1707 14th St., Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 938-1396 (P) | (303) 413-1052 (F)

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Winchester, Remington, Kimber, Styer, Browning Just to Name a...

We carry Benchmade, H&K, and a large consignment selection.

H&K, Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Smith &...


Located in Boulder, Colorado




GunSport is conveniently located in Boulder, Colorado near the foothills. Come into GunSport to see our enormous selection of quality firearms and knifes. We buy, sell, trade, and consign. Fair prices paid for quality guns. We have a wide range of firearms, including collectors, hunters, military, WWI, WWII, and more! From beginner to expert, we have the firearm for you. In addition, we have a large selection of ammo, scopes, holsters, and books. Manufacturers include BenchMade, Benelli, Colt, Beretta, Glock, H&K, SigSauer, and Smith & Wesson just to name a few.

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New Arrivals

Price: $795.00
44 Magnum
Price: $925.00
480 Ruger
Price: $559.95
Price: $439.95
38 Special
Price: $1,497.99
308 Win
Price: $600.00
300 Win Mag
Price: $559.95
44 Colt
Price: $949.95
40 S&W

 As a female gun owner I sometimes experience the worst of the "can I help you little lady" approaches but I have never been treated with anything but respect at Gunsport.

Super nice. Super knowledgeable. Super great experience. This is my new favorite gun store!

Their store is huge and they have a ton of weapons in-stock. Highly recommended to anyone in the market for a firearm.

Polite courteous staff that know their products, price them competitively, and are patient with customers.

Gunsport is a top notch shop. Ross is super to deal with and will always set you up with a quality firearm at a fair price.

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