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Manhattan DA hosts ‘healing festival’ gun event in Harlem (PHOTOS)

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 12:00

Vance’s festival included a gun buyback, spoken word performances, meetings with gun control advocates, and community art (Photo: Manhattan DA’s office)

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., held his office’s first-ever “Art of Healing” festival and gun “buyback” event last week.

The event, which according to Vance’s office used “art as a resource to heal trauma resulting from gun violence,” put local volunteers in touch with the Harlem community and included activities ranging from mural painting and t-shirt design to music and spoken word performances. The festival also gave Vance a chance to debut his office’s three new Gun Control Advocacy Fellows, brought on to help stump for stronger gun laws over the summer.

“Gun violence does not only harm victims and their families; the resulting trauma sends shockwaves throughout their entire communities,” said Vance, a Democrat who founded Prosecutor Against Illegal Guns two years ago. “This weekend’s Art of Healing festival serves as an important reminder that our work as prosecutors extends beyond the courtroom and that, often, delivering justice for victims means meeting with them in their own neighborhoods.”

In addition to the festival, Vance’s office also worked with the New York Police Department to hold a gun buyback at an area church in Central Harlem. Those who turned in handguns and “assault rifles” could receive up to $200 in prepaid cards while individuals who took advantage of the no-questions-asked program to turn in airguns, shotguns, and other rifles could get $25. A photo provided by the NYPD showed an SKS rifle along with several air guns and a percussion single-shot pistol among the haul.

(Photo: NYPD)

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Vista Outdoor enters agreement to sell off eyewear brands

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 11:30

Vista Outdoor announced an aggressive divestiture strategy to rightsize the company late last year. (Photo: Vista Outdoor/Facebook)

Vista Outdoor announced a definitive agreement for the sale its eyewear brands, the company announced this week.

A private equity firm based in Europe will acquire Bollé, Serengeti and Cébé, generating approximately $158 million for Vista. The news comes nearly eight months after Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz unveiled an aggressive divestiture strategy designed to stabilize the company after years of unchecked growth.

“The business will have the opportunity to reach its full potential under new ownership,” Metz said of the deal. “This divestiture is the first step in our transformation plan and will be the first of several potential asset sales that will significantly reduce Vista Outdoor’s leverage and provide additional resources to for us to reinvest in our core businesses.”

Vista owns 55 companies in firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories, including Savage Arms, Stevens, Federal Premium, Speer and American Eagle. It also holds brands in the outdoor lifestyle market. In the weeks after taking over Vista last year, Metz warned quick, “decisive” action laid ahead in order to turn around double digit earnings losses.

He told investors earlier this year “the company grew too fast and beyond its core” since splitting with Orbital ATK in 2015. A downturn in sales post-election only compounded the situation, he added.

The decision sell ownership of Savage Arms, announced in early May, however, drew some criticism for appearing to appease investors connected to the corporate backlash against the gun industry in the wake of the Parkland massacre. A Vista spokesperson told while the news came at a bad time, it was decided late last year — long before major banks and retailers began limiting interaction with manufacturers.

“We are now turning our efforts to the rest of our divestiture plan as previously communicated in May,” Metz said Monday. “We are excited to build on this momentum and expect to provide further updates on this process during our first quarter earnings call in early August.”

They money from the possible sale of Savage and other brands will fund Vista’s innovations in ammunition, a spokesperson told in May. The company released 36 new product lines this year and plans for another three dozen next year.

“It is the foundation and bedrock of our company,” Metz said. “We are extremely proud of our ammunition heritage and increased focus will manifest itself in more innovative and breakthrough new products introduced over the next few years.”

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March For Our Rights activists rally in downtown Chicago (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 11:00

As hundreds of anti-gun violence protestors marched along the Dan Ryan Expressway Saturday, dozens gathered in Chicago’s Millennium Park to show support for gun rights. The student-led demonstration was part of the national March For Our Rights campaign, a counter to the March For Our Lives movement for advancing gun control policies. Both political efforts launched in response to the Parkland, Florida high school shooting in February.

Anthony Bartosiewicz, a 16-year-old high school student from Wheaton, said he coordinated the Chicago event to give the pro-gun community a voice. “The media has portrayed us as these violent people with blood on our hands — you know the whole shebang — and it’s a terrible thing and I just wanted to inspire the pro-gun people to speak their voice and try to be heard.”

