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Gun Confiscation: The Exit-Strategy for Failing Campaigns?

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 11/25/2019 - 20:28
The Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to take on President Donald Trump in 2020 have created somewhat of a clown-car atmosphere, with the field eclipsing two-dozen declared candidates at times. Currently, the number stands at a “manageable” 19 individuals to be vetted by Democrat voters.
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Professor Elizabeth Warren Offers Class in Political Linguistics

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 11/25/2019 - 20:26
Gun control advocates understand the power of language, if not the effective use of it. Over the years the anti-gun establishment has attempted to move away from the term “gun control” to more benign-sounding alternatives such as “commonsense gun safety” or “gun reform.” Their goal of civilian disarmament has remained constant, but the language has changed. Gun control advocates calculate that such shifts in language will further their political aims by obscuring their policy goals.
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Florida Alert! State Fights Cities & Counties on Gun Law

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 11/25/2019 - 12:54
Pointing to a “hierarchical relationship” with local governments, the state late Friday asked an appeals court to uphold a 2011 law that has threatened tough penalties if city and county officials approve gun regulations.
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Sig Sauer Delivers 100,000th M17 Series Pistol to U.S. Military

General Gun News - Mon, 11/25/2019 - 00:00

Sig won the Army’s MHS contract in early 2017 and has since gone on to supply the gun to every branch of the military. (Photo: Sig Sauer)


New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer announced last week that they have reached a milestone in delivering new pistols to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Since winning the contentious Modular Handgun System contract in 2017, beating out big-name pistol makers from around the globe to replace the M9 Beretta, Sig has exceeded performance standards and recently delivered the 100,000th MHS series gun to the military.

“In the month of October, Sig Sauer exceeded our manufacturing requirements by 30 percent and delivered a record-setting 12,100 handguns to the U.S. Military to achieve this historic milestone for Sig Sauer and the MHS program,” said Ron Cohen, the company’s President & CEO.

The MHS system consists of the compact-sized M18 pistol, foreground, as well as the more common full-sized M17, and a raft of Winchester-supplied companion ammo loadings. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

The MHS system comprises the Sig Sauer M17 full-size, and M18 compact handguns, each based on the company’s P320 series pistols, as well as Winchester Ammunition’s 9x19mm M1152 Ball, M1153 Special Purpose, and M1156 Drilled Dummy Inert cartridges. Over the coming five to seven years, upwards of 350,000 handguns and 100 million rounds of ammunition are scheduled for delivery to the Pentagon.

Adopted by Every Branch

While the Army is the primary user, with a reported 231,586 MHS pistols — mostly M17s — ordered over the past three years, the platform is also being acquired by the rest of the U.S. military as well. As noted in the Navy’s FY 2019 procurement budget justification for the Marine Corps, 35,000 M18s will not only replace aging M9 Berettas but also the Colt M45A1 CQB .45ACP railgun and the newly-acquired M007 Glock.

Likewise, the Navy is set to purchase 60,000 M18s to replace its current M9s.

The Air Force is also going all-M18, using the compact 9mm to phase out their M9s and M11s, the latter a version of the Sig Sauer P228 used by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Further, the M18s ability to use blank firing kits and Simunitions will allow it to replace the venerable .38-caliber Smith & Wesson M15 revolver, which is still used to train military working dog teams.

In addition, the Coast Guard reportedly has contracts for the MHS system as well.

“With the strict accuracy and acceptance specifications that the M17 and M18 are continuously exceeding, it’s clear that the success of this program can be directly attributed to the reliability, durability, and accuracy of the handgun, which has resulted in the high demand for both the M17 and M18 from every branch of the U.S. Military,” said Cohen this week.

Check out the feedback from fielding the M17 MHS system with Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, at Fort Bliss, Texas, last month.


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Gun Control Godfather Michael Bloomberg Enters Presidential Race

General Gun News - Sun, 11/24/2019 - 23:30

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013 (Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit CC BY 2.0)

Former New York Mayor and billionaire anti-gun advocate Michael Bloomberg is now officially running for the White House.

Bloomberg announced his campaign Sunday with a planned $34 million media blitz to garner the Democrat nomination for President next year. At least the 19th person to declare for that spot, several of which have already shuttered their campaigns, Bloomberg stated this weekend, “I’m running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America.”

