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Washington: 2019 Session Convened, Committee Hearings Scheduled

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 12:04
The 2019 Washington Legislative Session convened today, January 14th, and anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed and scheduled hearings for bills that will infringe upon your Second Amendment rights.
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Florida Alert! Where Do Anti-Gun Legislators Get this Stuff????

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 11:54
Some newly elected anti-gun legislators can't seem to resist the media spotlight. Like moths to a flame, some swoop in with anti-gun rants and dishonest, deceitful statements. 
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SIG’s Slick Side Folder: The Pivoting Contour Brace

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 09:14

“The minimalist design of the brace makes it lightweight, and by design there are more points of contact between the brace and the user increasing control for better accuracy, while the 360-degree pivoting arm only enhances the overall user-friendliness of the brace to enhance the shooting experience," Taylor said.

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Jerry Miculek vs Bump Stock. No contest (VIDEOS)

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 08:00

Wanting “to see what all the noise is about,” professional competition shooter Jerry Miculek clocks in with a borrowed bump stock to see if he can beat it. As his name has been repeatedly dropped in the debate over the now-controversial novelty that is subject to a looming ban in March, Miculek gives it a try.

In the end, he outshoots the troublesome device with one of his semi-auto race guns, no problem.

For reference, was on hand when Miculek set a new record the 2017 SHOT Show when he succeeded in engaging three different targets at 15 feet, shooting each multiple times center mass in 1.59 seconds– which is now slow for the ever-improving competitor. No bump stock was present.

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Federal starts new year with revamped name, look

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 07:30

Federal enters 2019 with an all new name, logo and packaging. (Photo: Federal)

A new year often brings new changes and it seems Federal, previously known as Federal Premium, is all about ushering in a new season of changes with a new name, logo and look.

Federal sprang to life in 1922, the result of founder Charles L. Horn. After adopting a three-year-old ammo maker, Horn began stocking his products on the shelves of barber shops, gas stations and grocery stores in addition to securing a contract to sell ammo through Montgomery Ward & Co. and Sears. Federal later worked towards an $87 million contract with the U.S. government, supplying ammo as well as other products to soldiers in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. Today, the company occupies space in Anoka, Minnesota employing 1,400 employees to pump out millions of rounds in various ammunition each day.

The ammo manufacturer has long been known as Federal Premium, a nod to one of its most successful and popular lines of ammunition. Despite Federal Premium’s success, the company says it’s aiming for a more inclusive approach to its products with a simplified moniker — Federal.

“For many years, we’ve been known as Federal Premium,” President Jason Vanderbrink said. “But the fact is we manufacture a huge list of ammunition products via several sub-brands, and Federal Premium is just one of them. Granted, it’s our exclusive sub-brand crafted at the highest tier of quality, but by using it as our overall name, Premium began to lose that meaning.”

The comprehensive take on Federal’s lineup doesn’t just stop with an improved name. The ammo maker is also revamping its logo and packaging to reflect a new era for the company. Federal said its previous logo was well worn, having served the company for 15 years. The time has come for a change, said Vanderbrink. The new logo boasts a bolder look but keeps to the company’s new simplified approach.

(Photo: Federal)

“The font inspires strength, heritage and forward motion—both in the technology of our products and the attitude of our employees,” Vanderbrink said. “We’re always looking ahead, driving to be the best.”

In addition to the logo, Federal is also upgrading its packaging in order to bring a more cohesive vibe and flow across its product offerings. Vanderbrink added that Federal noted the most successful brands in the firearms industry harness the power of consistency to push products. Federal is adopting this tactic with consistent, simple and easily recognizable packaging going forward.

“Moving forward you will see an exciting new look on all Federal packaging. The design will make it easier for consumers and sales associates to quickly identify Federal products on the shelves,” Vanderbrink said. “Beyond the bold, eye-catching aesthetics, the most important attributes of the product, such as caliber, bullet weight and use, are clearly, consistently communicated across all Federal product families.”

While some consumers might be nervous that the new and improved look might mean the loss of some of their favorite products, Federal said this isn’t the case. The company will still offer the same products, just in a new outfit. Favorites like Federal Power-Shok, Top Gun, Speed-Shok, Fusion and American Eagle will all remain a part of the Federal team.

