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Kamala Harris and Her Perplexing Anti-Gun Ideas

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 12:05
U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), one of the two-dozen Democrat presidential hopefuls vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020, has been promoting her anti-gun platform for many months. This isn’t really news, as every Democrat seeking the party’s nomination has embraced virulently anti-gun policies in some way, shape or form. The apparent task of each candidate, including Harris, is to prove he or she is the MOST anti-gun. This, it would appear, is necessary to satisfy the anti-gun extremists that hope to guide the entire Democrat Party down the path of eviscerating the Second Amendment.  
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Kicking off National Shooting Sports Month

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 06:30

National Shooting Sports Month, the annual month-long event dedicated to America’s gun-owning public and the sport they love, is now underway.

Originally an initiative of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the month-long event is dedicated to the 50 million people who participate in hunting and sports shooting which, through Pittman-Robertson excise taxes, fuels conservation and safety efforts nationwide. The 31-day celebration encourages visits to shooting ranges, preferably with a friend, spouse or partner, in conjunction with special offers from sporting goods retailers.

From the Oval Office on Wednesday, President Trump encouraged Americans to get out and enjoy responsible shooting sports across the country.

“During National Shooting Sports Month, we celebrate the cherished tradition of recreational and sport shooting activities,” said Trump. “Shooting sports bring people together and instill comradery among a significant portion of its fellow enthusiasts. The vibrant shooting sport culture is made possible, in large part, by our steadfast protection of one of our bedrock and most-cherished liberties, the right to keep and bear arms.”

Trump pointed out that in the past year he signed legislation, H.R. 1222, the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act, to make it easier to establish and maintain public shooting ranges while at the same time his administration has moved to open an additional 1.4 million acres in national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries to new or expanded hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities, to include public ranges.

National Shooting Sports Month was officially adopted nationwide in 2017 through a proclamation by U.S. Interior Secretary. That cabinet-level department oversees the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, covering about 20 percent of the land in the country. The current Interior boss, David Bernhardt, encouraged Americans to get to the range this month and enjoy the sport.

“Increasing recreational access to our public lands is critical to conserving America’s outdoor heritage,” tweeted Bernhardt. “During #NationalShootingSportsMonth I encourage all to reconnect with the outdoors & enjoy the tradition of recreational & sport shooting activities.”

As part of the event, the NSSF encourages those interested in the sport to head to the Let’s Go Shooting website to locate local ranges and retailers near them to participate in local events and invite others to join in the fun. It’s a great way to get newcomers involved and share in a growing love for the rewarding sport of target shooting.

Bringing someone new to the range in the future? Here are some good tips on what new target shooters should start with to get the best first experience. | #letsgoshooting

— Let’s Go Shooting (@LetsGoShootUSA) July 31, 2019

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JP Enterprises Offers Details on Eye-Catching MR-19 Rifle

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 06:00

JP Enterprises elevated the TriggrCon show floor, showing off some innovative, eye-catching rifle parts and firearms. Leading the pack in new innovations is the Ultralight 9mm Shrouded Barrel.

Perfect for PCCs, the JP 9mm Ultralight Barrel features a 5.5-inch steel construction extended to reach 16-inches in order to comply with ATF regulations. The 1-in-10-inch button rifled barrel achieves this extra length through the use of a lightweight aluminum shroud.

Tipping scales at just over 15-ounces, the Ultralight Barrel uses a cleaning port to allow owners to quickly and easily access the barrel muzzle; though the cover for the port can be removed so it doesn’t cause issues with Mil-Spec sized barrel nuts. The Ultralight Barrel is priced at $399.

(Photo: Jacki Billings/

JP Enterprises furthers its new products by improving its bolt lineup with the new JP 9mm AR EnhancedBolt Assembly. New for this iteration, the EnhancedBolt Assembly works alongside the company’s short-stroke Silent Captured Springs to bring last-round lockback. Made from corrosion-resistant 416 stainless steel, the JP 9mm AR Enhanced Bolt Assembly is available solo or in conjunction with the short-stroke Silent Captured Springs. The bolt itself retails for $259.95 while the whole kit and caboodle come in at $406.95.

