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Langdon Tactical Technology 92 Elite: A Better Beretta

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 11:02

The Elite LTT (Langdon Tactical Technology) was introduced by Beretta in 2018. In a brilliant move, Big Beretta let genius firearms trainer, Ernest Langdon, design a handgun. I don't use the "G" word lightly. The Elite LTT is recognized in the highest Beretta Circles as the ultimate 92.

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The Performance Center TCR22 Rifle

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 10:53

When a lot of you see the Performance Center TCR22, one of the first thoughts that may come to mind is “Oh great, another 10/22 clone!”. I was certainly not immune from thinking this when I saw this rifle for the first time at SHOT Show, but I’ve learned you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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The Ultimate Valkyrie AR Build

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 10:38

One persons “ultimate” very well may not be another’s, but I think this build should spark more than a little interest. The greatest drawback to trying to do an ultimate build is that ultimate will probably cost more than many are willing to spend at one time on an AR, but that’s the beauty of an AR platform, all the upgrades can be done one at a time due to the modularity of AR parts.

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Factory to Table: Part – 6 Scalarworks 30mm LEAP Mount

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 10:26

It is time for Part 6 in my Factory to Table Series.  But if you are just joining us, I should backtrack a tiny bit to bring you up to speed… I started my Factory to Table series while thinking about all the of the moving parts that have to come together in order for […]

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Tuffpak – Best Hard Rifle Case Available?

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 10:19

The Tuffpak is made from a rotational molded high-density polyethylene. The unique shape of the case allows you to pack up to 3 scoped rifles or 5 shotguns with room for extra gear. I recently had the opportunity to use and travel with the Tuffpak case and afterwards I wish I had known about it sooner- especially when I used to compete.

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KPV Machine Gun – The Most Efficient Execution Tool Since the Guillotine

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Sat, 07/20/2019 - 10:09

KPV heavy machineguns fire a 14.5x114mm rounds at 600 rpm. To put that in perspective the .50-caliber cartridge fired by John Moses Browning’s M2 Heavy Barrel machinegun is 12.7x99mm. The KPV round carries roughly twice the muzzle energy of that fired by the American M2.

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Kamala Harris is Preparing to Govern by Executive Order

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 09:27
Sen. Kamala Harris is leading the pack of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates when it comes to outlining executive action she would take if she were elected and her proposals were thwarted by Congress.
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Levi Strauss Sticking with Gun Control Push Whether Customers Agree or Not

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 09:18
Levi Strauss joined hands with the gun control lobby in the Fall of 2018 and is sticking to their guns whether customers agree or not. On September 4, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Levi Strauss was launching a million dollar gun control campaign. This also entailed teaming up with Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control Everytown for Gun Safety, going so far as to provide jeans for actors who appeared in Everytown PSAs.
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Oregon: Initiative Filed to Restrict Self-Defense

NRA-ILA News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 07:31
On July 18th, Initiative Petition 40​ was filed in Oregon to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding adults by imposing a broad, one-size-fits-all method of storing firearms.  This egregious attack on our freedoms uses virtually the same language as the failed Initiative Petition 44 from 2018 as well as the same provisions from Senate Bill 978 that did not pass during the 2019 legislative session.  Anti-gun proponents will stop at nothing to restrict self-defense rights in Oregon, and will be using this initiative petition in an attempt to coerce legislators to pass gun control during the 2020 short session.  
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Mobilize Rescue Systems Offers Rescue for Range Days

General Gun News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 07:00

The Mobilize Rescue Systems app and Compact Kit come together to keep gun owners safe at the range. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Nothing beats a fun day at the range with family and friends. However, it’s important to ensure you pack the right gear when headed out for some plinking fun. In addition to the usual eyes, ears, guns and ammo it’s imperative that all gun owners also pack a first aid kit and a little know-how in the event of an emergency.

Mobilize Rescue Systems looks to make this packing and first aid process a little easier, offering a unique take on medical training with its Compact Kit and Mobilize App.

Mobilize Rescue Systems Compact Kit

The kit is compact enough to slid into a range bag or attach to the exterior of a MOLLE equipped bag. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Mobilize Rescue Systems takes an innovative approach to the first aid world, merging technology with hands-on first aid kits. On the onset, a standard first aid kit doesn’t seem like much to be impressed with, however, Mobilize is anything but standard.