Federal also said that despite the overall name change, the Premium lineup of ammunition will also remain a definitive part of the company’s lineup. Introduced in the late 1970s, the Premium series of ammunition has been a top seller for the company. Due to its popularity, the Federal Premium series will feature an upgraded look that goes above and beyond. Federal says the Federal Premium packaging will boast all new, eye-catching updates crafted to set it apart from the competition.

The Federal Premium brand will remain in the Federal lineup, touting an amplified package. (Photo: Federal)

“Our very best ammunition, Federal Premium, is easily identified by high-impact packaging with eye-catching gold foil, aspirational imagery and detailed product insets,” Vanderbrink explained. “This truly sets it apart, letting both consumer and retailer know the ammunition is designed for the best possible performance.”

With all the shake-ups, the obvious question is whether or not consumers will be on board with the new look and feel. Despite the enhancements, the company said it’s confident its consumer base will respond positively and, in the end, find the improvements to be a positive change.

“Our customers should respond just fine to the name because the short, one-word name simplifies things. Remington is Remington, Winchester is Winchester, Hornady is Hornady. We are Federal. Just call us Federal,” Spokesman JJ Reich told “But don’t let the smaller name fool you. We are the largest ammo company in the world!”

Federal also announced a fresh look its way to its sister companies, CCI and Speer. Both CCI and Speer will also see new logos and packaging.

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Massachusetts: Court rejects bid by state to dismiss ‘assault weapon’ challenge

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 06:30

Healey, shown above at an event pushing for stronger gun laws last November, will now have to keep fighting the gun rights advocates as the case against her expanded gun ban moves forward. (Photo: Healey’s office)

The U.S. 1st Circuit this month turned away an effort by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to dismiss a lawsuit against her expansion of the state’s “assault weapon” ban.

The challenge, brought by a number of gun dealers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, took the AG to court over her “enforcement notice” expanding the state’s longstanding ban on certain semi-automatic firearms to include guns that, up to that time, were considered “Massachusetts-compliant.”

Healey, who has been trying to get the case thrown out since it was first brought in 2016, will now have to keep fighting the gun rights advocates as the case moves forward.

The challenge came after Healy, a Democrat, declared she was banning the sale of “copycat” rifles that shared common parts such as triggers or bolt carriers with AR-15s, AK-variants, and others on the Commonwealth’s prohibited weapons list. One of the more novel interpretations Healy used in defining what an assault weapon was under the Commonwealth’s law was in focusing on gun actions — which are the heart of a weapon platform rather than cosmetic features such as stocks and grips — through the use of an interchangeability test.

“The actions of Attorney General Healey’s office in 2016 were unconstitutional, leaving firearms retailers in Massachusetts unable to determine the meaning or scope of the Enforcement Notice and subsequent explanations,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president, and general counsel, this week. “Because criminal penalties can result due to her unilateral reinterpretation of a state statute done without administrative process or input from affected parties, her office exceeded its lawful authority and retailers were deprived of their due process protections under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.”

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News of Kel-Tec’s new KS7 shotgun, CP33 pistol hits (AUDIO)

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 06:00

The new KS7 shotgun, with its distinctive carry handle, is similar to the company’s KSG but only uses one magazine tube while the new .22LR CP33 pistol reportedly brings quad-stacked 33-round magazines with it to market (Photos: Oleg Volk/All Outdoor)

A more cost-friendly alternative to the KSG shotgun and a new competition .22LR bullseye pistol are on tap for Florida-based Kel-Tec.

While the new guns aren’t on Kel-Tec’s website yet, firearms photographer Oleg Volk, who has a long relationship with the company, had the details in an article at All Outdoor over the weekend while KT’s Chad Enos spoke to the Talking Lead podcast about the offerings, which will be on hand at SHOT Show later this month.

At 26.1-inches long overall, Enos described the KS7 12 gauge pump as sort of a slim-downed KSG positioned to being akin to a bullpup Mossberg 500 as it will be significantly less than Kel-Tec’s legacy shotgun. While the KSG uses twin magazine tubes, the KSG, with a single tube, will hold 7+1 shells and is reportedly much lighter.