The MR-19 is built no the APAC Chassis. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Rounding out the new offerings, JP Enterprises showcased its MR-19 rifle with APAC Chassis. The MR-19, or Manual Precision Rifle, features a host of upgraded features that elevate both the looks and function of the rifle, according to JP Enterprises. Chambered in either 6mm or 6.5 Creedmoor, the MR-19 is built on the company’s Advanced Precision Ambidextrous Chassis. The folding, ambidextrous chassis offers a fully adjustable system that works alongside AI-pattern magazines and the company’s own MK III Hand Guard accessories.

The rifle sports a Proof Research 26-inch barrel that is air-gauged, cut-rifled and cryogenically treated. The barrel is topped off with a 5/8-24 threaded attachment and choice of compensator. Though the rifle quick ships in the 6.5 and 6mm Creedmoor family, JP Enterprises does allow customers to request other calibers and custom finishes for a personalized build. Prices start at $4,999.

The MR-19 features elevated looks and function. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

The rifle boasts a Proof Research barrel. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

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Next Level Armament Displays New Products for ARs, Glocks

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 05:30

Kicking off the new duds at TriggrCon last week, Next Level Armament showcased AR15 M-LOK Handguards, which brings a hard coat anodized design to the AR-15 platform.

Created to pair with the company’s own AR-15 receivers, the M-LOK Handguards are machined from aluminum offering a reduced weight. Each handguard boasts M-LOK attachment points for accessory mounting and ship with one 5-slot M-LOK rail section and shims.

The handguards are available in 7-, 9-, 13- and 15-inch lengths with an inner diameter of 1.4-inches. Prices start at $110.

Next Level Armament arrived at TriggrCon with plenty of new products to showcase. (Photo:

The NLX Mutant Ambi Charging Handle offers lefties a more convenient and ergonomic design. Machined from aluminum and is built off the company’s ambi charging handle. The Mutant was created to accommodate shooters with gloved hands, featuring plenty of clearance for those working in gloves in cooler climates. Prices start at $68.

NLA expands its lineup of charging handles, delivering more options to consumers. (Photo:

Though Next Level Armament provides some snazzy AR accessories, the manufacturer also shows some love for Glock fanboys and fangirls with aftermarket Glock slides. Machined from 416 stainless steel, the slides bring a slick, elegant look to the Glock frame. David Warner of Next Level Armament said the goal was to offer customers a slide that is “simple yet effective.”

The company achieves that through a French Cut with serrations on the front for better purchase during slide manipulations. Taking the design even further, the company debuted an RMR cut slide at TriggrCon granting even more options to Glock fans who want a little red dot action. Next Level Armament also offers Glock barrels for even further upgrades. Both the slides and barrels will be offered in a Diamond Like Coating finish. Prices are set around $135.

NLA adds a new Glock slide to its product lineup. (Photo:

Glock barrels bring even more style to NLA’s offerings. (Photo:

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New York Bans Armed School Staff Under New Law

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 05:00

School districts in New York can no longer authorize employees who aren’t police or security guards to carry firearms. (Photo: Chris Eger/

School districts in the Empire State are now forbidden under a new law from authorizing teachers or other staff to carry firearms on campus.

The move came with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature on legislation this week forwarded to his desk by the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature. The bill, S.101A, stipulates that schools can’t issue an authorization to carry a gun to any teacher, administrator or other people not primarily employed as a school resource officer, law enforcement officer or security guard.

“Arming classroom teachers is dangerous and takes our focus off of getting weapons out of the hands of those who should not have them,” said state Sen. Todd Kaminsky, the Long Island Democrat who sponsored the measure.

The new law, which took effect immediately upon Cuomo’s signature, removes the ability of school districts in New York to grant written authorization for individuals to carry firearms on campus or property otherwise controlled by the institution. A similar measure had been introduced by Dems in 2018 but failed to gain traction in the Republican-controlled state Senate. After the chamber shifted polarity this session, S.101A passed 41-22, roughly along party lines.

