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10 gifts for shooters, hunters of every budget

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 10:00

Christmas is just around the corner and lighted trees everywhere are begging for presents.  We at put together a list that will put smiles on the faces of hunters and shooters this holiday season, and with prices from $15 to $425, there’s something for every pocketbook.

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NY man sentenced for selling guns without a federal license

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 09:30

A 63-year-old man was sentenced last week to three years probation for dealing firearms without a license after he sold guns to undercover federal agents through a classifieds service.

Shelley L. Bovee, of Gloversville, New York, received his sentence Thursday in an Albany federal court in addition to a $2,000 fine and an order to perform 50 hours of community service.

According to court documents, in June 2013 agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives came across an ad placed by Bovee for a Mossberg shotgun on a local website called “Want Ad Digest,” which an undercover agent bought. After a second buy in November, for a Ruger 10/22 rifle, agents warned Bovee that he did not have a federal firearms license and to stop selling guns without one.

Based on the Gun Control Act of 1968, current laws require persons who are “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms be otherwise licensed. Generally, if an individual repetitively buys and sells firearms with the goal of turning a profit, they need a license while someone making occasional sales from a personal collection does not.

The ATF does not define how many guns one needs to sell to require a license but instead relies on a host of other factors that accompany the unlicensed sales such as advertising, selling and payment methods. For instance, presenting oneself as a licensed dealer on business cards and accepting credit cards could be a factor. However, the agency may issue a warning “when only one or two transactions took place.”

Between July and September 2016, ATF agents in the Albany field office saw posts offering guns for sale on Want Ad Digest like the ones Bovee placed in 2013, using the same phone number. On three separate occasions during that period, undercover agents bought two Marlin rifles, an Izhmash Saiga shotgun, a Ruger 10/22, and an AR-15 from the man while noting he was also selling guns and ammo at a yard sale held at his residence. Agents said Bovee later told them he travels around the state regularly buying and reselling guns for a profit and still had not obtained a license.

A subsequent search warrant, served after his arrest, led to the seizure of 43 guns from Bovee’s home.

Filed as part of Bovee’s guilty plea last August to a charge that held a statutory punishment of up to five years in prison, he agreed to forfeit ownership of the guns, which would be sold and the money, less fees, given to him.

Prosecutors argued that Bovee should serve 10 months in jail, saying, “Despite being warned in 2013 and after agreeing to cease dealing in firearms without a license, only three years later did the defendant continued his unlawful conduct,” and that there was no indication that he performed background checks on any of the guns he sold.

Attorneys for Bovee argued with the court that a prison sentence wasn’t needed, citing his lack of criminal history, past military background as an Air Force veteran, and his cooperation with investigators. Further, they argued he was an avid firearm enthusiast and only sold guns casually and in the open, always using his actual name and address in transactions.

“As a person who rarely has been well-employed, when he has needed extra money during recent times, he sold firearms,” said Bovee’s attorney. “He never sold large numbers of firearms. He never sold enough firearms which would allow him to give up his employment.”

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Henry Repeating Arms celebrates 20th anniversary with auction (PHOTOS)

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 09:00

The special edition Big Boy .44 Magnum currently up for auction on Gunbroker. (Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

Henry Repeating Arms celebrates its 20th anniversary, auctioning a series of special edition Big Boy .44 Magnum lever action rifles.

The series appears on GunBroker with proceeds going to several gun-related and wildlife focused organizations. Some of the groups listed include: Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Kids & Clays, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, among others.

The rifle boast a hand-engraved brass receiver featuring Henry Arm’s motto, “Made in America or not made at all” paired with a presentation-grade, AAA American Walnut stock.

The gun features an engraved brass receiver paired with an AAA American Walnut stock. (Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

The first of the Big Boy auction guns, serialized 20Henry01, recently cleared over $25,000 with proceeds headed towards the Hunting Heritage Trust. The organization is directed at preserving hunting and shooting sports.