Most of the guest speakers in attendance were fellow students from the Chicago suburbs. Collectively, they argued that the Second Amendment had the dual purpose to preserve the right to self-defense and to defend against tyranny, but they also dismissed calls for gun control laws.

“It is so contrary to the prevailing narrative that’s thrown at us by the media, academia and Hollywood on the sacred right to keep and bear arms to you that our weaponry was not only intrinsic to the American identity, but served a purpose other than taking out deer.”

Colin Fitzsimmons, a 13-year-old student activist from the northwest suburbs, said the idea that an armed citizenry can resist a tyrannical government has always appealed to him. “The facts are in. The best thing we can do for keeping people safe is to ensure more gun liberty in the U.S.,” he said.

But seasoned activists also appeared. Chicago-native Rhonda Ezell, who challenged the city’s prohibition of gun stores as a plaintiff in federal court, applauded the youth-led activism. “These young kids here they are the future. They are the future,” she said. “We have fought this fight, we have fought these battles. These cases have been fought. They have been won. The foundation has been laid. We are going to make good. We will not stand for tyranny from our government because if they do than they will take our lives.”

Being in a city known for strict gun laws, Bartosiewicz attempted to invite counter opinions to those in attendance or passersby, but no one accepted the offer. However, one man shouted criticisms, the group and the man came together in singing the national anthem.

While the three-hour planned event wrapped up after 60 minutes, Bartosiewicz said he was satisfied with how the participants conducted themselves and the attention the event garnered. “If we all come out next year and there are hundreds of us out here and we come to Millennium Park and we go to Daily Plaza and we leave and we leave the place nicer than before than how could we be these violent people?”

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WATCH: Concealed-Carrying Waitress Stops Sucker-Punching Attacker

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 10:10

“People need to see this,” Donovan told news affiliate TMJ 4. “It’s shocking. But this is what’s happening in some parts of our city. This comes amid a spike in crime in my district. If we don’t start paying attention to neighborhoods that are on the fence, they’re going to fall on the wrong side of the fence.”

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Why parents are opting for tactical diaper bags

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 09:00

The Man Spot sports a tactical diaper bag alongside a trusty AR. (Photo: Tactical Baby Gear via Facebook)

The operator look, complete with tactically styled bags, has been in vogue for awhile now but it seems that tactical inspiration is creeping into the world of parenting. In specific, that tactical aesthetic can now be found in the realm of diaper bags, but just like anything niche, one has to wonder is a tactical diaper bag necessary for gun owners?

Tactical diaper bags are designed just as they sound, with that ever popular tactical look. A tactical diaper bag functions as any standard diaper bag does. It’s goal is to give parents a means to organize and tote all important baby related necessities. From diapers to wipes to bottles and extra pacifiers, the tactical diaper bag meets all the expectations parents come to expect from a diaper bag but with the added attribute of offering a more stylistic approach.

As more fathers lean in on the parenting process, a trend spearheaded by the millennial generation, dads in particular are gravitating towards options that are less gender specific. High Speed Daddy founder Craig Risoli told that as the father of three kids and as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army he wasn’t as keen on toting a flowery diaper bag design. Often opting for a generic tactical backpack when venturing out with his kids, Risoli said he realized there was a market not yet fulfilled. It was here that his life as a father and as a military man collided, and the High Speed Daddy brand was born. Risoli said that while tactical diaper bags may not be completely necessary for every gun owner or parent, they do offer a unique options for those who want a highly functional yet discrete means to pack…baby gear, that is.

“(Tactical diaper bags) are different – plain and simple. They look like a normal backpack – with a tactical aesthetic,” Risoli said. “It makes fathers feel more comfortable ‘keeping their manhood’ yet gives mothers a different option on the typical diaper bag.”

Tactical diaper bags have the added bonus of migrating to regular backpack once kids outgrow the diaper phase. (Photo: High Speed Daddy)

For Beav Brodie, owner and founder of Tactical Baby Gear, the tactical dad bag goes beyond just the aesthetics. While Brodie told in an email that the operator look certainly wins some parents over, the biggest selling point of tactical diaper bags hits at the core of military gear in general — functionality.