The 77-year-old media and financial services mogul spent 12 years as New York City’s mayor in the early 2000s, sandwiched between Rudy Giuliani and Bill de Blasio, and is currently estimated by Forbes to be worth over $50 billion.

While mayor, the City established the first gun offender registry, similar to a sex offender registry but for former gun owners. His administration also mandated that licensed gun dealers in the City conduct and certify their inventory every six months with the NYPD, installed a one-gun-a-month rationing scheme, and used public funds to “buy back” more than 8,000 firearms from residents.

While in office in 2006, he co-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns along with then-Boston mayor Thomas Menino. In 2014, that organization, funded largely through donations from Bloomberg, morphed into Everytown, which bills itself as the largest “gun safety” group in the country although it does not run any firearm training or safety programs and largely concentrates on advocating for increased gun control at all levels.

Over the past several years, numerous MAIG/Everytown-endorsed political candidates have seen their campaigns benefit extensively from Bloomberg PAC dollars. Last year, the former Mayor personally spent “$110 million to elect candidates strong on gun safety in the 2018 midterm elections” according to his campaign website.

The news of Bloomberg’s entry into the race to unseat President Trump next November has been prefaced by signs the move was coming for the past several weeks as the former Mayor’s campaign has filed paperwork to put him on Democratic primary ballots in several states. Two weeks ago, President Trump downplayed the prospect of Bloomberg of being a formidable future opponent, calling him “Little Michael,” and saying, “he just doesn’t have the magic.”

Gun industry reaction

Firearm industry groups are not impressed with Bloomberg’s late entry into the 2020 race.

“Michael Bloomberg’s announcement to buy his way into this presidential election and force his radical gun control agenda on America surprises no one,” Mark Oliva, the Director of Public Affairs at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told Sunday.

“The anti-gun billionaire showed his hand in February when he pledged to spend a half-billion dollars to force his gun control nanny-state agenda on the rest of America,” said Oliva. “Michael Bloomberg doesn’t trust the rest of the Democratic field to deliver the White House for gun control just as he doesn’t trust Americans to exercise their God-given rights. The biggest surprise regarding the former New York City mayor’s late entrance into the presidential race is how he ignores the signs that he’s the candidate no one wants. His polling numbers hover at just two percent.”

Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, previously this month said that “if Michael Bloomberg wins the White House, it will be the biggest Second Amendment disaster in American history.”

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The Colt Python : Cadillac of .357 Magnum Revolvers

General Gun News - Sun, 11/24/2019 - 23:10


The Colt Python was perhaps a high-water mark of sorts when it came to 20th Century combat wheelguns and is wildly popular with collectors today.

First introduced in 1955– and to this day one of the few hand-fitted modern revolvers to be factory produced for the commercial market– the beefy .357 Magnum-caliber six-shooter was described by Colt as, “A finer gun than you actually need,” and its list of standard features set it apart from many of its pencil-barrel contemporaries.

Featuring a full underlug with a shrouded ejector rod, ventilated rib barrel, and adjustable sights, Pythons are distinctive and quickly identified at even a quick glance. The first catalog price on the revolver was $125 — about three weeks pay at a time when the price of a gallon of gasoline was 23 cents. However, if you picked up one back then at that price, it was money well spent!

You can’t mistake a Python for anything else. (Photos: Richard Taylor/

Over its 50-year run, the “I-frame” Python saw several variants with 2.5-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch barrel lengths, a few caliber experiments, and some specialty guns. The revolvers were produced in a range of finishes including an electroless nickel– referred to as “ColtGuard” by the company– stainless, polished nickel, Royal ColtGuard, an “Ultimate Bright” stainless, blued, and Colt Royal Blue, among others.

Take a look at some of these varieties that we currently have on-hand in the warehouse to drink in the cornucopia of old Colts:

This exquisite .357 Magnum Colt Python in about unfired condition has a serial number, 01406N, that dates it to 1978, inside the golden age of “Snake Gun” production at Hartford. Equipped with smooth walnut finger groove grips, this Python includes a factory fitted wooden case.

With a 6-inch full-lug barrel and bright polished nickel finish, this “I” frame Python has extensive engraving and scrollwork and was produced near the end of Colt’s transition to stainless steel guns from nickel finishes.

One of the few hand-fitted modern revolvers to be factory produced for the commercial market, this example is the cream of the crop for Python collectors.

This next amazing Colt wheel gun is a rare snake in the company’s Python line.