“I am beyond pleased that serial #1 was able to raise over $25,000 at auction. There was a bit of a bidding war at the end, and we’d like to congratulate and thank the winner for choosing to own such a special rifle,” Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms, said in a press release. “I think it surpassed everyone’s expectations, and it’s a good sign for what’s to come with the other 19 rifles in the series.”

Each rifle includes a special serial number with 20Henry02, 20henry03 and 20Henry04 now up for auction through Dec. 10.

Each rifle features a special serial number. (Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

The engraved brass receiver on the Big Boy. (Photo: Henry Repeating Arms)

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Smith & Wesson: Promotions, not fear driving gun sales

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 08:30

An advertisement for a Smith & Wesson winter promotion. The gun maker’s holding company said promotions are the new normal, meaning diminished profits for the industry. (Photo: Smith & Wesson/Facebook)

The record-breaking background checks processed Black Friday proved buyers will wait for the best deal — a new equilibrium for the industry, according to American Outdoor Brand’s Chief Executive Officer James Debney.

Debney told investors Thursday the 203,000 applications submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Nov. 24 infused encouragement into a sluggish gun market — potentially upending eight years of fear-based buying in favor of promotions.

“This result reinforces arguably that firearms have moved even more strongly into the basket of Black Friday shopping goods that consumers have come to expect,” he said. “Accordingly, we believe promotions have, for the moment, replaced fair based buying as a primary driver for consumer purchases and the promotional environment for consumer firearms looks as though it will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Dealers processed 203,086 applications through NICS during Black Friday’s traditional shopping frenzy. The system serves as the gun industry’s best sales barometer — though the measurement isn’t exact.

Six of the FBI’s top 10 days fall on Black Fridays, including the most recent record of 185,713 checks set just last year. It’s the third year in a row Black Friday checks earned the top spot on the agency’s list of highest days.

“You can look at Black Friday NICS and say yes, that’s really encouraging, that’s a bright spot,” Debney said. “So the positive take from that is yes, there is still a consumer there that has an appetite to buy a firearm, but they’re willing to wait until they can get the best possible deal.”

American Outdoor Brands stock plummeted 14 percent in after hours trading Thursday after company executives reported second quarter sales declined more than 36 percent over 2016.

The rugged outdoors conglomerate counts Smith & Wesson as its top-earner in a portfolio of more than two dozen brands including Gemtech, Crimson Trace, Bubba Blade and Old Timer.

Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Buchanan also revised the company’s annual sales forecast down to $650 million — well below previous estimates of $740 million.

Estimated gun sales rose 30 percent last month, according to federal data — an encouraging sign, Debney said, despite the company’s conservative revision.

“Our belief is … there was some fear-based buying that would take place from time to time and there is no fear-based buying right now,” he said. “We believe the level of promotional activity at the heightened level of it is has really replaced fear-based buying as the primary driver for a consumer who wants to acquire a firearm.”

Dealers processed more than 2.3 million applications through NICS in November — a 17 percent increase over October.

The strong sales data makes November this year’s second busiest for background checks so far. Last month’s sales trail 2016, the industry’s biggest on record, by 13 percent, though it still ranks as the second highest November in the background check system’s two-decade history.

“It’s going to be interesting as these promotions diminish, which they will overtime — they have to, they’re unsustainable — where do we settle out in terms of the size of the market,” Debney said. “And we just don’t know.”

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Tour of Battlefield: Vegas’s gun vault with over 500 machine guns (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 08:30

Since opening in 2012, Battlefield: Vegas has become a premier tourist attraction in Las Vegas. With the success, the company has expanded its collection of machine guns into the hundreds — including some incredibly rare ones — that are on display and available for range shooting. Range Safety Officer Andrew Bryant walks us through the store’s vault containing more than 500 semi- and fully-automatic weapons.

The four guns Bryant demonstrates are the French 9mm Hotchkiss Universal SMG. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘transformer gun’ because it folds up into a fairly small package. It was designed and put into production in 1949, but saw very limited sales and use. It’s extremely rare. There is only one transferable Hotchkiss in the US. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic.

