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Iowa: Remind Your Representative to Support The Family Defense Act

NRA-ILA News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 08:01
Under current law, Permit to Carry Weapons (PCW) holders are left defenseless when they choose to pick-up or drop-off their loved-ones at school or have to comply with the anti-self-defense policies their employer sets for parking lots.  Legislation is currently sitting in the Iowa state House of Representatives awaiting further action that would ensure law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their families as they go about their daily activities.
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NRA Alert! Florida NAGR Scam Hits Alabama!

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 07:27

In short, D.J. Parten heads up a sockpuppet operation – a fundraising organization that has no real presence in a state except for a shell game of addresses to rake in contributions.

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Marco Delarosa Talks Paralympic Shooting and the Olympic Dream

General Gun News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 06:30

Marco Delarosa takes aim at a target during competition. (Photo: USA Shooting)

Marco Delarosa is a marine veteran and Paralympian representing Team USA in 2016, but, more than that, he’s a hero. The Chicago-born Delarosa exemplifies the American spirit and the Olympic dream.

Delarosa’s story began in the Marine Corps, serving three and a half years in service. After he returned from a stint in Somalia in 1993, Delarosa headed off the Camp Pendleton base to a local video store. Unaware of the danger, Delarosa walked into an armed robbery. He said he reacted instinctively, going for the armed robber he saw, completely unaware that another robber lurked nearby.

Delarosa’s life changed in a matter of seconds as the obscured robber came into view and shot Delarosa in the back. The bullet penetrated his T4 and T5, paralyzing him. To this day, Delarosa carries the events of that day with him, literally — the bullet is still lodged in his spine, unable to be removed for fear of further paralysis.

What followed were dark times for the veteran Marine — PTSD, depression and divorce. Looking for a means to heal spiritually, Delarosa was introduced to the world of Olympic style shooting.

“The VA Hospital in San Antonia, Texas got me into shooting,” Delarosa told during an interview at SHOT Show in January. “I started going there and they had air pistols and rifles. I just picked up the pistol and we started shooting. I got really into it and (the VA) motivated me to compete.”

Delarosa explained that Veterans Affairs hosts the National Veteran Wheelchair Games annually. It was there, in Dallas at the games, that Delarosa first tested his skills in competition. “I went to Dallas and I shot. I beat everybody by 100 points. I put myself on the map after that,” he said.

Marco Delarosa, right, stands alongside USA Shooting colleagues, Nic Moschetti, left, and Reya Kempley. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

From there, Delarosa continued to push himself, eventually joining USA Shooting as a Paralympic shooter. During the games, competitors with impairments tackle 13 rifle and/or pistol events with ringed targets ranged at 10 meters, 25 meters and 50 meters.

The sport is classified into two categories, SH1 and SH2. SH1 houses shooters who are able to support a gun with their upper limbs while SH2 comprises shooters who are unable to support a gun with upper limbs and therefore need a stand to shoot. Shooting positions are also modified based on impairments with competitors allowed to use wheelchairs or shooting chairs for standing events.

Delarosa, who competed in the 2016 games, looks to continue his march towards the Paralympic games in Japan in 2020, with upcoming events scheduled in Georgia, Poland and Croatia. The motivation to move forward, tackling event after event comes from the desire to beat himself.

“I want to beat myself,” Delarosa explained. “What they taught us in the military is train, train, train, practice, practice, repetition, repetition. You get better. So sometimes in practice, I do so nice and I can’t believe my score. I go to competition and I do awful. That motivates me to do better.”

Delarosa credits shooting to helping his spiritual healing and encourages other veterans in similar positions to pursue the shooting sports.

“Go to your local VA chapter. They will help you. They will get you into games. Then just practice,” he added. “If you do well, you will get noticed.”

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Burying an AK47 for A Month to See What Grows (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 06:00

Renowned for their reliability, can a month underground improve the luster of a decent Kalashnikov? To find out, Brandon Herrera dug a hole Goodfellas style and interred one slightly used AK47 of his own design, then came back and brought it back to the surface.

Now Herrera doesn’t seem to do much prep other than just dropping it in the hole unsupervised. He doesn’t even wrap it in a garbage bag. All in all, although the wood is kinda grungy, it seems to work better than some brand-new domestic builds right out of the box.

The tale is not surprising as CJ Chivers, in his book on the AK, mentions anecdotal interviews with African militiamen who stashed Kalash for months or even years at a time in everything from caves to termite hills and went back to find them none the worse for wear — except that the stocks were trashed.

