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Alien Gear makes jump to brick-and-mortar stores

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 02:00

The Shape Shift will soon begin appearing in brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. (Photo: Alien Gear Holsters)

Online holster maker Alien Gear Holsters is making a bold move to physical retail stores, offering dealer incentives and programs intended to spread the holster company’s reach.

Alien Gear’s new nationwide dealer program was announced in early December and marks the brand’s first foray into brick-and-mortar stores. Prior to the transition, the holster company was primarily web-based.

The dealer program will offer the holster manufacturer’s ShapeShift Starter Kit, Shift Shell Kit and Cloak Mag Carrier. The Starter Kit includes Alien Gear’s inside-the-waistband, appendix inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband paddle and outside-the-waistband slide. The Shift Shell Kit expands the Starter Kit, permitting shooters to swap between multiple carry guns. The Cloak Mag Carrier boasts single and double as well as IWB and OWB configurations allowing gun owners to tote spare mags.

Alien Gear says retailers will have access to the same gun makes and models currently available on Alien Gear’s consumer website. Additionally the holster makers says retailers won’t be left in the dark when new models are released, noting that stores will have access to updated lists and ordering information. The dealer initiative does not require a minimum or maximum order and the company intends to apply certain wholesale discounts where applicable.

The move to physical stores, according to Alien Gear Sales Representative Josh Mitchell, was driven by retailer demand with the company focusing on allowing more gun owners to access the brand’s products.

“Since company inception we have had retailers reaching out to us asking how they can get our products in their store. We hear from retailers on the phone in customer service. We get messages from them via email, Facebook, and Instagram. They even leave their business cards with us at tradeshows. Based on the public outcry, we were confident the retailer program would be well received,” Mitchell told in an email. “We are trying to put our products in the hands of the consumer that doesn’t shop online or make the purchasing decision without experiencing it in person first. Ultimately, we want our holster to be in the hands of every firearm owner in the U.S. and this move is to make it easier for them to get it.”

Interested dealers have the option of applying through Alien Gear’s online portal, through email at or over the phone at 208-758-0938.

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Gander Outdoors opens first new store in Lakeville, Minnesota (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 02:00

Gander Outdoors rose the American flag at its first grand opening ceremony this week in Lakeville, Minnesota.

It’s the first of 57 new locations slated to open within the next year as CEO Marcus Lemonis attempts to shed the former Gander Mountain’s “misguided” reputation as “America’s Firearms Superstore.”

“We’re back … the store is new and improved,” he said Wednesday.  “The one comment I got more than anything from customers across the country was that our selection wasn’t great and our pricing wasn’t great. The team … has spent months working with vendors and understanding the importance of this store and the importance of all of them, to make sure that they feel local.”

“So we no longer have ice fishing stuff in Palm Beach,” he added.

Gander Mountain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections in a Minnesota federal court on March 10. In May — less than a month after Lemonis bought out the company — he changed its name to Gander Outdoors and announced he would close more than half of the chain’s 162 locations as he attempts to fix years of “undisciplined inventory buying,” including $100 million wasted on a “bad assortment of guns.”

“We are proud to have Gander Outdoors here,” said Lakeville Mayor Doug Anderson during the store’s grand opening ceremony Wednesday. “There’s a lot going on here. It seems like we are doing a ribbon cutting every one or two weeks and we are excited to have you folks in our community.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports former Gander Mountain stores in Baxter, Bemidji, Forest Lake, and Hermantown should reopen next year.

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Streamlight debuts rechargeable Microstream USB light

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 01:30

The MicroStream USB boasts a rechargeable lithium ion battery and micro USB port. (Photo: Streamlight)

Streamlight lightens the load with a new rechargeable version of its MicroStream flashlight, introducing the MicroStream USB.

The MicroStream USB is a compact light aimed at offering longer runtimes with “amazing brightness.” Delivering up to 250 lumens, the flashlight boasts 3.5 hours of total runtime. The light also enjoys the added bonus of a 350mAH lithium ion cell battery that recharges via a USB port located under the sliding sleeve. The light fully recharges in four hours, with red and green LED lights alerting users to charging status.

Measuring 3.87-inches, the MicroStream USB tips scales at only 1.20-ounces. The light utilizes power LED technology with two modes — high and low. High outputs 250 lumens with 1,150 candela and a 68-meter range with runtime at 1.5 hours. Low provides 250 candela and 50 lumens at 31-meters.

