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Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation saves lives through education, opportunities

6 hours 44 min ago

A member of the Kids S.A.F.E. program takes aim at targets downrange. (Photo: Derek LeBlanc)

Derek LeBlanc stood behind the podium at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference, a participant of a panel aimed at advancing the gun rights message, passionately emphasizing the need for activism as it relates to youth firearm safety education.

LeBlanc is president and founder of the Kids Safety Around Firearms Education Foundation. The nonprofit aims to educate youth on firearm safety while also providing opportunities for students designed to keep kids out of trouble.

Since its inception, Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation has worked with thousands of kids to educate them on basic gun safety, the how-to’s of safe gun handling as well as engaging in field trips to the range to better understand guns. All this work has been devoted to creating an informed youth — one that understands the consequences guns inherently carry.

Additionally, the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation has worked to eradicate bullying through anti-bullying campaigns that have even gone so far as to prevent at least one school shooting, according to LeBlanc.

“We teach the four basic gun safety rules that would save their lives if they came across guns. We take that many steps further though,” LeBlanc told the crowd at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. “We also talk abut anti-bullying.”

(Photo: Derek LeBlanc, president and founder of Kids S.A.F.E., speaks at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Unlike other organizations, LeBlanc has taken a unwavering approach of inclusivity. Shying away from ideology and branding, LeBlanc looks to reach past just gun owners with his educational programs. LeBlanc said Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation paints with broad strokes, utilizing a friendlier narrative to draw gun owners and non-gun owners alike into the folds of the program. With 42-percent of the kids in his program hailing from non-gun owning households, LeBlanc’s concerns lie with keeping kids alive and well in his community.

“This is not a right or left issue. This is a safety issue. My goal is to be a uniter, not a divider,” LeBlanc said. “A lot of people don’t like guns, so I have to be able to tailor my message to reach people who don’t like guns. That’s what’s made us very successful. It’s the way in which we’ve been able to present the message.”

LeBlanc’s organization is a boots on the ground, Oregon-based grassroots initiative determined to reduce the number of youth deaths at the hands of guns. Though LeBlanc boasts a reach of 5,400, he seeks to grow that number into the millions. For that reason, LeBlanc told after his speech he’s working on mobilizing a safety coalition. Using local instructors and resources, LeBlanc said he’s busy creating connections and a pipeline to roll out his vision nationwide.

Kids participate in a variety of fun activities created for learning. (Photo: Derek LeBlanc/Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation)

“I want to reach as many kids as I can,” LeBlanc told “We got to make sure kids know what to do when they come across guns. Nine kids per day get shot with unsecured firearms…it’s so preventable. All you have to do is properly store your guns and educate your kids.”

LeBlanc is no stranger to violence and, specifically, the role guns often play in subverting bad situations. The survivor of a vicious assault that was resolved with a pistol-grip equipped shotgun, LeBlanc has seen first hand the potential — both good and bad — guns possess. While he emphasizes how thankful that a shotgun was his saving grace during his time of need, LeBlanc also says he sees the possible hazard these items pose to kids. It was this realization that propelled LeBlanc to his current position of activist and mentor.

“We need to carry this torch,”LeBlanc commented. “We have to empower our kids to make safe and responsible decisions when it comes to firearms.”

Though LeBlanc spoke to a crowd packed with 2A supporters, he reiterated to that this issue goes beyond political lines. Gun safety isn’t a topic that just concerns the “right” but one that impacts all Americans.

“Just because you don’t have guns in the home doesn’t mean your kids can’t be exposed to them. That’s why it’s so critical for us to reach out to the people who don’t have guns in their homes,” he concluded. “Zero firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal.”

To learn more about Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation and to get involved check out their website at:

Students of the Kids S.A.F.E. program. (Photo: Derek LeBlanc)

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Glock introduces new Glock 45 compact crossover, Gen5 MOS designs

7 hours 14 min ago

The Glock 45 Compact Crossover. (Photo: Glock)

The Georgia-based gun maker Glock introduced on Monday a new compact handgun, the Glock 45, and expanded the Gen5 pistol design to include the Glock 17 MOS and Glock 19 MOS.

For the Glock 45, the company describes it as a crossover design that utilizes a compact slide and a full-size frame. The new gun includes all the popular Glock features like a passive trigger safety, front slide serrations, ambi controls, modular backstrap system, and a Glock marksman barrel.

The Glock Compact Crossover Pistol Model G45 will make its debut at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference next month.

A cop in one outfit holding the Glock 45 Compact Crossover. (Photo: Glock)

There he is again in another outfit. (Photo: Glock)

Next, the new Gen5 MOS — Modular Optics System, which was introduced in January — will make the Glock 17 and Glock 19 optic ready for precision shooting.