Upon unboxing the Mobilize Rescue Systems Compact Kit, I was immediately impressed by the rugged, durable bag. Measuring 7.5-inches in length with a 4-inch width and 3-inch diameter, the bag sports a dark gray look with MOLLE support allowing it to be tossed onto any range bag or backpack. The outside sports a hook-and-loop area perfect for patches to customize the look.

The Compact Kit sports a variety of first aid basics to control bleeding. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Diving further into the Compact Kit I found a 4-inch Pressure Dressing, HyFin Chest Seal, QuickClot, SOF-T Wide Tourniquet, gloves, trauma shears, CPR face shield and emergency blanket neatly packed and organized inside the bag. It’s a nice starter for those dipping their toes into the realm of first aid and those who aren’t interested in piecing together their own first aid kid.

Stocked with the basics to manage major issues you might encounter on the range, Mobilize has organized all materials in a means that is intuitive and easy to find – a bonus as you don’t want to dig through your first aid kit during an emergency. Each item is color-coded and labeled to coincide with the app, so items can be found quickly and efficiently. Mobilize Rescue Systems also offers a reordering function on their website, allowing owners to restock easily when needed.

Supplies are neatly labeled and color-coded so the system is intuitive. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Mobilize App

While the Compact Kit itself would be enough to get two thumbs up from me, Mobilize doesn’t just stop there. The company, realizing that not every bystander has medical access or training opportunities, has developed a revolutionary smartphone app that pairs with the kit. Consumers gain access to the app that is a step-by-step triage center all on your smart device.

With the aim of mitigating medical situations until EMS arrives, the app walks users through the stages of assessing a medical emergency offering explicit directions that are easy to follow. Upon booting the app up, it immediately asks whether the victim is bleeding or not. If you select yes, it allows you to choose where the bleeding is on a simulated body then walks you through the appropriate steps to contain the bleeding until help arrives.

The app tells users exactly where to find the supplies in the bag and how to use them properly. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Investigating further, the app also walks users through the steps of helping an unconscious person including how to perform CPR with easy to follow, spoken directions. Even better, it includes an audible tone timed to 100 beats per minute – the rhythm in which CPR should be performed. In addition to audible directions and tones, on-screen demonstrations give novice first aid civilians an opportunity to copy what they see.

The app pairs beautifully with the Compact Kit, working as a whole. On-screen instructions direct users to products inside the kit – clearly labeled so they are easy to find. In this, lies Mobilize’s strength. A perfect blend of practical application meeting technology to better help bystanders in the event of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

I am a huge advocate of first aid training in addition to gun training, but medical classes aren’t always accessible – Mobilize Rescue Systems is. The only downside to the Mobilize System is its price. Coming in at $180, which includes the kit and Mobilize app, some gun owners might find it a bit too expensive to stock; but if you’re looking for a means to tote some first aid knowledge on the go and don’t have the time to take a class, the Mobilize Rescue Systems route is a good way to go.

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The Best Rifles for Hunting Big Game

General Gun News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 06:30

The best big game hunting rifles is capable of firing a cartridge big enough and powerful enough to kill an animal weighing several hundred pounds at various ranges. While there are many solid options, the following are all proven and will not disappoint in the field.

Savage 110 – $900

Savage’s reputation continues to grow for building affordable, factory production rifles that often shoot as accurately – if not better — than custom rifles costing twice the price. Hunters in the market for a big game rifle should look to the Savage 110 family of bolt action rifles, which are available in many specialty models, including the Predator, Bear Hunter, Hog Hunter, Long Range and many others.

An absolute favorite among the 110 actions is the new High Country. The features – spiral fluted bolt, fluted barrel, threaded muzzle, AccuTrigger, AccuFit system, and AccuStock — are all geared toward increased performance, comfort, and accuracy.  The thing literally looks as good as it shoots.

Henry Long Ranger – $825

While not many hunters may immediately think of a lever action in a top list for big game rifles, Henry is changing things with the advent of the Henry Long Ranger line of rifles. They are filling a gap in the hunting market for a lever action capable of shooting longer ranges with modern calibers.

When Henry introduced the Long Ranger lever action rifle in .223, .243, and .308, hunters were quick to embrace the platform for everything from varmints to medium sized, or even big game. With the addition of the 6.5 Creedmoor chambering this year, the hot just got hotter. Henry’s Long Ranger is the best lever action for hunting medium-to-large game at ranges only dreamed of with older lever guns.