The flashlight touts a push-button tail cap switch for one-handed operation for either momentary-on or constant-on modes. Featuring a machined aluminum case, the flashlight is both abrasion-resistant and IPX4 rated for weather resistance in addition to offering drop resistance up to one meter, according to Streamlight.

“The MicroStream USB is small enough to carry in a pocket or clip to a cap, while offering extraordinary lumen output and the convenience of charging on the go at any USB port or from an AC wall adaptor,” said Streamlight Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Michael F. Dineen in a press release. “It’s the ideal lighting tool, whether for automotive or industrial jobs, patrol duty, hunting and other outdoor sports, or DIY jobs.”

The MicroStream USB is priced at $50.

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Marine Corps Museum puts intricate ‘Battles Won’ sculptures on display (PHOTOS)

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 01:00

This week the National Museum of the Marine Corps put a trio of amazingly complex 3-D sculptures by artist Kris Kuksi on display, each telling its own set of stories.

Located in Triangle, Virginia just outside the gates of Quantico, the museum says the works of art tell different chapters in the Corps’ saga.

“Each features a core sculpture that is surrounded by many small figures, which together form iconic representations of the Marines’ core values, traditions, and victories throughout history,” says the museum, which displays Kulski’s work on the 2nd deck.

Part of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s “Battles Won” series, the sculptures represent in detail the World War I battle of Belleau Wood, the famous Montford Point Marines, the grueling five-week battle for Iwo Jima and even the service’s response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Check out some of the close-in detail in the recruiting ad, Anthem 72, below.

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Ammo Incorporated unveils new Streak Visual Ammunition

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 00:30

Ammo, Inc. unveiled an all new ammunition series aimed at taking the tracer world by storm. (Photo: Ammo, Inc.)

Ammo Incorporated, makers of Jesse James brand ammo, debuted details of a new brand of ammo the company calls Streak Visual Ammunition.

While most conventional tracers utilize incendiaries to provide a visual element to shooting, the Streak ammo forgoes the typical construction, instead utilizing a non-flammable phosphor material to light up pew-pew practice. Ammo, Inc. says the light emitted during the discharge of the round produces a glow shooters can visually track.

The phosphor material is only applied to the rear of the projectile allowing just the shooter and those within a 30-degree viewing area to see the red or green ammo’s illuminated path.

According to the company, Streak does not generate heat, therefore making the ammunition safer to use in situations where traditional tracers aren’t practical.

“We are beyond excited to bring Streak Visual Ammunition to the market,” said AMMO, Inc.’s CEO, Fred Wagenhals in a statement. “Once you shoot with Streak and you can actually see your projectile travel throughout its path, you will be bored by shooting normal ammunition.”

Streak Visual Ammunition is available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP; though the company says expanded calibers and even hollow point options will be available in the future. Pricing starts at $11.99.

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15 gallons of festive holiday slime stacked up, ballistically speaking (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Fri, 12/15/2017 - 00:00

Starting with a Henry pump-action and moving to a .308 with several stops in between, 22 Plinkster gives a table of homemade goo a go.

Working in the name of science with a batch of backyard slime made by the junior Plinkster tribe, it gets messy in a hurry as he moves through various contestants from the gun safe including  .44 and .500 Magnums, running out of the bags of modified glue before he could get to the .338 Lapua.

Maybe next time. Great sweater, though.

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UTG Pro adds AR Pistol Extended Receiver Extension Tube to lineup

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 23:30

The AR Pistol Extended Receiver Extension Tube pairs with most AR pistol receiver tube covers. (Photo: Leapers)

UTG Pro delivers the new AR Pistol Extended Receiver Extension Tube to its AR accessories lineup, featuring a design tailor made for the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 brace.

Though the extension tube boasts compatibility with Gear Work’s brace, it also works alongside most AR pistol recevier extension tube covers. Integrating with standard AR-15 buffers and springs, the Extension Tube offers an extended length of 8.5-inches. The rear of the tube is constructed so that it interfaces with the Gear Head Works brace utilizing an indexed pin that secures the tube to the brace and ensures it is properly indexed, according to UTG Pro.

The extension tube with brace. (Photo: Leapers)

Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, the Extension Tube is finished with a type III class II hard coat anodize in matte black. Topping off the features is a “dry film lube coated interior” which aims to provide smoother and more consistent cycling.