While Colt produced the vaunted “I” frame premium revolver in a special grade of blued and nickel finishes before offering stainless models in the mid-1980s, this .357 Magnum is a hard-to-find and very desirable factory satin nickel, referred to as “Royal Coltguard” or “E-Nick” by the company, and is so marked on its original paper box, which is included.

The serial number (K56372) points at 1981 production and this revolver, with factory Colt Pachymar Gripper medallion combat grips, is in excellent condition.

No abuse here…

This Colt Python Target model includes an 8-inch barrel and RH thumb rest wooden grips. These .38-Special-marked guns are among the rarest of Pythons, with just 3,489 blued models produced.

Sadly, Colt began trimming back on making the big Python in 1996, switching from standard production of the classic model to the more limited Ultimate Python and Python Elite models.  These late models soldiered on for another decade in declining numbers until the vaunted snake gun fell from the company’s catalog altogether after 2006.

However, although the line has been shut down nearly 15 years, still has you covered when it comes to these quintessential revolvers, so be sure to check back from time to time and see what we have on hand. Also, if you have one for sale, we can handle that, too.


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HELLCAT vs. Racegun

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 11/24/2019 - 14:32

The author uses the Springfield Armory HELLCAT in a competition against a custom 2011 pistol.

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Delta S 9 – Next Level PCC w/Financing Available

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 11/24/2019 - 07:28

Delta S is a strategic partner of MCM firearms. MCM has a background of custom firearms, with a healthy dose of machining. When you put those two together, what do you get? A no-compromise set of principles when it comes to making guns.

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Eliminate Darkness with the FLIR PTS736 Thermosight Pro – Full Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 11/24/2019 - 02:20

The FLIR PTS736 Thermosight Pro delivers ultra long range thermal detection and comes loaded with new features.

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Kestrel 5700 Ballistic Weather Meter With Hornady 4DOF: Full Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 11/23/2019 - 21:26

The Kestrel 5700 with 4DOF (for short), is compact and robust. These traits are necessary for a unit designed for long range shooters because many applications including hunting, military and competitive uses put the ultimate strain on equipment due to harsh environmental conditions, rough handling and long hours of use. This weather meter is drop tested, waterproof and dust-proof, which I have verified through my months of use while I've had it.

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Snake Eater Tactical War Belt & Pouches

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 11/23/2019 - 20:47

When it comes to Battle Belts, War Belts, Range Belts or whatever name you want to put on them, there are a lot of options.One of the best offerings I’ve had the opportunity to put in time with has been the Snake Eater Tactical (S.E.T.) War Belt (3 Part System).

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Testing the NEW Aluminum, Ultralight, Bolt Action, Super Accurate, Havak Element by Seekins Precision

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 11/23/2019 - 19:25

I managed to get my hands on Seekins' new Havak Element in 6.5 PRC soon after it was announced, and immediately put it through the hardest tests that I could think of: I brought it with me on several hunts including Idaho mule deer and whitetail deer.

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The Guns of Ruby Ridge: America Teeters at the Precipice

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 11/23/2019 - 16:07

The very mention of Ruby Ridge still elicits powerful emotions. In 1992 with a Republican in the White House, the full might of the US government was unleashed on an American citizen and his family.

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The Femme Fatale Gift Guide For 2019

Gun News Daily - Sat, 11/23/2019 - 13:03

The largest demographic of new gun owners over the last few years are… wait for it…. WOMEN!  As a female who has taught firearms over the last 10 years, I can tell you that when we get into it, it becomes obsession!  This holiday season, I wanted to make a list of unique gifts that […]

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Member Spotlight: Meet an NRA Virginia mom who is telling voters to ‘watch out’ for Bloomberg’s tricks in 2020

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 11/22/2019 - 15:13
Suburban women are expected to play a pivotal role in the 2020 elections, which is why a lot of political groups are attempting to appeal to them. One of Bloomberg’s groups, Moms Demand Action, is styled to fool voters into thinking their extreme beliefs are representative of all suburban moms. And earlier this month in Virginia, this billionaire-funded group spent an enormous amount of money to flip a few seats and win a thin, anti-gun majority in the state legislature. Pro-gun suburban women in Virginia were outraged by the misleading campaign. We spoke with one, NRA member Megan Boland, who says the tactics employed by anti-gun groups in Virginia should serve as a cautionary tale to pro-gun suburban women across the country.  
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SIG SAUER Delivers Milestone 100,000th M17 / M18 Handgun to U.S. Military

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 11/22/2019 - 10:02

SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the delivery of the 100,000th M17 and M18 for the Modular Handgun System program to the U.S. Military, ahead of schedule, and surpassing the performance standards and requirements since the official contract award in January 2017.