“The look aside, the design of our bags makes them so much more utilitarian than the classic diaper bag. Rather than just one giant pocket that everything gets lost in, we applied the same principles used in making military gear to make our bags. Because of that, they’re far more durable than typical bags and way more organized,” Brodie explained. “Tactical bags have to allow the user to get every piece of equipment they need at a moment’s notice in high-stress situations. Our diaper bags are built the same way.”

Tactical diaper bags have come at a time when parents are more engaged than ever — especially fathers. A BabyCenter survey in 2016 found that millennial dads are actively involved in care giving. From tackling bedtime routines to phoning in doctor’s appointments and handing school drop-offs/pick-ups, the latest generation of fathers is out and about with their kids more now than ever. With this influx of involved dads, Brodie says the need for gear that accommodates this clientele is important.

“It might be weird to view it this way, but being a dad is really cool right now. It always has been, but more and more guys are wearing their fatherhood like a badge. They want to be that dad who is on the playground with their kids, patching up scraped knees and really investing their free time in their children,” Brodie said. “Having a really cool diaper bag shows everyone you mean business as a dad. And it’s not just about the look. It’s about having a diaper bag that can withstand a day in the life of today’s focused and committed father. That’s what we provide.”

While diaper bags abound at major retailers, there’s something specific about tactical diaper bags that keeps customers coming back.

“Something that sets our bags apart is that after your kids are out of diapers parents can still use these bags as normal backpacks because of the durability of the materials and because of the discrete factor,” Risoli with High Speed Daddy told “Whether it’s for hiking, school books, as an overnight bag, work/computer bag, at the gun range, etc.”

Risoli added that while the functionality is key to these style bags, ultimately for a lot of parents the tactical diaper bag idea circles back to that operator look and feel. “There’s a cool factor, a bit of uniqueness, in having one of these bags over the normal bag — it’s different.”

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Texas Mom Shoots Carjacker in the Face to Protect Children in Vehicle

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 08:29

“I’m not a killer or anything, but I do believe in defending what’s mine,” she continued. “I hope that woke him up.”

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Black Rain Ordnance debuts BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 08:00

The BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster meets the needs of both police and military as well as civilian customers. (Photo: Black Rain Ordnance)

Black Rain Ordnance unveiled a new AR-15 platform rifle, the BRO Spec-15, chambered in .450 Bushmaster.

The BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster is built to meet bid requirements for law enforcement and agencies while also standing as a viable option for civilian AR-15 enthusiasts.

The BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster features a 16-inch Socom profile 4150 chromoly barrel paired with a .450 BRO Tank Compensator. The rifle is outfitted with a G.I. trigger in addition to a G.I. grip and Magpul MOE Buttstock. Measuring 33-inches in total length and weighing 7-pounds, the BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster tops its design off with a BRO M-LOK Hybrid Handguard.

The rifle, chambered in .450 Bushmaster, offers a BRO Tank Compesator on the muzzle as well as a Magpul Buttstock. (Photo: Black Rain Ordnance)

In addition to the standard build, Black Rain Ordnance also offers a New York compliant model for those living in the restricted state.

The BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster is available from Black Rain Ordnance with a MSRP of $1,399. Black Rain Ordnance says current lead times range from three to five weeks.

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Police investigating random shooting in Virginia Beach after six injured

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 07:30

Police responded to the 1800 block of Atlantic Avenue after six tourists were randomly shot Thursday. (Photo: Alex Driehaus/Virginian-Pilot)

Six people sustained injuries last week when a gunman fired into a crowd in Virginia Beach.

City officials said none of the victims, aside from a married couple, knew each other before the incident and were simply walking along the 1800 block of Atlantic Avenue just after midnight Thursday when shots rang out.

“There is nothing more important to us than making sure people feel safe and these incidents are particularly disturbing because they appear to have been unprovoked,” said Dave Hansen, city manager, in a news release. He noted more than 100,000 visitors flocked to the area over the July 4th holiday.

Virginia Beach Police detained multiple local individuals and charged one with brandishing a firearm. All victims sought treatment at local hospitals and were since released.

“We are investigating the possibility that a separate incident led to reckless random shooting that resulted in injuries to these six people,” said Police Chief Jim Cervera.