Weatherby Mark V – $1,800

Sometimes hunters desire something just a little bit different than a regular old rifle or caliber, and Weatherby has things covered in that area. The immediately recognizable, glossy, high-grade Claro Walnut stocks with skip-line checkering define the refined Weatherby Mark V bolt-action rifles. Partnered with a potent Weatherby magnum chambering like the .257 Wby Mag, .300 Wby Mag, or 6.5-300—though standard calibers are also available – set the Weatherby apart.

Of course, the family-run American company builds numerous synthetic stocked models, as well as a pair of very appealing women’s rifles in the Camilla duo. The new Mark V’s come with hand-lapped barrels, an adjustable trigger, and a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.  The six or nine-lug bolts, depending upon caliber, are some of the strongest in the business. Plus, Weatherby just completed their move out of California and into a stunning new facility in gun-friendly Sheridan, Wyoming.

Winchester 70 – $1,200

Few bolt action rifles are as instantly recognizable by both name and appearance as the venerable Winchester Model 70. The pre-64 actions, with their controlled round feed and especially noteworthy quality, always fetch a premium on the used market. The Winchester rifle has remained in constant production for decades, and most any of these bolt guns, however, will be a shooter and ready hunting companion. There are many new models available, from stunningly beautiful to completely utilitarian, in just about every big game chambering a hunter could want.

Browning BAR – $1,400

Autoloading rifles seem to summon strong feelings of love or hate among hunters. For those who love them and the rapid follow-up shots they allow, it’s nearly impossible to beat the Browning BAR. The gas driven rifles use a seven-lug bolt to handle everything from lighter calibers on up to the hard-hitting .338 Win Mag and numerous short magnums as well. Their detachable box magazine is a nice choice for hunters.

These rifles remain in full production today by Browning, though the earlier Belgian-made rifles are hard to beat on the used market. The BAR has been around for a hundred years, and if you can’t trust that kind of lineage in a rifle, then perhaps a semi-auto is not your first choice.

For a selection of great rifles, handguns and shotguns, check out the Vault and collection of Certified Used Guns.

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San Diego Votes to Jail, Fine Gun Owners Over Unsecured Firearms

General Gun News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 06:00

The measure is supported by local and national gun control advocates (Photo: Chris Eger/

The San Diego Council this week voted to pass a bill backed by gun control advocates that would require gun owners to lock up their firearms at home.

The Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance, introduced last month by City Attorney Mara Elliott, passed the Council 6-2 on Monday, setting it up for a final follow-up vote. The move could hand firearm owners found in violation of the regulation as much as six months behind bars and fines topping $1,000.

“This law will prevent life-altering accidental shootings by reminding gun owners that they are responsible for securely storing their guns for the protection of those around them,” said Elliott, a Democrat running for re-election who has made her push for strong gun laws a focus of her campaign.

The measure requires people who keep firearms in their home to store them in locked containers or disable them with a trigger lock. There is an exception for guns on their person or “in the immediate control of the person.” The potential prosecution of violators would be waived in cases of a lost or stolen firearm if the gun owner reported its loss to local authorities within five days of the discovery.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association is on record opposing the measure, submitting statistics showing that mandatory storage laws do not keep people safe and are ineffective in curbing gun accident, suicide or crime numbers. Further, the Second Amendment group argues the ordinance would prevent some from gaining quick access to their firearm when they need it most.

While similar mandatory gun lock bans have been the subject of legal challenges on constitutional grounds all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, they have been upheld, a fact that Elliot’s office pointed out to the Council.

The proposal was championed by Giffords and San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention, the latter a group of local and vocal anti-gun advocates that have been involved in the drive to bar the local publicly owned fairgrounds from hosting otherwise popular gun shows.

As for Elliott, since taking office she has spearheaded efforts to provide training to police agencies throughout California on the use of the state’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders. Such orders allow prosecutors, the police or family members to ask the court to suspend an individual’s gun rights for a year if they think that person could be a threat to themselves or others. Elliot’s office in the past 17 months has obtained 175 GVROs to seize guns under California’s “red flag” law.