The next gun is the British 9mm Sterling suppressed submachine gun. This is a very smooth and flat shooting weapon. It was introduced in 1944, it wasn’t adopted by the British until 1953, but then enjoyed a lengthy career until 1994. The integrally suppressed model is a very rare find. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic.

The next gun is the German FG 42 8mm paratrooper rifle produced by Nazi Germany in 1942. It combined the characteristics of a submachine gun with the firepower of a rifle. It was considered the most advanced weapon design of WWII and many of it’s design features were used in the M60 machine gun. It is a very rare gun and can fire in either semi-auto and fully automatic, although the weapon at Battlefield: Vegas can only fire in semi-auto.

The last gun is the German Heckler & Koch MP7. It entered service in 2001 and fires the HK 4.6×30mm round. It’s considered personal defense weapon (PDW) and is currently used by special forces in a number of NATO countries as well as SEAL Team Six in the USA. It fires in either semi-auto and fully automatic and is extremely controllable.

Battlefield: Vegas welcomes you to visit and fire machine guns the next time you’re in Las Vegas. They’re a veteran owned and operated business.

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Marine vet launches Kickstarter for innovative SightLines ear pro

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 08:00

Founder Neal Brace, a Marine vet, demonstrates the SightLines design, comfortably sporting shooting glasses and ear pro. (Photo: Noisefighters)

SightLines offers a novel way for gun owners to shoot comfortably all day at the range, ditching the discomfort of traditional ear pro.

SightLines boast a unique design incorporating a recessed channel on the top of the ear muff cushion to allow glasses to slide inside without disturbing the seal. The creative idea made its way onto the web in the form of a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in late November.

The product of humble beginnings, founder Neal Brace, a former active duty Marine infantryman and current firearms instructor, says he once fought seemingly endless battles between shooting glasses and earmuffs. Adjusting glasses constantly due to hot spots, Brace said the tension between the shooting gear would often result in headaches. Despite advice to pair thin stem ballistic glasses with softer ear cushion, he was determined to find a better way to solve his issues.

“I wanted a complete solution that stopped headsets from crushing the glasses into my head and kept the head seal shut the entire time I was on the firing line. My final design, the SightLines design of ear cushion, was just so simple to explain and easy to manufacture that I knew it was the answer I had been looking for,” Brace explained to

SightLines’ ear cushions offer a channel allowing glasses to slide along without interfering with the ear pro itself. (Photo: Noisefighters)

Brace said after sketching designs and prototyping, it took him a year to produce the finished SightLine design. At the time, he says, his intention was simply to offer the product for Howard Leight brand muffs, but positive reviews began pouring in and Brace knew he was onto something much bigger.

“After getting extremely positive feedback from reviewers, I decided to see what kind of response I could get to manufacture cushions for hundreds of other headsets, and that’s what took me down the road of the Kickstarter campaign,” Brace said. “After nine days of crowdfunding and more than $18,000 raised, I think I can safely say that there are enough people out there who have identified these issues and want to support a project like this.”

Base price for the SightLines ear cushions Kickstarter is $25. (Photo: Noisefighters)

On its march towards a $30,000 funding goal, SightLines has already raised over $19,500 on Kickstarter. With just a few weeks left in its campaign, the innovative ear pro accessory is inching closer to full fledged funding.

While the cushions’ visibility could lead to further projects, Brace, for the moment, is concentrating on SightLines with a short term goal of partnering with one or more headset makers to equip a set of ear pro with SightLines pre-installed. SightLines’ ultimate success, he says, might provide opportunities for future gear, though.

“I’d like to focus on a few other accessories for headsets that would be valuable to those who work in extreme environments,” Brace said. “I spent four years on active duty in the USMC infantry and understand those gear needs, and I have friends in other industries that have different gear needs. So, there are lots of potentially valuable ideas that I’m interested in showing off soon.”