Kel-Tec has teased the new scattergun on social media over the weekend.

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Hey there, Slugger! @keltecweapons #bullpup #12gauge #shotgun #slug #in #yo #face #bad #guy

A post shared by KelTec (@keltecweapons) on Jan 11, 2019 at 2:02pm PST

The CP33 pistol comes M-Lok equipped and is both suppressor-friendly and comes with quad-stacked flush-fit 33-round magazines. The 5.5-inch bull barrel is standard.

Enos comes in at about the 1 hr. 10 min part of the Talking Lead podcast, below :

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Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 05:30

Gun owners would have to be a permit, limit magazines to five rounds or less, and be content with 20 cartridges a month, under a plan in the Oregon Senate. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Legislation submitted in the Democrat-controlled Oregon legislature would fundamentally change the state’s firearm laws, recasting them as the most restrictive in the country.

State Sen. Rob Wagner has submitted SB 501 for the upcoming session. Wagner’s bill would require licensing for gun owners prior to purchase, outlaw firearm magazines capable of holding more than five rounds and limit individual ammunition sales to no more than 20 rounds every 30 days.

Wagner conceded to local media that it was “probably a long shot that something like this passes in whole cloth,” but is proceeding with the measure on behalf of a group of student gun control advocates. A Portland-area Democrat, Wagner was endorsed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group who also contributed directly to his campaign last fall.

Besides its restrictions on ammunition and requirements for licensing, SB 501 would also mandate that background checks be delayed for 14-days so that state police can research would-be buyers, fine gun owners who failed to report lost or stolen firearms and require guns be locked up when not in use. There would be no grandfathering of magazines affected by the ban.

The bill is strongly opposed by both state and national gun rights groups as well as Republicans in the legislature.

“Oregonians need to show up at the Capitol and express their concern over their personal safety and the harm caused by this kind of legislation,” said Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, who went on to point out that everyone from hunters unable to meet their allowed bag limit due to lack of ammo to gun owners who would have their now-legal firearms outlawed had skin in the game.

“That means your old six shot revolver would be required to be turned in or destroyed,” said Post.

While Washington, D.C., nine U.S. states, and a number of municipalities have arbitrary restrictions on magazine capacity, none would set the bar as low as Oregon’s proposed law. When New York adopted a seven round restriction as part of their SAFE Act in 2013, a federal judge overturned it the next year, saying that it violated the Second Amendment, leaving many counties in the Empire State to stop enforcing it.

Democrats enjoy a super-majority in both the Oregon House and Senate and have muscled several anti-gun bills through Salem to the waiting desk of fellow Dem, Gov. Kate Brown. Brown, who has in the past directed state police to track and analyze gun transactions, while urging Congress to ban “assault weapons” and enact no fly/no buy legislation, picked up a $250,000 donation from Bloomberg in 2016.

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Norma presents new Monolithic Hollow Point in 9mm

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 05:00

Norma drops a new 9mm load created for personal protection. (Photo: Norma)

Norma brings a new personal defense handgun load to consumers, introducing the Monolithic Hollow Point in 9mm.

Designed to feed the load into pistol and carbine chambers, the MHP features a 108-grain projectile with a cold formed monolithic copper construction. The MHP delivers an all copper bullet that features “massive expansion” in addition to stopping power, according to Norma.

The round after expansion. (Photo: Norma)

“Our new MHP is likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world,” Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA, said in a news release. “It also reliably feeds and performs with unmatched terminal affect through expansion, in all barrel lengths/firearm platforms. Getting this performance from an all-copper projectile is a very big accomplishment for our entire team. We’re proud to offer this unique personal protection and home defense option people can trust when it matters most.”

The load is set to provide consistent penetration out of any type of 9mm firearm or barrel length. The Norma MHP in 9mm will feature a price tag of $22.48.

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Government shutdown delays FFL, NFA applications

General Gun News - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 04:30

ATF operations limited by partial government shutdown, entering week four. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

As the partial government shutdown enters week four, applications at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives continue piling up.

While the president and congressional Democrats spar over funding for a border wall, federal agencies reduce operations across the board — including at the ATF.