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Taurus TX22 Brings Plinking Fun to the Whole Family

General Gun News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 05:30

The Taurus TX22 is a .22LR platform with some nice features. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

I have long wanted a .22LR pistol if nothing else just to have some cheap shooting fun for myself and the kids. It’s hard to beat the .22 platform when it comes to teaching kids the responsibility that firearms demand. The Taurus TX22 brings a .22LR design to the table and after a glance at a trade show event, I knew I wanted to find out whether it truly could be a family-friendly pistol.

Taurus TX22

The Taurus TX22 pistol caught my eye at SHOT Show in January 2019. I immediately fell in love with the feel of the .22LR pistol. It felt like a full-size gun in my hand. The well balanced and lightweight TX22 felt much like the Smith & Wesson M&P or maybe the Sig Sauer P320.

Another feature the TX22 possessed was 16 round magazines — two of them, in fact. Most .22 pistols are built as single stacks with 10 round magazines. It was refreshing to see that barrier broken. Having those 16 round mags prolongs shooting time, reducing the amount of time you’d spend stopping to reload. The magazines themselves feature a small circular pin through the follower that pulls down slowly rounds are added to the feed lips until it is full. A handy feature for easier loading.

The TX22 comes with adjustable sights and the ability to toss on a suppressor. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

The sights are adjustable, another welcome feature. There are two screws to adjust with a micro flat blade screwdriver — one for elevation adjustment and the other for windage. The TX22 also features an ambidextrous safety, with familiar positioning and function. Up for safe, and pulling down with the thumb puts the gun into the firing mode. For the many patrons to the NFA, adding a suppressor to your favorite pistol is a must. Rounding out its features, the TX22 even accommodates this with an adaptor collar needed to mount a suppressor.

On the Range

Shooting the Taurus TX22 suppressed. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

When I picked up my TX22 from my FFL, I had a box of ammo and suppressor in hand ready to head immediately to the range. A quick stop by my local shooting spot armed with 100 CCI Mini Mags was just enough to wet my whistle. It was the fastest five minutes of my life, if I recall. Those 100 rounds burned through the TX22 like grain through a goose. I was now addicted.

I departed from the range to pick up two important things — more .22LR ammo and my son. I knew he would love this thing as much as I did. Junior and I purchased an assortment of ammunition, a pretty good spread in my estimation. I wanted to try everything, from the cheapest bulk ammunition to the ritzy high-end stuff. I even bought a couple of different boxes of subsonic ammunition to see how the TX22 would handle.

The next few hours of shooting turned out to be some of the most fun we’ve shared. We tried every brand of ammunition I brought and went through magazine after magazine of plinking fun. I was ecstatic with the performance, after shooting 600 to 700 rounds, we experienced no major failures and little issues — other than some cycling issues with the 730 fps subsonic.

Junior taking the TX22 for a whirl. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

The pistol ran flawless — suppressed or not. There was, of course, a bit more back-pressure when shooting suppressed, which caused the gun to foul a little more aggressively, but that is no real surprise. The TX22 is balanced perfectly and fit me so well. The very mild recoil of the 22LR is soaked up nicely by the recoil spring, the gun barely moves in the hand when fired. Follow-up shots were easily made. It’s worth noting, the striker-fired TX22 trigger is very clean with resets pretty short as well.

The TX22 has a single magazine release, though it can be switched to either side to accommodate left or right-handed shooters. I initially found the magazine release to be a bit small and perhaps difficult to purchase with my thumb; however, I quickly withdrew that observation after shooting the gun. At no point during my shooting did I find it to be a problem. Mag changes were done quickly and without any issues.

The TX22 functions well as a varmint plinker. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

Speaking of the magazines, though I enjoyed the larger capacity the design is not without its faults. As I removed the mags from the box, the floor-plate of both was easily pushed off. The first time resulted in my magazine guts shooting out across the floor. When I tested the second magazine for the issue, I found it to be the same. The floor plate retainer seems to not include an anchor keeping them in place. Oddly enough, though, the problem never reoccured.

When loading the magazines, it is easy to shove the follower down well ahead of the cartridges feeding into the lips. This can cause cartridges to tilt inside the magazine resulting in an obvious malfunction requiring that the magazine be emptied and reloaded. This problem is easily remedied by simply pulling the follower down to allow the next cartridge to be fed into the magazine, one at a time until all 16 rounds are loaded.