The AR Pistol Extended Receiver Extension Tube is available from UTG for $34.97.

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Springfield 1911 TRP Operator Now in 10mm! – Full Review

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:07

You may ask, Why did it take so long? It has a lot more to do with engineering than marketing.

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MidwayUSA Foundation receives $1M in donations to support youth shooting

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:30

MidwayUSA Foundation supports youth shooting teams nationwide. (Photo: MidwayUSA Foundation via Facebook)

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation in addition to Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of Midway USA, contributed over $1 million to the MidwayUSA Foundation, an organization designed to support youth shooting initiatives

The SSSF kicked off the good will, providing $547,225 in funds. The contribution was followed by the Potterfields who dropped $1,047,090 million as part of a matching program.

The Potterfields committed to a 2:1 matching program earlier this year that would also allow private donors to designate specific shooting teams to benefit from contributions. Additionally, funds returned to Team Endowment Accounts generated from fundraisers were eligible for a donation match. In 2016, the matching program delivered over $2 million in funds for the foundation.

The SSSF says funds delivered to the foundation were earned by the Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program teams.

“Funding was earned by Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) teams via participation in team fundraising activities, such as the SSSF’s Vision 20/20 campaign and by placement in recent competition events,” the SSSF said in a statement. “So far in 2017 the SSSF has donated nearly $1.49 million to benefit 378 teams participating in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) across 38 different states.”

The Midway USA Foundation is a public charity that aides the youth shooting sports industry through fundraising endeavors. The foundation has paid over $17.8 million in grants, furnishing financial support to more than 2,000 youth shooting teams. Funds help cover ammunition, uniforms, entry fees and travel costs.

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Homeowner Fires Gun At Burglar

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:13
Troopers are looking for a burglar who was shot at by a Tolland homeowner who interrupted a break-in on Tuesday, state police said.
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SIG Releasing Limited Run of Commercial MHS Pistols

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:12

To celebrate the military's decicion to adopt their pistol, SIG is releasing a special limited-edition run of MHS handguns to the general public.

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Man shot in home invasion on Augusta Drive

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:11
The homeowner was armed with a weapon and a short scuffle ensued. Coronado was shot in the hand but was non-life threatening. Coronado took the homeowner's firearm and left the residence with the weapon.
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CBS Poll: Nearly 30% of Americans Believe Concealed Carry would Help Prevent Gun Violence

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:01

A new poll from CBS News indicates that on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, 29% of Americans believe allowing more law-abiding citizens to carry firearms would help prevent gun violence.

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Kentucky rep, gun-toting preacher commits suicide after sexual assault accusations

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 14:00

Kentucky state Rep. Dan Johnson dismissed allegations that he molested an underage girl during a press conference this week. (Photo: WLKY)

Kentucky state Rep. Dan Johnson, who had built a reputation for himself as a gun-toting, motorcycle-riding preacher, committed suicide on Wednesday following allegations that he molested an underage girl and other crimes.

Details of Johnson’s alleged misbehavior were uncovered by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, a Louisville-based journalism non-profit, in an exposé called The Pope’s Long Con. The report detailed Johnson as embroiled in a web of lies and deceit and described his role in a mysterious fire and the sexual misconduct.

According to the report, Johnson allegedly molested a 17-year-old girl staying at a living area of the Heart of Fire City Church where he was a pastor. The teen told authorities that he approached her on New Year’s Eve in 2012 while she slept. He was drunk, started to kiss her and fondled her under her clothes.

Although police did not charge him with a crime after the teen reported it in 2013, they re-opened an investigation into the matter on Tuesday. Following the news, the Republican Party of Kentucky and leaders of the House Republican Caucus called for Johnson to resign. Despite the calls, Johnson held a press conference where he refused to step down and then dismissed the report as “fake news” in a suicide note posted to Facebook.

Deputies with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office found Johnson’s body in front of his car on the bridge where he had killed himself. The county coroner determined Johnson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The news report raised doubt in Johnson’s personal history such as documents claiming he performed miracles on mission trips, set up safe zones during the 1992 LA riots, served as chaplain in the White House under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and served as an ambassador to the United Nations. He boasted about these acts during his campaign last year, but no record or person could corroborate his story.

The report also raised doubt about Johnson’s claim that he witnessed the 9/11 attacks in New York, served as a clergy following the chaos and set up morgues in the rubble. But officials and public documents failed to support that narrative.

