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Federal Judge Rules California Ammo Background Check Law Unconstitutional

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 14:11

A federal judge in California has granted a motion for preliminary injunction against the state’s requirement that all ammunition purchasers undergo a background check.

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Connecticut: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 07:28
Amid concerns of the COVID-19 virus, the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned sine die April 21, 2020.  
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Fun Friday: Concealed Carry Word Search

General Gun News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 05:00

Try your hand at’s concealed carry themed word search. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

To help you beat the inevitable isolation boredom, we at are bringing you a variety of fun, entertaining content to beat the boredom blues. For those word gurus out there who want to pass the time, check out our concealed carry inspired word search.

Head HERE to work on it electronically, or, if you’re an iPhone user you can save the image above and play locally on your smartphone, just follow the instructions below. Sorry, Android fans, you’ll have to stick with the link — we’re still working on a local solution for you.

iPhone Users:

1. Long press the Word Search image and when prompted save image to your phone or tablet.

2. Open Photos, find the Word Search, and click the Share button.

3. Scroll to the end of listed apps and tap “More.”

4. Scroll until you see “Books” and tap that button.

2. Open the “Books” app and you should see the Word Search in your recents.

3. Open Word Search by tapping on the image, then tap on the pen button at the top right to bring up the highlighter.

4. Drag your fingers across each word as you spot it to highlight words as you go.

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Williams Machine Gun Mafia’s Most Dependable Guns

General Gun News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 04:39

The Williams Machine Gun Mafia like the kind of guns you can run hard without having any issues. The boss, Andy Williams, tells us which of his guns he prefers.

Williams, a Class 3 dealer from Maine, is a regular attendee at the Green Mountain Boys Machine Gun Shoot in Eden, Vermont. I caught up with him in 2014. He showed up, as usual, with his crew that consisted of his son and a few close family friends. In tow was a small arsenal of select-fire weapons and a lot of ammo.

Douglas Wood “sprays and prays'” his select-fire AK-47 shorty. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Although Williams enjoys selling guns, he prefers to shoot them. “There’s a couple different kind of dealers,” he said. “There’s the kind of dealers that want to make money off of everything. And there’s the kind of dealers that love guns like me.”

Williams and his gang shoot hard – probably harder than anyone else at the gun shoot. “We don’t worry about the gun. We fix it after,” Williams said with a grin.

“We like the guns that run time after time and you don’t have to mess with them. The AK is one example of that,” Willams said. He had about a dozen different variations of AKs in his lineup. “I’ll tell ya, the accuracy sucks on an AK, but the reliability is unbelievable,” he said.


Douglas Wood lets loose with a select-fire Glock G19 pistol with a brace. The rate of fire is around 1,500 rounds per minute. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Williams is also a big fan of Glock pistols. He had three select-fire G19 pistols at the shoot. “They’re really fast. I mean, they’re like, probably at least around 1,500 rounds a minute,” he said.

The Williams’ style of shooting their select-fire Glocks was unique. A shooter advanced to the firing line with two unloaded Glocks, one in each hand, held aloft in a safe direction. From behind, a loader inserted two 33-round magazines, one in each of the Glocks, and released the slides. Checking the range to be clear, the shooter unleashed both guns in unison, draining magazines in seconds

They fired the Glocks all day in this manner.

They must have put a few thousand rounds through each G19, firing at roughly 1,500 rounds per minute. I did not see a single jam. I don’t recall them cleaning them either the whole day. Talk about a testament to the Glock’s legendary reliability.


Douglas Wood fires the Heckler & Koch G36. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


You only have to take a look at the giant tattoo of an H&K MP5 to know what guns Williams truly loves.  “HK is high quality. I just think it’s top-end tactical stuff,” he said. He loves and owns MP5s, G36s, pistols, and of course the gun he had on hand at the shoot, the apple of his eye, his HK 21E.

It’s a belt-fed general-purpose machine gun chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO. “It really roars. It has a three-round burst capability. It’s got a nice sight system. When this thing fires, you’ll see an arc of brass,” Williams said.

He then demonstrated it. And, true to his word, a Freedom rainbow of hot brass filled the air. He claimed to have one of the few transferable HK 21Es that was worth in the ballpark of $30,000. “I’ll never sell that gun,” he said with a smile.

He gave shout-outs to a range of other guns that he had at the shoot that he enjoyed – AR-15s, M14s, and his FN M240 machine gun. What do you think of his gun selection? Do you agree with preferences? Let us know in the comments.


Andy William’s tattoos shed some light on his true loves – America, freedom, and H&K guns, especially MP5s. (Photo: Ben Philippi/

A shooter fires a select-fire AR-15. (Photo: Ben Philippi/

The Williams Machine Gun Mafia like the kind of guns that you can run hard without having any issues. (Photo: Ben Philippi/

If you enjoyed the video above, you may enjoy some of the other short videos we made about similar fascinating guns.

