The chain has reportedly trialed the concept in Wichita, Kansas and it has already seen success.

“Our employees like it, customers really like it, and we’re seeing all kinds of (security and crime-related) incidents just plummet,” QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh told Tulsa World. “Customers really like it that we’re trying something that’s making a difference.”

The hybrid employees won’t replace full-time outside security and off-duty police used by the company but will augment those as well as other safety guidelines. Applicants for the positions will need to be able to pass a physical and, as a minimum, have a high school diploma, CPR certification and some sort of armed security or police certification and background coupled with a few years of prior experience.

“We’re just going to have to take matters into our own hands and still utilize and partner with Tulsa Police Department and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, but there’s not enough of them to do the job,” said Thornbrugh.

In July, a Tulsa police officer and a suspect were wounded in an officer-involved shooting at a local QuikTrip.

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Pushing out to 500 yards with the Ruger Mini-14 (VIDEO)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 09:30

In an exercise to test out the practical accuracy from the humble and old school Ruger Mini-14, a shooter and spotter give it a go out to the 500 mark.

Josh Mazzola and Henry Chan team up for the test from 9-Hole Reviews. The wood-stocked Mini-14 used for the test was topped with a Trijicon Accupoint 1-6x Mildot optic on a Warne mount with LaRue rings. Suppressed, the 5.56mm plinker was also fitted with an Accu-Strut bolt-on accurizing device and what looks to be a Harris bipod.

Starting at the 150-yard mark, they work on torso-sized targets using IMI M193 55-grain ammo on a breezy day.

The final analysis? Watch the footage.

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Shooting drill of the day: Vigr Training Scales (VIDEO)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 09:00

The Scales drill from Vigr Training is designed to work two important skillsets in shooting a handgun: running the trigger and visual processing. The drill requires 15 rounds total – three shots in five circles and only clean shots count – and scores are dependent on overall time.

For success, the drill requires a shooter to vary trigger pace. It forces them to work on deliberate trigger manipulation on the smallest circles to faster trigger manipulation for the larger targets.

Simultaneously, a shooter gets to work through an entire spectrum of visual interactions. This begins with conventional sight alignment and sight picture. Then, they move to flash front site and finally through gun indexing.

The drill changes by simply reversing the order in which a shooter engages the circles or turning orientation of the target. To increase the difficulty add reloads and increase the round count.

In a limited number of rounds a shooter has a great exercise to test a variety of core handgun skills. This not only saves money but also time. The printable Scales Target can be found a Vigr Training’s website.

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HandALL Beavertail for P365 joins Hogue lineup

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 09:00

The HandALL Beavertail Grip offers more purchase on the Sig Sauer P365. (Photo: Hogue)

Hogue adds the Sig Sauer P365 to its list of handgun grip models, introducing the HandALL Beavertail Grip for the P365.

Installed by slipping the HandALL over the Sig P365’s frame, the HandALL Beavertail eventually seats int position offering a more comfortable fit for shooter’s hands. The HandALL is equipped with finger grooves that deliver a more instinctive grip on the gun, according to Hogue.

“The high capacity SIG Sauer P365 has taken the industry by storm,” grip sleeve designer Matt Hogue said in a news release. “The effortless carry and concealability of this firearm makes it a top choice for today’s compact carry shooters. The precision features of our new grip sleeves enhance the comfort and grip of this already super functional firearm.”

The HandALL Beavertail is constructed from a durable thermoplastic elastomer compound, allowing the rubber to age “very gracefully” maintaining a tacky feel through its lifespan. Hogue says the grip will not harden or crack with use, keeping its integrity over time. Using a Cobblestone texture, the HandALL aims to provide a non-slip, non-irritating style.

Available through Hogue in black, OD green, flat dark earth, aqua, pink and purple the HandALL Beavertail for the Sig Sauer P365 is priced at $10.95.

The HandALL Beavertail comes in various colors. (Photo: Hogue)

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Angstadt Arms shows off SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon (PHOTOS)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 08:30

The SCW-9 has a lot going for it in a small package, to include Glock mags and a 1,100 rpm rate of fire. (Photos: Angstadt)

North Carolina-based Angstadt Arms this week released the details of the gun the delivered to compete in the U.S. Army Sub Compact Weapon Program.

Dubbed the SCW-9, the platform was submitted as Angstadt’s entry — along with those from five other companies — for evaluation for use by Army personal security details. Guns proposed for the program had to be a “highly concealable” SCW “capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal and accurate fires at close range with minimal collateral damage.”

Aiming to meet those guidelines, the SCW-9 is some 14.7-inches long overall when its telescoping buttstock is collapsed. Featuring a 4-inch barrel with a three-lug adapter for suppressors, the 9mm sub gun takes double stack Glock pattern mags and weighs in at 4-pounds flat.

The SCW-9 has ambidextrous controls including magazine release, safety selector, charging handle and bolt catch and release

Select-fire, it has fully ambidextrous controls and can fire at 1,100 rounds per minute on full auto. Importantly, the gun uses a shortened multi-caliber AR-15 stock system.