Supported by national gun control groups such as Everytown, who applauded Cuomo’s action this week, the measure was slammed by Second Amendment groups who argued it will make schools in New York less safe.

“He thinks that allowing armed school staff will result in accidents or acts of violence, but that has not happened anywhere such programs are in place,” Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, told “He thinks disarming law-abiding citizens will make them safer. Because of Cuomo-backed anti-gun rights policies in New York, people are moving in droves to less gun restrictive states like South Carolina, Florida, and Texas where they can have the means to self-defense.”

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Dove Hunting in Style with Texas Dove Hunters Association

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 04:30

(Photo: Don Summers/

Robert Green alongside his trusty canine Tucker — a Chocolate Lab — take to the fields in pursuit of doves. Beretta 686 Whitewing 12-gauge Over/Under Shotgun in hand, Green stalks through the tall grass of his hunting haunt sporting duds tailored for the occasion.

Equipped with a Texas Dove Hunters Association shirt and Austin Clothing Co. cargo pants, Green stakes out the doves with Remington T-72 Amber Lenses ($14.99). Green and Tucker place Mojo Outdoors battery-operated VooDoo Decoy Dove ($44.99) and wait patiently on a Ridge Hunter Dove Hunting Stool ($8.99) courtesy of Cabela’s. For extra storage, Green dips into his Cabela’s Men’s Targetmaster Half Vest ($29.99) stocked with supplies for the hunt.

Take a look through Tucker and Green’s adventure in the fields.

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

(Photo: Don Summers/

Jacki Billings contributed to this article.


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U.S. Secret Service Reportedly Goes Glock

General Gun News - Fri, 08/02/2019 - 04:00

Reports have it that the Glock G19 Gen 5 MOS is soon to be unseen in the best places, replacing Sig Sauer handguns currently in use by the U.S. Secret Service. (Photo: USSS)


The Secret Service is reportedly moving away from their longstanding use of Sig Sauer handguns and is set to transition to new model Glocks in coming days.

As reported Wednesday by several outlets, Secret Service Director James Murray communicated internally that the agency will be moving to the 9mm Glock 19 MOS Gen 5. Tactical teams will use the 9mm G47 MOS Gen 5 and G26 Gen 5, matching the previously announced $85 million contract awarded by the US Customs and Border Protection.

The 7,000-strong federal law enforcement agency charged with protecting the nation’s leaders and investigating crimes such as financial institution fraud dates to 1865. Just before the Secret Service transferred from the Treasury Department to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003, the force adopted the Sig Sauer P229R chambered in .357SIG for both use by uniformed division officers and special agents. Before that, the agency used Sig P228 9mm pistols.

Secret Service currently issues Sig P229R pistols chambered in .357SIG, which they adopted in 1999 to replace P228 9mm handguns. (Photo: USSS)

Glock previously advised that all three models used by CBP feature a flared magwell for faster magazine changes, the match-grade Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) for enhanced accuracy, and Ameriglo BOLD sights. The CBP handguns all have extended magazine floorplates, presumably for better access to strip away magazines in the sandy, dusty conditions along the Southern border.


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Graphic Video: Deputy Shoots Concealed Carrier Through a Window Inside His Own Home

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 14:36

Recently release body cam footage shows that a sheriff’s deputy with the Greenville County, S.C., Sheriff’s Office shot and nearly killed a man who was standing inside his own home with the front door closed. The footage contradicts the initial statements from the sheriff’s office that claimed the man had opened the front door before pointing a gun at the deputy.

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Cuomo’s Legislative Answer to School Shootings: Standardized Gun Buybacks, Ban Teachers from Carrying

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 14:04

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed gun-control legislation this Wednesday aimed at improving school safety.   One bill (S.101A/A.1715) bans “any person who is not primarily employed as a school resource officer, law enforcement officer or security guard” from carrying guns on school grounds and the other (S.2449/A.2685) creates standards and best practices for gun “buyback” programs […]

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Florida Alert! State Appeals "Get Out of Jail Free" Ruling by Leon County Judge

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 11:09
On Monday, July 29th we reported that a Leon County Circuit Court judge had struck down the penalty provisions that punish local government officials for knowingly and willfully violating state law and had essentially given them a "get-out-of-jail-free card." 
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MasterPiece Arms (MPA) Introduces the MPA BA Precision Match Rifle (PMR) Competition “Ready” Rifle

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 09:00

The MPA BA PMR “Competition Ready” Rifle configuration includes several key accessories, an MPA BA mount, and optic.

