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NRA Endorses Brian Hagedorn for Wisconsin Supreme Court

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 11:13
The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Judge Brian Hagedorn for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 
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Arkansas: Urgent Action Needed – Urge Governor Hutchinson to Sign Pro-Gun Legislation

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 10:12
Currently awaiting the Governor’s signature is pro-gun legislation, Senate Bill 400. 
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New Hampshire: House Floor Votes Scheduled For Anti-Gun Bills

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 08:54
On March 19th, the New Hampshire state House of Representatives will be holding floor votes for a number of bills that would impact your Second Amendment rights, including legislation to criminalize private transfers, impose waiting periods, and allow local governments to impose a patchwork of restrictions.
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M1 Garand Makes A Cameo On Upcoming Quarter Design

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 08:00

Millions of M1 Garands saw service with the Army and Marines in WWII, and the venerated rifle makes an appearance on an upcoming coin being produced by the U.S. Mint. (Photos: U.S. Mint/National Archives)

An upcoming quarter struck by the U.S. Mint depicts a World War II scene on a far-flung American shore complete with iconic M1 Garand rifles. The coin, the 48th in the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters Program, depicts U.S. forces coming ashore at Asan Bay, Guam during the liberation of that territory from Japanese occupation in 1944.

Sculpted by Michael Gaudioso, the design is for the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam and “honors the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater during World War II.”

In the scene on the coin’s reverse side, in the arms of the troops coming ashore from landing vehicles are a number of distinctive M1s. The 30.06-caliber semi-automatic rifle, designed by John Garand, was adopted by the Army in the 1930s and by the Marines just after the start of the War. It was the primary infantry rifle of the military until the M14 replaced it in the 1960s. Nearly 6 million M1s were produced from 1937 to 1957, and they are prized by collectors.

U.S. Army and Marine units, with M1s front and center, landed on Guam in July 1944 and spent weeks actively fighting the Japanese garrison. The last Japanese holdout was not discovered until 1972.

While the upcoming Guam Quarter will be the first appearance of the M1 on the country’s 25-cent coin, other firearms have made cameos.

Since 1999, the Mint has been in the process of releasing four new commemorative quarters each year. Starting with the 50 State Quarters Program which ran through 2008, a number of the 25-cent pieces included firearms. Massachusetts’s 2000 quarter includes the likeness a Minuteman of the American Revolution while New Jersey’s highlights Gen. George Washington crossing the Delaware River with armed Colonial soldiers.

Running since 2010, the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters Program, of which the M1-featuring Gaum coin is part, also has cannon and a musket-wielding soldier of the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument on the 2011 Gettysburg coin. Further, 2016’s Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Quarter features a flintlock-armed frontiersman gazing across the mountains to the West.

The 2017 George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Quarter shows then-Lt. Col. Clark, rifle in hand, leading his men in the capture of Fort Sackville from the British in 1779. The design of 2016’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter depicts a young Roosevelt on horseback, hand on his holstered revolver, surveying the terrain near the Little Missouri River.

(Photo: U.S. Mint)

As for the M1 Garand, the rifle has previously appeared on a number of Congressional Gold Medals and bronze duplicates struck by the Mint under federal law honoring specific WWII-era military units. These medals include those for the Filipino Veterans of World War II, the U.S. Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment, Montford Point Marines, Nisei Soldiers, as well as the Code Talkers for the Kiowa Tribe, Menominee Nation, Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe.

(Photo: U.S. Mint)

The Guam Quarter is set to begin circulation on June 3.

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Charter Arms Announces New Professional .32 H&R Magnum Model

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 07:30

The nitrided stainless steel Professional is a 7-shot .32 H&R Mag (Photo: Charter Arms)

The seven-shot Professional revolver is chambered in .32 H&R Magnum and is billed as “a true fighting handgun.” Eschewing polymer, Connecticut-based Charter Arms has engineered their newest revolver to tip the scales at 22-ounces, unloaded, while still sporting contoured walnut grips as well as a stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel. The metal surfaces are coated in a proprietary Blacknitride+ process characterized as “indestructible” by the company.

Like several new revolvers pitched for the concealed carry market, the Professional uses a 3-inch barrel. However, the choice of caliber for the new gun is relatively uncommon. While Ruger currently makes a .32 H&R revolver, it is a New Model Single-Six, styled more for cowboy action shooting than every day carry. Smith & Wesson produced the Model 432 and 631 in the light .32 Mag but both of those revolvers have been out of production for some time and can be hard to find.