Glasses slip easily between shooters’ heads and earmuffs without breaking the ear pro seal. (Photo: Noisefighters)

On the tail-end of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign, SightLines must be fully funded by Dec. 28 for the project to move forward. However, 500 pairs of Howard Leight cushions are ready to ship as soon as the crowdfunding venture is fulfilled. Early backers of the SightLines brand not only receive a special discount, knocking the base price down to $25, but also benefit from a special lifetime guarantee.

“By pledging on the Kickstarter campaign, a great benefit is the lifetime guarantee that I’m offering. Basically, if the cushions ever wear out, you can ship them back and I’ll mail you a brand new set, free of charge,” Brace said.

Over halfway towards the goal, Brace urged gun owners to reconsider how they view ear pro and invest in not only themselves but a veteran-owned business.

“As a fellow firearms enthusiast, I sense that earmuffs are an afterthought for most shooters and that they’re looked at as a tool to only avoid hearing damage. I want to encourage shooters to reevaluate that thought process and consider that more comfortable hearing protection can really improve one’s ability to concentrate on aiming and firing and also remove significant sources of irritation and distraction. SightLines really delivers here because it solves the issue of eyewear interference and pain,” Brace said. “Finally, I know that lots of people want to support veteran-owned companies making products stuff entirely in the U.S.A., and you’re getting that with Noisefighters and my new SightLines headset cushions.”

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Court knocks down gun ban in Delaware state forests, parks

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 07:00

The 350 acres comprising Fort DuPont State Park are some of the 23,000 controlled by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. (Photo: DNREC)

The Delaware Supreme Court last week held that a prohibition on firearms on public land issued by two state agencies is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit, brought by several gun rights advocates and backed by the Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club and the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, argued the Delaware Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Environmental Control exceeded their powers when they almost totally banned firearms on the land under their control. In a 3-2 ruling last Thursday, the state’s high court agreed.

“We are asked whether unelected officials from the State’s parks and forest departments, whose power is expressly limited, can ban (except for a narrow exception for hunting) the possession of guns in state parks and forests in contravention of Delawareans’ rights under the State’s constitution,” said Justice Karen Valihura for the majority. “Clearly they cannot. They lack such authority because they may not pass unconstitutional laws, and the regulations completely eviscerate a core right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and family outside the home — a right this Court has already recognized.”

DNREC, with some 23,000 acres under their control, had banned guns on their land since 1977 while the agriculture department, controlling 18,000 acres in three state forests, had maintained similar policies since 2003 with violations subject to fines ranging between $25 and $500.

“The limited ability to have a hunting rifle or shotgun while engaged in a controlled hunt on state park or forest land does not fulfill — and cannot substitute for — the people’s right to have a firearm for defense of self and family while camping overnight in a State Park or hiking in the more remote acres of State Forests (assuming compliance with all other laws governing guns),” said Valihura. “The Regulations not only unduly burden that constitutional right, but eviscerate it altogether.”

Plaintiffs in the case welcomed the news.

“They did the right thing,” said Jeff Hague, treasurer of the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club and president of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, as reported by “This reaffirms the constitutional right that Delawareans have … to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms, not just in hunting and fishing and sporting, but in defense of their family and home.”

In a lengthy dissent penned by Chief Justice Leo Strine, the minority argued that the gun bans up for debate existed in one form or another on public land in the state back to the 19th Century and continued to operate without controversy. Further, Strine held the land affected only amounts to about 3 percent of the state and voiced concerns for public safety should guns be allowed.

“When people come together in Parks and Forests for games and recreation, emotions can run high,” he said. “When folks camp, they sometimes drink, including at events within the Parks like beer and wine festivals. When folks drink and carouse, they sometimes get jealous and angry.  When folks play or attend sporting events, spirits run high and sometimes out of control.  When folks get emotional around guns, things can get dangerous fast.”