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4 Universal Firearms Safety Rules and Their Importance

General Gun News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 04:00

Competitive shooters are constantly drilling themselves on safety. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

When it comes to firearms safety there are four universal safety rules crucial to follow. These rules ensure no one is injured — or worse — due to a negligent discharge. If you’re new to firearms, the National Shooting Sports Foundation recommends committing the following rules to memory:

1. Always point a firearm in a safe direction.

2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

3. Treat every gun as if it were loaded. Keep it unloaded until you’re ready to use it.

4. Know your target and what’s around it, including beyond it.

Hang around gun people enough and you’ll hear different variations of these basic rules but, rest assured, they all mean the same thing. For example, a classic twist on rule one is “Never point your firearm at something you’re not willing to destroy.” It’s a bit more poignant for those who need help painting a mental picture.

The 10 C0mmandments of Gun Safety

In addition to the above four universal safety rules, the NSSF offers up six additional rules to follow making up what they call the 10 Commandments of Gun Safety:

5. Use correct ammunition.

6. If the gun fails to fire, keep it pointed in a safe direction. Unload it, then inspect it.

7. Always wear eye and ear protection on the range.

8. Before shooting, ensure the barrel is clear of obstructions. Never look down the muzzle end of a firearm.

9. Don’t alter or modify your firearm and have it serviced frequently.

10. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of your firearm.

A gun is just a tool and it doesn’t shoot itself. (Photo: Don Summers/

The Importance of Safety caught up with Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, to learn why safety rules are so important.

“When you’re handling a gun, they allow you to make sure that you think of these things every time you pick up the gun. It allows you to make sure that you’re doing all the things correctly to ensure that you are safe with that firearm and the firearm is safe in your hands.”

A report from the National Safety Council indicated that unintentional firearm fatalities hit a record low in 2018. Gun industry experts credit safety education, like adherence to the safety rules, as well as safety programs to reducing the number of accidental firearm-related fatalities.

“Guns don’t cause problems. Stupid people cause problems,” Michalowski explained. “They forget, they get too comfortable, they get complacent. We can’t blame that on the firearm. We have to blame that on the person who picked it up and pointed it someplace unsafe and then put his or her finger on the trigger.”

Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you are practicing safe handling and treating firearms with the respect they deserve.

Those who train a lot understand the onus of safety is on the individual, not the gun. (Photo: Jacki Billings/


Understanding these universal firearms safety rules and committing them to memory is the best way to keep you and your family safe; but, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Classes, training, and practicing at the range should also be on your regular to-do list throughout a lifetime of firearms ownership.

Committing the four universal safety rules to memory will ensure that you have a lifetime of enjoyment with your firearms. Owning a firearm carries the extra responsibility of being safe. When safety is a priority, everyone wins.

Looking for your first gun or to add to your collection? Check out the wide variety of Certified Used Guns available in the Vault.

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Trijicon Gets $41 Million Contract to Refurb Marine ACOGs

General Gun News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 03:27

The Marines have been widely fielding the ACOG since 2011 and will continue to do so in the future, having just awarded a contract to refurbish existing optics. (Photo: USMC)

The Marine Corps Logistics Command this week announced that Michigan-based Trijicon has won a contract to remanufacture the Corps’ ACOGs.

The $41,218,080 five-year contract includes $8.1 million at the time of award for the first task order to inspect, diagnose, test, and restore an indefinite quantity of Rifle Combat Optics. The RCO, designated the AN/PVQ-31A/B by the Marines, is a variant of Trijicon’s 4×32 Tritium/Fiber Optics ACOG series sight.

The Marine Corps first evaluated the ACOG in the early 2000s and, after a recruit training company on Parris Island in 2011 using the optics produced 30 % more rifle experts than the average company, moved to purchase upwards of 115,000 RCOs for general use.

While the Marines earlier this year adopted Trijicon’s VCOG 1-8×28 as the service’s new Squad Common Optic (SCO), with 19,000 of the newer scopes to be delivered in the near future, officials have stated that noncombat arms Marines who are not issued the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle will continue to use the RCO.

The ACOG remanufacture process is expected to be completed by April 2025, with the work completed at Trijicon’s Wixom, Michigan plant.


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Judge Dropkicks California Bullet Control Scheme

General Gun News - Fri, 04/24/2020 - 01:56

Over 100,000 law-abiding consumers who attempted to buy ammo in California over a seven month period were rejected, a factor that steered a federal judge to block the state’s restrictive bullet control law. (Photo: Chris Eger/

A federal judge on Thursday issued a preliminary injunction halting the background check requirement to purchase ammunition in California.

U.S. Senior District Judge Roger Benitez held in his 120-page order in the case brought by Olympic Gold Medal clays legend Kim Rhode against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra that the state had trampled on the Constitution by implementing the Prop. 63 ammo rules that have blocked many law-abiding Californians from being able to legally purchase bullets.