“The .32 H&R Magnum caliber has always been an underrated caliber that’s ideal for concealed carry and well-suited for the range,” said Charter Arms President Nick Ecker in a statement.

The company reportedly worked with the staff of Concealed Carry Magazine to help develop the Professional. “This is a true fighting revolver,” said Kevin Michalowski, the publication’s executive editor. “I could not be happier working with Nick Ecker and the entire team at Charter Arms to see this project come to life.”

The Professional, which includes a Green LitePipe front sight, is set to retail for $438. It will be unveiled at the 2019 Concealed Carry Expo on May 17-19 held in Pittsburgh.

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Alana Barricks Dishes on AKs, Death Metal and Zombie Killing Squad Goals

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 07:00

Alana Barricks, right, co-hosts the Semi-Armed Life podcast with fiancé Mike Marion, left. (Photo: Alana Barricks via Instagram)

Alana Barricks brings a bubbly quality to the Semi-Armed Life podcast, which she and fiancé Mike Marion host. With a background steeped in the political world, joining the 2A movement in college and even serving as president of her university’s College Republican organization, Barricks uses her knowledge and zeal for firearms to educate listeners and answer questions on the monthly podcast. caught up with Barricks to delve into her love for conspiracy centered entertainment, death metal bands and her favorite guns.

GDC: You co-host the podcast Semi-Armed Life with Mike and as someone who produces a podcast I imagine you listen to a lot of podcasts. What are some of your favorites?

Barricks: So definitely I’d say my number one favorite is Hardcore History with Dan Carlin. Another one right now is actually Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theory Podcast. It’s so interesting. Then, of course, the entire Firearm’s Radio Network is always on play in my car — Gun Funny, We Like Shooting, This Week in Guns and Civilian Carry Radio. I’m super into podcasts!

GDC: What do you think makes a podcast good?

Barricks: I would say, more than anything, the ability to educate people. Teaching people something and you know providing information from a different perspective. The reason I (listen) a lot is just because I’m always trying to learn more about everything and anything — specifically about history and firearms and politics too.

GDC: What’s the last movie you watched?

Barricks: A movie called Conspiracy Theory. I’m going to make myself sound like a tinfoil hat crazy person. Like I’m going to be the next Alex Jones or something. But the movie is a cool World War 2 film about Hitler’s top 12 cabinet members and their planning for the final solution to World War 2. It’s really interesting because it exposes how governments can be disgustingly corrupt and evil. Highly recommend the movie.

GDC: While we’re on pop culture, what music gets you pumped for the day?

Barricks: Oh man, I don’t know where to begin. I can listen to anything from Cardi B to Cannibal Corpse. Eclectic is a good word.

Barricks loves the AK platform and routinely discusses the platform on the show. (Photo: Alana Barricks via Instagram)

GDC: Speaking of Cannibal Corpse and death metal, I heard a rumor you were the lead singer in a death metal band in high school. Tell me more about that.

Barricks: Oh my gosh! That was so long ago. It was a crappy little band, just me and a couple of guys in a garage, you know, being losers. I bounced around and was kind of in two bands, but it was mostly just jamming. I was the vocalist so I was the one screaming. It’s a fun party trick more than anything now. People will be like, “Wait, you were in a death metal band?” I’ll say, “Yeah you want to hear me scream?”

GDC: That’s hilarious. Every death metal band I know of has an epic name, so what was yours?

Barricks: I’m trying to remember. One was called Over Taken. I know we argued over names for forever. Another name was Field of Slain. We wanted to sound really bad-ass but we weren’t.

GDC: What was the last gun related item you purchased?

Barricks: I bought a Glock 19 for carry.

GDC: Nice! That’s my favorite carry gun. How’s it going making the switch to a larger carry gun?

Barricks: Going very well. I feel so much safer knowing I have more capacity and a higher caliber. It’s pretty cool. Before I got the 19, I was carrying a 42 so now I can switch back and forth depending on what outfit I am wearing.

GDC: So that’s your newest gun, what’s your favorite?

Barricks: I’d say, right now, it’s my Romanian Paratrooper. That’s one of my AK-47s. It’s my favorite because it’s one of the only guns that I have had work done to. With my Paratrooper I had the barrel chopped down and a Dead Air flash hider pinned and welded to it. It’s got surplus wood furniture on it, RS Regulate mount on it and a Holosun optic. It’s really cool. For me, it’s the absolute perfect AK-47.