Johnson shared the aforementioned details with in brief interviews and even appeared in my book We The People. In June 2016, published his famous “gun choir” in a video in which he sang Amazing Grace with members of his congregation while sporting pistols and rifles.

Michael Skoler, the president of Louisville Public Media, which owns the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, released a statement saying how sorry they were to hear of Johnson’s death. He defended his center’s article: “Our aim, as always, is to provide the public with fact-based, unbiased reporting and hold public officials accountable for their actions.” 

“As part of our process, we reached out to Representative Johnson numerous times over the course of a seven-month investigation. He declined requests to talk about our findings,” Skoler continued.

Johnson’s wife, Rebecca Johnson, announced that she would campaign to replace him in the state legislature. She referred to her husband’s death as a “high-tech lynching based on lies and half-truths.”

Daniel Terrill contributed to the reporting of this article

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Just a Khyber Pass bolt-action ‘7mm’ AK here (VIDEO)

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 11:30

Though it looks Kalashnikov-ish and even has a faked Izhevsk marking, the scratch-built rifle from somewhere along the North-West Frontier only looks that way.

Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons dives deep into the Khyber Pass rifle while browsing the fabled National Firearms Centre collection at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The AK lookalike has a fake gas tube and cleaning rod, is marked in 7mm though they can’t figure out just what 7mm it is, and is actually a crude bolt-action, not a semi-auto.

“It’s interesting to think about what the design intent was for this rifle, who it was being made for,” says McCollum, theorizing it may have been ordered for a user familiar with bolt-action guns but wanted a more modern look, or perhaps the gunsmith was just experimenting and was making a decorative rifle.

Either way, wow, just wow.

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Leading women inside the gun industry talk shop, sexism and climbing the career ladder

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 11:00

Stacy Starnes became CEO of DoubleStar in August 2017. (Photo: Laura Burgess Marketing)

Stacy Starnes likes to joke about her two-decade ascent to the top of DoubleStar, the Kentucky-based gun manufacturer her in-laws founded in 1977.

“I’m kind of the new kid on the block because I’ve only been here 23 years, so it’s kind of funny,” she said. “My husband has done it since he was 2-years-old.”

Starnes grew up the daughter of an entrepreneurial coal miner who she said instilled within her a passion for business and guns, though she never considered a career in the latter.

“I began shooting at five with my father,” she said. “I didn’t imagine being in the gun industry, but I knew I’d run a business one day.”

Then she met Jesse Starnes while studying accounting at the University of Kentucky in 1993. She began working part-time for his parent’s business — J&T Distributors — making AR-15 parts at the family home in Winchester, Kentucky.

“I worked on and off, before we got married, doing gun shows,” she said. “I came on full time in 2002 and did accounting, general management, things like that. We were really small then, so I did whatever needed to be done.”

J&T Distributors became DoubleStar in 2001 when it rolled out its own AR-15 model. Some 16 years later, the company’s 64,000 square foot warehouse manufactures modern sporting rifles, 1911 pistols and a catalog of parts and accessories — DoubleStar’s niche, says Starnes, who took over as chief executive officer in August.

“Parts and accessories are huge,” she said. “They are still selling, even in a slow market, because everybody has an AR and now you need something cool for it. I can sell you everything you need to finish it. I can sell you upgrades and accessories that are made in the USA. I don’t know anybody that really offers everything like we do.”

Cornering a market is something Karen Allan Ballengee, president and owner of Southern Police Equipment, understands well.

“I would say I’m the only female in the country that does what I do,” she said. “That would be because of all of the different aspects that I do with the law enforcement, the GSA , and I am sole owner. So I am actually in store, running the store, on a daily basis.”

Karen Allan Ballengee, owner and president of Southern Police Equipment, said she spent decades building her reputation as a premier “protection services” supplier. (Photo: Southern Police Equipment/Facebook)

Ballengee took over the business in 1988, after her husband of five years — the original owner since 1971 — died. In the three decades since, she’s doggedly pursued relationships within the law enforcement community to establish her brand as a premier supplier for “protection services.”

Customers will find everything from handguns to evidence collection supplies to top-of-the-line body armor at Ballengee’s store in Richmond, Virginia. She also supplies more than 5,000 items to the General Services Administration and contracts routinely with federal, state and local governments.