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Shoot a Walther PPQ & PPS for FREE for 30 Days!

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 08:40

The introduction of the industry’s first 30-day money-back guarantee for pistols extends to include the PPQ and PPS.

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Glock and More: 5 Best 9mm Handguns on the Planet Today

Gun News Daily - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 07:14

Do you agree? The 9mm Luger, invented before the Great War, is one of the longest-serving gun calibers in history. Introduced in 1901, it has served in virtually every conflict since then up until today. From World War I’s German army to the British army fighting ISIS in Syria, the Luger round has served militaries […]

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Meet the New Springfield Armory M1A Tanker Rifle

General Gun News - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 05:30

The new Springfield Armory M1A Tanker is a throwback to the “Tanker” Garand that surfaced but was not adopted in the latter days of WWII. (Photo: Springfield Armory)


In a salute to the storied shortened “Tanker” M1 Garands of yesteryear, Illinois-based Springfield Armory this week unveiled their new M1A Tanker rifle.

Featuring a 16.25-inch parkerized barrel and a 37.25-inch overall length, the Tanker is a version of SA’s SOCOM 16 rifle series with a retro styling that includes an all-new walnut stock. When compared to the standard M1A, the Tanker is almost a foot shorter.

The Springfield Armory M1A Tanker features a 16.25-inch 1-in-11-inch RH 6-groove carbon steel barrel and has an enlarged aperture (ghost ring) rear sight with an XS front post. Note the muzzle device. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

Like the rest of the line, it is chambered in .308 Win./7.62 NATO. Set up for rapid target acquisition, the Tanker comes standard with an enlarged “ghost ring” aperture that is adjustable for windage and elevation, as well as an XS front sight post with a tritium insert.

Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s marketing VP, explained that since the M1A SOCOM 16 drew much acclaim in the past, the new Tanker model was a logical choice, saying, “Because of the enduring popularity of that model, we wanted to offer that same rifle with a new walnut stock for a variation we know our customers will love.”

While the Tanker ships with a single 10-round detachable magazine, it accepts all standard M1A mags. MSRP $1,987

Just what was a Tanker Garand, anyway?

Although it never went into regular military production, the so-called “Tanker” modified M1 Garand service rifle label was applied to shortened rifles in the latter days of World War II. While the Army’s Ordnance Bureau had prototyped an M1 with a folding stock for use by paratroopers — the M1E5 — it never entered production.

Later, armorers with the 6th Army, fighting at the time in the Pacific Theatre, converted 150 existing M1 rifles in their inventory by shortening the barrels. Some of these guns were trialed by troops stationed in New Guinea and a few sent stateside where the U.S. Army’s Springfield Armory (which existed long before today’s Springfield Armory, Inc., was founded) type classified the experimental guns as the T26.

The T26 rifle, shown here at the top compared to a more standard-length T27 Garand below it has a markedly shortened barrel and trigger guard. This photo was taken in 1964 (Photo: Springfield Armory Museum)

In the end, the abbreviated Garand was not adopted, and its development was terminated in October 1945, a month after WWII ended. Today, just one T26 is known to exist, a chopped 1943-production gun in the collection of the Springfield Armory Museum.


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ATF Director Nominee: No Support for Further Gun Restrictions

General Gun News - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 05:00

Chuck Canterbury, up for the position of ATF boss, underwent two hours of Senate hearings this week. (Photo: Screen-capture of video from U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee)

Kenneth Charles “Chuck” Canterbury, Jr., President Trump’s nominee for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, underwent a round of hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

The long-term president of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Canterbury has held his current spot in the 350,000-strong group since 2003. A South Carolina resident, he formerly served 26 years in the Horry County Police Department in the Palmetto State and was nominated for the vacant position of ATF boss in June.