Spokesmen for the two agencies said they are reviewing the ruling before they release a response.

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Father kills armed robber who pointed gun at family

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 06:30

San Antonio police say a man licensed to carry shot and killed an armed suspect at an area chicken joint after he threatened members of his family with a gun.

Carlos Molina, 32, was eating a meal with his family at a Popeyes location just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when Andres Herrera, 19, approached him with a firearm and demanded money. Molina told Herrera he didn’t have any money and asked if his family could go, SBG San Antonio reported.

Herrera reportedly turned to the counter and demanded money from employees then pointed his gun at two additional members of Molina’s family who emerged from a restroom, at which point the father pulled his own gun and shot the subject.

A suspected accomplice, Trevon Atkinson, 18, was arrested by police on Friday. A hotel keycard found on Herrera’s body led to a room rented to Atkinson that contained jewelry with tags from a pawn shop that had recently been burglarized. Herrera’s girlfriend said she hoped his death helped people make better choices.

“I hope that everybody can learn something from this that there’s other ways than to rob or to steal,” said Eva Bravo.

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Smith & Wesson: Promotional buyer’s market unsustainable

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 06:00

American Outdoor Brands said Thursday the promotional activity undercutting earnings strengthened in some categories, despite hopes industry-wide the rock-bottom prices would lift by now. (Photo: Getty Images)

A top executive for Smith & Wesson told investors last week the promotional buyer’s market isn’t sustainable — despite indications the current environment won’t change anytime soon.

James Debney, chief executive officer of American Outdoor Brands — the gun maker’s holding company — said Thursday the promotional activity undercutting earnings even strengthened in some categories, despite hopes industry-wide the rock-bottom prices would lift by now.

“From our belief, this promotional activity is here to stay,” he said during a conference call with investors. “And like it or not, as it compresses our margins, reduces our revenue, we’re going to have to participate to some degree.”

American Outdoor Brands stock plummeted 14 percent in after hours trading Thursday after company executives reported second quarter sales declined more than 36 percent over 2016.

Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Buchanan also revised the company’s annual sales forecast down to $650 million— well below previous estimates of $740 million.

“We recently have … worked on our promotions for the typical period in early winter,” Buchanan told investors Thursday. “And it just appears that the way we do those is we give away on free goods with packages of purchases. And it just appears that we’re going to have to give away more free goods than we originally thought even a couple of weeks ago.”

By comparison, American Outdoor Brands raked in $903 million last year — an unprecedented season for the gun industry as mass shootings, looming regulations and an anticipated Democratic electoral victory spurred record-breaking consumer demand.

Since the election, however, manufacturers and retailers alike have been struggling to define the “new normal” under a gun-friendly presidential administration and an apparent return to historical sales patterns.

“Is it resetting itself at any level? It’s just not clear yet, there is a lot of noise out there,” Debney said Thursday, noting similar trouble for competitors. “I mean, nobody of any scale — and those are really the ones that we pay attention to — has gone away. Everybody is still in business. Some that publish their results, you can see they’re not doing so well. How long they can sustain themselves, we just don’t know.”

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Springfield Armory mysteriously teases new product on social media

General Gun News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 05:30

The mysterious “X” inexplicably appeared on Springfield’s Facebook page Saturday. (Photo: Springfield Armory via Facebook)

Making its social media handlers work overtime, Springfield Armory ominously dropped indications that a new product is in the works.

Posting to Facebook, the Illinois based firearms manufacturer showcased a white X set against a black background with “Dec 15” listed underneath. Though Springfield Armory hasn’t revealed what project X is, 10mm rumors began swirling among Springfield die-hards.

“I hope this is finally the XDm 10mm,” Jake Hale posted to the gun maker’s page.

“If they’re wise, this means 10mm. Take advantage of the market while its hot. Drop two, a full size and a compact to go head to head with a G20 and a G29,” said Richard Keeney.

Other fans speculated that maybe the company was taking a more “futuristic” approach.