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Blackhawk Unveils T-Series Holster for Sig Sauer P365

General Gun News - Fri, 11/22/2019 - 05:00

The L2C T-Series holster, pictured here with a Glock, adds the Sig P365 to its model lineup. (Photo: Blackhawk)

Blackhawk adds to its lineup of T-Series concealed carry holsters, announcing a new model created for the Sig Sauer P365.

The Level 2 Compact T-Series works alongside both the standard Sig Sauer P365 as well as the newer P365 XL. The L2C holster brings a speed cut to its low-profile design, encouraging a faster draw and easier concealment. The holster also boasts the added bonus of RMR compatibility so go ahead and throw on that pistol optic.

The glass-reinforced nylon holster also opts for an all-new attachment method known as the Quick Dual Release. The QDR offers an “intuitive button release” Blackhawk says is easier to attach and remove from the belt. The system supports belts ranging from 1.5- to 2.5-inches. Each L2C holster, regardless of gun make and model, comes with a two-slot belt attachment that tucks the grip of the gun into the body for better overall concealment.

Blackhawk says the L2C brings a construction perfect for concealment, allowing carriers to grip the gun on the draw in a more natural manner. “Designed to follow Blackhawk’s Master Grip Principle, all T-Series holsters have been specifically developed to allow the user’s hand to land naturally where it should in order to deploy the sidearm. This efficient movement pairs with a sound-dampening, low-friction, dual-density internal material that translates into a smooth, quiet draw,” the company said in a news release.

The Sig Sauer P365 on display at the NRA Annual Meeting in 2018, a few months after its release. (Photo: Jacki Billings)


The L2C is the latest holster model to expand into the Sig P365 universe. Introduced in January 2018, the P365 gave consumers a striker-fired 9mm design with a 10+1 capacity all within a compact build. Continuing to add models to the P365 lineup, Sig announced a new, larger model in June 2019. This, of course, was the aptly named P365 XL. The P365 XL boasts a similar aesthetic but delivers more rounds with a 15+1 capacity. It also happens to be backward compatible with standard P365 accessories.

The L2C T-Series Holster from Blackhawk is available now with an MSRP of $69.95.

Itching to see what all the P365 buzz is about? Head over to to check out our selection of new and used P365 pistols and see for yourself. While you’re at grab a spare mag and some 9mm ammo for it too. You’ll thank us later.

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Rifles that Should Be on Everyone’s Wish List This Season

General Gun News - Fri, 11/22/2019 - 04:17

With thoughts this time of year turning to great rifle buys for Christmas, we curated a list of our 10 best that are sure to have something for every taste.

In no particular order:

Browning BAR

This particular Browning BAR, with a polished blue finish and walnut stock, is in .270 Win with a four-round detachable magazine and 22-inch barrel.


Originally designed by a team that included John Browning’s grandson, Bruce Warren Browning, this semi-auto sporting rifle was first introduced in 1968 and has been a go-to with discerning hunters ever since. Updated in the Mark II version since 1992, the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) still has the same clean, aristocratic lines and balance while never falling short on accuracy and reliability. Currently offered in 11 calibers and styles ranging from Safari to Stalker models and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with a BAR.

Ruger Mini-14

The wood-stocked Ruger Min-14 Ranch Rifle never really goes out of style, does it?

NEW MINI-14 FROM $793.10

Another great semi-auto that has been around for generations and has never lost its popularity is the Ruger Mini-14. Styled after the M14 but in a more compact size and caliber, this handy carbine, chambered in .223 Rem, hits a lot of notes with a lot of players especially “if no one else can help, and if you can find them…”

Remington 700

A great entry-level Remington 700 is the ADL, shown here in 7mm Rem Mag chambering inside a synthetic stock with an included scope package. These run $446.


Often referred to as “America’s favorite bolt-action of all time” the Remington 700 series has been around since 1962 but is based on the company’s older 721/722 platforms going back to the 1940s. One of the most frequently encountered sporting bolt guns in modern times, the strong 2-lug rotating bolt is reliable while accuracy is never left to chance. Further, the 700 has been chambered in just about every modern centerfire cartridge you can think of and comes in a wide range of subvariants.