“The MOS platform offers a convenient way for users to mount reflex sights without costly alterations to an original Glock slide,” said osh Dorsey, Glock vice president. “The resulting combination of optical sighting and the unparalleled accuracy and reliability of the new generation of Glock pistols set a new standard for this class of pistol.”

The G17 Gen5 MOS and the G19 Gen5 MOS will be available for purchase starting Oct. 5 at participating dealers.

The popular Glock MOS design holstered. (Photo: Glock)

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Cemetery Guns: A blunderbuss to repel real world body-snatchers (VIDEO)

7 hours 14 min ago

For centuries graveyards had to contend with grave robbers who preyed on the valuables of corpses– and even the corpses themselves — triggering an arms race. Cemetery guns of all sorts were popular in the 18th and 19th Century as a form of primitive booby-trap to deter would-be burglars who specialized in the recently dead.

The gruesome work of some of these Victorian-era nightwalkers was to harvest fresh bodies to sell for use in anatomy training. The solution, as attested to in the above video featuring NRA Museums Registrar Erin Sabatini, was a flintlock blunderbuss set to go off if disturbed, giving those shovel-toting goblins a scare that often included a good bit of shot as well.

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Cutting wood with an M249 SAW (VIDEOS)

8 hours 14 min ago

Not to be confused with a handsaw, the Squad Automatic Weapon is a totally different beast. However, it can still hack through lumber.

Because what Texas ranch doesn’t need an FN-made M249, Matt with Demolition Ranch has a SAW of his very own and covers the basics of the gun’s operation in the above video. He then moves to hack a 2×4″ in half via 5.56mm perforation at close range to see if it can be done. For reference, a regular handsaw is more effective, but not as fun.

Sadly, it looks like he has a semi-auto only “S” version of the which FN introduced to the commercial market in 2015 and have tweaked ever since.

For more NFA-ish fun SilencerCo hit the range with both an FN M249 and a MK 48 MOD 1 for some trigger time in the below video, complete with one of their Saker cans.

Sure, the soundtrack sounds like they borrowed it from the DJ at an Iraqi wedding, but the machine guns are on point and they run a 300-round string through each.

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Maryland police identify victims of Rite Aid shooting

8 hours 14 min ago

Pictured left is Hayleen Reyes, 21. Pictured right is Sunday Aguda, 45. Pictured center is Brindra Giri, 41. All three Rite Aid employees died Thursday in a workplace shooting. (Photos courtesy of their respective families, via the Baltimore Sun)

Law enforcement near Aberdeen, Maryland identified the victims of a workplace shooting last week at a Rite Aid warehouse.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler confirmed three people died and three more sustained injuries when 26-year-old Snochia Moseley opened fire shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday.

Sunday Aguda, a 45-year-old male from Baltimore County; Brindra Giri, a 41-year-old female from Baltimore County and Hayleen Reyes, a 21-year-old female from Baltimore City died in the attack. Hassan Mitchell, a 19-year-old male from Harford County; Wilfredo Villegas, 45-year-old male from Montgomery County; and Purna Acharya, 45-year-old male from New York, were wounded, police confirmed.

Police still don’t know why Moseley, a temporary employee at the distribution center, left work less than an hour after arriving for her 6:30 a.m. shift to retrieve a 9mm handgun from her home in Baltimore County. She re-entered the front gate at 8:35 a.m. and began firing on employees 30 minutes later, striking six before turning the gun on herself, according to police.

Susan Henderson, a Rite Aid spokeswoman, told the Associated Press the building where the shooting occurred served as a support facility for a nearby larger building. The company said on social media the incident left them “deeply saddened.”

Investigators said Moseley lived with mental illness and became “increasingly agitated” over the last two weeks.

“We learned again yesterday, that no community is immune from this type of heinous violence,” Gahler said in a press conference Friday. “Harford County overall is a very safe place to live and work, citizens should feel confident their law enforcement professionals are well trained and prepared to maintain the safety of our community members.”

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Pre-orders available for Apex trigger kit for FN 509

8 hours 44 min ago

The FN 509 is set to get a trigger upgrade thanks to Apex. (Photo: Apex)

Apex Tactical Specialties is now taking pre-orders for its new Action Enhancement Kit designed for the FN 509, FNS and FNS Compact pistols.

The Action Enhancement Kits mark the first and only drop-in trigger kits available for the FN pistols. The kits will be begin shipping in early October. The Action Enhancement Kit looks to reduce trigger pull weight down to 5.5-pounds while also offering a smoother uptake and crisper trigger break.

The trigger kits will come in a few styles to include red Cerakote, pictured above. (Photo: Apex)

“The patent-pending design of the Apex Action Enhancement Kit for FN’s striker-fired pistols includes Apex’s popular Flat-Faced Trigger mounted on an Apex designed proprietary Trigger Bar which is paired with an Apex Sear,” Apex said in a press release.