Final Thoughts

The TX22 is a solid .22LR platform. (Photo: Jeff Wood)

As it turns out, the Taurus TX22 is everything I hoped it would be when I first held it in a Las Vegas casino. It shoots well, handles well and its function matches its handsome looks. It also brings some great features that were long overdue on the .22LR platform. The Taurus TX22 is a fantastic pistol all around, simply done right. The Taurus TX22 retails for $349.

For other great handguns, rifles, and shotguns, check out the Vault and collection of Certified Used Firearms

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Colt at 205: The Best Pistols and Revolvers of Colt Firearms Over the Years

General Gun News - Fri, 07/19/2019 - 05:00

In honor of Samuel Colt’s 205th birthday this week, looks at some of the most enduring and iconic handgun designs to come from Colt’s Firearms over the years.

Samuel Colt was born July 19, 1814, in Hartford, Connecticut. By the time he died just 47 years later, his was a household name that endures today. At age 16, after being sent to sea by his father to learn to be a mariner, Colt crafted his first revolver and later credited seeing the sailing ship’s capstan in action as the inspiration for his landmark work on wheel guns. After many trials and tribulations, the 21-year-old Colt filed for his first revolver patent in 1835, and the rest is history.

Samuel Colt’s “Improvement in fire arms” patent drawing (Photo: National Archives)

From the early Colt Paterson, a distinctive folding-trigger design with a five-round cylinder that today is one of the most collectible of all rare black-powder revolvers, Colt continued down the path to producing the giant Colt Walkers which were utilized by the Texas Rangers, followed by the Model 1848 Dragoon, and Model 1855 Sidehammer models as well as the lesser-encountered Model 1855 Carbine. His two most prolific six-shooters– the Model 1851 Navy .36-caliber and Model 1860 Army .44-caliber — were both produced in numbers that reached past the 200,000 mark.

These  Colt Model 1851 Navies were fit for a king– or an Emperor. The set of .36-caliber cap-and-ball revolvers were made for Napoleon III of France. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Following Samuel Colt’s passing in 1862, his company continued in Hartford and eventually switched from cap-and-ball revolvers to gate-loaded cartridge guns such as the 1871 Open Top. The now-famous Model 1873 went on to be become best known as the Peacemaker or Single Action Army due to its adoption by the Wild West-era U.S. Army. Perhaps one of the most recognizable “Old West” six-guns, the 1873 SAA has gone on to be made in both modern rimfire and centerfire clones by the hundreds of thousands including the Ruger Vaquero and Blackhawk series.

This 1913 production Single Action Army is chambered in 32-20 and is in the Vault– looking for a collector to bring it home.

By the late 19th Century, Colt had moved from single-action revolvers to doubles and the Colt 1892 Army and Navy, followed by the Colt New Service, introduced in 1898. The latter proved so popular that over 350,000 were made through World War II in everything from old black powder “cowboy” loads like .38-40 and .44 Russian but the newer .38 Special, .357 Magnum and .45CAP, the latter being used in moon clips in the Colt M1917 revolver, an offshoot of the New Service.

This Colt New Service up for grabs in the Vault dates from the 1900s and is chambered in .45 Colt, what else?

Then, of course, are the Colts that came from the company’s relationship with John Browning.

Between 1900 and 1915, Browning teamed up with the Prancing Pony to deliver the Colt Models 1900, 1902, 1903, the Pocket Hammerless (in both .32 and .380ACP), the tiny .25ACP Vest Pocket, the rimfire benchmark Colt Woodsman and, of last but not least, the M1911 Government Issue which started shipping in 1912.

This blued Colt Gold Cup National Match from 1982, among the several in the Vault, shows the everlasting beauty that is John Moses Browning’s M1911 design, which has been a staple of for Colt for over 100 years. (Photo: Richard Taylor/

But of course, Colt is king of the revolvers going back to 1835, and they kept on top of their game in the 20th Century with the Colt Detective — one of the first great true concealed carry guns. Introduced in 1927, the Dick Special predated S&W’s J-frames by decades and spawned a series of handguns that later evolved into the Agent and Cobra.

This circa 1970 Colt Detective Special is available in the Vault.

Upsizing from the Detective Specials, which were arguably pocket guns for those with big pockets, the Colt Police Positive and Service models gave way to the “snake guns” such as the Colt Python, Anaconda and King Cobra.