It’s the second shooting on the Virginia Beach waterfront in as many days. City officials confirmed two tourists were shot in the early morning hours of July 4 just a few blocks away from Thursday’s incident. One man, 21-year-old Sherwin Lee Tann, faces charges of aggravated assault and malicious wounding, according to police, after he and two friends allegedly approached two men in the 1300 block of Atlantic Avenue, shooting one in the leg and grazing a third person walking past.

Cervera said the city will consider taking extra security measures to manage crowds during holiday celebrations, such as closing parking lots before 2:30 a.m. or encouraging earlier departures for visitors.

“Gun violence is a growing problem in America,” he said. “The fact that we are the safest large city in the country is of little comfort to those who were injured by irresponsible and reckless individuals who apparently have such little regard for the lives of others.”

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Birchwood Casey releases new Bore Weevil for firearm cleaning

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 07:00

The Bore Weevil comes with three couplers to attach cleaning supplies to. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Birchwood Casey adds to its series of cleaning supplies, releasing the new Bore Weevil — a pull-through cleaning system.

The Bore Weevil is a fully retractable, pull-through system that cleans firearms without the need for disassembly. With three Quick Attach Couplers, the Bore Weevil works with any 8/32 thread cleaning brush, jag, mop or looped patch puller. The Quick Attach Coupler, when attached to the Bore Weevil’s tether can be pulled through the gun’s action, reducing contact with cleaning chemicals.

Birchwood Casey said the Bore Weevil’s compact size lends itself to easy carrying on the go.

“The new Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil eliminates the hassle of dealing with dirty pull-through bore cleaners and bent or broken rods,” Birchwood Casey said in a news release. “The compact size of the Bore Weevil makes it easy to carry in any shooting bag or pocket, so you always have a way to clean your firearm’s bore in the field”

The Bore Weevils is available from Birchwood Casey for $43. Replacement packs of the quick coupler sets are priced at $11.

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EDC: See what the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine uses (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 07:00 stopped by the Concealed Carry Magazine office a few weeks ago to talk with the magazine’s Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski about his EDC setup. As editor of a gun mag, Michalowski has the incredible opportunity to get his hands on some of the best guns and gear the industry has to offer specific to concealed carry. Let’s take a look at what Michalowski carries and why.

1. Glock 19

The Glock 19 is equipped with XS F8 Night Sights (Photo: Scott Gara/

First up is the gun, Michalowski, who is a part-time law enforcement officer in the community he lives in, was mandated by his department to carry something that is substantially similar to the Glock 22 he carries while on duty. He settled on the Glock 19 because it’s very similar in size and packs a more user friendly ammunition.

“I enjoy shooting 9mm much more than I enjoy shooting .40 caliber,” Michalowski said. “It’s a little bit easier to control, easier to put rounds on target quickly.”

Like many, Michalowski opted to swap out Glock’s factory sights for night sights, specifically the XS F8 Night Sights. “I wanted good solid night sights and these are big, strong, and really bright in the dark,” he said.

2. N82 Tactical Professional

By looking at the wear marks you can tell this holster has been worn every day for a long time (Photo: Scott Gara/

Holsters are something Michalowski has a lot of experience with. “There is a holster box around here somewhere that is literally filled to capacity with holsters of all types,” he said. So the fact that he settled on the N82 Tactical Professional must mean that this holster is something special. For comfort it has a nice big backing on it that virtually assures that gun won’t make contact with skin. The holster secures the gun through the use of the polymer shell over the top, this also allows easy re-holstering of the firearm, though Michalowski would caution you to “reholster reluctantly.” It has a single belt loop on the side which allows the cant to be adjusted for different positions, especially helpful for getting in and out the car. You can tell by the wear marks on his holster that this has been his go to for years now.

3. Extra magazine

The Blackhawk! QuickMod Mag Case is versatile and easy to use (Photo: Scott Gara/

An extra magazine is carried in the Blackhawk! Quickmod Magazine Case, which is a little wider than Michalowski would like but it has additional benefits. It has a quick release with a two button push, allowing it to be modified to different belt sizes with ease. Each case can rotate 360 degrees, another added benefit for when riding in a car, as you can rotate the case flat for comfort. With just a small tug the magazine is easily accessible and ready to go.