The kits are available in four styles — black anodized, red Cerakoted, Thin Blue Line, and Freedom Edition. The kits maintain all factory safety values via its center mounted pivoting safety, according to Apex.

The new kits head out of the factory Oct. 9 and features MSRPs in the $149 to $159 range.

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One of the most unique gun shops in America (VIDEO + 37 PICS)

8 hours 45 min ago

While many maybe unfamiliar with Bill Sumner’s store, they’re likely familiar with his range, Knob Creek, which serves as the backdrop for the international machine gun shoot of the same name.

Biff’s Gun World sits at the crossroads of Old Dixie and Dixie Highway in the small town of Valley Station, Kentucky. From the outside, it looks like just another aging business along the highway, but inside is a collection of items personifying the mind of the man who owns it.

Inside may be overwhelming at first with the volume of items. It’s not untidy as there’s a method to the madness, making it feel more like a museum than a retailer.

There’s the collection of stuffed animals, balloons, buckets, dishes and other random items hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention the deer heads and stuffed animals.

Shelves are packed with a mixture of new and old items much like a surplus store. Guns behind the case and holsters and gun parts on the walls, but also collectors plates and shot glasses. Old gun mags and nudie mags.

Six days a week, you’ll find Sumner sitting in the back on his stool reading a magazine and waiting for customers to ask questions as they peruse his store.

Biff Sumner behind the counter at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

A whole lot of stuff at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff has all kids of guns at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s two favorite gun makers are Marlin and Ruger. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

There’s something for everyone at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

There’s also a lot of ammo at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Handguns for sale at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Nagant M1895 revolver for sale at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Gobble gobble at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Muzzle loading stuff at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Artillery shells at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Recoiless rifle brass at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

50 cal rounds at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Lots of Pachmayr grips at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World is Gunny approved. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

The Sumner family was featured in a reality show called Guntucky on CMT. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Shotgun at Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

There’s a good chance Biff voted for Trump. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World is located at corner of Dixie Road and Old Dixie Road. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

There’s lots of stuff outside Biff’s Gun World as well. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff loves Marlin rifles. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

A warning outside Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World repairs guns. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Biff’s Gun World. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

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Cody Wilson brought back in Texas, out on bond (VIDEO)

9 hours 14 min ago

3D gun developer Cody Wilson was brought back to the U.S. by federal agents and was handed over to state authorities in connection to a sexual assault charge.

Wilson, 30, was returned to the U.S. over the weekend from Taiwan after local immigration authorities reportedly took him into custody and expelled him from that country late last week. Booked into the Harris County Jail in Houston early Sunday, he was released on a $150,000 bond.

“We are glad that Cody is back in Texas again where we can work with him on his case,” said Wilson’s attorney, Samy Khalil of the Houston-based firm of Gerger, Halil and Hennessy. “That’s our focus right now, representing our client and preparing his defense.”

The head of Austin-based Defense Distributed, Wilson has been in the eye of a hurricane of controversy over downloadable gun files that could be completed through additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printers. Since 2013, he and allied pro-gun and free speech advocates have fought to be able to release the files, a prospect that was nearing a resolution through a planned settlement with the U.S. State and Justice Departments only to be halted last month by a court order brought by a collection of gun control advocates and state attorneys general.

Last week, his story took a new turn as authorities in Austin moved to charge him with having sex with a 16-year-old in August, which he met on an online dating site and gave $500 in cash to after their interaction. Believed tipped off by a friend of the minor, Wilson left the country for Taiwan. Although the Formosa-based country does not have a formal extradition treaty with the U.S., they moved to keep tabs on Wilson once it was known he was in Taiwan.

As for Defense Distributed, technology website Ars Technica reported that the company has often operated in Wilson’s absence in the past and, for now at least, it is still business as usual, although DefDist’s Stephen Sheftall was quoted by the publication as saying, “A management restructuring is coming.”

The company’s main products — the Ghost Gunner desktop milling machine, designed to complete AR-15 lowers from 80-percent blanks and 3D gun files through the organization’s DefCAD site— are both still listed as available.

DefDist plans a press conference for Tuesday.

Press conference this Tuesday at 11 a.m. Location TBA. See you soon.

— Defense Distributed (@DefDist) September 23, 2018

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Colt lands $57M contract to supply overseas allies with M4 rifles

9 hours 15 min ago

The one-year contract will send as many as 10,000 M4/M4A1s to U.S. allies in Africa and the Near East. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Connecticut-based Colt’s Manufacturing last week was awarded a significant Pentagon security assistance contract.

The $57.72 million firm-fixed-price contract announced by the U.S. Army on Thursday covers delivery of up to 10,000 M4 and M4A1 5.56mm carbine rifles. The award, issued through the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s Foreign Military Sales program, is for guns intended for Jordan, Morocco, Afghanistan, Senegal, Tunisia, and Pakistan.