The Romanian Paratrooper Barricks cites as her favorite gun. (Photo: Bandits Armory via Instagram)

GDC: So you and Mike are big AK fans and you talk about that on your podcast in addition to a wealth of other topics including politics and news. What was the evolution of the podcast?

Barricks: I posted a video on Facebook telling people that if they had any questions at all about guns, the Second Amendment, gun politics or anything like that to email me. It was an open invitation for them to e-mail me and I created an e-mail address for it and everything; because I was really sick of all the misinformation that I heard in the news and everything. I got a lot of responses from people. That was the first stepping stone.

Then a month later my sister-in-law was robbed at gunpoint while she was holding my niece and nephew. They were two and five at the time. Afterward, she told me I need to learn about guns. I need to know how to defend myself. She had a lot of questions and so those two things pushed me into doing a podcast. I wanted to answer all the questions she had. I bought it up to Mike and he thought it was awesome and he wanted to get involved. We just went from there.

GDC: How do you choose the topics you cover each show because you do hit on everything from the basics to history to more involved topics like politics?

Barricks: It depends. We try to play to our strengths. My strengths are in firearms policy and politics in general. Mike is more into history, gear and the technical side of firearms. We try to take a few items from each area. We try to balance it out so we’re each happy with the episode.

GDC: So final question, if you had to build the ultimate zombie killing squad, who would you want on your team?

Barricks: So definitely Mike, my fiancé. I would say Pat McNamara. I’m pretty sure he could kill all the zombies. Denny Ducet, he’s on Instagram. He’s not as popular but that dude is really into survival type things. He’s going out into the woods for like a week or something so I feel like I’d want a survivalist. Then I would say, Reid Henrichs because I feel like he doesn’t take anything from anybody. You need that kind of person around. Then I would say Angel of Verdun, Ashley, because she’s just an all-around badass lady. I feel like I could name so many more people, but I’m just going to leave it at that.

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Missouri Bills Would Require AR-15, Handgun Ownership For Most Adults

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 06:30

State Rep. Andrew McDaniel’s bill would require most residents between 18 and 35 to get an AR-15, although he admits the plan has little prospect of passing.

Measures introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives last month require many residents who can legally possess a firearm to own both a handgun and an AR-15 and authorizes a tax credit to buy them.

Introduced by state Rep. Andrew McDaniel, R-Deering, his “McDaniel Militia Act,” is a short, two-page bill that would mandate AR-15 ownership in the Show-Me State for adults aged 18 to 35. The bill would allow those residents required to own such a semi-automatic rifle a year to acquire one. The tax credit, which would be first-come-first-served, would be paid for out of a $1 million allocation to the state budget.

A companion bill, the “McDaniel Second Amendment Act,” would make much the same provision for mandatory handgun ownership. Adults over the age of 21 who are able to legally possess a firearm would have to obtain a pistol or revolver capable of firing .22 caliber ammunition or larger. Like the AR-15 proposal, it has the same $1 million tax credit in its language.

McDaniel, a former sheriff’s deputy who has been in the House for five years, told local media he has little expectation the measures will pass. The lawmaker says he is open to focusing on the tax credits in the bills while deleting the mandates.

A handful of cities in the country have mandatory gun-possession ordinances, most notably, Kennesaw, Georgia. However, the local laws have numerous exceptions and potential violators who do choose not to own firearms are rarely prosecuted.

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Weatherby Debuts New 18i Semi-Auto Shotgun Line (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 06:00

Wyoming-based Weatherby this week announced they have added a line of Italian-made inertia-driven semi-auto 12 gauge shotguns to their catalog

The new 18i series are initially offered in Deluxe, Synthetic and Waterfowler models, all featuring a 28-inch barrel with a full-length ventilated rib. All have a one-piece receiver that is machined from billet aluminum, offer a 4+1 shell capacity, and run on a proven inertia system the company says is both reliable and ready to stand up to prolonged use. They seem very similar to Marocchi’s SI12 series which debuted in 2009.

The Deluxe 18i, which uses a 3-inch chamber, comes standard with European walnut furniture and a laser engraved nickel receiver. Likewise, the barrel has a high-gloss blued finish. MSRP is $1,899. (Photos: Weatherby)

The Synthetic, more of a field gun, uses a 3.5-inch Super Magnum chamber– the first offered by Weatherby– and includes black polymer furniture with a recoil-mitigating elastomer stock. MSRP is $1,099.