4. Flashlight

Even a small Streamlight will do to deter criminals in dark areas (Photo: Scott Gara/

Finally we get to the item Michalowski tells people is the most important element in self-defense, the flashlight. He sports a small Streamlight LED model, which works on a single 1-2-3 battery. Why does Michalowski consider the flashlight your go to force option?

“This lets you see what’s going on, bad guys typically operate in the dark, and all you need is a small flashlight to light it up and let them know that you know they’re there. Then they don’t have the element of surprise and will typically go somewhere else,” he said. The flashlight often times gives a user the non-lethal option to get away safely before a situation arises in which deadly force is necessary, which should always be sought after first.

Carry on

Hold. Wait. No knife? “I don’t feel like I’m ever going to be fighting with [a knife]… I don’t want to get the training, I don’t want to dedicate the time to knife fighting skills,” he said.

Training is something that he focuses a lot in while writing for Concealed Carry Magazine and the USCCA. If you’re not going to train with it you’re not going to be proficient with it in the time of need. To learn more about the concealed carry training offered by the USCCA by visiting their website.

What do you think of Michalowski’s EDC kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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Petitions submitted to put gun control measure to Washington voters (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 06:30

Backers of a move to make it harder to get some semi-automatic firearms said they turned in more than enough signatures last week to get on the ballot for November.

Advocates from the Alliance for Gun Responsibility say they handed in some 360,000 signatures to the Washington Secretary of State’s Office last week for validation to put I-1639 on the upcoming ballot. The initiative, which needs just over 259,000 approved signatures to be greenlighted for the coming general election, aims to strip gun rights from those under 21 as well as up the requirements to purchase guns such as AR-15s.

“We’re asking that it should be at least as hard to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle as it is to purchase a handgun,” said campaign manager Stephen Paolini. “Folks are desperate for change.”

The initiative changes the definition under Washington law of an “assault rifle” to effectively regulate all semi-auto long arms other than shotguns. The new requirements proposed alongside the definition would bar sales to those under 21 altogether. Those seeking to purchase an AR-15 or similar firearm would have to pass an enhanced background check, show proof of training, pay up to a $25 fee, and wait at least 10 days before picking up the gun from a dealer. There would be no exception to those who already have a concealed carry permit or have legally purchased a rifle before.

Gun rights groups have sued I-1639 backers twice already this year — once over the ballot title itself, and a second time contending AGR failed to meet state requirements for the petitions used to collect signatures. Last week the Washington Supreme Court turned away the petition challenge, for the time being, arguing the decision on the validity of the signatures collected belongs to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, a Republican in the middle of her second term in office.

“As Secretary of State, it is my duty to fairly and impartially evaluate all petitions so Washington voters can fully exercise their Constitutional rights,” Wyman said in a statement. “State law clearly defines the authority my office has for accepting or rejecting petitions. We are diligent in making sure those requirements are met. That’s our responsibility to every Washingtonian.”

The editorial board of The Kitsap Sun on Sunday argued that each side of the debate on I-1639 should abide by Wyman’s decision, regardless of what she decides. “If the initiative is accepted, let the campaign continue with the opposition making its best case to convince voters; if rejected, supporters should go back to the drawing board with petitions that are legally constructed,” said the board.

In neighboring Oregon, two separate gun control voter referendum efforts threw in the towel last month after legal challenges from Second Amendment groups delayed their efforts to collect signatures.

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Hudson readies factory H9 compensator for market

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 06:00

Price on the C1 is $79.17 on pre-order, $87 normally, handgun not included. (Photo: Hudson)

Temple, Texas-based Hudson Manufacturing has announced they are now taking discounted pre-orders for factory compensators pending an August ship date.

The Hudson C1 Compensator was created specifically for the company’s flagship 9mm handgun series. Constructed from 7075 aluminum, the matte black finish and styling will match factory Hudson H9 handguns and will fit the standard 1/2×28TPI pitch found on their recently introduced drop-in threaded barrels.

“Compensators have been proven over decades of testing and use to provide quicker follow-up shots accomplished by redirecting the gasses escaping the muzzle which decreases the amount of force returning straight back to the shooter,” says Hudson. “The bottom line is they work.”

The company burst on the scenes in 2017 with their unconventional hybrid striker-fired pistol with a 1911-style trigger after more than three years of R&D. Hudson then followed up this year with the redesigned H9A which is about a half-pound lighter.