“If… it is 10mm it could actually cause a resurgence of popularity and press for the caliber. There are very few options currently available. Or a longer shot, maybe a new M1-X, like a futuristic tactical model,” Nick J. Lehrling commented.

This isn’t the first time Springfield has taken to social media to market future endeavors. The company’s Saint line-up of rifles endured two months of social media campaigning before launching on All Saint’s Day in 2016.

Regardless of what Springfield has up its sleeve, fans will at the very least have answers come Dec. 15.

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Clear Front-Sight picture of what Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Will Do

Government News - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 03:58

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, H.R. 38, has passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a vote of 231 to 198. It was one of the first bills introduced in this Congress, and even up to its passage, and now subsequent consideration in the U.S. Senate, there’s been quite a bit of misinformation […]

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Cleaning a Colt Single Action the Hickok way (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 08:00

After running a mix of handloads and factory ammo on a 110-year-old revolver, Hickok45 walks you through the intricacies of cleaning the classic Colt Peacemaker, by request.

The Single Action Army or 1873, which was standard issue for the U.S. Army at the tail end of the 19th Century, is perhaps one of the most iconic “six-shooters” of the Old West, carried by everyone from Buffalo Bill Cody and Teddy Roosevelt to Pat Garrett and General George S. Patton.  It’s that legacy that has kept in more or less in production ever since.

Speaking of which, the Colt Hickok has was made in 1907 and to keep it ticking, he reaches for the Ballistol and cleaning kit to show how it is done.

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Comp-Tac Victory introduces Wheelchair Holster system

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 07:30

The Wheelchair Holster utilizes an International Holster paired with a clamp mount to allow shooters using wheelchairs easy access to their handgun. (Photo: Comp-Tac Victory)

Comp-Tac Vicotry Gear announced a new holster mount designed for wheelchair using gun owners looking to compete or open carry.

The Wheelchair Holster system pairs Comp-Tac’s International Holster with a hex screw mount, allowing users to easily attach the rig to a wheelchair. The mount attaches using two firm gripping clamp mounts, adjustable to chair frames of various diameters.

The holster itself boats an all-Kydex design, supplying rigidity and retention even while the pistol is un-holstered. Comp-Tac serves up a bevy of gun models, allowing consumers to select between popular companies such as CZ, Glock, FN, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory and Sig Sauer, to name a few.

Comp-Tac says the Wheelchair Holster aims to provide more options to shooters.

“This Wheelchair Holster mount combined with Comp-Tac’s International holster fills a real void for wheelchair bound shooters to get out and have some fun in competition or for self-defense use. This wheelchair system is affordable and designed for very easy assembly and adjustment,” Randi Rogers, champion shooter and Comp-Tac’s Sales and marketing manager, said in a press release.

The system ships with the holster and clamping assembly. Available in left or right configurations and with several color choices, the Wheelchair Holster is priced just under $100.

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Woman charged with trying to rob store with finger

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 07:00

Tuttle is in the Oxford County Jail on a $1,000 bond. If convicted on the current charge, Maine state law allows up to 10 years in prison. (Photo: Oxford County Sheriff’s Department)

The Big Apple convenience store in West Paris, Maine was the location of a stick-up that went south for the would-be robber after the clerk didn’t buy that she had a gun.

As reported by the Sun Journal, Paige Tuttle, 26, was arrested Friday on a felony robbery charge after the clerk told the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office she had threatened to shoot him if he didn’t give her the cash from the till.

The clerk told officers he noticed Tuttle had made up her finger in the shape of a gun and stuck it under her sweater before the demand, so after she told him, “I have a gun,” he replied, “No, you don’t,” which resulted in her cursing and leaving the scene.

She was later identified from a photo lineup and arrested once a warrant was issued.

Tuttle is in the Oxford County Jail on a $1,000 bond. If convicted on the current charge, Maine state law allows up to 10 years in prison.