Self-defense weapons sold through the program are considered to be a “fundamental tool of U.S. foreign policy,” and can be either funded by the receiving country or the U.S. government as aid. The Pentagon essentially acts as the go-between for industry and the foreign customer looking for materials. DSCA head, Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper, said that so far this year sales are booming with $46.9 billion in weapons sales to foreign partners and allies in the first half of 2018 alone.

“Defense exports are good for our national security, they’re good for our foreign policy. And they’re good for our economic security. And as the administration and our leadership has said, economic security is national security,” Hooper said in June.

The M4 contract has an estimated completion date of Sept. 20, 2019, and Colt will perform the work at their West Hartford plant. The company markets a variety of semi-auto M4  and M4A1 carbines commercially as well as select-fire variants to law enforcement and military end-users.

In related news, on July 13, the U.S. Army Contracting Command issued a $28.4 million firm-fixed-price contract for an undetailed quantity of “North Atlantic Treaty Organization commercial off-the-shelf carbines,” with Colt, Daniel Defense, and FN competing with Remington to fulfill the order by July 2019.

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Suvival writer Robert Himber dies while climbing, aged 74 (VIDEO)

9 hours 44 min ago

Robert Himber, aka N.E. MacDougald, became unresponsive after completing the most technical portion of a difficult climb in Colorado. (Photo: Panteo Productions)

The Vietnam-era Army veteran who wrote and taught under the name of N.E. MacDougald passed away last weekend while climbing in Telluride.

Himber, 74, of Grand Junction, was identified this week by the San Miguel County Coroner after he suffered a “life-threatening medical event” during a climb of Telluride’s Via Ferrata.

According to the San Miguel Sheriff’s Department, Himber and his step-daughter had just finished “the main event,” the most technical portion of the climb, when he sat down and became unresponsive.

Born in 1944, while in the Army Himber served in military intelligence duties in Vietnam and instructed Green Beret units in technical rock climbing. He later went on to become the Survival Editor for Colorado-based Soldier of Fortune magazine and write for a variety of publications over a three-decade career as a survival expert. In later years he conducted seminars and appeared in videos for Panteo Productions on a wide range of prepping, firearm and survival topics.

When contacted about Himber’s death, Soldier of Fortune founder Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown characterized him to as “a fine man, a great friend and unyielding patriot.”

As a tribute to Himber, on Thursday posted excerpts of one of his books, the Soldier of Fortune Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.

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Activist investors cast doubt on Smith & Wesson donations to gun lobby

10 hours 14 min ago

A Smith & Wesson sign below a giant American flag at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

An activist group of investors said last week Smith & Wesson’s explanation for writing off $1.5 million in donations to gun rights lobbyists raises more questions than it answers.

Majority Action filed regulatory documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, criticizing the gun maker’s defense as “insufficient” and “impossible to reconcile” with reality after top executives said unreported contributions to the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation didn’t break any disclosure laws.

American Outdoor Brands, the gun maker’s parent company, said in regulatory filings earlier this month the money never supported political projects for either group. reached out to AOBC last week for comment, but never received any response.

“AOBC’s conclusory explanation for the above omissions — that the payments were tax deductible and not made for political purposes — is difficult to square with publicly-available information about the NRA-ILA and NSSF, their activities during the 2016 election cycle, and the regulations governing the deductibility of payments to tax-exempt organizations that engage in political activity,” Majority Action’s Sept. 19 filing concluded.

The group’s filing also castes further doubt on Mitchell Saltz — one of AOBC’s five board nominees — and his connections to VirTra Systems, a company specializing in virtual reality gun training simulators. Smith & Wesson insists Saltz’s previous failures to admit he serves on VirTra’s board of directors boils down to nothing more than an “inadvertent omission” — a harmless action considering the company poses little, if any, direct competition to the gun maker.

Majority Action disputes this claim, suggesting the company violated its own policies by turning a blind eye to VirTra’s conflict with the Smith & Wesson training academy.

“Even if Saltz felt that the overlaps between VirTra’s and AOBC’s business activities did not constitute a genuine conflict, the Code of Conduct and Ethics the Board adopted in the run-up to this year’s annual meeting created an unquestionable duty to report, based on the possible appearance of conflict,” the group concluded.

Shareholders will vote on these issues at the gun maker’s annual meeting Tuesday. It’s unclear if major investors — such and BlackRock and Vanguard — will support another shareholder-backed proposal for a gun safety risk report, as both did during Sturm, Ruger and Company’s annual meeting in May.

Majority Action hopes both firms will again side with them and “vote for greater corporate transparency.”