Price on the C1 is $79.17 on pre-order, $87 normally.

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Feminist author slammed as racist after ‘confusion’ over black man driving BMW with NRA sticker (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 05:30

In a now-deleted tweet, HuffPost contributor and author Kimberly Johnson was baffled over what she encountered.

Johnson, a former soap opera actress and current author of several feminist tomes, weighed in on Twitter last week concerning the intersection of race, politics and gun rights.

“Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers,” said Johnson. “One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ This left me very confused.”

After Twitter lit up with responses, many accusing the author of being racist, the story of Johnson’s bewilderment became a talking point across conservative media sites including The Blaze and Red State then was expounded upon by The Daily Mail and Fox.

NRA News commentator Colion Noir extended an open invite to Johnson to come on his show to talk about the issue and told Fox the tweet offended him at first but then provided an opportunity to have a discussion about race and assumption.

As for Johnson, the self-avowed feminist and advocate fired back on social media saying she deleted the tweet because “I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people of color or women. I never said anyone should vote any particular way. I said it confused me.”

I deleted it because people were putting words in my mouth and changing my original intent. FOR THE RECORD: I do not believe everyone should vote the way I do. However, I am free to wonder what motivates people to vote.

— Kimberley Johnson (@AuthorKimberley) July 5, 2018

While the NRA does not disclose the demographics of their six million members, a number of African-Americans with a national profile have regularly addressed the gun rights organization’s annual meetings to include former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, HUD Secretary Ben Carson and video bloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, popularly known as Diamond and Silk. North Philadelphia community leader Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, is a gun owner and a card-carrying member of the NRA and believes that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental, telling previously that the Second Amendment is color blind.

The fallout for Johnson’s social media musing gone awry has echoed across the internet, potentially causing collateral damage to those with similar names. As of Monday, the Wikipedia page for Brigham Young University professor Kimberly Johnson had been updated to describe her as “an American poet, Renaissance scholar, and racist.”

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California: Legislature Breaks for Summer Recess

NRA-ILA News - Sun, 07/08/2018 - 04:50
On July 6, the California Legislature started their summer recess and will reconvene on Monday, August 6.  Please find an update on the current status of firearm and hunting related bills below. 
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California: Assault Weapon Informational Bulletin; What to DO if You Missed the Registration Deadline

NRA-ILA News - Sat, 07/07/2018 - 18:14
Sunday, July 1, was the deadline to register “assault weapons” with the California Department of Justice.
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9mm Mag Pump Magazine Loader Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/07/2018 - 11:18

The Mag Pump magazine loader is a pretty impressive engineering feat. To use it, push a magazine in, dump a box or handful of ammo in the hopper, and start pumping the handle. It's literally that simple. The ammo doesn't need to be oriented or sorted, the loader figures it out and puts it into your magazine in the correct orientation.

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California: MASSIVE Data Breach and Significant Registration Problems with CA DOJ’s “Assault Weapon” Registration System

NRA-ILA News - Sat, 07/07/2018 - 04:05
Following the closure of the “assault weapon” registration period, NRA and CRPA received complaints from hundreds of individuals who were unable to register their firearms as required because CA DOJ’s online application system was unable to handle the amount of traffic it received. Constant crashes and errors plagued DOJ’s online registration system for weeks leading up to the registration deadline. 
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Shooting the Taurus USA 2018 Product Lineup

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 07/06/2018 - 14:54

Over the last couple of years, Taurus USA has hired a handful of experienced engineers from around the firearm Industry. To complement the new talent, Taurus also opened a state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility here in the United States.

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Taylor’s & Company Model 1858 New Army .44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver:  Keeping the Legend Alive     

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:56

The cap and ball revolver, also known as the percussion revolver, is a sophisticated weapon of war. Even though those wars were in the 1800’s, the cap and ball remains an interesting and effective handgun. Taylor's & Company is keeping these legends alive by producing classic firearms made famous by soldiers, cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws.

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Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range 300 WM Full Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:20

Last year, I got my first experience with the Browning X-Bolt, using a Hell’s Canyon model in 6.5 Creedmore. I came away very impressed, my respect for the Browning name rekindled. They got a lot right with this model, from the trigger to the muzzle brake. So when the chance popped up to take a look at the X-bolt Pro in 300 Winchester Magnum, I hopped on it.

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