In this week’s two-hour hearing, U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calf., and Mike Lee, R-Utah, interchangeably grilled Canterbury about his stance on a federal ban on “assault weapons” and their associated magazines, as well as universal background checks, handgun waiting periods and other questions of gun policy. Canterbury responded that, while the FOP supported such gun control measures in the 1990s, the lobby group presently does not espouse such changes to current law. When pressed on his personal feelings on such restrictive concepts, Canterbury said he is “a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I believe in the right to bear arms.”

Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican who formerly served as that state’s attorney general, asked Canterbury about his take on the Show-Me State’s practice of constitutional carry, to which the nominee said his individual view on that matter was that it did not involve the feds. “I believe that right is governed by the Missouri General Assembly and I don’t think there would be any enforcement right by ATF on that,” Canterbury said.

After Hawley returned to questions on Canterbury’s perspective on the now-expired 1994 federal assault weapon ban, the FOP president said he did not personally support it when it was put into place. In later questions, Canterbury doubled down on his opposition to the ban saying, “in my personal opinion the law was not effective.” Canterbury subsequently stated he introduced the resolution to rescind FOP’s historic support of the gun prohibition.

Sen. John Kennedy asked the nominee what gun restrictions he was in favor of, or would move to support through ATF rule changes, to which Canterbury replied to the Republican from Louisiana that, “I don’t support any further gun restrictions.”

Sen. Ted Cruz ginned up a fresh round of questions over Canterbury’s personal take on expanding background checks. “As Director of ATF, would you support extending mandatory federal background checks to private transactions between people who are not [licensed] dealers?” asked the Texas Republican.

Canterbury said he would not, “because I do believe in the Second Amendment and I do believe those individual sales are guaranteed under current law.”

This particular response drew quick condemnation from the Bloomberg-backed Everytown gun control group who slammed Canterbury’s apparent shift from FOP’s previous stand. “We were disappointed to see Mr. Canterbury reverse his position on background checks today, and must oppose his nomination,” said John Feinblatt, Everytown’s president, after the hearing.

Going into this week’s confirmation hearings, Canterbury enjoyed the support of trade organizations for the firearms and suppressor industries — the National Shooting Sports Foundation and American Suppressor Association. Meanwhile, two firearm owner member groups, Gun Owners of America and the National Association of Gun Rights, have opposed his nomination.

If confirmed by the Senate, Canterbury will be the first permanent ATF director since B. Todd Jones resigned in 2015 during the Obama administration.

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TriggrCon Brings Vendors, Gun Enthusiasts Together in Washington

General Gun News - Thu, 08/01/2019 - 04:30

TriggrCon blasted into the bustling Bellevue, Washington area, July 26 and 27, bringing Second Amendment enthusiasts together with gun and gear makers for a more personal look at the products and faces behind each company.

The annual event, held 10 miles from Seattle at the Meydenbauer Center saw over 9,000 attendees, 800 industry and media personnel and 131 companies represented. From new guns to accessories to apparel, attendees were introduced to some of the best, brightest and most innovative products to be released mid-year.

Created five years ago as a way for TriggrCon founder John Hwang to meet with customers, the show has expanded to offer more opportunities for interactions between customers and companies mid-year between industry shows.

Attendees scope out the latest products from Sig Sauer. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Spread across the event center, TriggrCon gave gun enthusiasts the chance to convene with their favorite companies while also engaging with smaller manufacturers often overlooked at larger industry events and shows. Family-owned Bear Creek Arsenal told that their company has been in business for 50 years and that shows like TriggrCon offer a quieter, less busy space to interact with potential consumers.

“We’re a family-owned business in business for 50 some years now,” Ariel Douglas of Bear Creek Arsenal told “We’re just now starting to get out to shows. It’s different here but fun.”

A TriggrCon attendee tries his hand at virtual reality training. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Organizations like Kids S.A.F..E. Foundation were also on hand to offer the littles gun buddies an opportunity to shoot BB guns and learn about proper gun handling. Derek LeBlanc founder of the nonprofit told that shows like TriggrCon allows organizations like his the opportunity to spread the word about gun safety to gun owners and their families.