“As the wife, I actually started working from the day that I got in it,” she said. “I set up the store when I was 26-years-old and they were bringing in product and I didn’t even like guns then.”

Ballengee’s passion flourished after she joined the National Association of Police Equipment Distributors in 1982. Today she ranks as its longest serving board member, crediting honesty and dedication for her 29 years of success in a male-dominated field.

“We deal with all the ups and downs, of course, with the men in business,” she said. “It’s not easy to do what we do, there’s no question about that. It’s a little bit more difficult for us to just pick up the telephone and have a buddy-buddy system going.”

Maria Kernasovic, vice president of Eagle Imports — a New Jersey-based dealer that sells guns from around the world — agrees women face unique challenges when assimilating into the firearms industry.

Maria Kernasovic, vice president of Eagle Imports, said her experience climbing the company ladder has been unique. (Photo: Laura Burgess Marketing)

“I think a lot of the relationships, the really strong ones, are based on more than just working in the industry,” she said. “A lot of my male counterparts and a lot of the men in the industry, they live the industry. They shoot, they hunt, they fish. And there is this common ground that I think is tough for women who don’t really live the industry to integrate and assimilate. We are left out simply by the nature of the way the industry does business.”

“I don’t see it as only male-female,” she added. “There were other things at play that I came up against.”

Kernasovic first met the owners of Eagle Imports in the late 1980s while working as a public accountant in New Jersey. She didn’t grow up with guns or know anything about the industry, but didn’t hesitate when a part-time accounting job opened up at the company — a better fit for her life as a new mother.

“I got very lucky to work for folks who are very opened minded and progressive and offered a flexible schedule,” she said. “I was able to work from home when that wasn’t even a thing.”

Kernasovic said her role blossomed from part-time bookkeeping to managing purchasing and developing strategies for pricing and costs. She now serves as the company’s vice president and knows her journey isn’t typical.

“I started out at a time when women didn’t have a very strong role in business at all,” she said. “I remember being in high school and my peers were talking about whether they were going to be stay at home moms or have a career. Back then it was like you had to choose one or the other.”

“I was lucky, very lucky,” she added. “It was kind of right time, right place, right people.”

Kernasovic’s gender and inexperience with guns never felt like much of a barrier, she said, until she began attending trade shows and picking up on the cultural differences that exist in other parts of the country.

“The gun culture is just different here in New Jersey,” she said. “So I don’t think the owners looked at me as having to have those kinds of skills and relationships and hobbies. Whereas a lot of the other players, even here at Eagle, they do better out in the marketplace because they can form relationships and are interested in those kind of things. I don’t think it’s a negative or a positive, I think it’s just different kinds of people with different kinds of interests.”

She said women at shows early in her career were scarce. Demographics have improved since then, she said, though not in a dramatic way.

“We are evolving,” she said. “It’s not by leaps and bounds … Nowadays there’s a much larger percentage of women, but it’s still nowhere near half.”

Demographic data about the $13 billion gun industry remains hard to come by, though Fortune reports women grabbed their largest share yet — six percent — of leading roles at the top 500 most profitable companies in 2017.

The Defense industry proves more progressive still, with women at the helm of half of the largest firms in 2014,  including Marillyn Hewson, chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin.

For Starnes, however, it wasn’t a matter of if — but when — she would takeover at DoubleStar. Now working alongside her husband — whom she describes as the company’s star product innovator — she said sexism across the industry still exists, but at diminishing levels.

“Women do run into gentlemen that feel like we are not as knowledgeable or as accomplished, but for the most part, I’ve found that most of them are very positive about it and think it’s cool,” she said. “You do run into it occasionally, but on the whole I’ve been lucky to not experience a lot of disdain or being dismissed for being a female.”

Ballengee said tenacity matters more than gender when it comes to climbing the career ladder.

“You have to continue to go after what you want,” she said. “If you don’t you’re never going to get there. I don’t care if you’re male or female. I have a tremendous passion for the business that keeps me standing out from the other people and I always have. I care about the people that work for me. I care about the people I do business with.”

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On the Range with Smith & Wesson’s M&P15T & Crimson Trace’s LiNQ System

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:54

An ideal home defense Ar-15 should be lightweight, modular, decently accurate and equipped with a light, laser, and a red dot sight. Smith and Wesson's new M&P15T with M-LOK and Crimson Trace LiNQ System, perfectly fits these requirements, and I recently had the pleasure of testing one.