If you dig the above, Coyote Works, a desert and wilderness survival channel on YouTube, planted a Ruger 10/22 in the earth for about 15 months then went back to see if it sprouted.

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Bill To Expand Constitutional Carry In Idaho Advances

General Gun News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 05:30

Adults in Idaho aged 18 to 21 can’t carry in urban areas without a permit. That could change under a new bill (Photo: Chris Eger/

A move to drop the legal age to 18 for permitless concealed carry in Idaho cities passed the state House last week.

The measure, House Bill 206, was approved in an easy 53-14 vote earlier this month, sending it to the state Senate for further review. The bill would fix a carve-out in the state’s 2016 constitutional carry law that allowed those aged 21 and up to carry in Idaho’s cities while adults under that age could only carry outside of city limits but apply for a permit for carry in urban areas after receiving approved training.

Supporters argue that the current law is confusing and only applies to a small segment of the largely rural state. Additionally, adults under age 21 can already legally open carry in city limits, further adding to the muddle.

“So what (this bill) basically is saying is that if you are between the ages of 18 and 21 and you are carrying your handgun open in the city limits and you decide to put your coat on, you will not become a criminal,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Christy Zito, R-Hammett.

The move has the support of gun rights advocates and is opposed by urban Democrats in the legislature. The bill has been referred to the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee.

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Iowa Legislature Approves Pro-Gun Constitutional Amendment

General Gun News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 05:00

Lawmakers are closer to adding a pro-gun amendment to Iowa’s state constitution (Photo: Chris Eger/

Lawmakers in Iowa this month gave a thumbs up to a proposed constitutional amendment to help protect gun rights in the state.

The amendment, proposed through SJR 18, passed the Iowa House 53-46 and the Senate 33-16 last week. The move intends to recognize the right to keep and bear arms as a “fundamental individual right” and that any restrictions to it would be subject to “strict scrutiny.” Iowa is one of just six states that do not have Second Amendment protections in their state constitution, the Des Moines Register reported.

However, only three states — Alabama, Louisiana, and Missouri — have installed such a “strict scrutiny” requirement to help insulate the right from follow-on regulations. Gun control groups such as Everytown and Giffords opposed the move by Iowa to add the protection, which they argue could make it harder to pass anti-gun laws in the state.

“Every gun law we have on the books would be in jeopardy of being thrown out by a court that narrowly and strictly scrutinized this amendment,” said state Sen. Herman Quirmbach, D-Ames, about the proposed amendment. Likewise, pro-gun groups have shown strong support for the initiative.

The proposal still has a lot of ground to cover before it would be added to Iowa’s constitution. State lawmakers will have to pass the proposal again in an upcoming session and it will have to be signed by the governor. This would spool it up for voters to have the final say.

Although lawmakers already approved the amendment once before in 2018, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office missed a window to publish a mandatory public notice on the move, which keeps it off the ballot until at least 2022. Pate in January issued an apology directed at state gun rights groups over the mistake and said safeguards are now in place to prevent future such “bureaucratic oversight.”

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Answer the Big Questions Before Buying a Suppressor (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 04:30

A silencer isn’t something to buy on impulse. It takes both time and money to wade through the red tape before the item is even received. With so much invested, in the end, there’s very little patience leftover for buyer’s remorse. Therefore, asking and answering the right questions helps the avoid any dissatisfaction.

The Big Questions

Manufacturers build silencers, or suppressors – the terms are interchangeable – for specific firearm platforms and chamberings. So, keeping the gun and, more importantly, the caliber in mind before making a purchase will help eliminate options.

Considering intended use, a suppressor made from higher quality materials would be better, for example, for a plinker than a deer hunter who would fire fewer shots. In that same vein, a shooter wanting to shoot unsuppressed may want a quick detach feature. Exploring these options makes narrowing the selection even easier. (Photo: Ben Brown/

The next course of action is selecting a brand. Silencer manufacturers range from big companies to smaller ones. Almost all of them offer suppressors for standard calibers like .22LR, 9mm, .45ACP, 5.56mm, etc., but cans may differ in size and capabilities.

Considering intended use, a suppressor made from higher quality materials would be better, for example, for a plinker than a deer hunter who would fire fewer shots. In that same vein, a shooter wanting to shoot unsuppressed may want a quick detach feature. Exploring those options makes narrowing the selection even easier.

One Can to Rule Them All

Multi-caliber cans are def chill even though suppressors dedicated to a single caliber perform better. The tradeoff, though, is buying only one will save money and the hassle of having to go through the procedure to buy another one.