A Remington 700 with more classic this BDL with a gloss finish and American walnut Monte Carlo stock. This example, chambered in .243 Win, runs $788

Ruger 10/22

Your basic Ruger 10/22 with an 18.5-inch barrel and synthetic stock will start at a bargain price of $199


First introduced by Bill Ruger in 1964, millions upon millions of 10/22 carbines have been produced for the hungry masses of plinkers and small game hunters. Using a 10-shot flush-fitting .22LR magazine (get the name now?) larger mags are available for those with an extra supply of targets to zap. With .22LR ammo now back to affordable prices (how about 325 for $16?), these guns are extra fun on the cheap!

Want it in wood? Boom– $269.

Vintage Mauser

This beautiful Swedish Mauser, in 6.5x55mm, was made in 1913 by Carl Gustav and is obtainable history that is just one click away for $569.98. Treat yourself.


A classic that saw service on every continent in the hands of soldiers, explorers and sportsmen, the turn-bolt Mauser rifle is about as bedrock in gun culture as you can get. While the company is still around in Germany and markets affordable new guns, including the synthetic stocked M18, vintage Mauser-family rifles tell a story that echoes in history– and a few are still around at prices that are obtainable, for now at least.

Savage Axis

The Axis is a light low-price centerfire bolt action rifle. It sports a carbon steel 22-inch barrel detachable box magazine and drilled and tapped receiver. Its matte black synthetic stock features recoil pad vents contoured grip and forend and swivel studs. The Axis is available in a variety of chamberings including 223 Rem, 30-06 Spring, and 308 Win.


Savage, who was never a slouch with their Model 10 and 110 bolt-action rifles, introduced the no-frills Axis line in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Already garnering a reputation as proving a lot of bang for the buck (get it?) they make great field guns.

An ACE of an AR-15


Everyone likes a good AR and in a crowded market, Modern Materiel (MODMAT) has an ACE in the hole with their rifles. Using all-American components from Mission First Tactical, Strike Industries, Ballistic Advantage, and HiperFire, the MODMAT Ace series runs 14.5-inch and 16-inch barrels with an ultralight free-float handguard that have a full top Pic rail and is dripping with M-LOK slots– and that is just for starters. Can you dig it?


A good entry-level AK that won’t give you a bunch of heartburn as it falls to pieces is the WASR-10. These are available once again.


We couldn’t mention an AR and Mini-14 without making sure we at least touched on the AK. If you don’t have a Kalashnikov or five in your collection, you are doing gun collecting the wrong way.

Henry Classic

The Henry Classic Lever is a classic western-style lever-action rifle, and one of the most popular .22s on the market today. It features an attractive American walnut stock, a hooded front sight and a 3/8-inch grooved receiver for mounting optics.


Lever-action “cowboy” guns have been around for over 150 years and the original Henry was part of that pack back in the day. Today’s Henry rifles are thoroughly modern guns that have earned a reputation for delivering on the legacy of yesteryear while using current cartridges. For those looking to dip their toe in the lever-action game without taking out a loan, Henry’s Classic .22 could fit the bill.

Just a lil’ Crickett

The Crickett could be an ideal first rifle…


Without passing on the tribal knowledge from the current stalwarts to a new generation, there will be no Second Amendment, hunting tradition or gun culture in the America of the future. An ideal and downright cute little rifle to start training today’s youth with is the U-S.-made Keystone Arms Crickett. A manual cocking single-shot bolt-action .22LR rifle, it only weighs 3-pounds and has a short length of pull.

Of course, this list is not all-inclusive, but we only had so much digital ink in the well. To check out our full selection of new and Certified Used rifles, head on over to the Vault and browse thousands of models in stock. 

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Baltimore Looking to Sue Gun Manufacturers for City’s Escalating Violence

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 11/21/2019 - 15:18

City leaders in Baltimore are looking to sue gun makers for the city’s escalating violence.   Solicitor Andre Davis said Tuesday that the firearms industry should be held accountable for its role in the over 300 homicides the city witnessed so far this year. Davis said he is closely watching the outcome of a lawsuit […]

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Daisy Celebrates 80 Years of the Red Ryder with Special Commemorative Edition

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 11/21/2019 - 13:57

This most-famous BB Gun celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2020 with a special edition featuring elegant engraving on the forearm and a commemorative medallion in the stock.

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