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Trijicon releases new line of Quick Release Mounts for RMR, MRO optics

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 06:30

The Quick Release Mounts work alongside RMR and MRO, pictured above. (Photo: Trijicon)

Optics connoisseurs Trijicon announced a new set of Quick Release Mounts designed specifically for the RMR and MRO sights series.

Trijicon offers eight new models in low, full co-witness and lower 1/3 co-witness heights all machined from lightweight 7075 T6 aluminum. The mounts have been tested by the company and determined to meet MIL-standard requirements.

The mounts come in eight different models to accommodate a swath of shooters. (Photo: Trijicon)

The mounts allow users to quickly attach and remove sights with the platform featuring return to zero accuracy. Touting 45 degree offset models, the mounts permit users to use the RMR or MRO on the left or right side of the firearm. Trijicon says mounts are slim enough to fit under a majority of magnified optics.

The Quick Release Mounts boast compatibility with Picatinny rail platforms in addition to low mount options available for Weaver bases. Perfect for 3-Gun, law enforcement or hunting, Trijicon says the new Quick Release Mounts are currently available with a price starting at $139.

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4 sentenced after selling military equipment swiped from Fort Campbell

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 06:00

Four of eight charged last year as part of a conspiracy to sell gun parts and gear stolen from the Army were sentenced this week in federal court.

The stiffest punishment went to John Roberts, 27, of Clarksville, a civilian involved in the resale of the items, many of which were sold on eBay and shipped overseas. Roberts received 15 years in prison this on Tuesday following his conviction on charges earlier this year that included conspiracy, wire fraud and violating the Arms Export Control Act. The court also ordered Roberts to pay $4.2 million in restitution to the Army for the items.

Roberts was arrested last November as part of a ring that included several active duty U.S. Army enlisted men involved in selling gear removed without authorization from Fort Campbell.

According to court documents, between 2013 and February 2016, the soldiers carried away a varying degree of items from the base without permission, passing them to the two civilians in Clarksville, Tennessee, who resold them. Prosecutors argued Roberts knew the items were stolen and preyed on enlisted men who suffered from a variety of financial problems or serious drug addictions.

The ring moved millions in stolen equipment including full-auto firearm components, sensitive night-vision and communications gear, flight helmets, body armor, medical supplies and even items such as printer cartridges. The two civilian members of the conspiracy allegedly sold the nearly 1,600 items on eBay or to retail outlets, in the process frequently violating export laws on controlled items. Items were shipped overseas to destinations ranging from China and Russia to India and the Netherlands.

Firearm components stolen and sold by members of the conspiracy included sights for M203 grenade launchers, trigger groups for the M240 machine gun — listed for sale eBay for $399 — and a host of parts for the M249 machine gun including magazine adapters, heat shields, buffer tube assemblies, pintle mounts, and barrels. One of the defendants sold 30 stolen M249 barrels to a retail store. Another auction was for an M144 Sniper Spotting Scope.

Also sentenced on Tuesday were three who pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges: Aaron Warner, Alexander Hollibaugh, and U.S. Army Specialist Dustin Nelson, who each were given sentences ranging from time served to probation.

The four remaining defendants– Michael Barlow and Jonathan Wolford of Clarksville; Kyle Heade of Fort Campbell; and Cory Wilson of Gonzalez, Louisiana– all of whom have pleaded guilty to a variety of felonies, are scheduled to be sentenced in January.

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Tactical Solutions launches AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 05:30

The AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo is the first time users will get access to the bolt and barrel without having to purchase the full AR-LT upper. (Photos: TacSol, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Tactical Solutions rolls out a new combo kit, called the AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo, designed to covert an AR-15 upper to a .22 LR.

The combo boasts a lightweight construction aimed at allowing AR shooters the ability to practice more without the expense of centerfire ammunition. The AR-LT Bolt is a threaded number boasting a 0.920-inch diameter aluminum barrel with 1/2×28 pitch. Designed to work with most standard AR-15 uppers and handguards, the combo comes with a stainless steel bolt assembly.