“This does a lot of things for us. It’s a lot of networking for us. We’re a small nonprofit and we don’t get a lot of support. Here, we’re bringing awareness to our cause and obviously helping represent the 2A community in a positive way,” LeBlanc told

Attendees scope out the latest products from Sig Sauer. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Following the first official day of TriggrCon, a VIP event was held to raise funds for the Special Operations Care Fund. With tickets retailing for $100 apiece, the sold-out VIP bash was held in neighboring Kirkland, Washington on the Hiyu ferry boat. Cruising around Lake Washington, VIP partygoers were treated to leis, sunglasses, food and an auction all to benefit SOC-F and its mission to support SOF families. Awards were also handed out to celebrate the latest and greatest innovations seen on the TriggrCon floor.

An annual event, TriggrCon grows each year with expectations to continue providing a summer look at new products and companies.

The VIP event was hosted on the Hiyu docked at Lake Washington. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

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New Optics-Ready FN 509 Midsize MRD

General Gun News - Wed, 07/31/2019 - 23:30

FN America upgraded the 509 design, taking it to optical heights with the addition of a new optics ready model, dubbed the FN 509 Midsize MRD.

Keeping to the classic FN 509 Midsize style, the new 9mm pistol measures 7.4-inches in length with a 4-inch barrel. Tipping scales at 26.5-ounces, the FN 509 Midsize brings a nice weight, perfect for concealed carry without weighing gun owners down.

The pistol sports the usual FN features like a stippled grip area and accessory rail for laser/light combos. The FN 509 Midsize also kicks its design up with a magazine release that is both ambidextrous and protrudes from the frame making reloads efficient and easy.

(Photo: Jacki Billings/

(Photo: Jacki Billings/

The FN 509 Midsize’s greatest achievement, however, is in the new optics ready design. Shipping with the FN Low Profile Optics Mounting System, the FN 509 Midsize MRD gives users the ability to pair the pistol with more than 10 different miniature red dot optics. The system ships with an assortment of plates to allow optics to mount easily and effortlessly to the concealed carry pistol. had the opportunity to take a quick look at the new pistol, pairing it with a Trijicon RMR Type 2 red dot. Installation was a breeze with all necessary tools provided by FN alongside a handy instruction manual walking users through the process. The Trijicon RMR went on smoothly, with no issues, and zeroed flawlessly. The optics cut on the FN 509 Midsize also allowed for co-witness with the all back iron sights — perfect for if the RMR batteries die and you still need to get up on target.

The FN 509 Midsize MRD brings a flatter faced trigger, for a more controlled trigger press. Topping off the features, the pistol also introduces improved texturing on the interchangeable backstraps for better control while shooting.

(Photo: Jacki Billings/

(Photo: Jacki Billings/

The gun ships with two 15-round mags in a fabric case, nestled inside a cardboard box. Again, all tools from plates, to screws are provided making the mounting of optics quick and easy.

The new FN 509 Midsize is available with an MSRP of $799. Stay tuned to as we’ll be offering a more in-depth look and review into the FN 509 Midsize in the coming weeks.

For other great handgunsrifles, and shotguns, check out the Vault and collection of Certified Used Firearms

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Beretta Puts the X on the 92 Series

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Wed, 07/31/2019 - 17:52

Beretta is expanding their time-tested 92 series with five new models that make up the new line of 92X guns all chambered for 9mm Luger.

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FN Unveils Optics-Ready Midsize FN 509

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Wed, 07/31/2019 - 17:19

FN America announced today an optics-ready version of the popular Midsize 509 Tactical, featuring FN’s patented MRD optics mounting system that is compatible with over 10 commercially available miniature red dots.

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Homeowner Shoots Suspected Intruder During Home Invasion

NRA-ILA News - Wed, 07/31/2019 - 14:39
Police said a suspected intruder was shot during a home invasion on the Southwest Side on Wednesday morning. The incident happened at a home along Five Palms Drive, near Old Pearsall Road.
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