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Rapper Plies arrested after TSA finds Glock in carry-on bag

11 hours 14 min ago

Piles, whose real name is Algernod Lanier Washington, was arrested last Wednesday after screeners found a Glock 43 9mm pistol in the performer’s carry-on bag (Photo: Plies/Instagram)

Florida rapper Plies was arrested last week at Tampa International Airport after screeners with the Transportation Security Administration found a handgun in his bag.

Airport police Chief Charlie Vazquez told the Tampa Bay Times that Plies, whose real name is Algernod Lanier Washington, was arrested last Wednesday after screeners found a Glock 43 9mm pistol in the performer’s carry-on bag. Vazquez said Washington did not have a concealed carry permit, but if he did he would likely have not been arrested.

The Florida-born entertainer was released from the Hillsborough County jail later on Wednesday after posting $2,000 bail.

TMZ reports the rapper, 42, mistakenly grabbed the wrong bag on his way to the airport and admits the gun is his.

It is not the first time he has had a run-in with police over a firearm. In the aftermath of a 2005 club shooting in Gainsville that left five with non-life-threatening injuries where he was scheduled to perform, both the rapper and his brother, Ronell Levatte, were charged with a weapons violations. Levatte was later sentenced to three years in prison while Washington, who pleaded no contest to illegal possession of a concealed weapon, served no jail time.

According to the TSA, a record-setting 3,957 guns were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country last year including 97 at Tampa, the sixth-highest ranking airport for firearm discoveries in 2017. About 84 percent of the guns recovered nationwide were loaded. Generally, it is legal to travel with unloaded firearms in checked baggage, but they must first be declared to the airline.

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Sig Sauer Academy launches Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols course to classes

11 hours 14 min ago

Sig Sauer Academy will add the Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols class to its lineup to serve gun owners carrying smaller pistols. (Photo: Sig Sauer Academy)

Sig Sauer Academy gives attention to gun owners looking to gain more proficiency with smaller pistols, introducing the new Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols class into the course load at the firearms school.

Beginning mid-October, the Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols option will engage students in concealed carry techniques and defensive drills designed to elevate their understanding and skill in regards to concealed carry with micro-pistols. Students will be afforded the option to work with a Sig Sauer P365 during the course as well as a holster provided by the Academy.

Students will also gain the ability to have their current gear critiqued by instructors.

“Students will also have the opportunity to undergo a personal equipment evaluation with a Sig Sauer Academy instructor to optimize and personalize their covert carry techniques,” Sig Sauer said in a press release.

The first course will be offered Oct. 17 at Sig Sauer Academy located in New Hampshire. Registration for the one-day class can be accessed through Sig Sauer Academy. Slots are limited and the course is priced at $250.

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Remington introduces V3 Compact semi-auto shotgun

11 hours 44 min ago

Available with a black oxide finish, the Compact V3 is priced at $915 MSRP (Photo: Remington)

Featuring a 22-inch barrel and a shorter length of pull, the newest addition to Big Green’s V3 line of autoloading shotguns is pitched to smaller statured users.

The new 12 gauge shotgun, announced Friday, uses the same V3 VersaPort gas system as on their standard semi-auto scattergun series. Located in front of the receiver, the system is billed by the iconic shotgun maker as delivering superior balance and swing performance. Unlike the current Field series V3s, which are offered in walnut, Oak Blades camo, and synthetic varieties and all sport a 28-inch barrel, the new Compact comes standard with a 22-inch light contour barrel.

Chambered to accept both 2.75- and 3-inch shells, the VersaPort system is advertised by Remington as “reducing recoil to a level previously unheard of in autoloaders” across the range of shells from light target loads to heavy magnums. Weight is listed as 7.25-pounds with a 44-inch overall length.

Available with a black oxide finish, the Compact V3 is priced at $915 MSRP, or about $20 more than the full-sized synthetic V3 Field model.

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California man gets 5 years for selling ‘ghost gun’ SBRs to undercover agent

12 hours 14 min ago

Smith met with an undercover agent twice, each time selling him a quartet of unregistered SBRs in exchange for bitcoin. On the third meeting, he was arrested. (Photos: U.S. Department of Justice)

The homebuilder sold eight unregistered short-barreled rifles to an agent he met on the Dark Web in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Michael Paul Grisham Smith, 44, of Grass Valley, was sentenced Friday in a Sacramento federal court to five years in prison for unlawful manufacturing and dealing in firearms. Court documents reveal that, over a 10-week period between December 2017 and February 2018, Smith assembled and sold a number of AR‑15‑style firearms without serial numbers to the undercover agent Homeland Security Investigations for $8,800 in bitcoin.