The Waterfowler, like the 18i Synthetic, has a 3.5-inch chamber. It is dipped in a Realtree Max-5 camo pattern. MSRP is $1,199.

All of the 18i models have LPA Fiber sights and include a case with five choke tubes and a true choke tube wrench.

Although Weatherby was long a California-based firearms maker, company CEO Adam Weatherby announced last year the time was right to pull stumps for more gun-friendly Wyoming, where they are busy moving into a new facility in Sheridan.

“As we finalize our transition to Sheridan, WY, Weatherby is excited to announce our brand new Italian made inertia-driven shotgun product line,” said Weatherby. “This is the first of many new items to be launched from our new home in Wyoming.”

View this post on Instagram

The entry sign is up. The Weatherby facility is getting close to move in.

A post shared by Weatherby, Inc. (@weatherbyinc) on Feb 20, 2019 at 7:25am PST

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Brenda and I had the honor of giving Congresswoman Cheney a tour of our “almost open” facility in Sheridan this afternoon. #almostopen #wyoming

A post shared by Weatherby, Inc. (@weatherbyinc) on Feb 9, 2019 at 2:48pm PST

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New Flag in the office. We are excited to be moving into the new facility soon.

A post shared by Weatherby, Inc. (@weatherbyinc) on Jan 30, 2019 at 1:07pm PST

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Police Seek To Reunite Owner With Recovered Antique Gun (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 05:30

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is trying to get a fairly uncommon English shotgun back to its owner. The gun, a C.G. Bonehill side-by-side, dates from the late 19th to very early 20th Century and was recovered by authorities after they served a search warrant at a suspected burglar’s residence.

The C.G. Bonehill SXS is more or less complete, other than the fact that the buttstock is broken off (Photos: KCPD)

Local media reported the engraved double-barrel is marked to a Will H. Cruttenden out of Cazenovia, New York, but police say they have not been able to make contact with an owner. Cruttenden, a jeweler, is believed to have died in the 1920s.

“It is a very beautiful shotgun; We’re just trying to find an owner for it,” KCPD Det. Robert Martin told KSHB. “I’d hate to see it melted down or destroyed with it being such a nice piece of history and the history it has behind it.”

The shotgun maker, Christopher George Bonehill, was a Birmingham gunmaker who established his firm in the 1850s and filed numerous firearms patents under his name. His firm, located in Birmingham’s Belmont Row, went out of business in the 1960s. While many Bonehills in circulation fetch low prices, an Old West-era coach-length double inscribed to Wells, Fargo fetched nearly $10,000 at a 2016 auction.

Kansas City police say they will need proof of ownership to return it. Those who feel they have a link to the gun should call the Metro Property Crimes Section at 816-581-0679.

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Expert Tips for Inspecting a Used Rifle (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 05:00

New rifles are great, but buying from the used rack often has its own advantages. In many cases, a buyer can find a used item in excellent condition but at a fraction of the price. Perhaps more importantly, buying pre-owned is the only way to get classic, collectible or otherwise out-of-production long guns.

Of course, buying used also means just that – the gun has already been used – and what kind of use may not immediately be known. To learn how to inspect wear and tear on a rifle, I turned to gun shop owner Mark Micoley who has been in the business for more than 30 years at his shop rock Ridge Shooter’s Supply. According to Micoley, looking for obvious problems is the best way to start.

He explained that you should first give the rifle a once over. “We’re going to being looking for damage. We’re going to be looking for cracks in the stock. We’re going to be looking for rust on the metal,” he said, adding that if the rifle stock has a crack and you fire it, you could have “a very bad day” as the shooting could make the damage worse.

Racks of rifles await buyers at Rocky Ridge Shooter’s Supply. Knowing what to look for when buying a used rifle will make your next purchase a great one. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Next, Micoley advised studying the business-end of the rifle. “You’ll want to take a look at the muzzle … if this has been damaged in anyway it’s really going to affect your accuracy a lot,” he said.

After that, work the action. If you can get your paws on the rifle, don’t be afraid to cycle the bolt to ensure that it functions as it should. Micoley suggested asking: Is the bolt smooth? Does the safety engage correctly? Is the action snug in the stock or are things sloppy?