Field agents, criminal analysts and operations investigators — those keeping tabs on federally licensed dealers remaining in compliance — keep working, according to a report from Boise State Public Radio, but those processing applications for new FFLs or suppressor transfers haven’t clocked in since last month.

The American Suppressor Association said the shutdown impacts applications stacking up at the NFA Division in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Although the agency is known to use contractors and overtime to process backlogs, consumers will experience a short increase in this process — for now.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System remains operational, though the Federal Bureau of Investigation has yet to update its monthly tallies for the system for December 2018. Likewise, the ATF hasn’t updated its social media channels or press releases in more than three weeks.

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Mossberg Enters Pistol Market with MC1sc

Gun News Daily - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 00:49

Mossberg is a company most well known for their shotguns, including the renowned 500/590 pump action and 930 semi-automatic shotguns. But earlier this month, as part of their 100th anniversary of being in business, Mossberg announced that they would be entering the pistol market with their new MC1sc, a 9mm single stack pistol designed for […]

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SIG FOXTROT365 Pistol Weapon Light Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 01/13/2019 - 14:47

If you ever wondered about accessories for the rails on the dust cover of the Sig P365, wonder no more. The Sig Foxtrot365 weapon light is designed specifically for the Sig P365 pistol and utilizes the rails.

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Canik Elite Combat – Setting a High Bar

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 01/13/2019 - 12:27

First, they came with the economy class of guns, with an MSRP of $399.99 for a TP9SA. Then they introduced a match ready race version, which received a positive rating from our own Patrick Kelley, at an insanely low MSRP of $554.99. And now they have a new flagship model, the Canik Elite Combat.

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The Manliest American Who Ever Lived and the Gun That Didn’t Stop Him

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 01/13/2019 - 11:57

Theodore Roosevelt was so manly that he was shot in the chest while giving a speech, but chose to finish the speech before getting help. This is the story of that assassination attempt, and how it became barely a footnote in the life of a great American.

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CrossBreed Reckoning

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sun, 01/13/2019 - 07:04

Today, Crossbreed is introducing a new holster that in many ways takes them back to their roots. The Reckoning is here. I ordered mine for a 5-inch 1911.

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Mossberg 590 Night Stick – Old School Cool

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 01/12/2019 - 23:41

  Last year was a great year for those of us that like sticking it to the man at every possible occasion. My hat is off to Mossberg for creating a new class of “firearm”, poking the National Firearms Act in the chest as well as I have ever seen it done. Exploiting a loop […]

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New Leupold MOA Version of the Mark 5HD | Full Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 01/12/2019 - 23:12

MRAD or MOA? This age-old argument has split up groups of friends, been the creation of forum websites and caused tons of contention between father and son. In the end, depending on the person, both are best. Because of only offering MRAD options, Leupold has been missing out on sales from the MOA side of the market despite having high quality, bombproof equipment to offer. This ends at of the release of the new Mark 5HD riflescope in MOA. Yes, Leupold is introducing MOA into the Mark 5HD line which more than likely foreshadows some products to come.

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New Report on Where Criminals Get Their Guns

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 01/11/2019 - 19:40
From the Department of Justice. It’s nothing earthshattering, but it’s a good update to old surveys of prison inmates. Among prisoners serving time for a crime during which they possessed a gun, about half got their weapons either on the underground market (43 percent) or through theft (6 percent). Meanwhile, 10 percent bought guns from a retail source, including 0.8 percent who bought them at gun shows.
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Oregon: Anti-Gun Bills Pre-Filed, Legislature to Convene Monday

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 01/11/2019 - 16:13
The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session will convene on Monday, January 14th, and anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed numerous bills to infringe upon your rights and more bills are expected in the coming weeks.
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Illinois: Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill May Reach New Governor’s Desk

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 01/11/2019 - 15:58
On January 10th, Illinois state Senate President John Cullerton removed a hold on a bill potentially to make the unprecedented move of attempting to send a bill passed by the previous legislature to a newly inaugurated Governor’s desk.  Though Senate Bill 337 passed from the General Assembly in May 2018, Sen. Cullerton had placed a procedural hold on the bill to try to avoid the possibility of a veto, as Governor Bruce Rauner had already vetoed similar legislation, and instead place it before Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker.
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