According to an affidavit filed on Valentines Day by HSI, an agent posed as a firearms vendor on the dark web and was contacted by Smith using the online identity of “BrotherBig” through a Swiss-based encrypted email provider about the purchase of explosives to include grenades and anti-personnel mines then morphed into selling guns. Over the next several weeks, BrotherBig negotiated two different sales, each of four AR-style short-barreled rifles. At first, he told the undercover agent that he would rather geocache the guns in a buried remote location for delivery, but the agent said a face-to-face meeting was needed instead.

Finally, with a payment of $2,000 up front, the trade was made in the parking lot of a Bass Pro Shop in Rocklin, California, afterward, the $2,400 balance was transmitted to Smith, who introduced himself only as “Marcus” to the agent in person and used a pre-paid cell phone to arrange the meet.

The four guns transferred in the first batch were all assembled from 80-percent polymer AR-lowers and had 10.75-inch barrels. All functioned when tested later by federal agents and none had serial numbers.

Smith asked the agent after the first order, “so are we gonna do four more, bro?” to which the undercover agent said he would need to check out the current set of rifles before making a call on another order. Smith then said, “that’s so awesome that you turned out not to be a fucking cop, I can’t tell you how fucking happy I am about that.”

The second batch, fitted with 7.5-inch barrels, consisted of three with 80-percent lowers and one with a Stag Arms lower that had its serial number obliterated. As in the first batch, the trade was done in the Rocklin Bass Pro’s parking lot for $2,000 in bitcoin up front and $2,400 after delivery.

A third batch, planned for Feb. 15 at Rocklin, was to be for five rifles with the same terms as before but the fifth gun to be paid for by the undercover agent trading Smith three M67 fragmentation grenades for it. Smith was taken into custody during the buy and found with the five rifles as well as a loaded Sig Sauer handgun in his possession. A search warrant of his home found a Colt revolver under a pillow on the bed, a hidden room behind the bathroom mirror with more guns, and a firearms manufacturing area. A further search yielded what Smith’s June plea bargain agreement said was “several buckets of processed marijuana,” as well as other drugs such as LSD and methamphetamine.

In sentencing memos filed with the court this summer, federal prosecutors argued Smith should receive 51 months while his lawyer asked for 46, arguing he was a family man with two children and a history of employment as a plumber, drywall hanger, and tree trimmer coupled with a “burning desire to get back to work.”

In the end, U.S. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr gave Smith 60 months.

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Gun Rights Policy Conference 2018 – Live Stream

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 07:30

Leaders of the Second Amendment Foundation giving opening remarks on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, in Chicago. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

The Second Amendment Foundation kicked off the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference on Saturday in Chicago, marking the 33rd gathering for gun rights groups to discuss policy agendas.

Joe Tartaro, President of the Second Amendment Foundation, opened the event by sharing this year’s theme, “The Fight for Freedom.”

“The fight for freedom is an ideological war and political war — a war for the hearts and minds of men, women and children,” Tartaro told the crowd.

Tartaro detailed how each decade has fought its own battle against “anti-freedom” politicians and feelings. Pointedly calling out politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Bill Clinton, Tartaro condemned anti-gun politicians for actively seeking to remove rights from American citizens.

“The anti-gun crowd is always coming up with deceitful strategies,” he said. “They’ve locked out the elderly … most recently they have tried to change the age to own a gun for law abiding citizens who can legally vote.”

Moving into the retailers sphere, Tartaro attacked Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retailers who have sought to place restrictions on who can purchase firearms, ammunition and gear as well as what gear can be purchased.

“They’re imposing their own rules as to who can buy what guns and ammunition and at what age,” he argued, emphatically.

Closing his speech, Tartaro encouraged gun owners to fight for what is rightfully theirs. “A free people fight back by any means at their disposal. As long as we fight freedom we will have it.” Let’s close ranks now and fight for freedom,” he said.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, passionately urged gun owners to fight for their rights. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

Alan Gottlieb took the stage after Tartaro to discuss the threats the gun world faces.

“Things have changed in the gun rights battle since the Florida shooting,” “We’re facing a whole new way of fighting for gun rights,” Gottlieb said.

Gottlieb immediately went after the Bloomberg group citing how the organization has planned to destroy gun rights by throwing money behind anti-gun legislation, candidates and organizations. Supporting Democratic state attorney generals, Gottlieb said politicians are using their platform to attack individual gun rights.

“They attack the NRA and insurance companies as well as financial institutions. They’ve filed lawsuits against Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation by denying the First and Second Amendments.”

Calling out Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel , Gottlieb said Emmanuel’s city is evidence that stricter gun laws don’t work as they infringe law abiding gun owners rights. “Nearly 50 years after politicians enacted laws, parts of Chicago remain a shooting belt. They blame law abiding gun owners for gang related shootings,” Gottliebb said.

The SAF powerhouse didn’t just go after Democrats, however, Gottlieb also gave equal time and blame to Republican politicians who he blamed for “cold feet” and inaction resulting in a back slide in gun rights.