Then, the trigger is something almost every seasoned shooter wants to know about. Micoley said dry firing is the best way to inspect a trigger and test its pull, but he strongly suggests that buyers ask the sales clerk before pulling the trigger. “Don’t just grab a gun and start pulling the trigger,” he said. “You can get a lot of people excited very quickly when you do that.”

Mark Micoley, owner of Rocky Ridge Shooters and genuine good “gun guy”, shares his tips on finding great used rifles both in stores and online. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

And, after you check the outside and test the operation, light up the bore. With the inside illuminated, you’re looking for the same issues as you did on the outside. “Look down through the barrel. You’re going to be looking to see if it’s rusty or wore out,” he said.

Buying online poses other obvious problems, but Micoley advised that you should continue to employ the same methods of inspection. But “you might have to ask a lot of these questions or get better pictures,” he said. maintains the Certified Used Gun Program in which expert inspectors certify quality used firearms that are “free from mechanical defects.”

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Indiana: Senate Committee to Hear Important Self-Defense Bill

NRA-ILA News - Sun, 03/17/2019 - 14:59
On March 20th, the Indiana state Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing House Bill 1284 to enhance protections afforded to law-abiding citizens acting in defense of themselves and others.
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New Mexico: Legislature Adjourns from 2019 Legislative Session – Multiple Anti-Gun Bills Defeated

NRA-ILA News - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 19:29
Today, the New Mexico Legislature adjourned from its hectic and busy 2019 Legislative session at noon.  While this session saw the passage of extreme gun control legislation, Senate Bill 8, multiple gun control bills were also defeated as the final gavel dropped
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Lever Tactical Big-Bore Takedown Rifle: WWG Co-Pilot Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 11:41

The Wild West Guns Co-Pilot is a short, fast handling, accurate hammer of a rifle that disassembles down to a compact travel size package.

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Colorado: Senate Committee Passes “Red Flag” Gun Control Legislation

NRA-ILA News - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 10:00
No summary available
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Walther PPQ Q5 Match – Why This Polymer Wonder is Still Relevant

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 22:13

It was almost exactly five years ago that I wrote my first gun review for GunsAmerica (gently wipes away a tear…). It was the Walther PPQ M2 5” pistol, which was just new to the market at that time. When the work was finished and the article and video were published, I asked Walther if I could send them a check instead of returning the gun. That pistol has been my go-to match gun ever since, and it has many thousands of rounds through it.

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The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto: The Unsolved Murder of the Muslim World’s First Female Prime Minister

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 21:43

Benazir Bhutto was both the 11th and 13th Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her professional life was enigmatic, dangerous, chaotic, and inspirational. Accused of corruption and officially ousted from her post twice, she yet remained the first democratically elected female leader of a Muslim-majority nation. Imprisoned, exiled, persecuted, and ultimately murdered, Benazir Bhutto came to represent both the best and the worst of her part of the world.

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New Hornady 224 Valkyrie loadings – Black and Varmint Express

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 15:06

One of the great stories of 2018 was the introduction of a new caliber by Federal, the 224 Valkyrie. Initially announced in October of 2017, by SHOT Show 2018, the world was abuzz. The 224 Valkyrie promised to turbocharge the small frame AR rifle, with ballistics that blew the doors off past challengers such as 6.5 Grendal and 22 Nosler. It helped that it was released and backed by Federal, a giant in the ammunition industry. But still, many people questioned the new caliber? Would it deliver? And would it catch on enough to remain available?

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New Mexico: House Passes Gun Control Bill to Governor’s Desk

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 15:00
Last night, the New Mexico House passed a bill to the desk of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that would go beyond federal law by removing certain individuals’ Second Amendment rights.
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Activist Court Turns the Law Designed to Protect the Firearm Industry from Frivolous Lawsuits on its Head

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 14:29
On Thursday, the Connecticut Supreme Court created a dangerous new exception to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), a strong safeguard for our right to keep and bear arms.  
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Canada’s Senate Holds Hearings on “Rube Goldberg” Gun Control Law, Bill C-71

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 03/15/2019 - 14:25
Last month, the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence (SECD) concluded two days of hearings on Bill C-71, the Liberal government’s gun control bill. (An additional hearing date has been set for March 18, 2019.) The committee has so far heard from approximately 40 witnesses, including gun rights advocates, gun control groups, the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, researchers and academics, sport shooting associations, industry groups, small business owners, Statistics Canada, community activists, and others.  
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