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Cuomo wants NY to step up mandatory gun surrenders in domestic violence cases

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:30

Under Gov. Cuomo, New York has passed some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation, but he contends the work is not done. (Photo: NY Governor’s Office)

As his first proposal of the 2018 legislative year, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday a push to expand the list of misdemeanor crimes resulting in the loss of gun rights.

Besides ensuring that all domestic violence misdemeanors in New York find their way to the list of prohibited offenses triggering gun removals, Cuomo also wants judges to mandate the surrender of all firearms owned by those who are the subject of a protective order and suspend any firearm license until the case is resolved.

“This year will be remembered as the year of reckoning, when both the tragedy of mass shootings and cultural and institutional harassment of women became impossible to ignore,” said Cuomo, a Democrat who signed the state’s SAFE Act gun control package into law in 2013. “Building on the Women’s Equality Agenda, we are continuing our mission for progressive values and women’s rights with this legislation to target the unquestionable relationship between domestic violence and gun violence.”

In a statement from Cuomo’s office, he cites that in 2016, firearms were used in 25 domestic homicides in the state. According to FBI statistics, the state overall saw 630 cases of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter last year.

Though federal law since 1996 has held that those with a conviction for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence cannot use, possess, or transport guns or ammunition, Cuomo intends to introduce legislation to expand the definition under New York law to include some strangulation and assault and battery crimes. Further, he plans to back a measure which would force those surrendering arms to give up rifles and shotguns as well, whereas current state law only applies to handguns.

Finally, the governor wants judges to be obligated to order gun surrenders in every domestic violence case, removing the current judicial discretion allowed under the law for those charged and the subject of a protective order but before their conviction.

At the end of 2016, federal regulators had 57,591 active files on prohibited firearms possessors reported from New York to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System due to protective orders in domestic abuse cases, a figure not bested by any other state.

The New York State Legislature begins their 2018 session on January 3.

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Double Tap Arms rolls out new binary trigger for B&T firearms

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:00

The B&T trigger allows the guns to fire on both press and release. (Photo: Double Tap Arms)

Double Tap Arms is kicking up the fun factor, launching a new binary trigger designed for Brügger & Thomet guns.

The binary trigger comes in two models, one designated for B&T’s APC9, APC45, P26, APC 223 and GHM9 while the other covers APC556, APC9, APC45 and P26. The Double Tap trigger allows the gun to fire both when the trigger is pulled and released; though it shouldn’t be confused with a select fire setup.

The trigger is a full system and ships with all necessary parts to include the hammer, springs, disconnector, safety selector and trigger itself. Featuring CNC machined and heat treated parts, the triggers are “significantly more reliable and durable,” according to Double Tap Arms.

While the B&T goodies are the most recent additions, Double Tap revealed on social media that the company is working on a binary trigger setup for the Kriss Vector. No word yet on when that product will drop into consumer laps.

In the meantime, B&T fans can grab the binary triggers from Double Tap Arms for $199.

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SB Tactical releases stabilizing brace kits for Remington, Mossberg

General Gun News - Thu, 12/14/2017 - 07:30

New brace kits are available from SB Tacical specifically for Remington’s Tac-14 and Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave. (Photo: SB Tactical)

SB Tactical continues to roll out new stabilizing brace options for firearms owners, launching new fits for Remington’s Tac-14 and Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave.

The SBM4 and SBL kits are designed to offer a more stable, third point of contact for shooters,  all the while maintaining the gun’s original classification — meaning, no BATFE agents dropping by unexpectedly.

SB Tactical says the TAC14-SBM4 and 590-SBM4 boast the SBM4 brace with a 7075 aluminum receiver extension paired with an ERGO Flat Top SureGrip, ERGO Mossberg 590 or Remington Tac-14 adapter and castle nut. Tipping scales at 21 ounces, the kits both measure 10.25-inches in overall length.

The brace adds a third point of contact which SB Tactical says improves stability. (Photo: SB Tactical)

For shooters looking for even less weight on their builds, SB Tactical introduces the Tac14-SBL and 590-SBL systems. These boast the company’s latest SBL design, delivering a low-profile, full cavity brace. The SBL kit features the same accessories as the SBM4 for each firearm. Both setups measure 11.75-inches in length, weighing 18.5-ounces.

The kits ship ready to assembly featuring a MSRP of $199.

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