Once you buy one suppressor, you’re sure to want another. Using a suppressor makes the shooting experience so much more enjoyable. (Photo: Ben Brown/

Personally, I want a suppressor that can run on as many guns as possible. For example, I use a .30-caliber suppressor rated for 5.56mm to .300BLK and equip each and every one of my rifles with a quick detach device. Three most common caliber cans that cover the most ground without losing sound reducing efficiency include .22, .45, and .30.

Be advised, though, a multi-cal can rarely works for both a rifle and handgun. Most handguns use a direct thread and require a booster. But, if a rifle suppressor can handle larger diameter handgun projectiles all that’s needed is the hardware to mount the device.

Fair Warning

Once you buy one suppressor, you’re sure to want another. Using a suppressor makes the shooting experience so much more enjoyable. They greatly reduce the things that sometimes make shooting overwhelming – loud noises and concussion — so they allow you to take in more of the experience. I wish I would have jumped into suppressors sooner in life.

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Savage 212/220 Turkey Bolt-Action Shotgun Now Available

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Tue, 03/19/2019 - 02:47

Savage Arms has been making their Model 212/220 bolt-action turkey guns as special orders for a while, but now they have made it a standard model and they are available at retailers.

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Nevada: Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill Introduced, Legislator Bill Introduction Deadline Extended

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 20:41
Today, Assembly Bill 291 was introduced by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-41).  This omnibus anti-gun legislation is a threat to both gun owners residing in Nevada and those who are visiting. 
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Proposed legislation calls for a firearms registry in Pennsylvania

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 14:50
tate lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would create the Firearms Registration Act, which would force gun owners to turn over thorough personal information to State Police. Not only would each of their firearms need to be registered, but Commonwealth citizens would have to re-up that registration annually -- paying a non-refundable fee to PSP each time.
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Hawaii: Senate Committee to Hear Anti-Gun Legislation

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 14:46
Tomorrow, March 19th, the Hawaii state Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs will hear anti-gun legislation, House Bill 720.
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Bill requiring background checks for private long gun sales moves forward in Maryland House of Delegates

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 14:15
The Maryland House of Delegates is moving forward a bill that would require background checks for all purchases of long guns, including shotguns and rifles. The measure is a priority of gun control advocates and, after receiving preliminary approval Saturday, it is set for a final vote Monday.
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Alert! Look Out ALABAMA! Here comes D.J. Parten's Bait & Switch

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 13:34
It looks like D.J. Parten is making a move on Alabama.  We’ve heard that he’s trying to establish himself in another state – Alabama.  So, if you know people in Alabama, forward this email to them to give them a heads-up. Alabama is our neighbor, be neighborly!
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Gun Controllers Don't Really Want That "Conversation"

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:52
Time and again, we hear from those advocating for more gun control laws who intone with a sense of moral superiority that we need to have a “conversation” on guns. The goal, they say, is to reduce violence, suggesting that they are somehow more evolved. Yet, just this week, some anti-gun activists and politicians were caught red-handed fantasizing about wanting to shoot politicians and gun rights advocates as well as suggesting the “doxing,” or publicly posting private information, on gun owners.
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Exodus: As Bay Area Moves Left, These Conservative Voters Move Out

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:47
Retired engineer Stewart Tagg spent four decades in the Bay Area — appreciating the blue skies, good schools and strong economy.  But in recent years, his home changed too much for his liking: higher taxes, an open immigration policy and no end in sight to the state’s liberal direction. 
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Beto O’Rourke: Ban AR-15 Sales in America

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:45
During a weekend interview presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke said AR-15 sales should be banned in America.
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Italy Eyes Stand Your Ground-Style Law for Lethal Firearm Use

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:42
Italian leaders are eyeing a Stand Your Ground-style law that would offer protections for Italians who perceive a threat and kill someone in their home.
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Minnesota Can be a National Leader on CWD

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:37
Like many area residents, I was extremely concerned when the DNR revealed last month that a wild deer in Crow Wing County had tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.
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Montana: Legislation to Strengthen Preemption Laws Heads to Senate Committee

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:19
Currently pending consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee, are House Bills 325 and 357. 
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Idaho: Self-Defense Legislation Passed Out of House, Heads to the Senate

NRA-ILA News - Mon, 03/18/2019 - 12:17
Last week, the Idaho House passed important self-defense legislation, House Bill 206 by a 53 to 14 vote. 
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