“The Republican party itself is partly to blame,” he said. “After Trump’s election gun owners expected quick and decisive action but it didn’t happen because Republicans got cold feet and decided to put policies on the back burner.”

Gottlieb also used attacks on federal agencies to showcase how politicians are seeking to cripple gun owners. Using the Environmental Protection Agency as an example, Gottlieb explained gun owners suffer punishments like hiked taxes and limitations on ammunition as well as bans on lead, limiting gun ranges and shooting activities.

In addition to attacks on the political front, Gottlieb gun owners also face attacks internally. Citing lazy and complacent gun owners, Gottlieb also called out internet commandos who deter new gun owners from entering the Second Amendment Fight. “Internet keyboard commandos chase off people who we need in our battle,” Gottlieb said. “We’re attacking ourselves.”

Closing out his speech, Gottlieb urged gun owners to stop complacency and join the fight to preserve gun rights. “Complacency is a threat to gun owners. Complacent gun owners think the fight is over. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Eric Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of American. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Executive director of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt, delivered remarks for the Federal Affairs Briefing in which he described 2018’s activities on gun rights as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” a reference to the famous Clint Eastward western.

For the good, he praised gun rights activists for preventing gun control legislation following multiple mass shootings. “Stopping these bans is a very very very good thing,” he said.

He also praised Republicans passing a national reciprocity bill, which would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry across state lines, in the House of Representatives. Out of that, he said his organization identified a “hero,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan for leading 25 other Republicans to advance the bill. He said GOA will support him as speaker to replace current House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan, who will retire at the end of this year’s session.

For the bad, Pratt also slammed “spineless” Republicans in the Senate for failing to pass the national reciprocity bill and for federal lawmakers advancing red flag laws, which are designed to keep potentially dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms. He said such laws could be easily abused.

For the ugly, he warned of bump stock bans and the passing of Fix NICS legislation. Last year, President Trump directed federal regulators to re-write interpretations to effectively ban bump stocks, a device that allows a rifle to mimic full auto fire. The device became a subject of debate after a it was used to murder 58 people and injure some 850 others by a single gunman in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017.

Although the Fix NICS bill largely directed more funding to the federal background check system and had the support of mainstream gun rights organizations, Pratt said the legislation will allow the system to have “a lot more innocence being denied gun rights.”

Joe Waldron, legislative director of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, praised the efforts of grassroots gun rights supporters. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

A “Make America Great Again” hat was displayed by a patron attending the event. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

Kicking off the first session of the State Legislative Affairs Briefing, speakers went after specific legislation that aims to prevent gun owners from exercising their “legal rights.” Starting in New York and expanding out to California, attendees were informed of specific legislation hampering gun owners in restrictive states.

John Cushman, president of the Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education, said 243 bills on firearms issues are currently up for debate with most expected to pass in his state of New York.

Cushman said though New York politics may not seem like an issue for gun owners in other states, what passes on the local level has a chance of moving to the Senate level and influencing other states’ laws as well as federal legislation. In his speech, Cushman applauded the work of the NRA and their Eddie Eagle program which has helped push back acts like the Safe Storage Act

“Call the NRA. (The Eddie Eagle Program) is free. It’s good,” Cushman said. “Get it in the hands of teachers. They need to know there are alternative methods.”

Ending his speech, Cushman encouraged the crowd to, “Think positive. Get out there. We will and we can win.”

While Cushman covered New York legislation, Craig DeLuz, of CalGuns Foundation, offered details on the plight of Californians. Behind what he termed “enemy lines,” DeLuz called California anti-gun politicians tyrannical for attacking civilians civil rights in order to rid the state of guns.

“They’re going after other civil rights, if it’s affiliated with the Second Amendment,” DeLuz said. “Free speech — the government shuts down truthful, legal, non-violent speech because they don’t like it.”

Ending his speech on a high note, DeLuz pushed gun owners to stand up against perceived oppression.

“The people will get tired. The people will say we can no longer allow you to violate our rights. We don’t have just a right we have a responsibility to stand up to our government when it becomes tyrannical.”

SAAMI executive director Rick Patterson argued that “we have the facts on our side” in reference to the debate about guns and gun rights.

Patterson’s organization, the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, uses “science” and “facts” to prepare standards for the gun industry, he said. In contrast, he argued the anti-gun side uses “feelings.”

He used recent bans of lead ammunition as an example of facts. The material has been banned in places like California under claims that the lead has poisoned condors, but he argued that lead levels remain unchanged since the ban.

“We can’t let issues get ahead of us. Facts take time to sink in. Anti-gun groups use raw emotion,” Patterson said, suggesting anti-gun advocates were able to convince the public that lead ammo had poisoned the native birds without knowing for sure.