“The experiment has been tried,” said Benitez, a 2004 appointment by President George W. Bush. “The casualties have been counted. California’s new ammunition background check law misfires and the Second Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured.”

In one group of 616,257 residents who attempted to jump through California’s background check hoop– which most adults with only a state-issued ID cannot accomplish without a U.S. Passport or certified birth certificate to back it up– 101,047 were rejected even though they were legal citizens who were not prohibited firearms possessors. Some common reasons for rejections were that the would-be buyers had address mismatches in the state system, or had not recently purchased a firearm. Nonethless, in many cases, working through the appeals process to get the green light to buy ammo often took days and even weeks.

Pointing to the fact that as many as 16.4 % of citizen-residents legally able to possess firearms were rejected while attempting to buy bullets in the state over the past seven months under the new bullet control scheme, Benitez said that, “The background check experiment defies common sense while unduly and severely burdening the Second Amendment rights of every responsible, gun-owning citizen desiring to lawfully buy ammunition.”

Further, he pointed out the glaring hole in the plan that “criminals, tyrants, and terrorists don’t do background checks,” and often use underground or alternative sources to acquire ammunition.

Finally, citing the federal Commerce Clause, Benitez said the element of Prop. 63 that bars consumers from purchasing ammunition over the phone, by mail, or on the internet and having it shipped to their house, is unlawful. Prior to Jan. 1, 2018, any merchant located outside of the state was permitted to sell ammunition directly to a customer in California, an ability that changed under the new regulations as such purchases were criminalized unless they go through a California-located vendor for a face-to-face transfer after a background check.

Coupled with the fact that they may not be able to buy ammo locally due to the flawed background check system, Benitez said, “Where a citizen resident could buy ammunition from beyond state lines previously, now he is completely cut off from enjoying his Second Amendment rights.”

Moreover, Benitez concluded the anti-importation provisions artificially insulate the state from national ammo commerce and competition from the other states. “The United States Congress may have the authority to do that, but not state lawmakers,” he said.

In closing, Benitez said that in these trying days, the ability to access ammunition is particularly critical to the right to keep and bear arms.


Presently, California and many other states sit in isolation under pandemic-inspired stay-at-home orders. Schools, parks, beaches, and countless non-essential businesses are closed. Courts are limping by while police make arrests for only the more serious crimes. Maintaining Second Amendment rights are especially important in times like these. Keeping vigilant is necessary in both bad times and good, for if we let these rights lapse in the good times, they might never be recovered in time to resist the next appearance of criminals, terrorists, or tyrants.


In his order this week, Benitez enjoined the State of California from enforcing both the ammunition sales background check and the ammunition anti-importation provisions of Prop. 63.

“California wasn’t just obstructing the people’s fundamental right to defend their families and lives—it was encouraging unlawful hostility toward an individual, Constitutional right,” said Jason Ouimet, executive director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action. “The NRA funded this case for the same reason the court struck down the laws: enough was enough.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office has said they are reviewing the decision, but for now, at least, it appears the ammo light is lit for residents of the Golden State.

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Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in Rhode v. Becerra

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 04/23/2020 - 18:51
Major Victory in Case Challenging Constitutionality of California's Ammo Background Check Law Fairfax, Va. - A major victory was secured on Thursday when a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction in the NRA-supported case, Rhode v. Becerra. The case challenges the constitutionality of a California law that puts draconian restrictions on ammunition acquisition and transfers as a result of Prop 63 and SB 1235 (2016). 
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California Breaking News: Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction in Ammo Lawsuit!

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 04/23/2020 - 17:47
"The experiment has been tried. The casualties have been counted. California’s new ammunition background check law misfires and the Second Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured," as his opinion is fully analyzed.  
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HUNT365 March 2020 Issue

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 04/23/2020 - 14:32

Technique    Gear    Stories    Cooking    News Featured Stories All The Rage: Taurus Hits A Home Run with the Raging Hunter .357 Magnum by Brian McCombie The Raging Hunter is a fine revolver. I hope to use it afield this year to find out just how efficient of a hunter it can be, […]

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CNN’s Don Lemon Bashes Protesters w/ Guns: ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 04/23/2020 - 13:59

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Lemon continued. "What is wrong with people? I don't understand."

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Best Duck Hunting Choke Tubes

Gun News Daily - Thu, 04/23/2020 - 11:58

A duck hunting choke tube is used at the end of your muzzle to improve your performance and accuracy.  Chokes vary in constriction, giving you either a wider or narrower swarm of shot.  When it comes to duck hunting, you want a clean, humane kill which requires a choke that keeps your pellets narrow. Read […]

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Trigger Lock vs. Cable Lock

Gun News Daily - Tue, 04/14/2020 - 11:34

As a gun owner, your number one responsibility is the safe and secure storage of your firearm. There are multiple ways to keep your weapon safe.  A frequent debate among gun owners is that of the trigger lock vs. the cable lock. Read below to see pros and cons of trigger lock vs. cable lock […]

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