TacSol says the AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo is a first for the company, who previously only offered the AR-LT set-up in a  complete rifle assembly.

“Our industry leading .22 long rifle AR Bolt and AR-LT Barrel have historically been sold only in a complete upper assembly,” TacSol CEO Darin Strickler said in a press release. “Tactical Solutions is excited to offer our customers an AR Bolt/AR-LT Barrel combination package. This will allow our customers a new option and greater flexibility in building their own light-weight, accurate .22 AR rifles.”

TacSol says the AR-LT Bolt and Barrel Combo is currently available through TacSol and RSR Distributors.

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HK Parts owner sentenced to 4 years in prison for gun, tax crimes

General Gun News - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 05:00

A federal court sentenced the owner of the Utah-based HK Parts on Thursday to four years in prison for dealing guns without a license and filing fraudulent tax returns.

Adam Webber, 40, was convicted earlier this year of violating an agreement to “never” operate as a firearms dealer and hiding more than $800,000 of taxable income over a four-year period.

In a sentencing memo, prosecutors described Webber as putting on a front by posing as a humble American entrepreneur selling gun parts out of his basement to provide for his family. In reality, it was all a scheme to conceal illicit activities. He had injected illegal firearms sales into his gun parts business and then covered up the activity by underreporting revenue.

According to court documents, Webber signed an agreement with the ATF in 2007 stating that he would never obtain a federal firearms license or engage in a business with one following a botched machine gun sale. But he went ahead and opened an online business selling gun parts and expanded that business by selling guns.

On its website, HK Parts said it had an FFL, but that statement was false. The business’s FFL was through the entity Midnight Labs and Webber had an active role in managing firearm transfers — often conducting sales in places like parking lots — and would accept payments directly. Then, in two separate occasions, he sold guns to an undercover ATF agent.

Part of that effort to conceal the sales included racking up millions in online credit card transactions and then underreporting them on financial filings and even in some cases reported losses. A search of his house uncovered thousands in cash and silver. In all, Webber failed to pay $800,818 of income tax between 2009 and 2012.

“Rather than run an honest firearm parts business that paid its taxes, he chose to run a firearms parts business infused with illegal firearms sales and capital diverted from the United States Treasury,” prosecutors said in the sentencing memo.

Webber’s attorneys argued that he unwittingly underpaid his taxes and he was simply a poor planner. But prosecutors said he bought a second house valued at $670,000 with cash and other properties, and even sought the advice of wealth managers. They argued that he knew exactly what he was doing when he filed inaccurate tax returns.

Prosecutors advised the court to hand down a sentence of 37 month plus supervised release for tax fraud. In a response, Webber’s defense asked for leniency since he had paid back taxes with interest and penalties to the tune of $1.8 million and had admitted guilt to firearms charges.

His attorneys filed 45 letters from friends and family who describe Webber as a stand up friend, family and business man. They also argued that none of the weapons he sold were recovered at crime scenes. They asked for probation only, but the judge said he was unmoved by the effort given the evidence of Webber’s crimes.

The sentencing ends a more than three-year court battle. The U.S. Attorney’s Office indicted Webber in August 2014.

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Florida Action Report! Trying to get on TV-- Senate Judiciary Hearing 12/5/17

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 15:27
Groups of ladies representing Bloomberg's Mom Demand Action keep showing up in committee hearings when gun bills are going to be heard.  Sometimes 20-30 show up.  They wear red t-shirts with "Moms Demand Action" on them and always try to sit in a group behind the speaker's podium where they can be captured on TV.
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Improve Your Glock 22’s Accuracy: Ops Armory — Captain America

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 13:59

What do you need to do a Glock to make it an awesome combat gun? Well, if you ordered it with tritium factory sights, take it out of the box and put bullets in it. But sometimes we want something else. A gun is a very personal item to some of us, and we grow fond attachments to our favorites. At some point in your life, you are going to want to customize one.

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