The Colt Python was considered by many to be the Cadillac of the company’s wheel guns– and we have a wide selection. (Photo: Richard Taylor/

Today, Colt continues its handgun line with staples like their assorted 1911/1991s, Mustangs, and Defenders while signaling they are returning to their original roots. In the past few years, they have rebooted their revolver line to bring back familiar old names like the Cobra and King Cobra, a move which Mr. Samuel Colt would surely agree with.

Happy birthday, sir.

For these and other Certified Used and New Colts, head on over to the Vault

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Now-Retracted Yahoo News Story Links Chris Pratt to Guns and Racists

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 13:27

Hollywood actor and outspoken outdoor enthusiast Chris Pratt woke up on Tuesday to an article linking the Guardians of the Galaxy star to both gun enthusiasts and racists.

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NRA-PVF Endorses Michael Watson for Mississippi Secretary of State

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 13:26
The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Michael Watson for Mississippi secretary of state in the 2019 primary election. 
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Nationwide Summer Reading Program Indoctrinates Children to Hate Guns

Gun Reports - Special Reports - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 12:45

There’s always a catch, right?  If something’s too good to be true it probably is, as the saying goes. Take, for example, the ongoing, six-week summer “Freedom Schools” program being offered by the Children’s Defense Fund in 87 cities (in 28 states) around the country.   Ostensibly designed to help children from rough and poor […]

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The Latest: Police: Man Fatally Shot During Holdup Attempt

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 12:34
Phoenix police say a 19-year-old man fatally shot a knife-wielding robber attempting to steal his car at a gas pump outside a convenience store early Wednesday morning.
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Dems Open to Killing Filibuster in Next Congress

NRA-ILA News - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 11:33
Democratic leaders are opening the door to eliminating the 60-vote legislative filibuster if they recapture the Senate majority in the 2020 elections. The future of the filibuster has emerged as a divisive topic in the crowded 2020 presidential primary field, which includes a half-dozen Democratic senators.
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How Does a Rifle Scope Work?

General Gun News - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 11:00


At the root of it, a rifle scope serves one major purpose: magnification of the target for more accurate shooting. Similar to looking through binoculars, a riflescope makes the target – be that paper or a game animal – appear larger, clearer and in greater detail than seen with the naked eye. This magnification allows shooters to place a shot with a much greater degree of accuracy, especially at extended ranges. Rifle scopes are especially popular for serious target shooters and big game hunters.

To oversimplify things, riflescopes work very much like telescopes with light passing through a series of lenses. Generally speaking, the more expensive the scope, the higher quality the components used to build it, and ultimately, the clearer and better the optic will be. Unlike a telescope, however, riflescopes have a reticle, also sometimes called crosshairs. That reticle, which is traditionally a “plus” shape superimposed over the target, is essentially the aiming point on the target when the shooter pulls the trigger. Riflescopes are mounted on the rifle using available mounts to fit the particular rifle or handgun, and then adjusted – or zeroed – to shoot at the chosen distance, most commonly 100 yards.

Different Types of Scopes

Any respectable gun shop owner will be able to help even a beginning buyer choose the correct scope for their rifle. The best way to start is to handle and look through some scopes. Observe the different types of reticles. Look at the turrets, the dial adjustments on both the top and side of the scope that allow adjusting the impact point for both elevation (up and down) and windage (left to right). While riflescopes with a 1-inch tube diameter — the measurement of the body of the scope — are most common, 30mm tubes or even larger are growing in popularity for their perceived increase in light transmission.

Scopes have many different power settings, and again, these are best decided by the type of use the shooter anticipates. While there are fixed power scopes with a single magnification, the vast majority use a power ring for shooters to adjust the magnification lever. For instance, many deer hunters will select perhaps the most common magnification, which is a 3-9×40. That particular scope will allow the hunter to see targets anywhere from three- to nine-times closer than they actually are. The “40” measurements refers to the size of the objective lens as measured in millimeters. Longer distance shooters may opt for something with greater power, like a 6-18×44.

There are scopes built specifically for hunters, others for target shooting, some more tactical than others, and still more ideal for handguns or even rimfire plinkers. Regardless of your skill level, there’s a scope that will serve you well. Though this has been just a very basic explanation and riflescopes get infinitely more technical in nature, this bit of information on how and why riflescopes work will set you on the path to more accurate and enjoyable days on the range.

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