“We have to stick to the facts. We have the facts on our side. We have to educate ourselves and take our message forward. We have a great story to tell,” he said. staff writers Jacki Billings and Daniel Terrill contributed to this report

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New Orleans stick-up man fumbles pistol magazine in failed heist

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 11:30

Detectives in the New Orleans Police Department’s Sixth District are looking for a gunman who clumsily attempted to hold up a local business.

The would-be bandit reportedly walked into a business just before 11:00 a.m. in the 1700 block of Milan Street and attempted to rob the owner, a man in his 60’s. Police note the attempt failed when the suspect dropped his handgun on the floor and the magazine came out.

“As the subject scrambled to get the gun back together, the owner took the opportunity to run from the location and scream for help,” said police of the botched heist.

Those with information are advised to contact the Sixth District or New Orleans Crime Stoppers.

As detailed by the New Orleans Advocate, the Milan street incident was one of at least four robberies that police responded to on Monday. Two others, that of a Family Dollar and a Dollar Store, involved an armed robber stealing money from the cashier at gunpoint, in one case shooting a manager who confronted him in the process. The fourth robbery was a daylight beating near an I-10 service road by a group of people that left a 21-year-old victim too medicated to speak to police at an area hospital.

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Rex Zero 1 Tactical Compact enters Rex Zero 1 pistol lineup

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 11:00

The Rex Zero 1 Tactical Compact is a smaller version of the Rex Firearms’ Rex Zero 1 Tactical. (Photo: Rex Firearms)

Rex Firearms expands its Rex Zero 1 pistol offerings, adding a new model to the mix — the Rex Zero 1 Tactical Compact.

Building on the Rex Zero 1 Tactical, the new Compact version offers similar features but in a smaller package. Offering a hard anodized aluminum frame, the slide boasts a nitrocarbonized steel design constructed from solid bar stock.

The Compact uses forward cocking serrations as well as a one piece cold hammer forged 1/2×28 threaded barrel and Picatinny rail. Topping off its attributes is an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, suppressor height sights and four plates for optics mounting.

The upcoming models will come in three styles. (Photo: Rex Firearms)

“The standard Rex Zero 1 Tactical pistol has been a favorite amongst consumers due to its renowned reliability and the fact that it comes from the factory ROR (Rex Optics Ready),” Rex Firearms said in a news release.

“The new Rex Zero 1 Tactical Compact offers the convenience of a smaller handgun without compromising firepower, reliability or the popular ROR features. By combining all of the benefits of the Rex Zero 1 Tactical in a smaller, compact package, Rex Firearms have once again hit the mark,” the company continued.

The pistol ships in a hard polymer case with a 15- and 17-round magazine. No word yet on pricing or availability.

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Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R ammo now shipping

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 11:00

The new 300 HAM’R is now shipping to consumers. (Photo: Wilson Combat)

Wilson Combat’s latest ammunition offering, the 300 HAM’R, is officially on its way to consumers the company announced Thursday.

First announced in August, the 300 HAM’R is specifically designed for the AR platform. Loaded with Horandy 150-grain SST bullets, the ammunition delivers a velocity of 2,260 feet-per-second with 1,170 foot-pounds of energy. Wilson Combat says the ammunition is perfect for hunting or defensive shooting due in part to the SST bullet.

“The SST bullet’s polymer tip gives enhanced expansion and shocking ballistic terminal performance while the interlock design provides deep penetration,” Wilson Combat said in a press release.

The Tactical Hunter is one model of Wilson Combat rifles that will get the 300 HAM’R treatment. (Photo: Wilson Combat)

Aside from ammunition the 300 HAM’R round will make its way onto a variety of Wilson Combat rifles to include the Ultralight Ranger, Ranger, Tactical Hunter, Ultralight Hunter and Bill Wilson Ranch Rifle package.

The 300 HAM’R ammunition itself is available only from Wilson Combat with a price tag of $22.95 for 20-rounds.

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Surveillance cams showcase wild gas station shootout (VIDEOS)

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 10:30

Two armed felons at an East St. Louis, Illinois gas station caused thousands in property damage in the course of a pre-dawn shootout.

The incident occurred at the Gas Mart on Missouri Avenue at about 1 a.m. on Sept. 12. when the two men began exchanging gunfire in the parking lot. During the ensuing back and forth gunplay, with one suspect in a car and another at times on foot, gas station patrons can be seen diving for cover as windows break, one even sliding under a nearby SUV until the coast is clear.

“Two individuals shooting at one another– they weren’t shooting at anyone else– but as you know once bullets leave weapons they can go anywhere and that is exactly what was occurring,” said Detective Ronald McClellan with the East St. Louis Police Department.

Although there were no casualties, there was significant property damage. McClellan says the men, each with an extensive criminal background, are known to police and they plan to submit the case to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

The raw footage is below.

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