Besides the current 9mm platform, Angstadt says they have tested the shortened stock system in both 5.56mm and .300 AAC and are working on a pistol brace version for the U.S. commercial market.

The Army currently uses HK MP5s for personal security detachments for high-ranking officers but is looking to upgrade. In line with that, the new SCW program originally involved more than a dozen companies to include Beretta, Brügger & Thomet, Colt, CMMG, CZ, HK, Noveske, PTR, Sig Sauer and Zenith Firearms.

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Honeywell expands Howard Leight eyewear line

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 08:00

The UVEX safety eyewear offers budget friendly options for shooters. (Photo: Honeywell)

Honeywell adds to its lineup of Howard Leight eyewear, introducing four new models under the UVEX safety eyewear brand.

The new UVEX offerings include the Hypershock, Acadia, A1500 and A700 Sharp-Shooter models. The series features a lightweight frame, contoured to fit under shooting earmuffs, paired with scratch-resistant lenses. Coated with the Uvextreme Plus anti-fog coating, the glasses are constructed to offer protection and performance in tough environments.

The glasses offer a variety of tinted options. (Photo: Honeywell)

The UVEX Hypershock boasts a sporty look with wrap-around frame and padded temples. Topped with a molded nosepiece, the Hypershock boasts seven models under its wing to include a range of lens tins as well as coatings to circumvent harsh environments. The UVEX Hypershock is priced between $14.99 and $18.99 depending on model.

The UVEX Acadia features a 3/4 frame designed for a bevy of activities and demands. The glasses tout a soft, molded temple with six lens tints to choose from in addition to anti-fog lens coatings. The UVEX Acadia has a MSRP of $15.99.

The UVEX A1500 offers flexible temples and a molded nosepiece in an adjustment-free frame. The full-frame style features a sleek look, according to Honeywell, and delivers three lens tints. The UVEX A1500 is priced at $14.99.

Finishing off the new series is the UVEX A700 Sharp-Shooter. Using a clear, slim wrap-around design, the A700 Sharp-Shooter is a budget friendly option for shooters retailing for $5.89.

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The story behind Sig Sauer’s M17 Tomb of the Unknown pistols (VIDEO)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 08:00

The gravity of standing as a Sentinel over the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Ceremony requires a special gun.

To understand the importance of the mission facing the select guard provided by the oldest infantry regiment in the Army in securing the Tomb, Tim Butler with Sig Sauer went there and spoke to the elite soldiers performing the Sentinel duty. Butler explains in the above video from the New Hampshire-based company that everything to do with the four ceremonial M17 handguns was deliberately planned.

The high-gloss finish reflects the polish and attention to detail shown by the Sentinels, such as in their belts and shoes.

The wood grips, crafted from the decks of the USS Olympia — the cruiser that brought the first Unknown Soldier back home from Europe after World War I — were meant to be historic of older weapons and complement the wood stocks of the M14s used by the rest of the guard.

Marble dust from the Tomb itself is incorporated into the sights of the firearm while the sight plate replicates the images of the three Greek figures at the site. “In my career, I’ve designed guns for Presidents, celebrities, all kinds of people, but from an honor, there is no greater honor,” said Butler, a Marine veteran, of his work on the Tomb M17s.

Sig presented the guns to the 3rd Infantry Regiment at a ceremony on Oct. 11, and have been used by the Tomb Guard’s sergeants ever since. The company said in a statement that they are “incredibly honored to have a place in a deeply humbling historical event.”

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Deputy survives wild roadside shootout that leaves car riddled (VIDEO)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 07:30

A man currently on a hold by immigration officials was injured in a nearly minute-long exchange of gunfire with an Arkansas lawman. Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, is in the custody of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department after he was wounded in the shootout last Sunday with an area deputy.

According to a statement from the agency, released along with dashcam and bystander footage of the shooting, Washington County Corporal Brett Thompson attempted to stop Cobos-Cenobio for a traffic violation in Tontitown. Once the man finally pulled over on a narrow country road and Thompson exited his vehicle, Cobos-Cenobio can be seen opening his own car door and immediately opening fire with a handgun.

Advancing on Thompson’s marked SUV while the deputy sought cover, the man can be seen shooting around the vehicle and, later, through the windscreen. After 53-seconds of gunplay, Cobos-Cenobio is seen returning to his car, a 2008 Saturn, and speeding away a short distance to let a female passenger out of the vehicle. The female approaches Thompson and is taken into custody.

Cobos-Cenobio was pursued by numerous local and state agencies, before he was arrested in nearby Springdale, after again exchanging fire with officers. Treated for a wound to the left arm and shoulder at an area hospital, he was released to Washington County deputies.

No officers were injured in the incident, although Thompson’s SUV is shown in footage released by the agency to be riddled with bullets. The officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave pending an investigation by state police.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that Cobos-Cenobio has been charged with a host of felonies to include four counts of attempted capital murder, and is being held on a $500,000 bond. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have also placed a hold on the man.

Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, (Photo: WCSD)

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